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White Art: Carl Larsson

Exhibition link here.

Media: 'Net Security

A primer... Here's why you need it: EU says yes to Internet eavesdropping.

News Flash! Only 89 Senators Kiss Israel's Ass

As sheeny extraordinaire Sharon put it, "We control America." Founded by Washington, Wolfowitz & Sons today.... Take your country back from the Jew, White man. It's the only solution. Join National Alliance. This Senatorial ass-licking is apparently designed to prevent Colin Powell from issuing an Israel-critical letter. Interesting. CP grew up around yids in New York, apparently he even speaks yiddish. How much you want to bet he holds concealed views of the chickenshit Chosen similar to ours? The Jews sense this, hence their attack. Boy they sure loved him when they could dog trot him around the arena as their prize niggercon; they sure hate him when he actually stands up for American interests. Must be the residual White in him. Bad as niggers are, they still aren't Jews. Running around the in the jungle eating dirt and chucking spears, they'd be amusing and pitiful, as they were when we White men first encountered them. Set up as our totem by conniving Kike stringpullers, they are very dangerous. Niggers are the symptom, Jews the disease. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Learn it, know it, live it....

Media: More Yehudi Holo-Bullshit

Parents: Christmas is coming! Get your kids a Krema-II -- this time it's poysonal -- Easy Bake Oven! Have them make their own "Holocaust" survivors! Big ol' lip-smackin' Auschwitz pile of gingerbread jewbies, bring 'em to school for show and tell/snack time. Hands-on learning, it's!... There have been more films made about the "Holocaust" than Jews who actually died in it, I kid you not. At the railroad station in Trieste, Italy, Wiener recounts how he clung to the undercarriage of a train for 18 hours, inches above the wheels and inches below a toilet chute spewing excrement. Actually, the Jew probably instructed the toilet in the fine art of excrement spewing. But I'd bet my bottom dollar this yid is lying. No matter. "Holo"-b.s. shows win all kinds of awards.

New Group for "Holocaust" "Survivors"

They survived the horror of not being included in earlier settlements... The new group is nicknamed the "vermicious kids," and will go by the initials: TGGMFTWHEHO: The Greediest Group of M*F***s The World Has Ever Heard Of. Says a VNN reader/link-forwarder: "Shekels ahoy!" Here you can read about the latest installment of Jewish crooks in Europe seeking admission to America. Not to admit Jewish predators and swindlers on prejudicial terms -- a hate crime, it's! Here a typically honorable sheeny offs his wife and skates. You can read through hundreds of pages of internal Jewish publications without finding a single kike behaving honorably. But then, that's why we call them kikes, sheenies, mockies, yids, Hebes, swindlers, murderers, extortionists, crybabies -- did I say 'swindlers'? -- yes? -- well, let me say it again -- swindlers, swindlers, swindlers, schemers, swindlers, vermicious knids and nation-killers. Isn't is odd that we racists don't even need to lie about them? That we can make our case against them with ease, with a single issue of the rubbish they publish for you, or the hagiographic haggis they pass around among themselves. Ugsome race, they're.

Are You a Terrorist?

Are you sure?

Useless Congo Jigs Can't Keep Their Dicks Out of Babies or Farm Animals

Just look at the picture of these hominid animals...blank, stupid, certainly not human in the sense we are. The average nigger IQ in Africa is 70, making the idea of democracy a complete joke. Animals like these must be ruled with a stern hand or this is the result. Naturally the canting jewfags who write the NYT try to blame boolie baby-fucking on blameless Boervolk. Got news for you, Jews: Africans were monkeys long before the Boers showed up. Baby-raping niggers is the symptom, Jew is the disease. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. Do something... Of course, not all niggers are baby rapers. Some, like Sthembi Gamedze, prefer to expend their attentions on innocent, cudmunching milchcows. One goat fine for Sthembi. Now that's throwing the book at him.

Drillers Suck Up to Jews

Oil in the arctic -- good for Jews, it's.

Homespun Eugenics

That rarest of rara avis -- a do-gooder actually doing good: This woman is paying addicted monkeys to end their line through sterilization. Now that's what we call a win-win solution.

