On the Internet, The Walls Are Closing In

by Victor Gerhard

In a few years pro-White racialists will be effectively denied access to the Internet. Our enemies have finally found effective devices, methods and Internet choke points, and the end of the Internet as we know it is in sight. Going by my experiences, our freedom of access to the Internet is diminishing daily.

In 1995, Don Black used his newly learned computer skills to created the Stormfront website, and racialists had their first major presence on the World Wide Web. After decades of being denied any voice whatsoever in the mainstream media, the Internet provided freedom beyond our wildest dreams. Suddenly any racialist with the small amount of capital required to create a Website had instant, direct and uncensored access to millions of people.

Along with spreading anti-Establishment opinions, the Internet was an ideal tool for recruiting new members and increasing public knowledge about an organization. Internet merchandise sales, donations, and dues from new members gave the pro-White movement a badly needed infusion of cash. Groups not only found new supporters, but also could now easily keep in daily contact with current members, creating a much stronger, active and interconnected membership. Using the Internet, formerly local groups expanded nationwide, and formerly national groups expanded worldwide. Another often overlooked benefit was the large number of racialists who became self-employed by selling merchandise or marketing their new web skills, thereby avoiding the problems pro-White activists face in the job market.

The Internet also changed the operation and tactics of our movement. Many hard-copy magazines and newsletters were quickly replaced by on-line editions or by regular updates to the website itself. E-mails, newsgroups, mailing lists and chat rooms to some degree replaced monthly face-to-face gatherings and membership bulletins. As stated much recruiting moved on-line but so did many organizational activities. New forms of activism were devised which could take place right on a PC. Racialists used the anonymity and equality of access of the Internet to confront and fight Jews and leftists throughout cyberspace.

Without the protection provided by the mainstream media leftists were practically defenseless and outnumbered wherever they went. Ordinarily forbidden subjects were thrown in the face of the left, and on the unfettered parts of the Internet we won a clear victory in the battle of ideas. Jews and their illogical, hypocritical, false and oppressive ideas were often laughed out of chat rooms altogether.

The Internet also created a new unity on the radical right. Through shared members, e-mail lists, news groups, chat rooms, links, increased accessibility and awareness, new and unique input from Whites worldwide, and because of certain almost universally visited sites, such as those of Stormfront and the National Alliance, the idea of Pan-Aryanism began to become a reality. In general, formerly quite distant groups and ideologies such as National Socialism, Christian Identity, the World Church of the Creator, Aryan Nations, the many Ku Klux Klan factions, Skinheads, Odinists and the many other parts of our movement found few conflicts on the Internet and much in common. With increased communication and with our race facing increasing peril, past personal differences were often put aside and pro-White organizations were able to agree on most of the vital issues facing Whites today. The important and almost universal 14 Words became one of the touchstones of the movement.

The spread of White Power on the Internet was monitored and denounced by the Jews and their lackeys from the beginning. But because of the unique qualities of cyberspace, the usual tactics of ideological control did not work. The Internet was growing at a staggering rate, ignoring national borders. Millions of Web sites were started and thousands of ISPs and search engines/Web portals were built. How can you control something that doesn't have a physical location or existence?

Initially the Jews attempted to use exposure and public pressure to target and close down individual sites. Some people may have lost their day jobs but these attempts almost always failed. Publication of a site's name usually resulted in increased traffic and growth. Faced with such a complex problem, the Jews responded with a typically deceptive, underhanded and multi-level strategy.

     The search for choke points....

First, the Jews publicly denied they were trying or would try to censor the Internet, claiming that the First Amendment, very unfortunately, protected this form of communication; standard Jewish deception. Second, they searched for new methods or devices for controlling Internet content. Third, they searched for types of Internet organizations that most Web sites utilize and that, unlike the sites themselves, would be responsive to their pressure; in other words, they searched for choke points. Because of the complexity and size of this task, we have enjoyed about six years of relative freedom. However, most of the pieces are in place, and the real push to get pro-White groups off the Internet has begun. This will not be an attack on one front. We are going to be gradually squeezed off the Internet from many sides and in many ways.

