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Moshe Lets in Ahab, Whites Reap the Whirlwind

Whether it's America or Britain or Germany or France. Jews let in Arabs to dilute and degrade the native culture, thereby making Jews safer, for the moment. That moment has now passed. Jewish racists make us all suffer, and all Jews are racists. Illegal Muslim invaders are the symptom, Jews who wrote the immigration laws are the disease. The Jew is your enemy, White man. The Arab knows it. Do you? Here "national security" allows Justice clowns to harass, detain, torture(?) anybody for no reason, and with impunity. I'm from the government -- I'm here to tape electrodes to you. Here dislikable Jews cry they aren't liked. Mirrors, Hymie -- mirrors. Here groups file petition to find out who is being held and why. Here even Jew Scheer is up in arms about craven Congress' quick theft of our liberties, for all the right reasons. Muslims, like Jews, are not loyal to America, only to their religion and their home country. America is for, by, and about White men. Not disease-people or Semites. CIA denies it met with bin Laden two months before bombing.

Muslims Out. America for Whites

They aren't as bad as the Jews. No group is. But they aren't American by race or mentality, and so they must go. Notice that the Jewish intellectual writing this article is making McCarthyist generalizations about Arabs. And rightly so. But when we pro-American Whites made the same true generalizations about the Jews -- see Lindbergh, America First, the original McCarthy -- the Jews fell overthemselves, weeping lamentations about "blacklists" unheard since the days of Ezekiel. One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us. The Jews are your enemy, White man. And Jew Pipes ignores the fact that all these Muslims wouldn't be here if Jews hadn't opened the borders. Jews cause problems. Period. The fact is, Judaism is not compatible with the White West. NEITHER IS ISLAM. Does the alien, Eastern wail of "Allah-o-Akbar" resonating from your Televitz these days have anything at all to do with your race, White man? Title link is to an important article on your other enemy. "That a significant movement in this country aspires to erode its bedrock social and legal arrangements, including the separation of church and state, and has even developed a roadmap toward that end, poses a unique dilemma, especially at this moment." Yeah -- kind of like the yid communists in the thirties and sixties and today, eh, Jew Pipes? American White Nationalists must steer a straight path between Ahmed and Hymie, who let Ahmed in. Thanks, Jews. Go battle it out among yourselves, foul Semites, in some stinking desert far, far away.

Zimby Chimps Beg for Food

Rhodesia was a food exporter. Now, under chimp control, it's starving. "Racial equality" -- bwahaha! Just say no to chimp rights. Chimps have the right to hoot and jeer and pitch dung, not hold political power over humans. Here South African chimp cops have to bum rides to multiplying crime scenes. The muti-practicing bongo boys have taken power, and civilization is the casualty. Here Indonesia threatens to splinter into highly pissed-off subsets of diminutive brownwogs. One of those things that happens when nobody's looking. Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world. Here some Ugandan "human" "students" attempt to lynch teacher.

November 10th Demonstration: Fight the Jews Who Control America

Join the National Alliance outside the yids' embassy in Washington, D.C. The Jews are not all-powerful; what they count on is intimidation. Help put the arrogant kikes back in their wormhole. These slimy hasids are taking more than $10 million of your money and my money every day of the year. Israel is our enemy, and we all must stand up in public and speak that truth to White America. All we hear about are Jews, the victims of persecution. The real story is here: Jews are the persecutors. Here a Pravda report on the Southern Indiana Regional Militia. Check out this line: The Southern Poverty Law Center, a rather shady group of lawyers who make profit by suing organizations they label as "hateful", has been reporting that the number of "militia" groups active in the United States has been declining. Unbelievable! This is Pravda, mind you. No idea who owns it, but you would very seldom see as pointed criticism in our "land of the free."

Straight Talk About Our Relationship with Izzy and the Pals

For decades, the Jewish state has brutalized an entire people, bulldozed homes, dynamited others, raided neighborhoods with powerful gunships. Do these state-sponsored actions manifest American values? One day the bill for Izzy's atrocities, lies and swindling will come due. Americans are going to be forced to pay it too unless we cut ourselves loose from the sinking, stinking ship called Israel.