Media: NPR Tries to Link Racists to bin Laden and Anthrax

No, the country's not controlled by Jews, it's a big myth. That's why they take fifty percent of your paycheck to pay Jews running "public" radio to interview other Jews working in you-funded universities, or at you-subsidized "private" charities to blame you for wanting to keep your White freedom and imply that you milled the fine-ground anthrax with Osama looking over your shoulder. What a loathsome fellow is the yid. WHITE LIBERATION NOW.

Jews: Nation-Killers Nonpareil

Tired of endless lines, stupid niggers digging through your suitcases? You ain't seen nothin' yet. Now travelers are faced with "the prospect of rectally implanted explosive charges being carried aboard aircraft by individuals willing to be a living bomb." All for Israel, which, as everyone knows, is more important than anything in the whole wide world. Right?

Media: The Unbelievable Jewfags at NYT

Berating themselves. For covering up what Stalin's Jews were doing in the Ukraine and failing to apologize for and return Duranty's Pulitzer? Of course not -- for not writing enough about the "Holocaust." In an average year, the NYT writes more than a story a day about the "Holocaust" -- sixty years after it didn't happen.

Bye-Bye Freedom

Most of our problems trace back to open immigration, and the blame for that policy belongs to the Jews and no one else. Jews have set us on the road to the downfall of America, and unless a White political force arises to thwart their intentions, that's how it's going to play out. The National Alliance is that force, and it needs your help. Here Roberts on Muslims and multicult. Paul Craig Roberts is a highly intelligent man, but his words are vitiated by his palpable fear of writing about Jews and Jewish interests openly. Why do we have those Muslims in America, PCR? He knows, but you'll never get the answer out of him in public. How frustrating that must be, to write in defense of freedom, and to know the reason it's being destroyed, yet feel that you can't say it. How hard it must be for men such as Roberts to look at themselves in the mirror. Rather than coughing up quarters for Jewish lies, click on VNN. Where we truly are free to describe what the Jew is doing to your world, White man. And join the National Alliance, the one political force that 1) openly defends White interests; and 2) openly names the Jews as the enemy. Get ready to be run over by Mexcremental trucks; god only knows what kind of feculent ecosystem they contain, let alone what's behind the wheel.

4,000 Farmers to be Evicted in Zimby

Eight hundred have been given three months' notice to vacate. Another 3,700 properties are scheduled for same. And so, the niggers will starve, with a tiny elite living like kings. Civilization will disappear as the monkey jungle reasserts itself. You can hear the first hoots outside the American clearing these days. Zimbabwe's future is ours. Unless we band and fight. Join the National Alliance, White man. More White men are every day. Join the sole political group in America that is fighting for your kids' future.

Dees Bashes Pierce in W.V. Speech

Pierce calls Dees a huckster and a crook. Hard to argue, eh, Kool Mo? Here you can hear the NPR Jews -- the ones whose salary comes directly out of your check -- suggest that bin Laden is being funded by pro-Whites.

Camden Nigger Murders White Woman

"[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government" -- Thomas Jefferson. This is what he meant. Diversity is our greatest strength. That wouldn't have to shout that all the time if it were true.


INS split.

NA Covered Sympathetically, Albeit with Criticism, in Pravda

Excellent, thorough, critical, yet sympathetic treatment of the National Alliance in the English-language Pravda. Warning: this is an "overthrow" link, with which there were some problems the other day. It is pulling up fine on this end, so we post it.

Jew School Boss Allows Muslims to Pray, Denies Christians Same Right

Promoting "diversity" as a way to destroy White America is "good for Jews," so it proceeds unabated; the minute a White tries to claim equal rights with a raghead, a Jewish hate group files suit. Whites uniting as a group is "bad for Jews" so it must be demonized and criminalized. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

The Jews' War

On where bin Laden may be hiding. Here on bin Laden propaganda tapes.

Jews Find New "Holocaust" Camp to Promote

Jasenovac... Here an article in Italian only on a revisionist.

Media: Ms. Magazine Sold

Dead Sea scrolls are being published. They've been hushed up for decades, perhaps because they contain unflattering depictions of the Jews.

Media: Controlled by Jews, Affirms ""

A question: Why don't Arabs devote a tiny fraction of their petrodollars to acquiring American media, just the way the Jews did 100 years ago, and turning the tables on them? It's quite possible -- look what the Moonies alone have done with the Washington Times.