One of the first steps taken and one of the first devices put in place was the well-known filter, which when implanted, prevented a computer from accessing certain pre-selected sites. These have been pushed by groups like the ADL, and provided by them to public schools and public libraries. There has also been a campaign to get parents to put filters on their children's computers. In addition, some European countries already deny access to certain 'forbidden' sites -- even when the user directly types in the URL address itself. Even with the correct web address a Swedish computer user, I am told, cannot access the site for Resistance Records. In other words a government filters Internet content for a whole country by using its own computers.

Another device or method, which can be deduced from many separate facts and incidents, is the roving hit squads of leftist thoughtpolice that patrol the Internet for any deviation from Jewish-controlled opinion. The question is: how organized are these devils, and are they connected to any existing organization? I can only guess, but some of the hit squad members are probably only college students with nothing else to do. However, there has to be some type of organization or communication between many of these people, because they appear able to comb the whole Internet, including enormous auction sites such as eBay, and discussion and news groups -- an incredible task -- and they also know how to apply pressure on the most vulnerable party to make the offending opinion disappear. These search-and-destroy squads also probably are feeding information back to the Jewish organizations that do the big-time, big-money shakedowns.

By use of another ominous device 'searches' now performed by many search engines have been rigged to trigger certain responses. I have tested this myself on several search engines and had the same results confirmed by several people. A search for a term such as 'nazi' or 'skinhead' that might have previously brought up a pro-White site now brings up dozens of anti-Nazi or anti-Skinhead sites, sites for anti-racist Skinheads, gay Skinheads, and sites for the ADL, SPLC or NAACP, or sites for articles about the evils of Nazis and Skinheads. A normal Skinhead site won't appear, if at all, until several pages into the search. As most of us know, usually people only look at the first page or two of a search. This device will particularly inhibit the attraction of new recruits to our movement. A large amount of resources has been put into an effort to convince teenagers that 'real' skinheads are those who love Jews, blacks, Mexicans and Arabs.

Another device or method is the current influx of Pakistani, Indian, Chinese and other Asian immigration into America. Jews depend on blacks and Hispanics for votes, crime, and cultural destruction. However, they are importing Asians not to destroy us but to replace us, as they realize blacks and Hispanics will never have the technical skills required by today's society. The Asians can handle computer jobs and they are by nature far more controllable than Whites.

Asian immigrants will control more and more computer jobs and they are hostile to any sign of White self-interest. I needed help creating a 'links' page for my site, and the company assigned me a technician clearly just off the boat from India. Over three months later I am still waiting for this to be done correctly and some people at the company have implied to me that this person is merely not happy with my links. Imagine the arrogance and the distain for Whites programmed into this person; just arrived in the country and she considers the political opinions of someone whose ancestors have been here for almost 200 years to be incorrect.

Next, a choke point was found when the Jews realized that while there are thousands of search engines, most Americans use only one of a handful as their home page and initial web portal. AOL, MSN, Yahoo and several other large search engines became targets of Jewish pressure.

Yahoo in particular was vulnerable to attack because Nazi memorabilia was regularly sold at its auction site. Significantly, the Jews used the laws and jurisdictions of European countries, like France, which prohibit sales of this kind. Yahoo was threatened with large fines by French courts, because the French can access the auctions from France. Faced with this pressure, Yahoo discontinued these types of auctions altogether, as did eBay.

Notice the deviousness of this method; the universality of the Internet was used against itself. One country's laws were applied to force compliance to Jewish demands by the whole world. The jurisdiction of courts over the Internet is a complicated question, and is not settled to any great degree. France claimed civil jurisdiction because Yahoo was "doing business" in France. The Jews were able to turn the matter into a publicity attack on Yahoo by the old trick of yelling "holocaust!" As any student of Jewish tactics knows, if, say, Iran tried to get offensive Jewish items off the Internet, the entire debate would shift, and become one of free speech and national sovereignty, if the effort wasn't ignored altogether.