Megiddo Report

Here Suckpoop Joe exhumes the FBI's laughable Megiddo report, which holds anyone to the right of upside-down vampire bat Rudy Giuliani as a potential terrorist. The politicization of the FBI has carried over from the Clinton years: "...[T]he investigations of the Oklahoma City bombing, the TWA Flight 800 downing and the World Trade Center explosion all became politicized. Only evidence that led in one direction would be gathered and evaluated. Evidence that pointed to a conspiracy that pointed anywhere but to right-wing Christians would be ignored, discarded and covered up." We've noticed that. We've heard every possible description of the origins of the anthrax bacteria -- professionally-made from Iowa labs, weaponized from Iraq -- but it keeps coming back to "home-grown by right-wingers." We've also noticed a report that alleged hijack pilot Mohammed Atta had a rash on his hands consistent with anthrax, and another report that his car has a white powder in the trunk -- but we keep hearing that the FBI is not testing the hijackers' cars or residences. You can bet that evidence that points towards Jews will also be ignored, like the two major stories about the gangs of camera-equipped Israeli "movers" caught in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as the clampdown against Whites proceeds.

Jews Push for 'Net Censorship in Canada

Why should people be allowed to put up websites critcizing God's Pets? They shouldn't, feels Hymie. The measures, included as part of the government's omnibus anti-terrorism bill, will give courts power to order the deletion of publicly available hate propaganda from computer systems, would create a new offense of hate-motivated mischief against places of worship and would amend the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) to explicitly prohibit the dissemination of hatred or discrimination on the Internet. Canadian Jewish Congress and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre applauded the provisions[...] Freedom (of speech) is anti-Semitic, say the Jew haters who control our media and governments. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Here's just a piece of the truth about Jews . Are Jews a racial crime syndicate masquerading as a religion? Why, yes, they are.

Young Americans for Gefilte-Fish Foreign Policy

Freedom's just another word for "give your all for the yids." A VNN reader writes: These are the guys who like Reagan and pretend Buchanan doesn't exist. They are as mindless and brainwashed as Clinton liberals. They are putting out lists of college professors who "hurt the war effort." Dissent not tolerated. These kinds of filthy, elitist, little Ivy-league types are from the ilk of those who boycott Mennonite businesses because they are, and always have been pacifists. They oppose the core values embodied in our flag, yet wrap themselves in it. They have nothing but contempt for working class White people. Please, please, comment to them. Tell them being conservative does not mean opposing the First Amendment for your political opponents. More young American fools and tools here.

Anthrax and the Indiana Connection

Lots of claims and finger-pointing, little evidence. FBI responds to report about yids on the run with information about U.S. nuclear plants. All that is matters is that you understand that there are thousands of Izzies in our country who are up to no good. Original story here. Two days from now these yids will be Arabs or Klansmen, mark my words.

American Military Seriously Weakened, Claims Hackworth

"I would be reluctant to jump into a battle zone with any conventional American unit. I would hate to take them into battle - they ain't ready, they are not 'good to go'." Look at all the goodwill our bombs are building in wogistan. They may be useless wogs, but wogs have feelings too, and now all these guys and their relatives hate us. Why? Because your country is controlled by Israel, White man, and that foul state is hell-bent on making her enemies your own. Would you like to be killed for something Bushy or Clinton did? No, you wouldn't. Neither would these Afghanis. And by the way, what proof is there that bin Laden rather than the Jews of the Mossad were behind the attacks? Here on the bombing of Dresden, another proud moment for America and Britain.

Boston: A Hole in Jewish Control, as Episcopals Leave the Plantation

A handful of Episcopals break from the fold and support the Palestinians and the Jews are apoplectic. The Jews are very, very nervous about this one, because once it becomes clear that you can criticize Jews and get away with it, the ground is paved for all sorts of dangerous freedoms. Rabbi Samuel Chiel, the rabbi emeritus of Temple Emanuel in Newton and a longtime participant in Jewish-Christian dialogue, said he was ''shocked'' and ''deeply appalled'' at seeing a photograph of Episcopal bishops protesting. ''The way in which this should have been handled [was] for the bishops to come and talk with the Jewish community and with others so that we could have a real dialogue,'' Chiel said. Jewish arrogance has gone so long without being questioned that Jews don't even recognize it. Imagine the wails of anti-Semitism if a Christian religious leader said Jews shouldn't speak up publicly but should come to Christians privately to have a "real dialogue." Jews would scream anti-Semitism to high heaven. This is a very important article, because it shows you that Jewish power, while real, requires constant upkeep, and that any significant percentage of Whites working against it makes it impossible to contain. If we stop being so herdable, there aren't enough Jewish cowboys in the world to rope us in. WE are the problem. Our cowardice, our stupidity, our laziness. The hebes, cunning crooks, are just taking advantage of us, because that is their natural niche. If some feeble Episcopal can stand up to the Jews, what can you do, White man? Jew-Catholic relations are at low ebb.

