by Mark Rivers

The names of the producers of "Heist" don't sound very Jewish; there are seven or eight of them, and they have spent their careers churning out movies from classics to late-night-cable soft porn. They all wanted on board, I guess, when they heard that hard-boiled Jew David Mamet was going to write and direct "Heist."

The movie isn't completely unwatchable, I just don't recommend it. One bright spot is that the villain is named Bergman (Danny DeVito, who is married to Jewess Rhea Perlman). Bergman, however, doesn't act very Jewish, other than being greedy and lapsing into Yiddish idioms a couple of times. The heroic team of crooks, led by Gene Hackman, is forced into taking on one last job, while Bergman's slimy nephew (Sam Rockwell) tags along.

Hackman's too-young-for-him wife (played by David Mamet's too-young-for-him wife, Judaism convert Rebecca Pidgeon) betrays Hackman at the end and runs off with the nephew.

Also on the team are a smart, strong-willed, powerful negro (Delroy Lindo) and a martyr (Jew Ricky Jay, a.k.a Richard Porath). The team pulls off the heist without a hitch. Every time you thought they were done for, it turns out to have been a brilliant setup, and Gene Hackman gets away with the loot. Yay.

"Heist" has very little to offer that's new, unless you count a few entries into the Official David Mamet Anthology of Colorful Phrases, such as:

"I'll be as quiet as an ant pissin' on cotton." "I want you to be as quiet as an ant not even THINKING about pissing on cotton."

"She could talk her way out of a sunburn."

"(Gene Hackman's character) is so cool, when he goes to sleep, sheep count him."

"Young, dumb and full of cum." (Also used in "Point Break")

"As cute as a pail full of kittens."

"As long as a Chinaman's name."

"As cute as a Chinese baby." (huh?)

"Don't you wanna hear my last words?" "I just did." *BLAM!*

Hey, it just wouldn't be a David Mamet screenplay without them. Yeah, those are lines that clever guys will be quoting around the water cooler for the next week or so, but it's not like they're Shakespeare or anything.

I have reviewed for VNN two other movies with similar plots: "The Score" and "Sexy Beast." Those films are also about a seasoned crook who is obliged to do one last job for the crime boss, complicated by a brash and annoying partner who is no more than a dirty double-crosser.

"Heist" is also similar to a 1989 HBO movie called "The Heist," starring post-Remington Steele, pre-Bond Pierce Brosnan. That movie also starred Tom Skerrit AND Tom Atkins, which effectively ended all of those rumors that they were actually the same person. Anyway, I watched "The Heist" twelve years ago, and I recall that there were the same sort of "gotcha" twist elements present in "Heist."

"Heist" is just 110 minutes of predictable and semi-predictable situations. The audience doesn't develop any real attachment to the characters, and the ending is less than mind-blowing. But then, I've seen at least three movies just like it, and I like to think I've become somewhat jaded to typical Hollywood claptrap. The average White American viewer will watch "Heist" and think "Well, it was pretty good, but it was no 'Con Air'!"

Jews like David Mamet have no shortage of jobs lined up, because the White American Rabble are becoming more and more dependent upon the idiot box and the big screen to tell them what to do. They don't care how many movies like this are released, as long as they have a few gems like "Armageddon" to enjoy between ball games, beer cans and butt-scratchin'. A few White people, on the other hand, are slipping out of their Jew-induced comas and realizing what they need to do.

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