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Berating kosher cons, analyzing 9/11 attacks. Americans seem amazed that faithful Muslims cannot be bought off with glitzy prostitutes, cable TV, cash or any of the other allurements of our Judeo-Masonic empire. The American Right is especially appalled since they long ago decided to cast off the West's traditional Biblical, Shakespearean and Dickensian teaching about the Jews and acquiesce to Jewish power in one of the most cowardly abdications in memory. With their tongues turned to sandpaper from licking Israeli boots, they rage in fury at Muslims for having the very same backbone and moral mettle their ancestors once displayed toward the same foe. It don't git no better than that, folks. Try one more: Patriotism and border control are discredited until enemies of Jews make war upon us or until enemies of Jews sneak across our border; then flag-waving and border control are all the vogue. That has the prick of accuracy, doesn't it? You'll not being seeing the like in National Review. More here. And here a review of his book on secret societies and the cryptocracy. Hard to know what to make of it, but very interesting in any case.

Media: Queers in Hollywood

More premium Salon quality... Here on new awards garnered by the evergreen " Holocaust," the gift that keeps on giving, all millenium long.

News Flash from Harvard: Men Like Pretty Women

Think about all the poor MacDonald's workers whose salaries were docked to subsidize this sort of research.

Why White Nationalists Need the White Hippie Remnant, and Vice Versa

They have the skills, we have the attitude... by Andrei Kievsky

Dane Prof Bemoans Lack of Freedom in Germany

Things are just as bad in Britain, where the Queen backs turbanoids against Whites. Says the Queen: "I would like to take this opportunity of Your Majesty's visit to underline my appreciation of the contribution made by the Islamic community in Britain to the life of this country." Well ain't that jes pea-chicken dandy. Here you can see pictures from Norwegian surveillance film of nigger punching out White guy for defending his girlfriend from ape approaches. Diversity is our greatest strength, eh, White man? Norway often tops world surveys of the best places to live, but won't for long with a growing nigger population. Whether it's Reginald Denny in South Central or Tor Halvorssen in Tromso, same thing happens, because the nigger don't live in the ghetto, the ghetto lives in the nigger. Niggers are not humans. They must be segregated from Whites, and ruled as children, or this will keep on happening, just as it has for 100 years. But remember: Kaffir savages are merely the symptom, Jews are the disease. Here would-be turd invaders burn their boat off Australia. Yeah, the White man's so racist and evil that every grub-slurping, baby-raping, crocodile-worshipping boolie, dune coon and zipperhead beats ass to invade our lands. The third-world is a big puddle of fermented yak piss and the things that crawl out of that filthy pool and shake themselves half-dry like dogs don't become Germans or Australians or English or French or Americans by virtue of changing location. Immigration is not alchemy. Refuse the refuse, White man. That is the only safe route. And cashier the sorry Jew haters who rewrote the laws to let them in here in the first place. White freedom, White civilization, White success are contingent on our destruction of Jewish power. Do you truly understand that Jews enjoy seeing photos like those above in the Norwegian paper? Do you think they are kidding when they teach your kids to hate themselves and their heritage? They aren't joking, and they do enjoy it. They are a racial crime syndicate that has left many superior civilizations in their wake, and are threatening to do the same with the West. Destroy the Jews before they destroy you, White man. Those are the terms of the struggle we are now engaged in. It's not a voting battle, a morality dispute -- it's a biological fight to the death. The Jews aim to kill us, and every day they draw closer to their goal. Join us in stopping them. Get out there at the Israeli embassy in D.C. on Saturday and join in with the National Alliance in sticking up for your race, your country, your family, and yourself. We alone, White man, can do the job.

Jew Gottfried on Carl Schmitt

At Vdare... Jew Gottfried writes some thoughtful stuff, although there is a great suckhole where he fails to mention, let alone analyze, hell, the Jewish role in America's downfall. That's the big picture. But JG is useful for his paleocon analyses of the "global democratic crusade" carried out by the Strangelovitzim, the Wolfowitzim, and the Podhoretzim. They will allow no other point of view to be part of the debate. Jews are big on thinking it's up to them who is "permitted" to have a voice in the public debate. And indeed today they have that power. But they are breeding the opposition they deserve, and tomorrow they will lose that power, along with much else. Justice uncomfortable, they will find.