Monkey Power Comes Full-Circle in Zimbabwe

Jump up and down and hoot if you want free farmland! Only problem is, niggers don't have any more idea how to farm land than they did back in Olduvai Gorge. Yes, Rhodesia got run over, but we are still sitting on the same tracks, pretending the same train isn't headed our way. Here read about Lost Boys in Norway, Somalis at least, fighting it out in the classroom. Why are there niggers in Norway? Mbeki is losing it in South Africa.

Murdering Kids Is A-Ok in Israel

"The Israeli military decided it will not prosecute soldiers in the death of an 11-year-old Palestinian boy, even though its findings indicated troops had fired without justification from a tank-mounted machine gun near a group of children." God's Chosen People at play...

Bush Signs Off on Military Trials for "Terrorists"

You know, this is the sort of discriminatory thing that a racially cohesive nation-state might do. Nothing'll stop suiciders, but this may give pause to other less-insanely-committed dirt that hopes to get away with its guaranteed public defender, years of legal proceedings laughable to people who come from places where they chop heads off in the public square... Now if we could just have Pollard shot... Here Britain wants to hold more people for no reason. Here Jew Hentoff on the end of the constitution. Democracy produces cowards, so it shouldn't be any surprise that no Senators save one Jew had the guts to vote against "Patriot." A sorry, sorry day... Interview with Chomsky here.


Excellent points made by the peevish queer, pointing out the Jews' double standard when it comes to charges of dual loyalty. Against them, it's an "anti-Semitic canard"; against the Muslims they hate, why, it's as kosher as a tortured cow. And he goes after randy Andy Sulliglans, too: In his increasingly dreary "weblog," Sullivan delights in quoting the most absurd snippets from Arab newspapers and then holding them up as somehow emblematic of Islam per se: of course, if someone shows a snippet of, say, the Gay Pride Parade, with a drag queen and a leather "daddy" leading the semi-naked throng, Sullivan is predictably outraged, although the proportional strength of leather daddies in the gay community is arguably higher than the percentage of Bin Ladenites in the Muslim world.

Australia: The Road Back from Extinction?

The jewfags who run the Old Gay Lady worry that White Australia might make a comeback. So they whip out the violin every yid carries in his back pocket and start some screechy-preachy treacle about the hard-heartedness of those who don't take dusky invaders to their bosom. Somehow Jewish violins never sound their repugnant wheedle when these darling duskies gang-rape the natives, as happened and is happening in Australia, Arlington, Norway, etc., at this very moment. The Jew is your enemy, White man. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. What are you doing? Join the National Alliance, support White media, make your voice heard, and preserve your race. Let the Jewfags go the way of the booby; let our race spread and prosper.


Interviewed by BBC... Here Irving's diary, mentioning the recent NYC plane crash. Read text of English "anti-terrorism" bill here in pdf download. Here on U.S. considering scrapping Posse Comitatus Act, paving the way for standing internal armies messing in your business. Here on plan to herd, infect people with vaccines given pretext. Northern Alliance, great bunch of people. Nice Rockwell piece on the glorious liberation. Not that you'd want to share, say, a cab ride with one of the things. Why must we perpetually help the invaders of a country against the natives? Blame FDR, says Sobran.

Translation of Atta Letter

By one of Irving's buddies... Here on Flight 93 mystery. More here. Here on Dresden.

Revisionist Activities in Italy

Plans put down by Nuovo Ordine Nazionale. There was a meeting in Trieste in October.

White Archaeology: Roman City in Egypt Unearthed

And humanish things have been found that were apparently stirring in China two million years ago.

The Eternal Jew

We joked the other day about how Yids'll trip you down the stairs and then sell you a Band-Aid (TM) at the bottom. No joke. Here, Israel to sell hang gliders -- yes, hang gliders -- to terrified residents of American high-rises. Crazy goyim! Down through the sky, fly, they'll. Such a business! No fool, though, is company owner Anatoly Cohen, who has never tried one of his products. "I don't have to jump," says Cohen, "I'm the manager." Any wonder there was a laughing, dancing crowd of Israelis filming the World Trade Center collapse? They smelled money. Chaos is Good For Jews -- expect more of it.