Further pressuring Yahoo (ANY yielding in the face of Jewish attacks immediately brings a larger and more vicious attack), Jews were able to convince them to place large banners celebrating 'tolerance' all over the search engine, especially in certain club rooms where racialists gathered.

The Jews will continue to use the laws of other countries to restrict the Internet. The pro-Jewish laws of one country will be enforced against Websites or search engines 'doing business' in that country, which could be stretched to mean the majority of sites or engines in the world. Because these are civil penalties, they can be assessed around the world.

As for criminal charges, the Fall 2001 SPLC Intelligence Report contains an article with the grandiose caption: Legal Brief When Laws Conflict, subtitled, The principle of 'double criminality' prevents the extradition of Americans who break European hate speech laws. This merely means America will not extradite a citizen to a country that wants to prosecute an act that is legal in America. This has been technically true since America was founded, so why are they talking as if it's a brand new obstacle to 'hate crime prosecution'? Because they don't like the 'principle,' i.e., the First Amendment, and want to get rid of it, maybe by using some of the international treaties the U.S. has signed to overrule the Constitution. As they put it, "[a]s globalization accelerates and continues to bring the world closer together, the dilemmas posed by the principle of 'double criminality' will only increase."

Further choke points are discussion rooms and chat rooms such as those on AOL. I remember first discovering these rooms, such as From the Right, and staying up all night trading facts, insults and ideology with a 'room' of 20 people, all typing and thinking as fast as they could. You could say anything. Those rooms no longer exist, replaced by 'community rooms,' clearly designed to control discourse. The shenanigans at Free Republic are another result of Jewish pressure.

     Case Study: LookSmart and the attempt to control search engines...

Even deadlier maneuvering was going on behind the scenes in the search engine market. I discovered this for myself while trying to submit my Website to search engines. The larger search engines now charge $200-300 to submit a commercial site. The money is non-refundable even if the search engine rejects the site. I applied to the Excite search engine, and paid $200. The search engine appeared to promise that by getting in the Excite search engine, my site would also appear in many other affiliated search engines. When I got a reply to my submission, it wasn't from Excite, but from a company called LookSmart. According to its own information, LookSmart provides the content for over 370 separate search engines, which reach 77% of U.S. Internet users, and which include Excite, MSN, AltaVista [recently called the largest search engine on the Web], iwon and CNN.

The reply to my submission was as follows:

LookSmart has reviewed your Express site submission, and we regret to inform you that we are unable to include your site in the LookSmart directory. At this time, your site does not meet our editorial standards. LookSmart is committed to editorial integrity and does not accept porn, hate or spam in its directories.

Now, my site had no content, it only sold items such as skinhead music CDs, and books like Turner Diaries, Hunter, and many classics also. It lists the items and prices, and people can buy them online. It has a relatively inoffensive name, but does say on the front-page "Supplying the White Resistance." Because of the software used, there is not even a place to put any further comments or content except in a relatively small space on the first page. I realized at once that since any other submissions to these 370+ search engines would go to this same group of people, my site was now cut off from 77% of the U.S. Internet market. I did look at the LookSmart rules regarding submissions, but they were equally vague, mentioning "promotion of hate speech," but in no way defining it.

I replied:

Unfortunately, I am unable to accept the rejection of my site. After looking at other sites you carry, including sites with the most obscene, graphic, anti-white -- rap lyrics imaginable, I am sure in a court of law and in the court of public opinion your firm is going to be greatly embarrassed when said sites are compared to mine. I suggest you take another look. Maybe you remember my site; it sells books by Plato, Aristotle, Conrad and other authors. Or is this just a 'black-good,' 'white-bad' thing?

