by Mark Rivers

Jews Michael I. Levy and Lloyd Levin co-produced K-Pax, so there are a couple of points against it already. Most of the other people on board are PJs or goyische bootlickers, including director Iain Softley, lead actor Kevin Spacey and former lead actor Jeff Bridges.

In K-Pax, Spacey plays a mentally unbalanced man who claims to be an alien named Prot (rhymes with goat) from the planet K-Pax. He is charming and witty, and gazes with childlike wonder at our beautiful world...just like Jeff Bridges did in Starman (1984).

He also teaches the "normal people" a thing or two...just like Richard Gere did in Mr. Jones (1993).

Jeff Bridges plays a headshrinker who tries to uncover the mystery by shunning medical science and going with his heart...just like Robin Williams did in Awakenings (1990).

In the meantime, Prot is able to reach his fellow nutcases like no doctor can...just like Dudley Moore did in Crazy People (1990).

The Doctor uncovers the horrible past that has plunged Prot into his delusionary state, and Prot starts screaming and crying when he remembers his trauma...just like Dustin Hoffman did in Rain Man (1988).

Prot talks about beauty and hugging and flowers and stuff, and he makes people start to wonder if maybe he really IS from another world...just like Sharon Stone did in The Muse (1999).

He does amazing things that no one can explain, just like John Travolta did in Phenomenon (1996).

Finally, Prot inspires a mute negro to speak, just like Bill Murray did in Scrooged (1988).

The "normal people," however, have their doubts as to his abilities, just like they did in Powder (1995).

The head of the clinic, by the way, is a well-spoken and no-nonsense negress doctor...just like Whoopi Goldberg was in Girl, Interrupted (1999), although Whoopi's character was only a nurse, since that movie was set in the oh-so-very-racist 1960s.

There are negroes galore in this movie, and every one of them is presented as worthy of respect, admiration and/or compassion. The most anti-White scene is at the beginning, at the train station. Prot sees two WHITE criminals mug an old lady, and he tries to help her. A negro cop and a woman cop show up and start questioning Prot. A negro "veteran" beggar vouches for him, but they send Prot to the booby hatch anyway, where he befriends and inspires the racially diverse kooks and professionals therein.

K-Pax is a lot of touchy-feely, hippie, sappy, crybaby crap with so many stolen elements, one would suspect that the whole concept came from Quentin Tarantino by way of Hong Kong. As for master thespian Kevin Spacey, well...he's riding the wave of Jew approval right now. So, when he wins the Oscar again (or at least the Golden Globe), be on the lookout for him making appearances at the Holocaust Memorial, the Nation of Aztlan Low Rider Dealership ribbon-cutting ceremony and the Rodney King benefit concert.

Remember...if any goy is popular in Hollywood, it's only because he has chapped his lips on Hymie's haunches to get there. If any shiksa enjoys success, it is because a Jew enjoyed her first. It's a fact, and it will not change until we make it change. Join the National Alliance.




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