Critcize Jew Historical-Liars -- Off to Prison!

French only. Our pidgin French tells us another old guy was jugged for doubting Hebe history. Hymie says: Prison time for people who peruse the Profitable Past! Les documents racistes incrimins seront confisqus. That sounds like 'the incriminating racist documents will have been confiscated.' You can't read anything Hymie doesn't approve. That's the vaunted Jewish progressivism. It has always struck us at VNN this curious double standard for criticism. The Jews fall over themselves self-patting for their iconoclasm when it comes to our society and our ideals and our great men, but the tiniest word or finger pointed their way, and they cry like a stepped-on pussycat. Jews -- the critics who can't take criticism. Jews aren't strong enough to handle the truth. Jews can only make their way by smears through the darkness. But these vermin are having a harder time avoiding the spotlight now that VNN exists.

Good Morning, Vietnam: "Big Ground Force Seen as Necessary"

Let the wheelchair-bound warmongers like kike Krauthammer do the fighting. Let Izzy die for Izzy.... Daily, Americans are being prepped to waste thousands of their sons that Israel be safe. Day by day, the Jew-edited media are softening up the lemmings for a massive ground campaign that can have no good result. Anybody from Bush down who doesn't accede to the demand that we destroy every last enemy of Israel will be lied about and smeared by the Jews who "control" America, as Ariel Sharon has said. "We control America," says that piece of shit. Isn't is about time we did something to change that, White man? Isn't it time we took back our country from the Jews? If you are anywhere near D.C., get yourself down to the Israeli embassy on November 10 and protest what this foul race is doing to America and the rest of the world. And then join the National Alliance. No one has been more accurate than William Pierce in predicting what would happen to America, nor does anyone else have a better plan for taking charge of our future. Now let's help him out. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. Let's do something -- together.

AIPAC Site Hacked?

Could be a pretext for cracking down on Jews' opponents. The FBI -- is it merely the arm of the corrupt ADL. Are your school records being handed over to the FBI? An attack on capitalism ?

Entartete Kunst

On the famous "degenerate art" exhibit in the Third Reich.

White Men: Jefferson

Full selection of quotations, grouped by subject. Here criticism of the European New Right. Texts of the New Right here. Here, on Irmin's excellent site, is Benoist on Moses, Freud and Oedipus.

Media: Muslim-Site-Hosting ISP InfoCom Shut Down in Dallas

This was in September, keep it in mind. Here on the kooky Ted Turner and his end-of-the-world sign-off video. Here on Judy McGrath, foul thing behind MTV. Just as ugly as we remember her on TV. Here, a bit of "culture" that got lost in the Sept. 11 disaster, is Judy McGrath, the lady who niggerizes your kids, gets them toilet-talking. "McGrath, a star in [Murray Rothstein's] VIACOMCBS family, knew she had hit the Zeitgeist with promos for the 'Music Awards' which featured host Jamie Foxx simulating intercourse with a live sheep." "J Lo, please let me sniff your butt." Even a Jew like Matt Drudge finds her disgusting.

Fierce Intra-Gov Battle?

At a time when police have unprecedented powers to arrest and detain people who are merely suspected of having links to terrorist activities, the release of these six men has infuriated the FBI.....It sure looks that way, with one part -- and who knows how large that 5th column of Chosenites and their dupes really is?? -- of the fedgov apparently pursuing the WTC investigation honestly, while the other part performs cover-up, disinformation, and damage control. But wait! -- Now there's an entirely new story -- this one a 180 turn from the previous one: now the Israelis are said to be Islamics with phoney Israeli passports...The film taken from the NYC undocumented Israelis -- and there's no doubt whatsoever about those being genuine Israelis, nor the other team (uh, excuse us, 'tourists') caught in PA with a stack of passports, money, maps, etc.-- yucking it up near the WTC as it burned, is said to show both planes hitting the towers....Various Israelis, traveling around the country visiting sensitive sites, with multi-passports, stashes of cash, maps of nuclear facilities, etc., point to heavy Mossad activity. Perhaps sensing that the cat is getting out of the bag, 'Israel' has come up with a new line -- this time, it portrays itself as having warned the U.S. about an imminent "spectacular" attack.

