Defaming the Scots

by Angry White Female


Do you all remember the firestorm unleashed on the Scottish people after Firsat Dag, an asylum seeker in Glasgow, was murdered? Of course you do. The English-speaking press as well as the Muslim world were all told (repeatedly) the killing was a "racial incident." The United Nations issued a strong condemnation against Scottish natives living in the Sighthill community of Glasgow. The BBC, U.K. Independent and The Scotsman among others, screamed about racism and directed readers to special sections on "racism" in the U.K., all based on the assumption that Dag was killed by a racist. There were even special video and audio sections which offered tear-jerking stories on the refugees' plight, and how some felt safer in Turkey and Iraq. More money was immediately rushed to the Kurds and new legislation prepared to "ease racial tensions" and protect these 100% innocent people.

I always suspected the motive was not racial, since not one shred of evidence suggested this. Sighthill is known as a drug-infested ghetto with high-crime and persistent poverty, with 40% of the men unemployed. The Kurdish asylum seekers were placed there by the unthinking government and overnight the local population swelled by one-third. After this shock, the residents then watched the government fall all over themselves to refurbish vacant flats which were previously unfit for human habitation. In the past, the Scots had asked the government to throw money their way to fix these same units. But they were refused. So in come the Kurds, and following them into these flats were White liberals carrying new furniture, kitchen appliances and amenities for these asylum seekers.

After Firsat Dag was killed, Scottish liberals claimed the locals were "jealous" and "envious" of the asylum seekers. After all, since a White man had killed him, racism must have been the motive. The press made a prejudicial assumption and ran with it. Hence the demonization of Whites commenced and overnight Sighthill Scots became "xenophobic" racists. The female residents tried to counter this propaganda, but the media shredded them to pieces and misrepresented their side of the story. They took photos of the demos, which showed angry "white trash" women as opposed to "introspective, spiritual" Muslims. After the Kurds attacked the women at the demo, the media claimed it was a "near riot" and blamed the Scots for it, while failing to mention that the "near riot" was comprised of Muslim men attacking Scottish women. The women were merely protesting the crimes these so-called refugees had comitted against them. Scots have been robbed and murdered by these newcomers, but the media never saw fit to take this into account. Their agenda was to promote bringing in more non-Whites at the expense of native Scots.


After hundreds of stories crucifying the Scottish people had appeared, the killer and an accomplice were finally arrested on the 20th of August. I searched high and low, and, as of the 24th, found that only the U.K. Independent had printed a story about this. The article can be found at:
It didn't fit the allegations of "racist" motives, hence, the press ignored it. It turns out the perpetrators also attacked a German tourist earlier in the day. The article is just a few paragraphs. I urge readers to go to the UK Independent, the BBC and The Scotman to look around at the content of their race relations sections. Printing this story in depth would be like admitting they were wrong, but the media never corrects themselves. The anti-White steamroller is in forward motion and it doesn't care whom it flattens.


Due to the fact that the motive in the killing was not racial, I feel very strongly that the Scots of the Sighthill community are owed a huge apology by the press and the ungrateful and very hateful Kurdish asylum seekers. But I am convinced there will be nothing of the sort. In fact, yesterday the Kurds marched to the City Council bitching and moaning about their treatment by the government. First, they wanted to stay together, and now they are claiming the government should have dispersed them. They are angry that the Scots built a library for them, at Scottish taxpayer expense. The Kurds are incensed at the insensitivity of those who suggested a community center for them, at Scottish taxpayer expense. These Kurds have not apologized for wrongly accusing the Scots of killing Dag for racial reasons. After all the marches and protests and attacks against scottish women in the streets, they just can't bring themselves to say "We are sorry." Or "thank you for your kindness!." They blame the city council for racial tensions, even though their own behavior has brought this on. They don't understand that uncovered women are not fair targets for rape. They don't understand why some Scots dared defend themselves verbally, neither do the press nor the politicians. They don't seem to think it is an issue when they rape, rob and murder members of the host population. To them, it is unthinkable that they were not placed in government-funded housing in affluent communities where they could live safely and high on the hog.

What is most baffling to me is the fact that no nationalists have demanded an apology on behalf of the Scottish people who have been unfairly targeted for media crucifixion. They have allowed their enemies to set the agenda and frame the issues. Nationalist newsgroups are not talking about this, they are talking about a refugee being housed in a four-star hotel with room service. This is the kind of issue that anti-White legislation springs from. The people of the U.K., whether English, Welsh, Irish or Scottish, need to nip this in the bud and hammer their opponents just as badly as they themselves have been hammered. It is time to go on the offensive, my European brothers and sisters, and promote "brown guilt" for a change.


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