Think of the Children!

by Derek Powling

We hear the cry "Think of the Children" over and over again regarding detrimental social policies. This cry usually means handing more money to black welfare recipients, using taxpayer dollars to provide medical care to uninsured minorities, disarming America, bloating per-pupil student spending in ineffective schools, eradicating freedom of speech to protect youngsters from "hate," providing midnight basketball to teenaged drug dealers, opening the floodgates for illegal immigration, funding Head Start programs for brain-damaged crack babies, and damn near every other destructive "enlightened" undertaking.

I have a better rallying cry for White America. Think of OUR Children! Take a look at rape statistics. How many thousand young White women could we keep from being raped by blacks if we locked up every black male? Take a look at murder statistics. How many White children would not be killed if we locked up all black males? How about assault, robbery, and almost every other violent or property crime? Do the math. Locking up Hispanics and blacks eliminates the bulk of those as well.

(Note: The black crime statistics are painfully clear, but Hispanics tend to be counted as Whites when they commit crimes and as minorities when they are victimized. This blatant attempt to "equalize" crime statistics still falls far short of its goal to make Whites look more crime-committing thanks to the horrendous numbers of violent crimes committed by blacks).

"Think of the Children" tends to initiate programs counterproductive to White civilization regardless of how unconstitutional, unreasonable, or just plain stupid the program is. Why can't we give the same latitude to "Think of OUR Children" and deport the cesspool of Black America back to the mother of all cesspools where they belong -- Africa? Why don't we "Think of OUR Children" and shoot every paedophile we root out? I think preventing our young White sons from being sodomized by these freaks is well worth it.

"Think of the Children" will be the cry for more restrictive and draconian policies in this country to protect us from terrorist acts. No one will "Think of OUR Children," deport all the sand niggers back to Arabic countries, cut off all financial and military aid to Israel, and ship every stinking Jew back to their homeland. Think of how fast the "terrorist threat" vanishes for White America and our White children under those circumstances.

Why can't we "Think of OUR Children" and get the Blacks out of our daughter's schools. Do they really need to be groped and pawed by apes while being socially indoctrinated about how "cool," "trendy," and socially responsible it is for them date Blacks? Do they really need to hear "Hey Baby, Like you got it goin' on, 'cuz you know what I'm sayin', you da bomb, Baby. Let me axe you why you don't dig the brothers, like caws ya know how wrong that be. Why'nt you say, like, come on brother, let's get it on, know wha' I'm sayin'" as the apes pressure them?

Why can't we "Think of OUR Children" and keep them from selling drugs to our sons by kicking their lazy, under-achieving, disease-ridden kind out of our schools. We must "Think of OUR Children" unless we want them to continue receiving inadequate eductions in schools filled with "spanglish" speaking illiterates who keep our children learning basic algebra instead of calculus in the senior years of high school.

We hear "Think of the Children" over and over again in the Jew-owned, -operated, and -controlled press and broadcast news. These same Jews will never spread the cry to White America of "Think of OUR Children." These same Jews sure as hell "Think of THEIR Children." How many Jewish parents do you know that let their own children attend schools teeming with Blacks and Hispanics? How many Jewish parents do you know that live in neighborhoods infested with Blacks and Hispanics? How many Jewish parents have you seen attend the weddings of their daughters to Blacks? How many Jewish parents have you seen let their children date outside their "kind?" In the rare case of a Jew marrying a "gentile," has the spouse ever not had to convert to Judaism?

Wake up and THINK White America! THINK OF OUR CHILDREN! Stop wasting your money on cable TV, video games, movies, satellite dishes, super-trendy clothes, and trips to theme parks. Take your children to Scotland and show them where their ancestor fell in battle. For less money take them to Nova Scotia or New Brunswick and show them where their first ancestor set foot on New World soil after leaving the Highlands. Teach them about what life is like in Sub-Saharan Africa, Central America, or on a reservation. Go to the Alamo, show them where a relative died for the Republic of Texas, and then point out all the Mexicans walking freely around San Antonio. Let them know how much of your taxes go for the Mexicans' welfare, public education, and health care costs. Tell them how many more White Texans have died since the Alamo after being hit by drunk Mexican drivers, shot by Mexican criminals, exposed to multi-drug-resistant-tuberculosis-carrying Mexicans, etc.

Add up how much we spend keeping Black criminals in prison, let alone the cost of the destruction caused by the Black criminals not in prison. Add up how much we spend on police forces, providing lawyers to Black "defendants," and replacing stolen property.

If you "Think of OUR Children," you only reach one conclusion. That conclusion does not include the presence of Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, or other non-Whites if we want a healthy environment for our children. Not every White wants a Whites-only environment for their children. For those of us that do, why is it considered such a crime?


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