Belloc and Islamic Revival

The rags challenged us before, and the anti-Semitic writer correctly predicted they would again.

The Journalists and the Jews

Bill White raises questions about Byron York and others. Here Jews cry about Nixon's counting them. The termites want to eat foundation peacefully. They emit a piercing shriek when disturbed.

Is Taleban Communicating Over U.S. Radio?

Here on the Zionist-Red Cross controversy, starring Bernadine Healy. Here some details on the Pathfinder software the government is using to track you, me and the man in the moon. Details on dead Cooper here. More claims about bodybags here. Here some laughs from Clinton, who neatly avoids mentioning his own misdeeds as sources of terrorist anger.

Diversity Is a Weakness

Causes school fights. Our nation was stronger, safer and smarter before Jews undermined it with the 1965 immigration act. Jews are nation-killers, always have been.

Media: Rove, Hollywood Meet to Plot Agitprop

Full story this time. Here a local look at the way the attack on Afghanistan is being covered. After having faced years of strife, falling of bombs and missiles is a routine matter for common Afghans. There is no fear or harassment. Besides, for many, bombs, whether intact or after explosions, are the only source of livelihood. When the missiles were hitting the suburbs of Kandahar and smokes emitted with a heavy sound, locals started fighting with each other to get the shell of missiles and bombs. Sale of scrap is the only way there to earn some money. Think about that. We bomb them, they're grateful for the income! Next expect Hymie to denounce them as war profiteers! Here on the move to create a faster Internet in Europe.

An Imaginary Holocaust May Lead to a Real Holocaust

Revisionist reflections on Israel, the Holocaust, the WTC bombing and the Robert Faurisson

Jews Torturing Americans? "Kosher!" Say Cons

Torture away, say the conservatives like Paul long as my direct deposit goes through.

Right-Wing Anthrax

When you put it under the microscope, you can see all the millions and billions of spores goose-stepping and shouting "heil." War wastes money. A war carried on by morons in defense of Giftpilze. Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Test-Tube!

Unprecedented Scale and Prowess...

This story bears repeating. Using the WTC attacks as pretext the ZOG-NWO forces plan to build a truly monstrous "security" apparatus. The FBI will be reoriented from solving crimes to internal secret policing. The FBI and a new financial information system will both feed information to the CIA under the USA Patriot Act. "Intelligence gathering can no longer be restricted..." is the symptom, Jew is the disease. On Bush-bin Laden connection here. Are Jews getting ready to shift on immigration? This is a very important article, many things this ex-AJC director says could have come straight from Pierce. In a nutshell, he implicitly concedes every charge against Jews ever made and points out that open immigration that Jewish political power alone brought about is no longer "good for Jews." So watch for Jews to get all hat-doffy, hand-over-hearty as they reverse support for bilingual ed and demand civics classes for urchins beyarmulkah'd and nude. Here a review of a book that attempts to explain why the West succeeded.

Brownwogs Back on the Attack in Britain

"Diversity is our greatest strength," says Tony the fecund flit. Here British MPs call for embargo on arms sale to Israel. And now the army is being used to help fight crime. Mix races, discord follows. Legalize the crime syndicate called Judaism, you have sown the seeds of your destruction. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

Holes in the Propasphere

There's something wrong with Arabs, says self-important mockie Freedman. They don't want their countries turned into degenerate consumerist shitholes. They're happy with the real shitholes they already have. A pox on both their houses. Here a Jew grapples -- ha! -- with "anti-Semitism." As always, no mention of Jewish behavior as the root cause. The center-cut-porkchop press can't have that, can it? Look at the way the Jew lies, too: Though public expressions of anti-Semitism are taboo in a post-Holocaust world... They aren't taboo -- they are illegal. It is AGAINST THE LAW to criticize Jews in Europe. Yids like this want to make it the same way in America. They think everything should be illegal except whiny yids writing about why nobody likes them. Dig the graphic, too -- powerful White fist, finger pointing directly at poor, besieged little David. What a bunch of useless, whining crybabies, these shtetlers are. Here the Jewish (?) John Leo, Semitically Correct foe of political correctness, drawing what he imagines is a clever parallel to the 'Good War.' Here's an interesting chart of world population growth. Europe is the one area declining.

