The Others

by Mark Rivers

In 1999, I saw a movie called The Sixth Sense. Two years later, I saw it again, only it was called The Others, and the Bruce Willis character had much nicer breasts. In The Others, Nicole Kidman plays Grace, an English housewife phantom who had earlier killed her children and herself after losing her husband in World War II (though this is not revealed until the very end). Grace and her children spend the whole movie thinking that they are the mortals, and that "the others" are the ghosts.

The Others begins by announcing that it takes place in Jersey (no, the other one) in 1945. A stately old English mansion is occupied by Grace and her children, Nicholas and Anne. When three new servants show up, they spend most of their time talking in spooky riddles and hinting that the house might be haunted, but leaving the audience with just enough to wonder who is or who isn't a ghost.

Grace's husband shows up at one point, but it's clear that he has been killed in the war, and he is a near-catatonic shell of a man (ghost). He sticks around only long enough to illustrate how traumatic a face-to-face confrontation with those diabolical Germans can be. Grace spends the rest of the movie demanding to know what's going on, and yanking sheets off of furniture (each time accompanied by a musical sforzando, to make it extra scary).

Grace also insists that her children be good little Christians, and she spends several minutes explaining how they will go to "Child Hell" if they don't behave. As always, the barbs against Christianity are not aimed at its Middle-Eastern origin, but rather at the embellishments of the European rabble.

At the end, Grace sees the mortals having a seance, and finally realizes that she, the children, her husband (during his brief visit) and the servants are all ghosts. The "Others" are the new occupants, trying to rid the house of its spooks. The servant ghost shows up, says "There, there, mum. Care for a cup o' tea, love?" Grace stares off into space, realizing that she and the children are now facing a bold, new frontier.

It's not a poorly made movie; it's just that a very, very similar movie was made only two years earlier, and it was a huge hit. My question is why the filmmakers felt the need to set it in 1945, and have Grace mention "the Germans," "the Nazis" and "Hitler trying to tell other people what to do" as the causes of this horrible war which had taken away the children's daddy.

Could it be because the executive producers of The Others are Jews Rick SCHWARTZ, Bob WEINSTEIN and Harvey WEINSTEIN? The other executive producers are fag Tom Cruise and his business partner Paula Wagner (PJ).

The other producers are Spaniards Jose Luis Cuerda and Fernando Bavaira, and Korean PARK SUMNIN. The Others was written and directed by Chilean ALEJANDRO AMENABAR. So, a movie written, directed and produced almost entirely by Jews, non-Whites and fags reminds us that Germans are bad, just in case we've forgotten.

Thank you, Jews, non-Whites and fags. We had forgotten. It has been over half a century since World War II ended, and we were almost ready to start not liking you again. Thanks for reminding us that if we don't like you for any reason, it's only because we're natural-born haters, just like that mean ol' Hitler guy you showed us in the movies and on TV.

Yes, we saw those pictures of those skinny people. You mean the Germans did that? Really? Wow, I guess I don't want to be like them, then. Ever. Can I have a cookie? I promise I'll be good. I don't want to go to Child Hell. Yes, I know Jesus was a Jew. See, the Jews ARE our friends. Yay!

Believe it or not, millions of our fellow Whites are being buffaloed this easily by the Jewish media monster. The Jews will never stop making films about the Holocaust (or at least mentioning those evil Germans), because they know that the average doofus will fall for it. Honestly, there are Whites who, if asked to give a brief synopsis on the Titanic tragedy, will talk about how handsome and virtuous Jack was, and how they wish he hadn't drowned at the end.

There are Whites who believe that, in medieval times, people said things like "It's called a lance...helloooo," and "Ooo, that's got to hurt." There are Whites who believe that Robin Hood was not only real, he was helped by Morgan Freeman. There are Whites who believe that featherheads just wanted to live peacefully amongst the settlers, but those nasty ol' White folk slaughtered them instead.

There are Whites who believe that, since we are inherently evil, it is possible to stir up an entire nation into a frenzy against the Jews. They believe that Hitler stood up on a pedestal and said, "Go forth and kill all Jews, because...because I don't like 'em!" They believe that every man, woman and child in Germany pulled together and had big Jew bonfires, and made soap and lampshades out of Jewskin.

They believe that if they don't watch their step and have nothing but kind words for non-Whites, they will be shunned from society as pariahs and "neo-Nazis." They believe all this because they have been sitting on their big, fat, White American asses for the past five decades, watching television, eating MSG, drinking caffeine and letting themselves be shamed into extinction.

This is what the Jews want. Don't let them get away with it.


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