In reply, I received another form rejection, asking I look at the LookSmart standards. I e-mailed back again, in part:

How does my site promote "violence, hate speech or illegal activity"? All the items I sell are legal. 'Hate speech' is an arbitrary term. Tell me [why] you are rejecting my site. I don't have to give up my rights to free speech to do business with a company. You are using standards in a discriminatory manner, and whoever said I have no choice but to abide by your judgment is incorrect. How can I even resubmit my site if you do not state what is wrong with it? So please either re-evaluate my site or tell me precisely what is "promoting violence, hate speech or illegal activity."

As I recall, I received another form e-mail, again merely saying I did not meet their 'standards.' I hate having to use the nauseating liberal formulas of 'free-speech' and 'discrimination' to fight back in cases like this, but the fact is, we are forced to abide by this tyrannical system because of federal laws devised by the left, and yet the left never lets these laws get in the way in their treatment of us.

I tried yet another e-mail:

Just to continue with my research into your 'standards,' I was surprised to find that Excite [LookSmart] has allowed in its search engine the Jewish Defense Organization. Over the past 20 years this has been America's most active terrorist organization; they have in fact set off bombs and killed people.

On their [JDO] site is a large message "Death to Nazi Scum." Just in case that is not clear enough, they have a list of "Nazi" addresses in the upper left-hand corner, with a revolving picture of an Uzi submachine gun. As you read the addresses of the "Nazis" they want to kill, you see many names of in fact non-violent groups: The Nationalist Observer - a newspaper, the Euro-American Alliance - a cultural group, George Dietz - publisher of Liberty Bell Books here in West Virginia, the Asatru Alliance - an Odinist religious organization, Bohica Concepts - a book publisher, the British National Party - a legitimate party of British politics with elected members ... I could go on.

Just in case THAT message is not clear, there is another gun, this on a page about "training." In case THAT is not clear, there is an article "Jewish Youth learn to Shoot." "Camp Jabotinsky," according to THEIR information, is where the JDO prepares children to kill members of the groups listed above.

And this is acceptable to Excite, and my site is not. Why not call the FBI and ask them about the JDO? Have you done so? If not, why not, when this site so clearly states its intent to facilitate the murder of a long list of people? I can almost guarantee that the only groups you have not accepted have been pro-White. You even allow the Black Muslims, whose expressed religious beliefs are to eliminate Whites. "Hate" seems to be a word that is applied with blatant hypocrisy.

And in reply, LookSmart sent back this:

You are confusing Excite's index content with that of the LookSmart directory. While Excite uses LookSmart's directory for a portion of their search results, they also have content that is distinct and separate from that provided by LookSmart. As per our terms of service, LookSmart does not list sites that promote violence, hate speech, or illegal activities in our directory. The site you mentioned below, Jewish Defense Organization is not listed in the LookSmart directory.

LookSmart was now reduced to blatant lying; at LookSmart's own directory, the JDO was found merely by doing a keyword search. Also listed at LookSmart, among many incredibly offensive sites, was a site for the " Anahuac-Mexica Movement," an organization explicitly dedicated to overthrowing the U.S. Government in the Southwestern U.S., evicting all Whites, and creating a "Mexica" State, presumably with a chicken in every front yard.

Also at LookSmart are several sites with complete listings of rap lyrics by Tupac Shakur, including the song Tradin' War Stories, recounting true stories of his killing 'niggas' - "I be the nigga pullin the trigga and [d]umpin the hollow points in your brain." Also at the same site is 187 by Dr. Dre, recounting his program for murdering undercover cops. Dr. Dre also weighs in with the pop standard Natural Born Killaz, describing his plans to become a serial killer - "I'm the unforgiven, psycho-driven murderer I snatch him out his truck, hit him with a brick and I'm dancin'."

I realized at this point that LookSmart was going to keep my $200 and reject my site, without giving me any reason whatsoever. I tried calling all the corporate numbers for LookSmart and got nowhere. I then sent one more e-mail:

I put the Jewish Defense Organization in your search engine and it came up. Why don't you try it? It is listed in your directory. Or are you going to tell me that the fact that it came up in a keyword search in your directory doesn't really mean it's in your directory? I am a member of one of the groups on [the JDO] assassination list. How can you service a group which openly states it is training "Jewish Youth" to murder people, including members of established political parties?