Read What the Pals Say About Zionism

And then I want all you flag-waving fools to ask yourself in which paper in which state of our world-beating union this editorial could have been published. Yeah, that's right...not a single one. Now get back out there and fart for freedom, fools. How many Americans are going to be happy if they hear that the US government, churches and media are busy debating how can they keep the "white" race pure, and that every new immigrant to this country has to present a certificate proving that he is the descendant of a white family, otherwise he has no rights for citizenship, no rights for ownership, no rights at all. Here's some interesting, dense strategic analysis of Al-Qaida and its "endgame." Here a piece on " Bulldozer," one of mass murderer Sharon's nicknames. Here Sharon wants a million more Jews to come to Israel. Here new movie on "anti-Semitic" Jew.

White History: Iron Guard

Pre-war Romanian nationalism... NN.-What were the principle ideals of the Iron Guard? JD.-Perfection through virtue, respecting life's original harmony; subordination of matter to spirit; installing "a forceful Christian faith, an unlimited love of country, correctitude of soul as the expression of honour, and unity as the premise for success. " These are the pillars of Codreanu's school which were based on the foundation of 'the rule of the spirit and moral value.' The Legion endeavoured to create a national elite of character leading to an aristocracy of virtue sustained by love of country and permanent sacrifice for the Fatherland, on justice for the peasantry and the workingman, on order, discipline, work, honest dealing, and honour.

New World Order

More on the sore in Nuremberg here. Here on William Cooper, radio host killed in cop shootout. Here what he said about CIA involvement in WTC attack.

Australian School Attacked in Jakarta

The White man wiped out smallpox, plague, polio for this? Anti-White race-war attack in Jakarta. You vaccinate them, air-condition them, build them roads, find their minerals for them, build them schools, get them to stop eating their own young... they throw hand grenades out of sheer gratitude. Time to go, White man. The West for Whites, the rest for dirt.

Izzy's War

All the lapdogs are pushing America to waste its sons warring on Israel's hard-earned enemies. Israel has set up a new " forum" to fight anti-Semitism. Here an Arab columnist points out that America and Israel are different as night and day. Israel, on the other hand, offers its citizenship automatically to any Jew, regardless of his birth place, if he chooses to move to Israel under its right of return laws, while it denies it to hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees who were themselves or whose parents were born in Israel and whose property was illegally confiscated by immigrants to the newly-founded state. Jews preach -- uniformly in America -- that every difference between person A and person B is the result of culture, which can be altered. But look at the laws they write for Israel. What they do is the opposite of what they say. Or, to put it simply, Jews are liars and hypocrites. Here Jews don't like Arabs moving into their neighborhoods, dating their girls. Here on our "daisy cutter," a really nasty piece of work -- a 15,000-pound bomb. This war is sheer insanity, folks. All it is doing is wasting our money and blood and putting us further in the clutches of Israel. Both the Arabs and the Jews are our enemies, but the Jews are more dangerous. A whole bunch of Guardian articles on U.S. attacks in Afghanistan here; good page full of articles explaining the WTC attacks through our response and the reaction. Here Israeli cabinet minister blasts Iran. How many states are there Israel doesn't want us to destroy? That might be a shorter list.

Fraternity Sanctioned for Blackface

Jews can make fun of rednecks, or Catholics, or Germans, or Southerners, or fundamentalist Christians. Whites can't do a harmless blackface skit. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else.

South Africa: Baby-Raping Niggers Everywhere

Over 21,000 cases were reported last year, and South Africa has the highest incidence of rape in the world. Baby-rape is the symptom, Jew the disease. Here on nigger Taylor who shot several Whites. A completely racist nigger, so his story is naturally suppressed by the Judenpresse as a hush crime. More here on the baby-rapists. How would you like to be the sixth guy raping a nine-month-old baby? It's nothing to a nigger. Here Swaziland king bans girls from having sex for five years to stop AIDS.