What Are the Jews Doing to America?

More "Middle Easterners" with box cutters and Israeli passports are rounded up and let go. Who knows how many Israeli thugs and operators and swindlers there are in this country, or what they are up to. More here. Here on bin Laden meeting CIA operative last July. But also see Carol Vanetine's update 2 on our site about probable disinformation concerning this "report"...Criticism of Jews, worldwide. Here on the box-cutter Izzies who may be headed home after being "confused for terrorists." Guess who gets to pay for these yids' flight, and their kosher meals, and the silverware and soap they will steal on the way there? You do. Jews have no respect for any White country because they believe that non-Jews are animals who exist only to further their interests and may be murdered with impunity. That is no exaggeration, that is fact. The Jew is your enemy, White man. He knows it. Do you?

Yids Try to Kill Voz de Aztlan

How it sticks in our throat to praise Mexicans, but this editor has guts and should be admired. Hang in there Hector Carreon. All races -- black, brown, red, yellow and White -- must fight the Jew who would control us all. Since threats to our lives and other forms of intimidation have not worked, these evil men are now taking different strategies to shut down La Voz de Aztlan. Our subscribers are familiar with the variety of cowardly attacks upon La Voz de Aztlan designed to silence us. We have now received a new one. Apparently, these evil men have been working diligently from behind the scenes to subvert our publication in which ever way they can. They have now twisted the extremities of our gutless website host provider Hostex at Mr. Ramunas Ramaneckas of Hostex has now given us an "Ultimatum". He is demanding that we remove two of our articles or face the consequences. He wrote that his upstream provider has complained and "We therefore request you to remove the articles and within 72 hours. He added, "Failure to remove these articles may compel HOSTEX to suspend your webhosting account until this matter is resolved."

U.S. Bombs Dam, 2nd Hospital

US bombers, engaged in their heaviest battering yet of Taliban positions, ruined the country's biggest hydroelectric complex, putting thousands of lives at risk, the ruling Muslim militia said.....and we've targetted the second hospital; and coupled with water and electrical targets and a red cross grain storage facility, let's not forget about the unexploded cluster bombs that look like the "food" rations being dropped for PR purposes. In Iraq, U.S. did the same thing (water and sewage treatment facilities, causing civilian deaths on a huge scale. As Jefferson said, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just...And cui bono -- 'ISRAEL.'

ID Card Proposal Slipped into New Law

As this anti-I.D. website notes: Notice the criminals admit the biometric ID measure was slipped into the legislation at the last minute....There is no way the ID system can work applying ONLY to aliens. The "authorities" will have to have some way of knowing who is and who is not a foreigner. The only way to accomplish this is for everyone to have conforming IDs. Remember too that all who travel abroad are aliens in other countries. Once the ID system is instituted here in the US, other countries will follow with compatible systems which will be linked.

G. Gordon Lickspittle

He'll stick his finger in a flame for no reason. But he won't criticize Israel for any reason! The incompetent- break-in-artist-cum-talkshow host toes the Semitically Correct line in Swindler Central.

Click Here!

Britain: White Women Attacked by Brownwogs

Jews are joyous; their hard work destabilizing Britain is beginning to bear fruit, as Whites are murdered and raped by the score by the yids' dark charges.

Feral Gov't Employees in it for Paycheck

"59% of federal employees say securing a paycheck is more important than doing something worthwhile..." But you knew that already. Walk into any government building. Fat, black and stupid is a good way to go through life, G.

Feds Attack White Gun Freedom

You can't teach children how to safely handle a gun! Guns Are Bad. Except in Israel. You can't teach children anything. Discipline Is Abuse. Except for Hassids. Better to let them run foul-mouthed, free as though raised by wolves, let them shoot each other in the head, and then sue, legislate, ban, make business for doctors, lawyers, lobbyists, legislators. Now, that's good for Jews!

Loathsome Yids Lofted Skyward on Own Petard

That means their own bomb blew them up. Funny! Jew-created "Libertarians" place ad demanding that Uncle Sam slay enemies of Judaism in Iran...and Jew-created Berkeley leftists steal, discard papers! G-d has a peculiar sense of humor, eh, Jews? What a nasty group; whatever time they've left over from swindling they spend pondering what it means to be a swindler.