I never heard from LookSmart again.

You must understand what is now happening to search engines. At one time search engines maintained their own content, usually developed from submissions made by site owners. Now more and more "search engines" are really false fronts, just different names for doorways to the exact same content.

LookSmart (and maybe other companies), approaches these search engines and offers them a great deal - LookSmart will manage the engine's content for a fee which is probably far less than it costs the search engine to collect its own content. And the engine will have access to far more content than it could collect on its own. There is a catch of course -- LookSmart is censoring the content for all the sites it services and is doing so in such a way that pro-White sites are not accepted. Instead of 370+ independent voices there is one anti-White company. Think of what happened to the all the independent newspapers in the country - all bought up or supplied content by a few big syndicates; Jewish, of course.

I predict that soon search engines or companies like LookSmart will not only deny submissions of pro-White sites but also begin to remove current sites from the searchable content they maintain, surreptitiously or otherwise. This could be happening already.

Another choke point: Internet 'automatic submission' services. Examples of these services are "I Submit" and "I Need Hits." Instead of a Website owner going to hundreds of small search engines in the U.S. and around the world and submitting his site for their content, the website owner can go to a service like I Need Hits and that company, for a fee, will submit a site to hundreds of small search engines very quickly. They also can provide advertising for a site by listing it in a "Banner Advertising Service."

I paid money to I Need Hits for both services; they did the submissions, or so they say, but about a month later sent an e-mail, saying in part, "Unfortunately, due to the nature and content of your website we are unable to provide Banner Advertising Services for your website." The amazing thing about this is that I Need Hits is really a "middle-man" service. Why should they in any way care about the content of my site? Why would they even review the content of my site? Looking at my site isn't necessary for anything they do.

Again, this pattern will continue with all sorts of on-line services for Websites.

Another choke point: Internet Service Providers, the computers on which Websites are actually located. If these ISPs don't rely on mainly pro-White sites they can easily be pressured to throw their one or two pro-White sites off. I have been hearing anecdotal evidence about this from other pro-White site owners. Recently, after spending several months starting a corporation, setting up a Website, buying thousands of dollars of inventory, and spending time and money on advertising and search engines, I received from my ISP an e-mail, completely out of the blue, that said in full: "Victor: due to the content of your store, it will be taken down. You will be refunded for your last month of service." A company Vice President signed it. The most interesting part was that they not only intended to stop ISP services, but they were going to stop leasing me their store software, in effect wiping out my entire site; I would not even be able to transfer to another ISP. Again, a transaction that would seem to have nothing to do with the content of a site, that is, leasing software, was in fact going to turn on that very content.

I replied in part:

There is nothing wrong with the content of my store. I informed your sales people of what my store would be selling from the onset; they registered no objection and gladly took my money.

Never was I told you had an unwritten and undisclosed rule against free speech. If I were not White you would not take this action. I was assured by your sales people that my site was mine and could be transferred to another host. If my site is "taken down," I will not only sue you immediately, but I will begin a press campaign, and also inform the entire Internet that [your company] will destroy a site without warning at the very moment months of work and financial investment begin to start paying back the expended effort. [Y]ou blatantly made it clear that the "content of my store" was the problem. The "content" concerns White people, you couldn't make it more clear. Your anti-White bias and affiliations must also be an issue.

I then called the company to speak with that Vice President. I didn't reach him but the next day he called me. What followed was an utterly bizarre conversation - he started by saying that he was going to record the conversation. Next, he accused me of "hiding" and "lying about" the content of my site, which was on his company's sever! Then, he accused me of cursing at and harassing his staff. This was so false, and such an obvious attempt by him to get an accusation against me on tape, that when I furiously denied it he quickly changed the subject.