Are Jews Screwing Up Asian Economies?

Many Asians believe they are.


Discussions... Here on eugenics. More here on the eugenics movement. Here articles on technology and eugenics and human transformation.

Media: Declining Circulations

Here on Geraldo, off for the Afghan hills. Stray bullets, here's your chance. HST here. On South African film industry here. "Building a film industry is not a slam dunk - not an easy thing," he says. "It is something to be carefully and consciously and rationally planned." We Aryans badly need our own industry, where we can produce educational and entertainment and tv productions to counter the Jews'. The National Alliance has a video production unit, and any of you talented folks out there who might have something to contribute, drop us a line and we'll get you hooked up with the right folks. Here the Spotlight defends itself.

Ecobombers in Michigan?

Bombs at Michigan Technical University could be the work of ELF. Wrong sort of bombs for the media; not planted by "right wing extremists," so simply ignored. Here Netanyahu says terrorists will nuke NYC. Israel is thought to have over 600 nuclear weapons. Keep that in mind next time you hear that Saddam Hussein might have one in twenty years. Yids are the real danger. They are mentally unstable and possess huge heaping mounds of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. They will use them. They don't care about America. They take our money and despise us for it. And one day they may nuke us for it.

Media: Rove to Meet with Redstone, Other Hollywood Jews

Work out the kinks in the propaganda hose... This story may disappear soon, as Variety has gone to subscriber only, and just posts the first couple paragraphs on its index page. These doughties will be "hammering out a specific agenda for the entertainment industry to aid the fight on terrorism..." How about that?

Congress Passes Your Hat for Israel, White Man

Pony up, paleface -- "Jews must live." Israel is expected to receive the full amount requested from the Bush administration -- $2.04 billion for military aid and $720 million for economic needs. Have you ever seen a poll on whether we should quit stealing money from White Americans to give to the parasitic Jews of Israel? Why do you suppose that is? Get your hand out of our pocket, Hymie.

Click Here!

Nig Convicted of Second-Degree Murder in Kime Case

Classic hush crime. Colors reversed, they would have ignored WTC in their promotion of this hate crime.

Izzy Claim Hizzy Has 8,000 Long-rangers

Hizbullah has turned into a strategic threat possessing more than 8,000 long-range Katyusha rockets, Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer said this evening. Where do we turn to read the report on how many nukes the Pets possess? Here a supposed anti-Semitic incident in France.

Jews Hate George Washington

Here, after the payment of $100,000,000,000 or so in tribute over the last fifty years, yid bites American hand, criticizes White American desire for normalcy. "George Washington's celebration in his Farewell Address of 'our detached and distant situation,' his hope that 'we may defy material injury from external annoyance,' still resonates....If they had their druthers, most Americans would have no foreign policy at all." Now, there's a thought. What if our nation were run by the descendants of Washington, rather than the Wolfowitzim? How long until we end this Jewish charade, White man?

Jews Keep Up Steady Drumbeat of Hate in Germany

How Jews laugh at what they've done to Germany. Flooding it with Third-World refuse, filling its museums with monuments to Jewish lies. Yet another Jewish enemy about to go down the sewer of history, while the cockroaches continue to thrive. Germans, you are suckers. Retake your land from the evil yid.

Cornel West, Rapper, "Intellectual," Peanut-Sized Marxist Chump

"I don't fool myself and think I'm a hip-hopper or nothing," said West, whose influences run more to Aretha Franklin than Jay-Z. Give me a break, Boolio. You're every bit as much a rapper as you are an intellectual. This kind of posturing fraudulence our times will be known for.

"Oy! To Poison Us, They Tried," Cry Beanie Babies at B'nai Bunghole

A great year for bacteria, was 1997. All sorts of people are climbing onto the "anthrax" bandwagon now, eager to be victims, get their share of the spotlight. Here, B'nai B'rith cries "disease!" nearly four years after the fact. Would that it had been. Even now, preparing a 'thrax script, Wielsel's. Oy! The horrid nazis! Oy! Along with tattoos under our arms, subcutaneous anthrax, injected they us with. Oy! Worthy of a commencement speech, it's!