China: Don't Buy It

China is not our friend. Now, "China's exports of toys, plastics, housewares and consumer electronics to the United States, which topped $100 billion in 2000, were showing signs of slowing before Sept. 11." Good. You don't need that colorful-plastic-toy-junk that's out on the trash pile before you've even finished paying for it. Don't go into debt for a TV set. Screw China; keep that money in your pocket! Spending doesn't build a stable White society; savings do. Here from Israeli "intelligence service" DEBKA, which has co-opted WorldNetDaily, a report of Chinese fighting with the Taliban. Take it with a grain of kosher salt, naturally -- although the information about Chinese financing of Bin Laden is interesting. This material is too complicated for the average dumbed-down American, who has been trained to dismiss anything which takes more than ten seconds as "crackpot," who just wants policemen to make bad things go away so that he can get back to the TV set and watch other people hit little balls, watch other people drive cars around in circles. We are in a race war, White man. We have a lot of enemies, and they work together against us. When are we going to start working together against them?

Read the Articles the Cowardly Jews Are Working Behind the Scenes to Censor!

It's this simple: Jews can't handle the truth. Indeed, as reknowned historian David Irving, whom they have persecuted continually for twenty years, has put it, they are the "traditional enemies of the truth." Stand up for the truth, White man: Fight the Jews. The Jews are trying to destroy the White race, because, like Jewess Susan Sontag said, "the white race is the cancer of human history." All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. What are you doing, White man? Second piece Jews want removed here. What hate-filled liars and oppressors the Jews are. What a loathsome race.

Geyer Warns About Our Israel-First Policy

Quickly smeared by Freeper yids, who hate the very idea of an America at peace rather than wasting its blood and treasure defending their nation. Jews are a dirty people, it's evident in everything they do. Nothing but assholes waving rose certificates they printed themselves on cheap paper.

Dr. Strangelovitz

Krauthammer: the most dangerous wheelchair-bound nut since Roosevelt. More Jew-jawing here.

Raimondo Blasts McCain

He's quite right: this dangerous little man would nuke Afghanistan and much else given half a chance. He is completely owned and controlled by the Jews who promote him. Probably he thinks his yid-fronting is the only shot he has at the big office, and probably he is right. "Straight talk" from this guy? No. Straight Jewish balderdash.

Confused Sobran

Uncharacteristic. Sobran smears nationalism and pumps patriotism. He's got it backwards. Nationalism is the desire to live among ones own kind, which reflects basic biology and is inherently conservative. Patriotism can be an honest love of country, but tends to be a tool for manipulating mass men into wasting their lives for nefarious purposes.

Neo-Cons Draw Up Blacklist of War Opponents

Working with the Young Americans for Freedom -- YAF -- they're putting out lists of college professors who "hurt the war effort."

Jews Cry About Rising Opposition in France

The long-term picture for Hymie is bleaker than bleak. Wherever he lives he is hated by the natives and the disease-worlders he lets in to destroy the natives. Don't hold your breath waiting for the Jewish hate group ADL to mention this Jewish-racist violence. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Whether in France or in your country. More here.

Niggers Cause Problems in Canada

All they're good for...

Crack Comes to Mexico

The bean-eaters are starting to use the drugs they peddle here. Increased border security following the September 11 attacks has made it harder for Mex to move their poison into the U.S., so they're selling it at home. Enjoy, señores y señoras. Mexico is your enemy, White man. Seal the border now and let it die, ay, ay.

Media: The United States Exists to Serve Israel

The world is Pudge Clickstein's oyster. Enjoy, Pudge. It can't last forever. Layoffs here.

Friendly Fire

Tying the WTC bombing, Clinton and media coverups: in short, a Big Picture Carol Ward

Movie Review: K-Pax

Spaceman Kevin Spacey weeps his way to another Oscar, amongst several noble negroes and the turkey-necked Jeff Mark Rivers

Anthrax "Home-Grown"?

By some toothless, inbred redneck, in between picking on his banjo, sodomizing his daughter and checking the still, says the Jew, expert in linking his multifarious enemies into one gigantic, anti-Semitic plot. Here on Clinton and Jew Goldberg.

No White Blood for Jew Racists

End the war. Let the yids fight their own battles. END AID TO ISRAEL NOW.

Focus on Locust Locus

Title link claims Arafat's boys have launched a targeted-killing operation against sheenies in high places. Here's an interesting weblog run by a Nordic, dealing with the war. Collected articles and reaction you won't find everywhere. Jews have nukes.