Mexican ID Now Valid in Los Angeles

Stopped for speeding? Just whip out your handy-dandy Mexican get-out-of-deportation-free card. Here nig Taylor, White-hater, is convicted in Pennsylvania. Don't be a wigger. What it's come to on the airlines.

On Ludwig Klages

Description, new translations of yet another suppressed thinker... Finally, and most significantly, we encounter the undisputed master-spirit of the "vitalist" school in the German world, the philosopher and polymath Ludwig Klages, whose system of "biocentric" metaphysics displays a speculative profundity and a logical rigor that no other vitalist on the planet could hope to equal. Here on Sarkar.

Click Here!

Media: Washington-Hollywood Axis

A combination lethal to American interests...

Anthrax and Racists

Pierce interviewed about anthrax by West Virginia paper. Here's a site for the Council on American Islamic Relations -- CAIR, a counterpart to AIPAC.

Norwegians Reject Nigger Neighbors

Nobody wants to live around niggers, least of all the race-traitorous White elite and the Jews who stuff them into working-class and middle-class White neighborhoods.

Buchanan on Russia

Needs help.

Army to Occupy America?

A handful of U.S. senators and some in the Bush administration are calling for changes in a 150-year-old statute, known as the Posse Comitatus Act, that keeps the military out of the business of domestic law enforcement.

Al-Jazeera Says Its Kabul Office Bombed

Here on atrocity rumors. Here on WTO meeting.

Jews in Jail

Here illegally, picked up for minor violations. Who knows what they're really up to? Who knows how many illegals are actually here?

Media: On Biased Coverage

Interesting commentary from leftist analyst.

Jews Feeling the Heat

Muslims are picking up and repeating White arguments. Jews don't like that. Not a bit. That means it's a good thing and we need more of it... Think about this: The ADL has been convicted of paying off cops for information on its enemies. And the cops it isn't paying off it's indoctrinating to hate Whites, using White tax dollars. And now it wants to shut down the 'Net to prevent us from mentioning this. Do you see why we say that the Jew is your enemy, White man? Fight hate. Fight the Jew.

National Alliance Marches on Israeli Embassy

After about 15 minutes, a few members saw approaching what appeared to be a wandering band of street people, or perhaps members of a visiting circus troupe. In fact this turned out to be the self-styled Coalition against Fascism, the opposition itself. This coalition was so broad it appeared to encompass every type of Jew. There were about 25 members in all, using the anti-Semitic system of counting each Jew as only one Victor Gerhard

Video Clip of NA Demonstration

Download from Resistance page...

True Conservatism Shunned by War Cheerleaders

Conservatism today is nothing but a front for neocon warmongers.... by Paul Fallavollita

Organized Jews Seek to Destroy First Amendment

The Jew is your enemy, White man. He has criminalized speeech everywhere outside America, now seeks the same here. And here, driven by Jews, EU seeks to ban "hate" pages, "hate" speech, anything else Jews hate. The U.S. does not want to sign off on the agreement, but the Euros hope it will at least ban sites originating in the U.S. aimed at EU readers. ZOG doesn't want anybody anywhere reading anything without the kosher seal of approval. Here Americans are racing to buy guns before the Jews can outlaw them. Israel: friend of torture, enemy of America. War is a nasty business. And when it's fought by Whites for Jews, it's worst of all. VNN says again, that no more than two "American" Jews will die in this war -- in other words, one for every thousand or so "American" commentators clicking keyboards for it. We also say that neither of the two will be fully Jewish, but will be hailed in the media that way. Did you ever notice that no WWII movie ever has an American soldier of German descent, even though something like a quarter of the American army was made up of such?

Australia: Anti-Immigrants Win

Thanks to the hated Pauline Hanson.

So Cal Cops to Accept Mexican IDs

A milestone on the road to Aztlan.

Brimelow on the Steinlight Immigration Piece

The Jews aren't coming around on immigration, they're beginning to wonder if their interests would be better served by reversing policy. Only one constant when you're dealing with Jews: they only care about what's good for them. And they are powerful enough that they don't even feel the need to cover their racist self-interest with the fig-leaf of "American" interests, although they still use that term when they think it might help dupe the mass-men. Note Brimelow's close, quite right: if Jews can ask if something's good for Jews, then why can't the rest of ask if something is good for Nordics, or Christians or Englishmen or -- Americans? And let's take it a step farther. Why can't we simply observe that the presence of Jews in America is "bad for Americans," much as the presence of Jews in any White nation is destructive. Jews are your enemy, White man.

