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Media: Pressuring ISPs in Australia

Know your surfer down under... Here on why you can't trust the gefilte fish media. Here synagogue suckpoop!

Corrupt Money, Corrupt Country

Inflation is government's way of taxing you on the sly -- of stealing your money without your recognizing the robber. Our government has no honor because it is run by and for the Jews who care about nothing but stealing from White earners to further Jewish racial interests, one of which is White genocide.

Ireland for the Irish, Nogs in Nigeria

A pro-White Irish site...

"Russian" Mexicans Remade Immigration Policy

Jews control immigration on both sides of the border. Result? America fills with sewage. As always, Jews pulling the strings, White men suffering. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

Briton Investigated by Police for "Racist" Statement

Jew-led race traitors fill the island with paks and bangs, and anyone who resents it is a racist suitable for prosecution. But here 385,000 attend Manchester fagfest. Pro-queer, you're celebrated; pro-White, you're jailed. That's what it's come to under the Jews. The Jew is your enemy, White man. And here 100 brownwogs riot in Oldham, again.

New Book on British Atrocities Against Germans

Disgusting stuff, just a small part of what they don't teach you in school. But if you read the headline just above this, you see that Britain's now enjoying the payback that Hitler and Germany never wanted them to suffer. The frank truth is that Britain has been jealous of Germany for at least 100 years, and its jealousy as much as any other single factor except the racial hatred of the Jews has contributed to the likely genocide of the White race. Book is by Patricia Meehan.

As We Predicted, "Lost Boy" Already Up on Charges

One of the fine goatherds imported by evil Lutherans is accused of rape. These savages belong on the Serengeti, not in America. You Christians who import these things need to take a look in the mirror at the evil starting back. Yes, that's right: your actions are EVIL. You are doing the work of the Devil, and you will burn in Hell for it. Here's the story they're playing up after the Minnesota KKK rally. Here even Jew-ridden National Review understands that Hispanics don't give a damn about America beyond what it can do to them. Back to the pit toilet, Pablo: America is for Americans, and Americans are White.

Black Zimbabweans Flee into South Africa

Let's cut the b.s.: Niggers are little more than erect apes, and only Whites can build a civilized society. Even the apes know this, and for all their cries of racism, they instinctively head to the White man's dinner table to beg like the dogs they are. Here a bunch of monkey lies. SATs prove niggers are stupid, so we all have to pretend it has nothing to do with their race. Why do nigs get 200 on their SAT? Puzzle, puzzle, puzzle? Why, why, why? Whatever could be the reason? I just can't figure it out? Ah -- RACISM! Yeah, that's the ticket!...

Monkey Kofi Calls for Treating the Disease of Racism

What do you suppose is the cure? Here Jews cry they are being treated unfairly. Here Jews' own National Review complains about anti-Semitism. What if there were a conservative magazine for White people? Here SC Roberts responds to complaint from the left, not to a racist complaint that he fails to mention Jews whenever he cries about Political Correctness.

Australian Invasion

Turd-dumping off the land down under. The government says it will hold firm on this one. Here on the U.S. invasion. The Mex are growing more arrogant daily.

Germany: Jewish Museum Bilge

Is there one monument in the world to the victims of Jews? That is not a rhetorical question. Let us know if there is, readers. If not, we may just have to initiate a project to get one built. On fake hate crimes here. Brazil goes down the anti-White road recommended by Jews. Discriminating and stirring up hate against Whites is one of the things Jews do best. Here we pay off other kids not to hate Israel. What a curse that hate country is to America. Rodney King arrested. Can't we all just...get high on PCP? Beat our wive-- I mean, girlfriends? Get drunk and speed from the cops? Win 3.8m in lawsuit and still stay out of prison? Be anything but a useless, socially destructive ape-nigger?

Broder on Helms

David Broder is the quintessential Washingtoadian. Establishment to the bone: boring, stupid, liberal from word first to last. Never written a single memorable line in his life. Here he attacks Helms as the last openly racist pol in the country. The gravamen? Helms ran an ad showing White hands crumpling a letter informing the owner he lost a job due to discrimination. Resenting laws discriminating against your race is "racism" to warped nitwits like Broder. If you asked Broder to give up his space for a negro writer, what do you think Li'l Davey Dullard would say? The Washington Post has always hated Helms, and when we lived there and Helms ran against Gantt -- and remember, this is in North Carolina, a long way away -- it ran literally yards of newsprint trying to push the nigger into the Senate. The Washington Post is a Jew-controlled anti-White, pro-fred hate paper.

