Why White Nationalists Need the White Hippie Remnant, and Vice Versa

by Andrei Kievsky

I deal with a remnant of the White race that some of you may not be aware exists. These are White hippies who go along to get along with the Marxist, Semitically Correct world order, but manage to buy the privilege of staying White. It is most unfortunate that they do not recognize the contradiction herein. They enjoy what appear to be all-White or almost-all-White schools, not counting a generous sampling of Jews who are passing for White.

Yet these very same people happily go along with a system that imposes masses of non-Whites on poor Whites. They express no outrage at real hate crimes committed against Whites. They do not dare to criticize a System that allowed black rapper Nushawn Williams to infect 13 teenage girls with AIDS in Jamestown, N.Y., in 1997, or that imported Sudanese who ended up raping a young White girl and calling it a cultural misunderstanding.

These White hippies know what they want for themselves. I see the environment they have created for themselves, and the character of that environment is one that would be changed fundamentally, and for the worse, if there were a bunch of non-Whites running around.

On the one hand, I am very happy to see a generation of White kids who find each other's company perfectly sufficient. They don't go begging for diversity. They are quite happy on their island of racial sanity, and I am glad for them.

But I come from a working-class mill town, and I don't like how the non-rich Whites are considered disposable. The System buys off the upper-middle-class Whites by letting them have their islands of racial sanity, so long as they will look the other way at the Sudanese Arlington rape in 2001, or the one-man HIV mini-epidemic among schoolgirls in Jamestown in 1997.

However, these White hippies have a lot of technical knowledge and they naturally build White communities the way bees build hives. They are doing all sorts of things to circumvent the System's racial genocide, at least for now. If you view America as a ship that is sinking because the Jews drilled holes in it, White nationalists are fighting below decks trying to stop the Jews with their drills and trying to plug the leaks. The White hippies are hanging out on the upper decks, bailing as necessary. As long as the sea does not wash up on their deck, they don't care about the rest of us drowning below, and they would even resist our trying to save the ship by addressing root causes. They say, in effect, Leave the holes. As long as we can bail, we are happy.

One of the concrete things they do is called cohousing, and there is a web site www.cohousing.org. You will see that Jews are the gatekeepers (as usual), and there are liberal depictions of non-Whites, but don't kid yourself. This is a White thing. Ask a cohousing person why he does it, and he says, So you can pick your own neighbors. Bingo. Of course, if you said, Oh, so you don't have to live next door to Jamal or Tyrell or Jose, he would say, Oh no, there's non-Whites among us . . . I heard about one once at a cohousing complex in . . . uh . . . Africa. You get the picture.

White nationalists need to temporarily hide their views and infiltrate this particular layer of society. The short-term benefits include a mostly White social environment for their kids, and the knowledge of how to build a small community from the ground up. The White hippies have a lot of Folkish skills among them, mostly in service of environmentalism. It's a lot easier just to snag these skills from the hippies instead of starting all over again for ourselves.

There is also the possibility of turning the White hippies to our point of view. I see this as a real possibility, but it will take awhile. You need to look at the White hippies exactly as the Jews do a community: infiltrate, influence, and eventually bring to our point of view. If we make an effort as concerted and as long-term as the Jews do, we can do it. Think of it in evolutionary terms: this is what we need to do to adapt to Jewish group behaviour.


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