Is Washington Times Running Doctored Photos?

Decent case that it is. Why? Stir up anti-Arab hate to help war effort. It's good for Jews, and editor Pruden never offends the Jews wittingly.

Archaeology: Egyptian Doctor's Tomb Unearthed

Four thousand years old...

Israel on Laughable "Terror" Alert

When has 'Israel' ever told its ministers to evacuate? Answer: only now, when Israelis want money-bagging Americans to identify with them and consider resistance to forced and brutal occupation "terrorism." Notice the alleged would-be assassins are called "insurgents." What is an occupation army called? Innocent victims of terrorism and unprovoked aggression? Condee Rice sez, "Stop the war against Israel," but reason says, "Israel out of Palestine," and "When you stop building on our land, we'll stop throwing rocks." Condee and the Bush administration know who can drop the economy overnight, and they should stop giving these religious fanatics billions of our tax dollars a year and use it instead to protect our economy after we de-kosherize our foreign policy. We preferred the Italian mafia's extortion racket. And we prefer the Star-Spangled Banner to the Star-Strangled Bagel.

They May Be Fat, Stupid Niggers, But at Least They're Sensitive to Muslims...

Our airports are secured for inconvenience, nothing more. Diversity is a strength? No. Diversity is a horrible weakness. They wouldn't have to lie and shout so loud if what they claimed were true.

How the Parasites Murder

Interesting story, who knows if it's true... Israel is fast becoming the paraiah among nations, which are beginning to recognize it is nothing but a parasitic haven for swindlers and racist haters.

State of Emergency in Britain

Tony wants vast new powers to harass, jail, torture anybody who's not in line with his fagitpropmongering Jewish weenies. It used to be a great country. Now, its vassals can be jailed for indefinite times for no reason at all by the simpering sods and soggy Semites who run things. To criticize any group the government officially supports is illegal. "Never, never, never shall be slaves, eh?" What was all this about Hitler the dictator? There weren't any no-go zones for Whites in Hitler's Europe.

Conflating Anti-Americanism and Anti-Semitism

America has become Israel in the minds of the crazed Semites who write our papers. The world's most dangerous, powerful and pathological hatred isn't racism or anti-Semitism, homophobia or sexism. It is anti-Americanism consuming, obsessive, utterly irrational hostility to the United States, its people and its culture. Until we stop trying to understand or explain this antagonism, and recognize its unreasoning and self-destructive core, we will never be able to confront it effectively. For whatever reason, whether self-deception or something else, the Jewish penchant for explaining everything disappears when it comes to Jews themselves, or things they regard as within their purview. By definition they are Special, hence any criticism is invalid, hence to accept that it might be valid is to make a potentially lethal concession. Better to charge on, perfervid, spewing slurs of anti-Semite, anti-American left and right as quick as the larynx can pass wind. If Muslims hate America, then what is the word for Jews who changed the mentality and physical makeup of the very people who created it?

Texas Mercury Attacks Neocon Typist-Warmongers

Nice work by the brown-and-teal boys. Here they review P.J. O'Rourke's latest.

Bush Babies Arrest Stork for Spying!

Alas, poor storick; let's hope this noble two-footed member of our community can withstand bluegum rape attempts sure to ensue in the brig. I hear if you rape a stork, it cures AIDS. Makes sense to a horny hottentot. Six niggers raping a nine-month-old. Still can't get over that one.

The Greed of Jews

Boundless, it's... Another disloyal Jew. Every Jew is a Pollard in waiting; the host country doesn't matter. Do you know what the term 'sayanim' means, White man?

Media: Jew Horowitz Attacks Black Site

Trying to get Microsoft to stop sponsoring it. Jews can't prosper where others are free to combat their lies. Thus they instinctively grasp to manipulate law, media and government alike.


It's a black thing. You would understand. If you've ever been around the things.

The Jewish War This Time

U.S. making some progress, it is possible. Here latest from bin Laden, says he's not behind anthrax, but apparently has admitted his guys carried out the WTC attacks.

Non-White Music: Mahler the Awful

Case-study in Jew networking. We need the same thing among Whites.