Jews Hate Christians

What a curse that Jews exist in our country, whether our country is Germany, Britain or the U.S. What an evil, loathsome race they are. How much they hate us, and how much damage they've caused us.

Oakland Asks NRA to Help Keep Guns Off Streets

But who will keep niggers off its streets?

Media: Web Publishing

Suckpoop in the spotlight... Here Jew-controlled Disney acquires Whitebread script by Jew Cohen. We pitched them a script called Nigger about a black in a White fraternity, but they decided not to option it. Big surprise, huh? Poor Walt, an Aryan to the core, must get tired, spinning in his grave, looking over the evil Jewish faggots who've debased what he built.

Russian Jews Draining American Social Security

They're making a 'moral claim' on the fund based upon -- among other absurdities -- the fact that the U.S.S.R. fought the 'evil' Hitler and thus helped to 'win' WW2....

Movie Review: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Your teenagers will love this movie. It has lots of drugs, blasphemy and fart jokes. Also, a negro goes on and on about how much he hates Whites. Jews executive produced this movie. Jews have mesmerized White teenagers.... by Mark Rivers

Forces of Semitic Darkness Attack Pro-White Irish Websites

We face a common enemy, folks, doesn't matter whether we're Boers in Sudafrika, Southern Americans, Australians, Germans or Irish. That enemy is the Jew, and it is bent on the extinction of our genes. Exactly the same policies are being pursued by exactly the same lies and liars in every majority-White country left in the world. We are all being herded down the Rhodesia trail. It is time to destroy the power of the Jew who is destroying us. Here Jews whine after German court rescinds fine for "anti-Semitic" comments. Jews are Special. God chose them, and they are beyond criticism.

Euro Rightists Stronger, Better Organized Than Ever?

Is it Jewish AP lies, or is it true? "The extreme-right is more self-confident, more offensive and better organized than ever," Thierse said in a recent interview with Die Zeit weekly. Racism: a huge problem for South Africans. Almost as important as their 70 IQs.

American Roundup: More in Prison Than Ever

Six-point-five million in jail... Here diversity goes on a shooting spree. Diversity is like that. D.C. or Nigeria: You make the call. Here on racism summit. Here niggeroids spread their gang violence to rural America. Latest way to effect gun-owner-control: read: White control. Here Vdare letter on the invasion.

Israel Claims It Can Shoot Down All ME Ballistic Missiles

Good news! No justification -- as if there ever was -- for American dollars to be spent, American lives to be risked providing Jews with Patriot missile batteries to protect them from the Arabs they hate. Will we pull out? Of course not. Our masters won't let us. More here. Pals support suicide-bombings as long as Israeli attacks persist. Here a "terrorist" arrested in Canada. And Canada, too, will dance to the Jewish tune re the racism conference. Jews say, "Jump." U.S. and Canada say, "How high?" Here on Jewish-Israeli arrogance. Here God's faves enter Pal town, intend to stay. Here on White slavery in Yidsrael. Crooked Jewish government hospitals $212m in the red, run shortage of medicines. Here Arab gets fifteen words to protest Israeli racism. Here Soviet immigrants put in harm's way.

Britain: Purging Whites from the Party, Then the Island

The Tories bend over backward to placate the yids and darklings. More here. Another taste of British freedom here, where local library says no thanks to free magazines. Here on a yacht race.

US Warns Izzy About Use of American Arms

Does the Shrub administration really care about how American-made weapons are used? No, but oil producers do. The same oil producers that depend on whatever corrupt regime/monarchy is in power. Those regimes' rulers in turn depend on the goodwill of the people to not be overthrown. The people do care about their Palestinian brothers and sisters, who rountinely pick up the pieces of their loved ones on the ground laying next to bomb fragments that say "Made in the USA." Judaism declares that it is pleasing to God to kill the enemies of the "chosen," as long as it doesn't reflect negatively on Jews. That is why the Talmud instructs Jews to go "where [they] are not known" to do dirty deeds. The Shrub administration has the same mentality. The cat is out of the bag, so now ZOG is moving to cover its tracks by pretending to take measures against Israel for slaughtering Palestinians with our weapons.