He next pulled a trick that had been tried on me before, saying the content of my site fell under prohibitions against obscene adult material, a/k/a pornography! Of course, the amazing thing about this conversation is that I was a customer of this man's company, and I had already paid them a large sum for their services, and had paid my ISP fee on time every single month. Yet he immediately took an adversarial stance against me. In this instance however, because I was so clearly determined to do anything within my power to harm the company, they relented (the decision was made before the Vice President called me, yet he still had to harass me, probably attempting to get a better reason to take down my site in the future) and stated my site would not be destroyed.

If this had not been a small, mainly family-owned company in a competitive market, I feel sure they would have pulled my site. It was mainly the thought of the possible bad publicity that made them back off.

I predict that ISPs will continue to be pressured to throw pro-White sites off their servers. There are thousands of these servers, so the Jews may try to find some method to speed up the process. Naming servers as parties in lawsuits filed against the sites they carry may be one method. Some kind of Jew-controlled trade association "tolerance guideline" might be another. The Jews may try to pass laws making servers liable for any criminal actions or 'hate crimes' of Websites; even if no racialist Website is ever accused of a 'hate crime,' servers would hesitate to rent it space.

Another choke point: consultants and graphics services. I have heard complaints about the difficulty in finding people in our movement able to provide a specific computer service. Ironically, I ran into this problem while trying to help solve it.

I was so enraged by the almost daily abuse I was taking in trying to earn a living and help my race that I decided to create a submission-type directory of Whites in the racialist movement by their professions. In this way, someone looking for a service like Web designing or tax preparation could go to another racialist. Also the directory would include any racialist merchants who wanted to be listed according to items they sold -- allowing all of us to buy White to the greatest degree possible.

After some searching I finally found one company who leased and hosted the software I needed. I told the little twit of a salesgirl that I was creating something for the people who were being excluded from the Internet and I named some of the groups. She was more than happy to take my money and have me sign a contract to put the whole package together, "within 3 weeks" she said.

Two months later, after I had sent her company a detailed outline of what I wanted built, she was not returning my calls and it was as if her company had disappeared off the face of the earth. As she implied when I managed to finally track her down, once her company saw in writing the pro-White purpose of the directory no employee would have anything to do with developing it. I cancelled my contract, about four hundred dollars poorer.

After quite a bit more searching I found Bill, a one-man operation in northern New England who said he could provide the software and build the directory. He also said he owned his own ISP and could host the directory at a very reasonable rate. He had a graphics consultant, Mike, who could design my graphics cheaply. Again, I told him the project was to help people who were being excluded from the Internet, specifically White people, and told him the name of the domain I had purchased, which had the word 'white' in it. He had no problems with the project. I wrote out a check for a thousand dollars, the majority of his projected fee, and sent it to him.

Now, before you call me a moron, my thinking was that this was the perfect guy to do what I needed, and because he was self-employed, lived in an all-White area, had no problem with the project and had his own ISP, he was the last guy I could expect to be pressured. Plus I had talked to Mike and he agreed to the project also. I figured that once Bill had a thousand dollars in his hand he would never back out of the project. So I sure felt like a moron when...

I got back from a trip to New York and saw four e-mail messages waiting. Before I left I had e-mailed a one-page, detailed plan of the directory to Mike and Bill. However, I had learned my lesson, I thought. I sent the most inoffensive and innocent looking directory possible. Nowhere was there the name of a pro-White group or activity. It merely listed professions - 'web consultant,' 'tax preparer,' and products - 'automotive products,' 'computer hardware' and so on. Not one thing to do with race, except of course the domain name included the word 'white.'

The first e-mail was from Bill, the second from Mike. Both told me they had received and reviewed the plan and were already at work designing the directory; Mike's e-mail even attached some possible graphics he had already created for me.

