Dirty Laundry

by Etienne Brule

Television is a subtle and pernicious drug. It takes over the functions of the brain as surely as a respirator takes over the functions of the lung. But, even more dangerously, it deludes its addicts into believing that their brains are still operating normally. The fact that so many of our people are walking around in a chronic state of TV intoxication, and thinking that everything is all right, goes a long way towards explaining the current plight of our race.

I know whereof I speak. Recent events have led me to watch much more TV than is my normal custom. Currently, I am trying to taper back down to my norm, to a level where I can claim that at least most of my thoughts are my own. I apologize in advance for the rambling and disjointed nature of the observations that follow. This is inevitable -- the TV fog is just beginning to clear.

It is incorrect to describe TV as a medium of communication. It is really a perfect medium for indoctrination, lulling the mind into a passive, trance-like state where the subject's critical faculties are disarmed, and where glaringly obvious contradictions, non-sequiturs, and impossibilities are glossed over readily -- electronic soma for the bovine masses.

We got the bubble-headed bleach blonde / Comes on at five . . .

Many of the news "anchors" and "reporters" are attractive young women who remind me of the female singers in the '70s pop band ABBA. For those unfamiliar with this group, they were Swedes whose songs had beautifully enunciated English lyrics, but with peculiar inflections that gave away the game -- they didn't understand a single word they were singing.

These "newswomen" seem to have been selected to meet three criteria:

1) Physical attractiveness
2) Good grooming
3) Ability to read from a TelePrompter

By watching too much of the cable news networks, I have witnessed many entertaining technical gaffes where the TelePrompter must have failed. Those reporters with some glimmering of understanding of what they had just read tried to stammer on until "Mission Control" put them out of their misery. But occasionally the reporter simply lapsed into silence with an expression of bland complacency like a "Westworld" robot whose control module had been pulled. It was unnerving to see what had apparently been a reasonably intelligent woman instantly transformed into something requiring CTL-ALT-DEL. It's probably unfair of me to single out the women for this criticism, since many of the male reporters are just as vapid.

An Honorable Exception

One exception to the stupidity and prevarication that are the norms of TV news is Steve Harrigan, a FOX reporter living in the Northern Alliance trenches north of Kabul. His reporting consists mainly of pointing his assistant's camera in the direction of whatever is happening, and reporting "That is what is going on, and this is what the guys here are saying . . ." It is refreshing to get something factual in the midst of so much vaporous opinion.

One classic moment was when the idiots in New York asked him about how the Northern Alliance's "offensive" to take Kabul was going. The camera then showed him wearing a helmet and a flak jacket, waving frantically at his cameraman, and shouting "get down" as they both dodged the incoming Taliban artillery rounds.

A Hole in the Propasphere

If you think that environmentalists are upset about the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica, it is nothing compared to the wrath of the Media Jews when discussing the hole in their Propasphere above Arabia. How dare the Arabs teach their children that the people who drive tanks down their streets, fire missiles into their neighborhoods, and shoot twelve-year-old girls picking olives are anything but the kind, sweet, gentle people chosen by the One True God. After all, our media would never say such awful things about them.

I don't know how much of the information coming from the Muslim media is true or false, nor do any of those complaining about it. What irritates them is that there is any place in existence where deviating from their party line is possible. Already there is talk about how much "re-education" will be necessary to integrate the Muslims into the "civilized world."

Our ruling class is dealing with Muslim governments in its typically Janus-faced fashion -- with one face bitching about how "corrupt and undemocratic" these governments are, while the other face negotiates the size of the bribes necessary to get them to ignore the will of their own people and cooperate with the War on Terrorism.

Satan's Coven on CNBC

Even the business channel, CNBC, got in on the act with a one-hour "Roundtable" of the Wall Street Journal editorial page staff. This was a frightening collection of gnome-like Jewish warmongers eager to fight to the last drop of Gentile blood, and their greedy goyische collaborators who were willing to agree with this, just as long as it didn't interfere with the bottom line.

Their consensus was that the War on Terrorism would be a long one, but that "Phase One," the killing of bin Laden and the destruction of Afghanistan, would be finished quickly. They spent much more time discussing the real war soon to follow: the war against Iraq, Syria, Libya, and (of course) the Palestinians. They didn't immediately declare war on Iran; possibly they felt that country might be useful in destroying both Afghanistan and Iraq. Besides, they could always go back and kill them later.

Not all was sweetness and light, however, as there were some points where they couldn't hammer out an agreement. The Gentiles in the group didn't believe that a police state in the U.S. was immediately necessary, while the Jews felt that National Identity Cards, backed by immense databases capturing every move we make, was the way to go. Since this roundtable was a week ago, the issues of torture and truth serum didn't come up. As the Gentiles comprise the more moderate wing of the neo-cons, I suspect they might have favored the truth serum. Faint-hearts, as usual.

Remarkably repellent, even among this group, was Dorothy Rabinowitz, who looked like the Wicked Witch of the West after being doused by only half a pail of water. As she talked at length about why the remnants of our liberties should be stripped from us, I felt a strange sense of deja vu. I had just heard these same arguments the day before, from Alan Dershowitz. Ah, a "remarkable bipartisan agreement between conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats" was in sight. I think we all know what that means by now - when the right and left forks of the Serpent's tongue start hissing in harmony, the fangs aren't far behind.

Military Experts

One of the standard media ways of filling time is to bring in retired military officers to discuss the situation "on the ground" in Afghanistan. They are all so alike that there must be a school somewhere that trains them, filling them with jargon and brutal non-specific boilerplate for every occasion. When asked a specific question like "What is the plan for this war?" they'll reply "We're gonna root 'em out and bust 'em up!" or "We're gonna unleash the Northern Alliance on 'em by carpet bombing Kabul!"

The reporters like these crowd-pleasing answers, and wouldn't dream of annoying the generals by asking embarrassing follow-up questions like - "How are guerrillas going to surrender or defect to aircraft?" or "When did the Northern Alliance ever agree to obey anybody's orders?"

If these retired officers actually believe what they are saying, then the grunts had better pray that the generals on active duty are smarter than the retired ones on TV.

It's interesting when people die / Give us dirty laundry . . .

Over the last few days, some sobriety has crept into the coverage, at least of the foreign war. (The domestic "War on Anthrax" is a different matter.) The fatuous statements about how "the winter favors us," from studio-bound ninnies who couldn't survive a single winter's night outdoors are beginning to fade. As things stand now, it looks like the war won't start in earnest until spring. If this is true, the reporters out there will get tired of freezing their asses off in these god-forsaken Kaffiristans, the networks will get tired of paying their freight, and ratings will sag. If it weren't for anthrax, Gary Condit might even make a comeback.

I can use the break. I'm already feeling the debilitating effects of chronic TV viewing -- mental numbness and an inability to either concentrate or to filter sense from nonsense on the tube, so it's time to quit for awhile. I have books to read and thinking to do, so it will be nice to have my brain back to do these with.


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