Canada: Man Guilty of Disliking Non-Whites

It's against the law to disagree with the government in Canada, probably your country too.

Mexican Sewage Blames Us for Its Problems

These "people" with all the diseases and mental problems described herein are becoming Americans at unprecedented rates.

Movie Review: 'Heist'

Jew David Mamet wrote and directed this predictable thriller, starring Gene Hackman and a negro as hero Mark Rivers

Al-Qaeda Nukes Already Inside U.S.?

Thanks, Jews. Thanks for dumping all your enemies on us. Only one thing left to do...

Demonstration November 10 -- Today -- in Front of Israeli Embassy in D.C.

If you're anywhere near, come on down and help out, White man. The Jew never stops organizing and influencing and controlling. Do it back to him. Take back your future from the Jew. Join the National Alliance. Here read Pierce on why revolution is necessary. And here his latest, "Terrorism and Hate."

Wichita Massacre: Trial Date Set for Niggers Carr

The Jews forced the DA to make this a "hush" crime by preventing the details of this horrendous series of murders to be released to the public. Fight back, White man. The nigger and Jew don't know any other language than physical resistance. One man with courage is a majority. Keep that in mind, and be that man. You want someone to do the dirty work for you? That's not the way the world works. BE the culture you want your kids exposed to. BE the world you want to live in. It's not up to anyone else but YOU alone. And that goes for ME and US here at VNN too. WE ALONE, as the IRA say in their quaint knee-capping way. Here Kalejs, dies in Australia, victim of Jewish persecution. And look here at the huge amount of school money wasted on niggers that could be going to educable Whites -- the ones it was stolen from in the first place.

Media: What Is the Sound of One Jew Yapping?

Rag rag notices that our media are dominated by hooky prevaricators. Here some cheap punk at "zmag" calls the NA a terrorist group.

Hollywood Spreads Hate

Muslims go after CBS for its portrayal of Arabs. Here on Cannon Films, an Israeli concern that produces anti-Arab fare among its cornucopia of anti-quality offerings. More here, this time Shaheen, author of "Reel Bad Arabs," a rather stupidly titled book about Hollywood's anti-Arabism. More here on Bushy boys meeting with movie Shmuels to make sure that every other heavy in the next barrel of shlock is a raghead, instead of every third.

Law Protects Jewish Privilege, No Matter What White Majority Votes For

The system is terminally corrupt and Jew-ridden. As this article shows, even if you play by the rules and with great difficulty make your way upstream through the media hate to win a ballot measure supporting equality for Whites, the Jew-burrocracy simply won't enforce the results. Your only real safety lies in the destruction of Jewish power, White man. Voting and writing letters won't save you in this biological struggle.

Jew Dershowitz Wants Israelis to be Allowed to Torture Americans

The Jew, as always, speaks from all three sides of his mouth, as Sam Francis notes. Here SC Roberts on immigration. More on the homuncular shmuel-shylock here. Here Pentagon readies cyberwar weapons.

Sam-for-Shmuel War Not Going Well

Political problems with sending German troops. Screwups reduce SAS and others' faith in U.S. military planning. Camera-driven, yid-driven is no way to fight a war Sam. Maybe we should let Shmuel do his own fighting. Local ragheads in disarray too. The mountain gremlins cackle in their holes. Here clowns arrested trying to vend enriched uranium. Skateboarding is not a crime. The Taleban is said to be preparing Bad news, American mothers. Your sons are going to die for Israel. Say, how many Jewish casualties have there been in this war, anyway? I heard there were darn near 270 beanie babies who died in 'Nam. VNN puts the over/under line at 2. We predict when all is said and done, no more than two Jewish "Americans" will have died in this most Jewish of wars. Why should Shmuel fight for Swindler Central when he can get your kid to do it for him? Bring on the draft, Bushy. Like being shot at, nothing will concentrate America's mind on just what's at stake here. You don't dare, do you? Some decent war analysis here, from USA Today.

FUBU: Fucked Up By Us, Eternal Nigger Epitaph

Call it the nigger national anthem. But the mockies won't let you mock them. That would be intolerant, say the hebesters. More photos here. Britain and diversity: same bullshit, different country. Wherever the mockie holds sway, multicult is the order of the day.

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