National Alliance Marches on Israeli Embassy

by Victor Gerhard

The National Alliance held one of its most successful demonstrations ever on November 10th in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., protesting the Israeli and Jewish causation of the present Middle Eastern conflict. Marching with the Alliance were members of the World Church of the Creator, the Council of Conservative Citizens, the American Friends of the British National Party, and David Duke's new organization, EURO. Some demonstrators traveled from as far away as Connecticut to participate in the event, with many others traveling several hundred miles from West Virginia, North Carolina and New Jersey.

Prior to the demonstration marchers gathered at a parking-garage several blocks from the embassy. As all members arrived early and all preparation was completed in advance, the march was able to start well ahead of the announced 12:00 starting time, enabling the Alliance to arrive at the embassy in full force with no opposition whatsoever.

Alliance Deputy Membership Coordinator Billy Roper led the almost 100 anti-Israeli demonstrators to the embassy, most in business dress and carrying large signs and chanting slogans. At least 20 police officers were present and escorted the marchers from the parking lot to the embassy, stopping traffic on the way.

Pedestrians and passing drivers alike stared in surprise as the Alliance marched through the street. Even the few pedestrians who were heard to mutter "Nazis" had looks of respect on their faces. As seen from across the street, the members were professional looking, the signs well made and matching, and the march itself spaced with almost military precision, with clear leaders and no stragglers. Washingtonians see marches every day, but perhaps never one this organized.

At the embassy, the police had arranged a space for the Alliance demonstration directly across from the embassy, and a space for a counter-demonstration across the street, diagonal from the embassy.

Upon arrival, members lined the barrier separating them from the embassy, thrust signs in the air and began the first of many prepared chants. The light but large and sturdy foam-board signs had slogans such as Israel = War, No Blood for Israel, Stop Israeli Genocide against Palestine, along with the National Alliance name, logo and website address. Enough signs had been prepared that there were extras left to prop against trees and barriers.

After about 15 minutes, a few members saw approaching what appeared to be a wandering band of street people, or perhaps members of a visiting circus troupe. In fact this turned out to be the self-styled Coalition against Fascism, the opposition itself. This coalition was so broad it appeared to encompass every type of Jew. There were about 25 members in all, using the anti-Semitic system of counting each Jew as only one person. The Jews were dressed in the ghetto/rapper style they so love, and carried a few bedraggled signs.

The Alliance members carried on, directing chants at the embassy and the counter-demonstrators: Israel, you can not hide Palestinian Genocide; Extradite Sharon the Butcher of Beirut (although some preferred a modified version: Execute Sharon); No more terror, No more War, No more being Israel's Whore. Chants were led in turn by three members equipped with bullhorns, none of which malfunctioned, a first for any demonstration since the invention of electricity.

Although the counter-demonstrators tried some pathetic chants in response, urged on by the shrill, hysterical voice of one particular female Jew in full Talmudic fervor, they were drowned out by the Alliance. Chants calling for stopping the hate, and Jew, Black, Arab, White cooperation were met with the loud, derisive laughter they deserved. Unfortunately, no Arabs were around to be asked about their desire for a coalition with their relatives' murderers.

In keeping with the historic traditions of Jewish bravery and lawfulness, several of the counter-demonstrators were wearing masks. When Billy Roper advised the police that the mask wearers were breaking the law the only response was laughter. In most other respects the police were well behaved. When one Jewish female, clearly driven insane by the fact that Jews were not being accorded their due respect as deities, attempted to rampage through the Alliance members, she was grabbed and yanked away before any rabies shots were necessary.

It was clear however, that many of the photographers so avidly taking pictures and trying to get interviews from Alliance members were actually Jewish fifth columnists. At least one of these reporters was seen after the demonstration, sans camera, walking with the other Jews. When one other reporter was asked what paper she was with, she replied, I'm here on my own, which clearly explained the all the USA Today logos she was wearing. The photographers were trying for headshots of as many demonstrators as they could. There are no limits to the arrogance and effrontery of Jewish behavior; a people with such a lack of conscience or sense of shame will forever be a danger among the White race.

These people were merely ignored, though Billy Roper did spend well over half an hour answering questions from reporters. Roper's oratory skills improve at every outing, and he was able to easily handle even the questions designed to trip him up. When a large black male reporter asked him, Are you a racist? Billy merely said Yes, leaving that professional wordsmith speechless as Roper then went on to describe the biological and historical reasons for his racism. Roper also handled questions about the September 11th incident and his widely quoted comments, the anthrax scare, and the purpose of the demonstration.

At the high point of the demonstration, two Israeli flags appeared and were ceremoniously ripped to shreds. One strip with the Star of David was left intact for demonstrators to trample on as they walked. Other shreds were draped over signs, or held aloft in fists directed at the Jews across the street. They could only watch in silence and utter disbelief.

After about 45 minutes, the Alliance members began marching in a large, imposing circle within their area, carrying signs and chanting. An amazing thing was happening; the Jews were totally taken aback by the Alliance signs, chants and confident behavior. They were unable to defend Sharon, unable to defend the bombing of Afghanistan, unable to defend Israeli treatment of Palestinians. At one point they tried to yell that the Alliance did not really like Palestinians and were just using them. Ordinarily, Jews are shameless enough to actually pretend to be friends of Palestinians, but this day it seemed even the Jews realized how idiotic it sounded. It didn't help that they were lacking their usual cast of multi-colored performing monkeys. It was only Jews with no one to hide behind, no minority puppets to pretend to be defending while actually furthering their own evil interests. And perhaps they also realized how traitorous their behavior appeared, Americans demonstrating against Americans picketing a foreign embassy. It was clear to all that day, cops included, that there is no difference between Israelis and Jews except for their current mailing address.

One by one, the counter-demonstrators walked away until only about 12 were left.

At about 1:30 the demonstrators began to wrap things up. One last chant went up for all to hear, God Bless Dr. Pierce, again and again, as the Jews could only watch. As members gathered to pick up their jackets and prepare for the march back to the parking garage, a spontaneous cheer rang out. A fantastic feeling ran through the crowd, the feeling that on this day, the Jews lost and the National Alliance was victorious, having out-organized, out-hustled, and out-performed the opposition on their own turf.

The proceedings were also successfully video-recorded and photographed by Alliance members for use in promotional material.

Amazingly, on the way back to the parking garage, out of nowhere appeared one of the thugs who had attacked Billy Roper at the last demonstration. He was waiting on a corner, hiding behind the pumps of a gas station in a crowd of friends, carrying a metal pipe. He was recognized and pointed out by Alliance members and the police detained him, although whether he was charged is unknown. After all that had happened these individuals were planning yet another sneaky physical attack against Alliance members.

The day was not over; most of the demonstrators next attended a meeting held at a restaurant in Arlington, Virginia. Billy Roper gave an excellent summation of the days events and another Alliance member updated the group on the Alliance's progress with video recordings. Several hundred dollars were collected to pay for the day's activities.

Afterwards, over dinner and drinks, all agreed that the day had been an outstanding success. The real congratulations should go to the organizers, because it was the preparation that led the way for the excellent demonstration.

Hopefully even bigger and more impressive demonstrations will follow.


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