Yids Cry Anthrax

The media wouldn't want to encourage expensive, disruptive, copycat "anthrax" hoaxes against Jews by reporting same. These reports are held to "internal" Jewish publications. "In Canada, a powdery white substance sent by mail to at least a dozen Jewish agencies and synagogues there last week tested positive for a common household cleanser, said Jewish officials." Here, a half-mad, grasping-at-straws effort at the obligatory anti-White smear. Figure this one out. "The return address of the suspicious envelope sent to B'nai Brith Canada was a synagogue in Kitchener, Ontario, a heavily ethnic-German area with a past reputation for attracting rabble-rousing white supremacists. " Huh? What, is that a "hate" zipcode, yids? And next article will be all about the horrors of McCarthyism.

Jew Heroes!

They held out longer than Poland! I thought they were Polish? Well of course, know. If you want to know the essence du yid, and you still haven't killed your Televitz, flip over to a Comedy Central roast, and watch them at work. Nothing is more quintessentially Jewish. Shit-people, they are, with an affinity for alles dreckish. More here on the Jewish heroes who won WWII. Read how these miserable kikes blame the Poles they swindled for centuries for not coming to their aid. And they wonder why every other race detests them. You smell like a rose, Judea, don't let anybody tell you otherwise. You're the center-cut porkchops of this world, yessirree Bob.


Like the old joke goes, "You got sell still got it! Oi, such a business, it's!" "Ms. Vuolo said she has no qualms about being both a practicing Jew and a sex object. 'Some people will look up to this as a positive thing,' said Ms. Vuolo." When the check's Good For Jews!

Jews: Biblically Fit to be Springer Contestants!

God's Chosen People, in their own words..."Lot's daughters take it upon themselves to repopulate the world with the only seed they perceive to be remaining. That seed belongs to their father, and so on two separate occasions they cloud his mind with alcohol, mask their identities and sleep with him. From these two couplings emerge Moab (which translates to "from my father," an audacious and distasteful appellation) and Ammon. To have one's orifices blocked by an angry God is one thing, but to deliberately climb back up a branch on the family tree is far less palatable." Worse than a Jerry Springer show...

Media: Jewish Award Show

Like the Oscars, only even more Jewish, if that's possible.

America's Arrogance Toward the Arabs

American needs to come home, shut up, and work on self-improvement before lecturing the rest of the world. Oh, and getting rid of the Jews who spew MTV and warmonger in our name wouldn't hurt Paul Fallavollita

War's (and System's) Survival Greatly Exaggerated

Fatuous flag-waving is a far cry from truly patriotic racial Paul Fallavollita

Dirty Laundry

On "bubble-headed bleach blondes" and the war in Etienne Brule

Movie Review: 'Monsters, Inc.'

If you liked "Toy Story," and you don't mind occasional toilet humor, you'll love "Monsters, Inc." Mark Rivers

Shabazz and Panthers Criticize Jews on Televitz

Oh, the horror. He dared criticize America and Jews, did the leader of the "New Black Panther Party," whatever that is. Muhammad led the party until earlier this year when he died of a brain aneurysm. He left unfinished a book he was writing entitled The Goddamn White Man. Now, that is funny. How sad that these monkeys have more guts than most White men when it comes to criticizing the Jew. He added that there is no proof that bin Laden or the Taliban had anything to do with Sept. 11 but "there is solid proof that President Bush has inherited the staunch pro-Zionist, pro-Israel callous policy of the destruction of Palestinians."

Lust to Control

The criminals push for national ID cards. Here on those who have been rounded up by "our" government. ZOG won't say exactly who they are or what they did, or why it's all of a sudden taking an interest in policing who's admitted to our country. Here ZOG cracks down on Islamic non-profits. As anyone involved knows, ZOG perpetually harasses or denies status to right-wing groups hated by the Jews who control it. Anthrax wafts through the Pentagon. Here on changing world forces bringing left and right together against the Jews and NWO.

