War's (and System's) Survival Greatly Exaggerated

Paul Fallavollita

Mainstream sources are now discussing the "credibility gap" from which the United States government suffers. This deficit arises in part from public suspicion about Federal handling of the anthrax letters that have been plaguing our elites -- just ask a postal worker taking Cipro.

Another source of the discontent slowly bubbling under the surface is awareness of the "loss of momentum" that the ZOG war effort faces in Afghanistan. Officials express concern that the Taliban has held on as long as it has. And five thousand Pakistanis crossed the border into Afghanistan on October 27 to fight on the side of the Taliban, believing that they are defending Islam against U.S. (and de facto Israeli) aggression.

On the home front, reports indicate that the FBI is internally debating the use of drugs and torture on suspected Muslim terrorists it has in custody who are refusing to talk about their plans or their confederates. And El Presidente Bush has signed the Anti-Terrorism Bill, laughingly called the Uniting and Strengthening America (USA) Act. The USA act is a bill many rightly fear will encroach upon civil liberties as the government expands its definition of "terrorism," with the advice and consent of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), no doubt. All of these considerations point toward one truth that will shortly come to define our times: the stronger ZOG gets, the more its power, over the long-term, wanes. The paradox is that the more ZOG pushes, the more "blowback" it will encounter, and it will meet with greater frustration and resistance. I submit that nationalists aware of this principle can take advantage of it here at home.

I can hear the critics of my above pronouncement now, fluttering their red-white-and blue banners ever more hurriedly and shrieking, "How can you write such an unpatriotic screed in time of war? Don't you want America to win? Don't you love your country? What about all those people who died in the World Trade Center? What about the troops in harm's way?..." Spare me.

We do not have a country of our own right now, and we have not had one for a long time. A quick look at any major American city, which easily might give one the impression of being in a foreign country, will reveal that we have lost the old, real America. A combination of our own shortsightedness and the cleverness of the thieves who stole it from us took that America. Therefore, "America," by definition, does not win if ZOG wins. The critics will raise their voice and say, "But I saw America on TV when the firefighters unfurled Old Glory over the rubble of the World Trade Center, and when the Congressmen sang 'God Bless America' on the steps of the Capitol. Yeah, I saw that too, and rolled my eyes. Those Congressmen on the Capitol steps are the same ones that on September 10th everybody was correctly calling crooks. A day later, the crooks realized that America really can be bought for a song.

What you see on TV is just that -- a made-for-TV illusion, with the same quality and substance of a grade-B movie. And the intended effect is exactly the same as the movie: to make you feel good, to convince you not to worry, as we all march off to serve the interests of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) -- a lobby much stronger in Congress than even the National Rifle Association (NRA), but much less -- strike that, never -- criticized. Remember, the key question a political analyst must ask is: "Who benefits?" Who benefits from America "playing the heavy" in the Middle East? To ask the question is to answer it, especially since most people will answer the question with silence, if they know what's good for them in politically correct society.

There is one question asked by my critic (who I wish, all too deeply, was imaginary) that is worth responding to -- the part about my love of country. Let's examine that. I cannot presume to speak for everyone who self-identifies as a nationalist (someone who puts their nation and people first), so I will answer personally. What I want for America is the chance to build anew, to have a clean slate. The faster the monstrosity currently known as the federal government, in its current form, bites the dust, the sooner the American people will be able to live in freedom and enjoy a society exclusively for themselves, the way the Creator, and generations of our ancestors, intended. Those who play in the kosher sandbox may never understand the import of what I've just written -- and I accept the reality of that. Nevertheless, I will press on despite the kosher sand that will be thrown my way, because I love America that deeply.

For those reading this who do understand what is at stake, I have a homework assignment for you: destabilize the Cheney-Wolfowitz regime with "information weapons" here at home. Do your part to give this rotting political infrastructure a little push. Take a page from our inner-city residents who have learned that enough men surrounding a car can flip it over on its roof -- something one man alone cannot do. In this context, White men are more sophisticated--we can flip minds, and ultimately societies and governments, instead of cars (and we do it for a much worthier and enduring cause than welfare checks and "forties").

Be on the lookout for news items that put the U.S. effort overseas in a poor light, that make things look hopeless, that make the System look incompetent -- and spread it around. Spread it as subtly, or aggressively, as you believe the circumstances call for, as long as you think you can influence the next guy and he the next, and so on. Have no worries, it is neither immoral nor dishonest to take advantage of this news material. Remember that truth happens to be on your side, as well as the worthy cause of preserving your race.

The next time people around you in everyday life seem confident that "we'll whip those ragheads," point out that the Taliban has been strengthened by 5000 faith-imbued Pakistanis. A little splash of cold water goes a long way. Plant the seed, and the grapevine will do the rest.

Before the wielders of the Anti-Terrorist Bill, the USA Act, come for me for daring to write this prescription for the body politic, take note: I'm asking people to take news reports that the Administration would like to keep out of the spotlight and talk about them. I am asking that people do this not because I am a terrorist who wants to hurt America or Americans -- far from it. My desire is to help my people, the American people, understand what is in their true interests and act accordingly to secure their freedom and a future for their children.

I want American citizens to network and spread information that can lead to political changes, using the rights accorded them by the Constitution, since I believe that those currently holding the reigns of government are acting against the spirit and letter of the Constitution. If you fault me for that, ZOG, you seal the case against you -- hastening your demise. In the end, this is a public relations war you cannot win because of the law of identity -- A is A, a spade is a spade, and you are parasitical and bankrupt of truth. ZOG, your era of using smoke and mirrors to hold onto power has ended.


Paul Fallavollita holds an M.A. in political science from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. He can be reached at pfallavollita@aol.com


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