Divided We Stand, But Not All of Us Are Sitting Anymore

by Derek Powling

I rejoice at the thought of a united White America taking a stand against the ills that face us. However, White America has always been divided. Take your pick: Protestants and Catholics, the rich and poor, the educated and ignorant, or just about any other issue you can imagine. I like to sum it up more readily. White America consists of those who revere independence and those who crave comfort.

Some of us, typically, but not universally, from rural areas, ate meat we helped slaughter, changed our own oil, and kept a firearm at the ready to defend our home. We respect self sufficiency, and understand a man that tracks a wounded deer through snow and icy streams without worrying about frostbite or hypothermia because he owes it to his prey.

Some of us, typically from urban areas, eat from a supermarket or trendy restaurant, take the car to the dealership for an oil change, and think calling 911 will protect us. They look at the self- sufficient types with disdain, and think hunting is some activity for ignorant bumpkins to partake in because they are too stupid to recognize Christ figures or mythological archetypes in pretentious movies.

I don't know what the hell is going on in the suburbs. There occurs some strange mutation of rural types moving to urban areas for jobs, but not wanting to live in the city, and of urban types fleeing minority crime, but too trendy to ever say so. The bottom line is that self-sufficient, independent Whites are on the decline, while trendy, pretentious types relying on the government for everything are on the rise. We must get to the independent types before they are gone.

I grew up in a rural, all-White, crime-free area in the North. We had good schools and no racial tensions or slave history. I believed in meritocracy and libertarianism. I served in an elite special- operations unit, and later became a physician. I was not some moronic, underachieving psychopath (which all "haters" are, just ask Hollywood). How in the hell did I become a racist, anti-Semitic, horrible "hate person"?

Easy answer: I got sick of being lied to, and I especially resented being told how to think. That's all it took. I asked questions. I asked why firearms on the news were always misrepresented. I asked why the newspapers mislead on racial crime. I asked why society ignored truths for ideals.

Two years ago I never would have looked at some "nazi" or anti-Jew website. But the media and society pushed too hard, so I looked into why people hate Jews, why there was a militia movement, the politics of gun control, and a dozen other topics.

I used to believe a Black man had every right to reach his full potential, but I got sick of having affirmative action and re-centered SAT's shoved down my throat. I decided the one Black engineer with an IQ three standard deviations above the mean of other Blacks was not worth the cost of having his fellow kind in our neighborhoods and schools stealing our property, raping our women, and selling our kids drugs.

I used to think anyone who denied that the Nazis gassed six million Jews was a whacko, but I decided I did not care what the Jews claimed the Nazis did to them. I decided I did not need them sending our kids to reform school as sexual predators for snapping a girl's bra strap in grade school. I decided sending our kids to counseling for getting in a fight at recess, or any other of their social programing bullshit, was not worth it.

Now read the important part. I felt empty. I felt something missing from my life. I'm proud of a successful career, I love my family, and I feel lucky in many other ways, but I was missing something. I finally found what I needed. That something was to help rally White America and get the same damn blinders off others that I had been wearing. I tried professionally, but getting a paper published in the medical literature that treats crime as disease and avoiding Blacks as a form of preventative medicine, regardless of being scientifically valid, does not happen. So I started writing for VNN. I knew I was on to something. The terrorist attacks came, and I realized how late I came on to this game. I realized that if you are reading articles on this web site, you are already on the team. I am preaching to the choir.

We need to reach those other independent-minded types out there. There exists a strong current of discontent among our fellow Whites that still think for themselves. This discontent grows daily, just like mine did. We must send them a message they need. A message they will never get in the newspaper or news programing. I have started trying to send them this message.

This is my method: Pick ten addresses from the phone book, from people with strongly European sounding names. Send them an anonymous letter, or even send ten people an email anonymously. Ask them if they are sick of hearing about hate crimes. Let them know that 70% of emergency room visits by homos for assault injuries were assaulted by their "partner," not some "hater." Let them know how many Blacks attack us or rape our women for every one we "reciprocate." Or simply send them the web site address for VNN. Or, if you think VNN may be too much for them, send them the web site for Fred Reed at www.fredoneverything.net . He addresses the symptoms of our ill society very well, although I have never seen him actually put his finger on the disease. His not dropping the dime on the Jews may actually serve to not scare away some who are not quite ready.

A third of our kind are probably all that is left to convert. Another third of us sit in front of televisions, mouths open and brains closed at best, or drinking malt liquor, smoking the Black man's drugs, and waiting for welfare checks at worst. Another third are too trendy, too fashionable, just too damn comfortable to even consider our message.

But that's OK, just send ten messages. One or two won't even reach anybody. Another couple will be thrown out or deleted without being read. One person will read it and call the police about the hate mail they received. Another will nervously read it and throw it away hastily, afraid that someone will have seen them read it. A couple of others will be disgusted that there is so much hate in the world.

But another will read it, and he might actually start to think. He might actually look into things a little more, just like I did a few years ago. Give him time, he will come around.

And finally, one we need will read it -- one who is ready -- and he will think "Damn straight." He will log on, he will look for more answers to his questions, and only come up with more questions. But we all know he always comes to the same answer. And, most important, he will send ten letters...


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