Friends of Pollard: Disloyal Now and Forever

America's just the host, just as Germany, Spain, England or France are/were. Jews are only loyal to Jews. Note admission that U.S. Jews have played a key role in communism, socialism and anarchism. Here folks wake up to Jews and why you can't trust the face they show in public. Milwaukee celebrates Communist Day. Here on filthy yids with inadequate septic system. Nice choice, Yahweh.

On Australian Rag Rapes

Jewmedia frantically scramble to keep the lid on. The only thing that deeply frightens the Jews is Whites waking up and realizing they are a race, with racial interests.

Media: Jews and Hollywood

Jewish media domination a myth. This Jew-edited, Jew-reviewed, Jew-published, Jew-merchandised book says so. Nothing like a reliable source, hmm?

Hymie and His Disgusting Ways

Summer fun with the Dicksnippers. Sick, sick, sick. Does your house of worship have an operating room upstairs? No Jews. Just Right. Leave your sons intact, White man. Don't be a yid.

Canada: No Free Speech for Non-Jews

"Free speech"-touting Jews nix Palestinian rally, natch. "Concordia rector Frederick Lowy said the administration was concerned by 'the risk of confrontation and possible violence.'" Here we see how Jews stick together. One cry for help, the millions pour forth. "Together we the Jews of Israel and you, the Jews of Canada, are united like never before. We will defend our country together." We just won't pack our bags and go there.

Jews: Now Left, Now Right -- Always Jewish

We're on the left! We're on the right! Back and forth...honest, straightforward Whites with ethics, principles can't understand that Jews have only one concern: "Is it good for Jews?" Everything else is stage makeup, camouflage. Here, a telling story on "The Politics of Broad Alliances." "Jewish leaders are setting a risky precedent by trying to dictate the terms under which they will join political coalitions." Don't take a stand, just get in the door -- even into White Nationalism-- and influence, influence, influence. More here. And here, Seattle. Jews are very nervous when they aren't in the middle, controlling things.

Woody Allen's Latest

A review for VNN readers from the other side; here, Jews review Jewish movie, peering at it through their magnifying glass to see if there are enough Jews in it. "Mr. Allen sets the movie in a New York emptied of Jewish characters. The neurotic Jewish schlmiel, the urban Jewish intellectual, the romantically entangled and confused Jewish seeker -- all staples of Mr. Allen's earlier films are nowhere to be seen." How could anyone live in such a New York? How, indeed?

Media: Quintessential Jew Bernhard Gets a Show

Cutting-edge Jewish shitkultur on the airwaves... She's the typical yid, all posturing, can't take a punch. She can mock anything, but say the first word about her, she decomposes into a teary mess. Here on Ray Bradbury, now popular in Hollywood, says moribund Salon. Is there anything funnier than Salon's claim to offer a perspective you can't get anywhere else? In the novel, Fire Captain Beatty explains to Montag, the conflicted fireman, that their government didn't ban reading. Books were simply marginalized as an increasingly inoffensive media and a growing population embraced infotainment at the expense of "slippery stuff like philosophy or sociology."

Sobran on Lincoln, Son of a Drunk

Thoughtful, as always... Here Hingis comments on double standards for apish Williams sisters. But Navratilova went all out: "I think they've been treated with kid gloves," Navratilova told Time, citing a display by Richard Williams, father of Venus and Serena, after Venus beat Lindsay Davenport in last year's U.S. Open final. "If Mr. Williams had been white and done that victory dance in front of Lindsay Davenport, he would have been reprimanded much more. People have been afraid to criticize them because they don't want to be called racist." Navratilova added, "(Venus and Serena) have made excuses and not given credit to their opponents. They're afraid to show any kind of humility. Humble doesn't mean you're weak." Too bad there are few White men with the guts of one lesbian. On today's Congress here.

Click Here!