The third e-mail was from Mike and it is a classic of the genre:

After reviewing the content for your site I realized what your site was promoting. I do not agree with the position your site may promote. I believe the world is made better by having diversity in it. I must decline to work for your site. I believe you have the right to do what you are doing but I do not want to participate in it. I wish to withdraw my designs and not collect the fee for the logos I designed for you. You can have someone reproduce a similar logo if you wish but please do not use mine.

Well, by now nothing could surprise me. The fourth e-mail was of course from Bill -- it contained a few unusual twists -- listen to this rambling BS:

We've got a problem. I can't host this site on any of my servers due to it's[sic] content. I don't mind continuing the finished text development of the site but you'll have to find an internet provider to host the site. When I first asked if this was adult related, I never thought of the content you're creating would not be considered adult by you. My contract with my service provider forbids this type of content on my servers. Let me know how you'd like to proceed. Where I am not providing any of the actual content, I feel comfortable finishing the site but can't further develop it beyond the scope of what my search engine can provide. If this is not acceptable, I'll be glad to return your money.

"We've got a problem," that just cracks me up every time. Suddenly, an utterly inoffensive site is 'adult' because of the word 'white,' though Bill never asked me if it was an 'adult' site -- labeling the site 'adult' was merely the pathetic, transparent evasion of a cringing coward. And now Bill has no servers, or does he? Of course both of these White, adult males knew precisely what I intended to do and had no problem with it as they stated in their own e-mails sent the day before. If I were very paranoid I'd say that between their first and second e-mails someone had a talk with old Bill and Mike. Maybe, as a friend suggested, they had a talk with each other and suddenly had second thoughts. Anyway, hey, Bill was actually going to build the site if I wanted! Yee-ha, talk about getting lucky. I finally found a person in the U.S. who would take at least some money from me for a project with the word 'white' in it!

So I e-mailed Bill:

Any "agreement" that would ban my search engine, based on its "content" (it has content? what is the content? where can I find it?) is so incredibly Unconstitutional as to be laughable. But what is [really] sad is that people are getting away with doing these things anyway. A small group of people is manipulating the whole country. Doesn't the fact that a site can be banned merely because of POSSIBLE content show that what my site represents is the correct view of the world? Being pro-White is equated with pornography? - Hey, some day they'll come for you.

Yes, please complete the project, [I'll find another host]. Also, please suggest another graphics consultant. Because of what my site "may" contain, and in the name of diversity and tolerance, Mike has told me to get lost.

At the moment, Bill is still at work. And a number of decent Whites, whom I know only from the Internet, have given me some help with graphics and a few other details, for free I must note, and I am very grateful.

Clearly, Bill and Mike illustrate another way the Jews are choking us on the Internet - general anti-White propaganda. It has become so mind-warping that help of any kind from non-racialists will be the exception rather than the rule.

I've had even more incidents, if you can believe it, including all the items eBay banned me from selling, but they don't add to my general argument.

I'm afraid the choke point that will finish us off in the end is going to be access to phone lines. The Jews will pressure the phone companies, some of the most gutless companies in existence, to deny phone line service to ISPs with pro-White sites. There are satellite systems and cable systems, but satellite and cable companies can be pressured also.

There may be lots of hiding and compromising in our future; I've already spoken to several racialists who say they deliberately tone down or censor what is on their site to avoid potential trouble. I can't blame them, but to me, that's no victory.

Loss of Internet usage is going to be very damaging to our movement, at least in the short run. We've become so dependent on it that we have all but forgotten how we organized and communicated before the Internet. Although it may be hard to believe, a good portion of our people have never known what our movement was like before the Internet; they were either not racialists or too young. How do we go back to a very different way of doing things?

The Internet has had some negative effects on our movement. Too much substitution of typing for action - real, physical action; too much time spent alone in a room. Not enough face-to-face meetings, which is the only way to truly know someone, even today. If in fact we are pushed off the Internet, we must be ready to turn that happening into a benefit for our movement. We must be ready with even better and more effective alternatives of communication and organization, as farfetched as that may seem today. We must prepare for the day when we turn on our computer and no one is there but a Jew, looking back at us.


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