Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

by Mark Rivers

Kevin Smith is not a Jew. He is a White man who grew up in New Jersey, reading comic books and smoking pot. As a teenager, Kevin Smith usually stayed at home on Saturday nights, watching movies by directors John Hughes and John Landis. I know this because he thanked them at the end of the credits of his last film, Dogma, citing that very fact. Now, he has made a movie called Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. In it, he pays homage to his favorite films of his youth.

John Hughes and John Landis made movies in the 1980s that teenagers loved. Unlike the all-too-common "Virgin Slasher Camp Beach Party" movies of that era, Hughes and Landis had clever dialogue and pretty visuals in their films. Hence, dumb, dope-smoking teens who grew up watching The Blues Brothers and The Breakfast Club became adults who have the DVD versions of these movies in their personal collections.

These same adults worshipped Steven SPIELBERG'S Indiana Jones; we cheered when Indy shot Arabs or threw Nazis out of windows. We spent our school years watching fuzzy, black-and-white footage of skinny people looking all pitiful and victimized, or people in hoods burning crosses. The images were accompanied by low string chords on the soundtrack, and a somber-voiced narrator told us that our fellow White folk were responsible for so much suffering; shame, shame on us.

We learned all about George Washington Carver and Martin Luther King, and how our country would be in such a mess without their many, many contributions to society. We watched The Cosby Show every week, and we listened to top-40 stations every waking hour of every day.

We loved Michael Jackson, Prince, and "The Fridge" as the kids now love Tupac, Shaggy, Tiger, Venus and Serena, Michael Jordan, Destiny's Child and Ahayilahhia. For twenty years, teens have loved whatever MTV has told them to love. MTV is run by the Jew Murray ROTHSTEIN (although he calls himself Sumner Redstone). The Jews Bob WEINSTEIN and Harvey WEINSTEIN executive produced Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. It has plenty of scatological jokes, anti-White diatribes and approval of drug use.

Jay and Silent Bob are two characters (played by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith) who spend their time smoking/dealing pot and leaning up against the wall of a New Jersey convenience store. When they find out a comic book, Bluntman and Chronic, based upon their personae, is going to be made into a movie, they set out to collect some residuals.

When they see the hateful things written about them on the Internet, however, their mission is to stop the movie from being made, and protect their already fragile reputation. They spend the next 100 minutes cursing, smoking pot, making cops look stupid, performing cunnilingus on nuns, and beating up kids.

They run into four beautiful women who set them up as patsies in a jewel heist. They steal an orangutan, preach about the evils of animal testing, and dodge a secretly gay Wildlife Marshall. They make their way to the Miramax Films lot, parody a few of their favorite movies, and then we all get to listen to negro Chris Rock, for ten minutes, talk about how much he hates "crackers."

The negro boasts that he has several White women waiting in his trailer for him; that they will have sex with him to get a part. The negro adds that he wants a White man -- a BLOND White man -- to order around and beat down like the lowly cracker he is.

Dumb, dope-smoking teenagers in the audience laugh at the negro's rants. Soccer moms soberly nod their heads and whisper, "Well, they've had a pretty rough go of it." Grease monkeys and construction workers silently swallow their rage. Old people shift uncomfortably in their seats and hope that no negroes jump them in the parking lot after the movie.

Movies like The Breakfast Club and The Blues Brothers are why Kevin Smith makes movies. Movies like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back are why I write reviews. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back even takes a shot at anonymous armchair critics who sit at their internet keyboards and slam Hollywood. The reason losers do this, the movie says, is only because their own lives are so pathetic, they lash out at anything or anyone they can.

Well, my fellow White man Kevin, that's not why I write these reviews. I write them to help other Whites understand why there are so many TV shows about negro brain surgeons these days. Eventually, some Whites start wondering why the death of negress "Aaayilihayahhaa" (which, by the way, was the sound she made as her plane was going down) is the top story in the news for a week, as though she were something more than the Jew media's most recent excuse to praise the Almighty Monkey.

These Whites wonder why, when they look through the pages of USA Today, they see ten full-color pictures of negro "heroes," and a scorching indictment of the "White racist" media's underportrayal of minorities.

These Whites wonder why the death of ex-convict James Byrd has gotten so much media attention, but the murders of Luke Maue, Raymond Bozak and Naoimi Almeida are ignored.

Luke and Raymond are two White boys, aged 7 and 13. Luke was murdered in St. Louis on May 18, 2001, and Raymond was murdered in Cleveland on August 21, 2001. Naoimi Almeida is a 5-year-old White girl from Toronto who was raped AND murdered on August 29, 2001. All of them were victims of negroes.

Chances are, you have not heard any of those names before. There have been no "hate crime" news stories about these three dead children. The public does not know about them. The dumb, dope-smoking teens don't know about them. The teens only know what MTV tells them, and MTV is not about to tell the truth about negroes. This week, MTV is telling them to buy Sisqo's new album, or make sure they take an African-American date to see O so as to really piss off the racist establishment.

The soccer moms and the yuppie dads sit at home watching reruns of The Cosby Show, wallowing in their same, long-held delusions. Those negroes aren't harmful or threatening in any way, they think; those negroes all wear nice sweaters, are wise and articulate, and are just like you and me. It says so on the news. Why, just look at General Colin Powell, the Whitest negro in America; if he runs for president on the Republican ticket, we just might vote for him. It's just a shame there is so much hate in the world. Hey, let's all watch Schindler's List. Kevin Smith is working on his next script, which will feature more dialogue that sounds like it is being read directly off of the page. His next script will also likely contain more anti-White rants delivered by Chris Rock. Kevin Smith was suckered in by the same movies that duped, pacified and demoralized the rest of us.

Now Kevin Smith writes what he knows; all Whites are racists, homophobes and anti-Semites, no matter how much we try to deny it. All Whites are buck-toothed rednecks and fundamentalist Christians, and should be beat up or killed. All Whites, that is, except for the few, cool young people like Jay and Silent Bob, who smoke pot, talk like negroes and put plenty of apologist rhetoric in their movies.

At the end of the movie, Jay and Silent Bob travel the country, beating up those who ridiculed them on the Internet. So, I guess I should be expecting the doorbell to ring in a few weeks. Jay, smoking a doobie, swaying back and forth, will say (in his slurred Jerseyspeak, on the fourteenth take), "Yo bitch, wha' you be sayin abou' us muhfuggin muhfuggahs, you know whum sayin? Ah's goan kick you White racis' ass now, muhfuggah, you know whum sayin?"

And then Jay won't say anything else.


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