Race Flares in Australia as Media Cover for Anti-White Rapists

When White girls are being raped by the diversity Jews let into the country, the media cover it up, and in combination with judges declare the rapes not racially motivated, even if the defendants admit they were. The conviction of three teenagers for the gang rape of two school girls has triggered widespread panic in Sydney's white community about ethnic gangs targeting "Caucasian" girls in the city's deprived south western suburbs. The willingness of politicians to link crime and ethnicity, and a lurid series of press reports about a spate of gang rapes have heightened the populist anger of white Australians - and the anxiety of besieged ethnic communities. Widespread outrage today greeted the sentencing of two of the attackers to six years in prison for gang rape and another youth to 18 months. White girls' lives aren't valued by the Jew-led elite in Australia. Overthrow the Jews and the race-traitors and retake your country, White man. Like Neal Young in Alabama, the Jews should remember, we don't need 'em around, anyhow. This article is a must-read, even though it is laughably biased by the professional wankers who edit the Guardian.

More on Rapes

"In all the papers now they are saying how it is not a religious thing or anything like that [but] . . . all the time during the incident they always referred to religion. "They were just saying they were proud of themselves and proud of their religion. One of them was saying 'I wear my dad's name on my arm as a sign of respect, it's religious', stuff like that." In sentencing the two brothers and another teenager, Judge Latham said: "There is nothing said or done at any stage by any of the offenders which provides the slightest basis for imputing to them some discrimination in terms of the nationality of the victims." The White courts cover up for the Muslim rapists, and the media back the rags too. These girls are now racists, bet your bottom dollar. Racism is the result of experience. More here. Incredible double standard. If Whites had gang-raped some nigger bitch, "Marks" would be singing for stringing. Here on chlamydia, very common sex-spread disease.

Jews Have "Virtual Monopoly" on Global Sale of Ecstasy

If Jews are selling, you don't want to be buying....

England Seeks Homos, Niggers and Druggies to Teach White Kids

England is far gone these days... Lots of crime at rock festival. Here Tories, with their gleaming teeth and inclusive smiles, vow to cast all evil racists into the fiery pit of no reclaim. More here.

Latest from Zimby

It is only a matter of time before whites are cleansed from Africa. Here on South Africa. Here on nigs being crazier than Whites. Here student gets tired of Africa.

Race Conference

Like the mental children they are and always have been, the greedy third-world wants our money and wants to blame us for its problems. But the Struthersphere can go suck eggs. Whites built this world and we aren't turning it over to a gaggle of mewling apes. Powell won't attend because Jewish bosses aren't happy with the language. More here. Here American yids carry out their stinky vendettas, harassing another old White man -- on the White man's dime. Get a job, Israel. Here a little taste of what niggers do, in case you've forgotten since yesterday. Fun in Brazil here. Here on bogus "genocide" in Balkans. Here on presumably nigs abducting and raping women in Minneapolis, the kind of thing the Klan was protesting. Here response to conference.

Civil War Tales

"They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance." Oh, but they could! Here German men come out nicest in survey. Here on Bushy and the GOP lifting manhole covers in search of brown votes. Here's Bush's point man on immigration, spouting the bullshit company line that sewerfolk haven't voted Republican because they haven't been reached out to. "You know, they do vote Democratic, and I'm actually concerned about that." But he insisted that "they are voting Democratic because Republicans haven't got their message out. ... If we don't have those people in our party, that's our problem." Here on the spreading brown stain in America.

Queer Fakes Hate Crimes

"Hate" crimes committed against "gays" pale beside the love crimes they inflict on one another. Anarchists and cops battle in Seattle. Gun control laws have no effect on crime, which is known and not cared about by proponents who want -- but won't admit they want -- gun-owner control. Chucky Schumer doesn't want White men owning weapons. They might be able to resist Yid Central. Interesting article in that it actually attempts to analyze the motives of the gun-owner-control proponents. Motive-questioning is almost always refrained from by conservatives because they might stop losing if they practiced it. The left always attacks motives and never debates the issues. Of course, the author never quite touches on the Jewish issue, but it's a start perhaps.