Be a Pay-triot, American

WorldNetDaily, Suckpoop Joe's online rag, pushes gimcrack, high-priced junk, probably made in someplace like the Philippines, to exploit the September 11 tragedy. Be a pay-triot -- get out that credit card and load up on worthless items. Americans -- they'd rather die than think. Was FEMA team in place Monday night before the bombing? According to one of them talking to the Texas maniac, it was.

Jews Getting Nervous

Village Voice discusses Arabs and White nationalists, quotes Pierce. Here Jews compete to rule NYC.

Afghanistan Oil Pipeline

A google search turns up some interesting articles. Never forget the money motive that backs up or leads the political motive.

Germans in Norway

A heartbreaking account of how Whites turned on each other even after The War For The Jews, WWII. "The court near Oslo yesterday heard how a liberated Norway treated the offspring of the Lebensbornprogramme with utter contempt and callousness. People claimed they were shut away in mental homes, that they were beaten and tortured because, in the words of one man, "we were regarded as the rubbish that the Germans left behind." "Harriet von Nickel, born to a German father and Norwegian woman in Oslo...had... brutal foster parents who 'took every opportunity to beat the German out of me'. She added: 'I was an outcast. Drunken fishermen grabbed me when I was little and carved a swastika on my forehead with a rusty nail. I was regarded as fair game.'" Germans don't go on about how they are abused. That is one reason Germans are respected, where Jews are not. The world knows that Germans are tough, whereas Jews are crybabies and swindlers. And the world has more than a sneaking suspicion that Hitler was right. And that suspicion is growing stronger every day, partly because honest folks like us at VNN are cleaning up the historical record. And partly because all one has to do is read even the Jews' own press to see what a foul bunch of liars and extortionists they truly are. If what VNN said weren't true, nobody would listen to us. But you know what? What we say is true, and more and more people are paying attention every day. The gig is up Jews, prepare to flee. You know the routine. Stop the bombing, says Norwegian biggie. People are starting to get the deal with the Jews: self-interested race of ugly crooks and liars and swindlers and atrocitymongering, whining whores. No Jews. Just Right.

Media: List of Shut-down Websites

Very interesting...

Media: Foreign News Sought by Americans?

Claims Americans are going to foreign websites to find news they don't care about ordinarily. Here a dirty Arab says America's press isn't free. Just the sort of thing a filthy Mohammedan would say. Everybody hates us because we're beautiful, just like in the commercial. Any American can curse, abuse or say anything about their president or government officials. They can also - ordinary Americans as well as senators and governors -- abuse anyone around the world without the slightest respect to their own or anybody else's standing in their country. But the American people are not allowed to hear or see what is happening around the world. They cannot see the pain their proxies are causing or hear the cries of victims for help and understanding. It is a total blackout. Lies, dirty raghead lies -- every word of it. I feel that if the American people had seen the sufferings inflicted on Palestinian children, women and men by the Jews supported, bankrolled and protected by them, they would have made their leaders and government interfere. In that case, the WTC and Pentagon tragedies would have been averted. Stop the hate, you evil camel-jockey. See the lord's work here. Yeah, verily... Here another flea-bitten mullah call refers to the delusions of a dying savage, apparently not caring about his hateful words' effect on our self-esteem. I can feel tears coming on, can't you?

Our 'New War': Imitating America's Masters, the Yids

In the best tradition of Agent Orange, evidence is mounting that the U.S. is using Afghanistan -- and its hapless civilian population -- as a laboratory to try out some gee-whiz CBR weapons; biological/chemical: Dr. Waziri, a surgeon at Kabul's Wazir Akbar Khan hospital, cited the cases of three of his patients -- two girls aged 12 and 15 and a boy aged 15 -- who had been taken to hospital after being injured in bombing attacks. All three had only slight injuries but died within hours of arriving at the hospital after developing breathing difficulties and internal bleeding, the doctor said.... radiological (small neutron bombs?) and pretty yellow "bomblets" which -- golly gee -- just happen to look an awful lot like the 'humanitarian' food drops....Of course, as usual, we've allied ourselves with a gang -- the Northern Alliance -- who, like the KLA, are our kinda guys: thugs. But hey, they're ready and eager, unlike the Taliban, to 'participate' in the NWO's deracinated Globalist consumerist society and are more than willing to see the 'human resources' (Do globalists -- and yids -- actually think in such terms? Yup, they do) crushed to powder: Dr Abdullah Abdullah, the [Northern] Alliance's Foreign Minister, said the bombing would have to be stepped up. "Round the clock bombing is needed. Intense bombing, carpet bombing," he said.