Green Party Leader Prevented from Flying

She opposes official policy, and so she can't be allowed to fly. Oden, a long-time organic farmer and peace activist in northern Maine, was ordered away from the plane. Military personnel with automatic weapons surrounded Oden and instructed all airlines to deny her passage on ANY flight. "I was told that the airport was closed to me until further notice and that my ticket would not be refunded," Oden said. Yep, fighting for freedom, we're. Don't you doubt it. That's illegal too.

U.S. Adopts Enemies List of 'Israel'

....thus assuring us of a few thousand (million?) more who have every good reason to hate our guts -- and to do something about it.

Muslims as Disloyal as Jews

It's an "anti-Semitic canard" to accuse Jews of double loyalty -- they say. But look at the glee with which they accuse Arabs of the same thing! Hypocrisy, thy name is Hymie. Both these groups of White-hating Semites should be cashiered. Let 'em duke it out in the desert with the other spiders and scorpions. America for Whites. Europe for Whites. Australia for Whites. EARTH for Whites. More hypocrisy here, Pipes again, if you missed it, on "the danger within." Kind of like the Jew-commie danger, the observation of which the Jews denounced for decades. Here Bush administration demands to be allowed to continue anti-White discrimination. Here fatuous yid Prager, moral tutor to the world, instructs us that Muslims are worse than Nazis. I know a group that's worse than both, Denny. More Americans are waking up to our Jewish Problem, as you can see at this Pravda discussion board.

Revolution Against House of Saud?

Understand that destruction of the Saudis is one of bin Laden's goals. Getting rid of the American presence in the Holy Land is another. Why are we there in the first place is the question Americans ought to be asking. The ragheads will sell us oil regardless of where our troops are stationed. And we still have huge, untapped reserves in Alaska. Until our government and media are restored to White control, the Jews will continue to use our blood and treasure to further the interests of their country, Israel... Israel is our enemy. Pass it on. "Israel out of the U.S." Molly Ivins here. The noxious heifer actually makes a couple decent points about the ludicrous "Patriot" act.

Jewish Warmongers, Media Controllers Are Destroying America's Reputation

How do Jews hurt us? More ways than you can imagine. They open our borders to flocks of undesirables. Uneducated, impoverished, genetically stupid Third Worlders, many of which are infected with drug-resistant diseases they cough into the ears, eyes and noses of us and our children. And they pick and conduct wars in many lands in our name, using our sons for their dirty work. All we get is the bill. We are becoming hated darn near everywhere, and the Jew hides behind the scenes, counting the money and laughing. The Jews are your enemy, White man. More and more people are learning that fact every day. Spread the word.

Banned in Britain?

Al-Jezeera could be banned if the assorted yids and clowns of the "Independent Television Commission" determine that its broadcast of something by bin Laden incited hatred. In times where the feminized mentality dominates, nothing that isn't "nice" may be broadcast. Not so coincidentally, this serves Jewish purposes. The media masters simply define anything opposed to their agenda as not nice, that is, as "hate." A hater is anyone who opposes the Jewish agenda.

Some Jews Question Open Immigration

Do the terrorists who come across our open borders outweigh the White-destroying benefits of that policy? Some Jews are starting to wonder. Whatever they think is "good for Jews" is what they will push. After all, they reason, there are enough Mexicans and disease-peoples here that even if the borders were sealed tomorrow their destructive demographics and our media control would ensure the Jew-dominated future we desire.

The Founders Versus the Warmongers, the Wolfowitzim

Difference race, different mindset. Noble Aryans versus canting, crying Jews.

Anne Frank Stones Baby Pal

Don't wait for the miniseries on this one... Here a book in Portugese about a Luftwaffe pilot.