White Art: Vermeer

Surge of interest in the Delft master. What nigger or jew could have created his works? Isn't the race that created him worth preserving? Quietness, serenity, contemplation, carefulness -- none of these things knows the nigger-tool or his Jew master. The niggerized society the Jew has brought down on us is characterized by the rap thump coming out of the car outside your window. Ugly, nasty, mean and stupid: nigger in a nutshell. And where's the nigger or yid who can write like this, included purely for enjoyment. Here Muggeridge tidbit on Jews in Russia, starving the people. Muggeridge is well worth reading, especially his multi-volume memoirs.

Blue-Ribbon Suckpooping from Joe Farah

There's something about watching a master in action... Only Joe -- paid apologist? -- could prove that the Israelis are the Pals' best friends. Here Hymie pats himself on the back for killing a high-ranking Pal. Here the truth about how Jews feel about Pals -- and we are all Palestinians to the Jews. The only true definition of anti-Semite is non-Jew. Here on water. Here a rundown on some of the activities of God's heroes. Here petition to get Sharon for war crimes.

Home-schooling: Put No Jews. Just Right. Into Action

At all costs, you must keep your kids away from the Jew warpers at your local public ZOG indoctrination center. Four years later, I am pleased to report, our 12-year-old daughter is doing math at an eighth-grade level and has the reading vocabulary of a college freshman. (We're still working to eliminate the "creativity" in her spelling.) Our 8-year-old twin sons, homeschooled since age 4, are doing fifth-grade math. Here "Schools Suffer Resegregation," as only Salon could put it. Poor little White girls aren't getting exposed to nigger dicks on the bus on the way to school. More on reseg here, which is actually the natural result of Whites driven out by colored subhumans Jewish lawyers have forced us to pretend are our equals.

Hitler: Racist More Than Nationalist

Bushy supports la raza; Hitler supported our raza. The Nazis did several things that clearly show that when forced to choose between Germany and the Aryan race, they set a higher value on the latter. Hitler could never bring himself, for example, to rule Scandinavia, for which he felt an unrequited racial affection, with the iron fist that was applied to other conquered territories. His admiration for Britain's Imperial racial ascendancy and his belief that Anglo-Saxons were Aryans led him to seek friendship with Britain up to the point of quite possibly costing him the war at Dunkirk.

Mugabe Plans to Drive Out All White Farmers

Subsistence farming and cannibalism, just like it ever was. Blacks are incapable of civilization. You can only kill the White Golden Goose once. Says a reader, All whites to surrender land and foreign passports. Those who fail to co-operate will be liquidated. "The operation should be thoroughly planned so that farmers are systematically harassed and mentally tortured and their farms destabilised until they give in and give up." Do you think the Jews on the evening news will mention this? Here Jewish queers who edit NYT play up another White hater, Harry Belafonte. And, again, they promote Richard Wright. Promoting nigger shit to break down White cohesion, that is the mission of the Judeo-fags who control the NYT. The cavalcade du merde continues with this paean to human unity in misery. Jews snuffle in nastiness like roaches teeming on a dog turd. Here on strong civic bonds, which exist because New Hampshire remains almost entirely White. Thus it becomes a target of Jewish haters, to make a redundancy. Here Canadian niggers whine about reparations. Zimbabwe used to export food. Now they're saying it's three months from famine. Could this possibly have something to do with the affenocracy? Here on the debate over British cricket team touring Zimby. Colors reversed, no question what would happen. It's that old Jewish double standard.

British Cons Hate Whites

Just like in America, the "conservative" party in Britain sold out long ago. Wake up, White man. The eunucons will sell you down the river every time. Here British scientists set up "genocide" center, whatever that is. Here Ireland fights nog-packers. Diversity sucks. Gooks out!

Latest Pals-Pets Tango

Pals take it, 3-2. Here Pets cry about biased Pal textbooks. You've seen the ones they force on our kids in America. One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us.

Dr. Pierce: Yahweh ben Yahweh

The Jews at the Washington Post cover up what this maniac -- back on the streets -- had his followers do to White people. The Washington Post is an anti-gentile hate paper, like all papers owned by Jews. More here on God son of God.