U.S. and Yids Plan to Steal Paki Nukes?

Don't the Pets already have 600+ of their own?

Right-wingers to Blame for Anthrax?

Fingers ought to be pointed at the Jews of the Mossad. Or is it Iraq? Everyone will be blamed but the Jews who often turn out to be behind these things. How unfortunate for us to have Jews in our country. What troubles they bring. Here Rockwell on the kike keyboard kolonels at National Review and elsewhere. Jawohl, Herr Clickstein.

More NA Activity in Boston

"Hate." That's all it ever is. Just "hate." Never anything else. No other motive at work. Just "hate." The man handed out a 20-page packet that disparaged Jews and blacks to drivers near the street entrance of the Middle School from about 6:50 p.m. until 7 p.m., when police were notified. By the time police arrived at the school, the man had fled. What a vicious "hater." Here's a weird comment from one woman who received a "hate" packet. "I was disgusted more than upset," Schoenwetter said. "I would say it was ignorance but it wasn't. They were well-informed to (create the packet). It was fantasy, so it must have taken some level of creativity." More coverage here. And here.


Student expresses worry about the TA because he's a White supremacist. How could someone wearing a star of David go to him for help, since he's an open scoffer at human equality unlike the hypothetical student of the Chosen Race, presumably God's own egalitarian?

Homeland Insecurity

Since we're going to live in an Israeli spy novel, it's time to learn "tradecraft," White man. Since police can now search your home without telling you, you'll need "telltales" to let you know if they've been in your computer. "During one of these so-called 'sneak and peek' searches, authorities would secretly implant a hidden 'key-logger' device. The FBI acknowledged making five such secret searches before it installed its snooping device in a recent gambling investigation. The key-logger, hidden inside a computer, secretly records everything a suspect types on it. The device lets authorities capture passwords to unscramble data files in otherwise-unbreakable codes." While this goes on, dirts continue to flood across our unsecured borders...

Libertarian Mentions Jewish Control of Our Foreign Policy!

Kaum zu glauben!


LRC review...

Germany: Airport Follies

The security state isn't pretty, but it is ludicrous.

The Invasion: Mexcrement Running for Office

Sign of the times... Here background on Sierra Club's refusal to take a stand against immigration, the product of top-down political machinations; the grassroots are opposed to open borders.

Sharon and His Lies

News flash! Ariel Sharon claims, "We have been fighting terrorism for over one hundred years." Quite an achievement, considering that Israel was only founded in 1948! As they say, Jews are "good with figures."


More neurotic self-hate, self-doubt as Jews writing for Jewish publications interminably examine Jewish "literature," in a process as appealing -- yet endlessly fascinating to them -- as the study of one's own droppings. "Isaac Emmanuelovich Babel was born in Odessa in 1894. His first two stories were published by Maxim Gorky in pre-revolutionary Petrograd when Babel was 22. In 1918, he served with the Red army on the Romanian front, then with the Cheka, the Soviet secret police; he helped its marauding cadres confiscate grain from the starving peasantry. In 1920, he joined the 1st Cavalry of Marshal Budyonny, one of the most famous Bolshevik cavalry commanders of the Russian Civil War, and rode with the Red Cossacks in the vicious invasion of Poland -- the first aggression by the Soviet Union against its neighbors." Mere grasping, opportunistic thug? Of course not! "Babel's heartbreaking destiny as an artist and human being cannot be disassociated from his intoxication with communism, which he believed would inaugurate an international egalitarian utopia. He is the archetype of the 20th-century intellectual and artist..." But wait -- this one has a happy ending! "He was arrested in 1939 by the Soviet secret police and forced to confess under torture that he was a foreign spy. He recanted when the torture stopped but was nevertheless shot in the head with nine grams of lead during January of 1940." Whee! Who says that G-d doesn't have a sense of humor, eh, Jews?

Jews: The People of the (Cooked) Book

Ein Volk der Lügner und Schwindler, they're. Yet another review of another book about Jews. Every once in a while, though, a fragment of truth slips through. "Wherever they have lived, Jews have struggled for acceptance, have seemed to achieve it and then have been shown the door." Keep that in mind, sleek, affluent, privileged -- by your own admission-- Yids. VNN is here to help usher you to the exit. The least we can do, it's.

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