Utah Polluted with Mexcrement

Wherever they go, Mexicans recreate Mexico. That is a bad thing. Mexicans are off-brand people, and they make our White country worse. Back in the septic tank, sewage. As always, the article is written on the assumption that we owe this human shit money, jobs, welfare, education, etc. Fuck you, Mexico. You've never been anything but a failure, and you never will be. Mexicans don't cause pollution, Mexicans are pollution. More here. Same pattern as always: Jew-led left breaks the law, then browbeats the sober, civilized rest of us to "accept and embrace" the "new reality." Here's the real reality, yids and sewage: Whites are making a comeback. You will be dealt with justly. You are going to have to learn to accept and embrace the reality of White Nationalism.

The Fall of the Judeo-American Imperium

One of the leading members of Germany's NPD, the Deutsches Kolleg's Reinhold Oberlercher, says some pretty hard things about America. Unfortunately, most of them are true....translated by R. Belser

Photos from al-Jazeera

It shouldn't happen to a dog....but BOMB ISRAEL!

Have Wrong Opinion, (Can't) Travel

All that's needed under these new "homeland security" laws, is for your name to be on the wrong list. . .

Hear Flamefinger in Izzyland!

Radio archive... Physical courage is important, but moral courage is more important. G. Gordon Izzy: he's not afraid of 1) rats; 2) D.C. jailhouse niggers; 3) flames. He is afraid of: crossing Israel.

Sick Yids Pollute Great European Capital With Flea-Memorial

Jews out. Europe for Whites. The monument, designed by U.S. architect Peter Eisenman and comprising 2,700 plain concrete slabs slightly below street level, is intended to evoke the relentless order with which the Nazis exterminated Europe's Jews. More than six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. The truth, long covered up, is that 350 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. Some of them more than once. Is there a single memorial in the Ukraine to the Holocaust That Happened? Here the Croatian president apologizes to Jews, standing before Knesset and weeping crocodile tears while the world laughs. Here Izzy doing what it does best, apart from whining and extorting: smashing up other people's stuff.

Can Anything the FBI Says Be Believed?

This site says seven of the 19 accused hijackers are still alive. Here on the training some of the terrorists received -- at U.S. army bases. Here British radios fail miserably.

Almost a Month in Jail for Izzy Arab-Killer

The IDF officer responsible for the Jenin-area operation late last week in which a Palestinian girl was shot dead will be sentenced to 28 days of detention. "Even the best of the goyim should be killed." -- traditional Jewish religious doctrine. Here some good news: a disgusting rabbi goes to join Jesus, boiling in shit for all eternity. At least according to Jewish doctrine.

American Heroes Bomb Hospital Again

This is the second hospital we've hit, coupled with water and electrical targets and a Red-Cross grain-storage facility. Let's not forget about the unexploded cluster bombs that look like the "food" rations being dropped for PR purposes. In Iraq, U.S. did the same thing (water and sewage treatment facilities destroyed/poisoned, causing civilian deaths on a huge scale). One cannot blame these people for asserting civilians are targeted. At best, it is careless disregard. Average Americans (or military, for that matter) still won't feel regret for this. Beanie babies or not, we are a selfish and uncaring people who won't even raise their voices in opposition to their government's Mid-East policies, yet demand that powerless, unarmed people overthrow their rulers. How would you like to be held responsible for bulby Billy or cross-eyed Bushy II, this time ith dythlethith? G. Bush & Son, wholesale (kosher) butchers....

Rosie O'Donuthole: Nice? No -- Nuts!

Once there was a very fat woman who liked to harangue people in between dismembering donuts with her prehensile and practiced tongue. Recently "diagnosed" as a head case, Sally Soccermom's preacher now says she likes Bush. A paragon of ill liberalism, she's. If I were her tot, I'd keep the larder well stocked lest she lock me away and feed me butter.

Christians with Guts?

Can such things be? But here they are, protesting outside the Israeli consulate in Boston. Suckpoop Joe, take note! Great news for Whites, this is. More on this story below.

NWO: The Controllers Seek to Shut Down Gibraltar

Financial control equals political control. Here the EU seeks to whip Gibraltar for trying to make itself an attractive financial center: i.e., lower taxes, less red tape. All governments hate privacy in any form, because all governments are criminal gangs. All of them. But some criminal gangs are better than others.

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