Jewish Hate Group ARA to Meet in Montreal in October

The Jews will train the assorted mattoid refuse in ten-on-one tactics. Here on the burial of an Aryan Nations leader. Lots of good stuff at FAEM here. Waco -- the government's ideal solution to recalcitrant White folks. The Jewish attack dogs who burned up the White babies get awards from ZOG, just the way the Jewish children's-genitals snipers do in the homeland of hate.

Useless Niggers Kill White Boy

Here on Klan rally in Minnesota. More here. And here. And here. Here students whose pro-White feelings were revealed in a survey and used to punished them sue. Here a Mexican rapes 200, mostly tourists. Here a negro writer revels in the racial double standard. Here congoids go X-eyed after quaffing homebrew. A moment of silence, please.

Little Terriers and Immigration

Good article, and Brimelow sounds a little harsher than usual, which is nice. Worse before better, said Trotsky. We say the same. The system cannot be reformed, it must be destroyed and replaced. One of the reasons may be the pattern of the immigration enthusiasts: anger, evasion, lies, and insults. All the markings of an emotional, as opposed to intellectual, commitment to mass immigration. No mention of the Jewish interest in diluting White majority and dissolving White cohesion. The Jews can't fight fair because the truth isn't on their side. That simple.

The Invasion, Part 82

Worse before better, keep that in mind. America, the land of the free? No, the land of the fill. Figure this out. The United States is getting to be so full of spics, of Aviles and Reyes and Ramons, that you can't tell 'em apart without a program. VNN staunchly supports full independence for Puerto Rico, which should take its rightful place in the sun among the pantheon of free and sovereign nations.

Low-Rent Princess in Norway

Beautiful girl, checkered past, if that means anything these days...

First Day at a State University

South Park's talking feces, Jimmy Stewart and Semitically Correct sociology -- all in a first day's work for today's college C. Corey

Defaming the Scots

This is how the media creates the useful illusion of "minority" victimization and White "racism." Angry White Female

Movie Review: The Others

Nicole Kidman and her two children are ghosts. The "Others" are the living occupants of their house, trying to exorcize them. Ha ha, I've just spoiled the ending. Now find out Mark Rivers

Land of the Free: Jews Attack Pro-White E-mail

Somebody forwarded an email saying Christian White men built this country! The news makes the national wires. Negro criminals hate-murder five Whites in Wichita! -- complete silence as the media Jews cover it up. Jews: enemies of the truth -- friends of Pollard. EOT-FOP... "Needless to say, Rep. Davis does not speak for the North Carolina Republican Party," Peaslee said. Who defends your race, White man? Not the Republicans. They're too busy suckpooping Hymie and batting eyes at browns to worry about you and yours. You're yesterday's news, White man. The future is brown as the business end of a pit toilet. Here an article on "hate" crimes in California. Anyone trying to understand California by reading this "report" would be totally befuddled when he encountered the real thing. Here a Maryland prof says Bushy and the Replicants are "delusional" to think they are going to swing the zoots. Here Francis rebuts let-'em-all-in Gigot. Here Horowitz' house redskin is denied entrance at Oklahoma State library. A patriot is a man who will do anything for his country but think.

Action in Klamath

ZOGgies and farmers prepare for battle.

Canadian Pro-Gunner Posts Names, Addresses

Refuse to be blocked and you'll get the job done.

Britain Says "Go Home" to Zimbabwe Farmer

This shows you exactly who controls things, and in whose interests things are run. In all the Western world, whether Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia, France or Germany, coloreds get the nod over Whites -- because that is in the interest of the Jews who actually run these countries, more or less behind the scenes, although they are starting to lose their fear and openly show their control. The Jew is your enemy, White man. He will destroy your country to make a nest for his kind.

"Holocaust": The Gift That Keeps on Giving

More promotion here...

Literary Pretense

Junk masquerading as high art. He's got that right. We used to work at a place that regularly received books for review. Bushels of "modern American classics" would come in, hot off the presses. Read a couple and that's all you need. Ick. Books by writers who can't write and have no story. What's good about the essay at the title link is that it is direct and, I wouldn't say harsh, but some would. One of the goals of VNN is to increase the open hostility in American journalism, and anything that sharpens the rhetoric and increases invective pushes in the right direction. We need more motive questioning, more sneering, more direct assaults, more open partisanship, more polarization -- and less Semitically Induced Correctness.

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