First Day at a State University

by C. Corey

I recently attended my first day of classes as a student at one of America's state universities, and the experience gave me some insights into the current situation of the White race in this country. Naturally, my concern for the White race and my distrust of the establishment left me skeptical even before I attended my first class, but my professors and the topics they discussed did not fail to live up to, and even surpass, my negative expectations. University curricula, despite a few exceptions that may exist, seem crafted for one purpose: to eliminate White race-consciousness and perpetuate the current unhealthy state of things.

Upon arriving at the University, I was impressed by the cleanliness of the grounds and behavior of the students, most of whom exhibited a sense of purpose and efficiency. In fact, if one were to go by first impressions, one would most likely leave the University campus feeling hopeful (or at least not desperately fatalistic) about the future of our nation and our race. Strong, healthy young White men and beautiful, tall, fair White young women abound; yet these pleasant sights do not take away in the least from the fact that among students there is a deadly ignorance of basic truths about race, and an even more deadly acceptance of falsehoods which have been crafted by our race's enemies to destroy us. I believe that many potential allies in our racial struggle are seduced by the healthy surface appearance of university communities. If the institutions looked as sickly on the outside as they are from a racial perspective, the situation would be unbearable and would arouse open opposition.

My history professor was the first to offer explicit anti-White sentiment to eager, malleable students. The course covers world history from 1500 to the present, and in his introduction the professor made quite clear that European imperialism was an evil, that the subjection of darker peoples had a moral dimension, and was not simply the clash of races, one stronger than the other. The logical conclusion from such ideas would be that our existence as Whites on this North American continent is fundamentally evil. Such ideas are a self-negation, an attack on the roots of our existence, and to dissent from such views is very nearly impossible, because no one wants to voice an "immoral," "cruel," or "mean" position. Morals do not apply in history, there is only one moral question we should ask ourselves: is our behavior beneficial from a racial standpoint? All else is abstraction and confusion.

Next topic on the agenda: the gradual change in values from generation to generation. Perhaps the reader is familiar with the disgusting cartoon South Park, and perhaps the reader saw the South Park Christmas special from a few years ago, starring a talking piece of fecal matter. My history professor contrasted the messages behind South Park's talking feces and Jimmy Stewart's character in the Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life in order to give an illustration of the "evolution of values." The contrast itself is valid, and very illustrative, but the professor says that the South Park talking feces is more appropriate, more meaningful than Jimmy Stewart's "White male" character. Feces contains more meaning than a White male, according to my history professor. Let that sink in. Feces contains more meaning than a White male, according to the Jewish mindset. I suppose this fecal adulation is the inevitable consequence of the prevalence of Jewish scatological humor in conjunction with Jew-provoked White guilt.

Also discussed was the conception of the "global village." Such an idea will lead to the mingling of races, with the result being a world populated by racially similar beings who look out for each other's interests and well-being. Sounds great, eh? The elimination of all those pesky differences and markers of distinction and 15+ point interracial discrepancies in IQ. Nevermind the fact that qualities, the possibility for genuine intellectual, technological, and artistic progress, and true "diversity" will also be eliminated. And nevermind the fact that the hypocritical Jews who promulgate egalitarian theory belong to a tribe based on race-loyalty (a Jewish trait to be admired and emulated).

My next class was political science, taught by a firecracker of a professor who spent the hour giving definitions in what he called "political jargon." A particular kernel of wisdom this man imparted to his students is contained in his frank statement, "life is full of crap." If I had to spend hours a day discussing the "jargon" of a political system aligned not with Natural, race-based principles but with words that lost their last bit of meaning some 70-odd years ago, I'd think life was full of crap as well. The Jews (no doubt) involved with the publication of my political science textbook felt the need to adorn its cover with an image of an elderly negress waving one of those campaign-sized flags. To remind me of the strength of diversity, of course. Needless to say, my patriotism was stirred. Elderly negresses waving American flags, unfortunately, are not the appropriate icon of the black presence in America. No, there is more racial truth to be gained from a sideways glance at one of the rap music videos on MTV, complete with alcohol, cigars, gold chains and "ho's," than from all the flag-waving negresses in the whole wide world.

Finally, I went to sociology class. Not much going on there, but the title of the course's text is Sociology: Changing Societies in a Diverse World. I can't wait to delve into all of the -isms of these enlightened critics and dissectors, these "sociologists." The ideas contained in my sociology textbook are poison. They are lethal if swallowed. And the students in the class will either pay no attention to the class and continue getting drunk and having sex with multiple partners and gliding through life, or they will indeed swallow some of the doctrines, or at least allow the sociological theories to condition their perception of the boundaries of thought and behavior. To most people, there seem to be no other options. Acceptance or oblivion, they see no third choice. But there is a third choice, the way of open opposition to the current situation. Opposition requires adherence to the only "-ism" our race need concern itself with: racism. Not the "hatred" which has been manufactured by the Jewish media and caricatured time and again by Hollywood. Not the "immoral ignorance" deplored by those in the pulpit and by the hallowed, Chosen dispensers of the mainstream news. Racism is the recognition of racial qualities and the desire and effort to preserve what belongs to the individual races: their true "diversity" of ability, the only kind of "diversity" that can exist.

Optimism for the "global village" masks an unhealthy society and race careening towards self-annihilation. The race is similar to a very large extended family, in opposition to the theories of sociologists, the futility of American democracy, and the unending mockery of the feces-focused Chosen ones. Racial awareness is about uprightness and idealism in the face of moral and racial nihilism; order in the face of chaos. The only solution to our current problems is the purification and renewal of our racial instincts, combined with constructive work in the service of our people.


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