Friendly Fire

by Carol Ward

-- A Pop Quiz --

Quick. Which of the following headlines sound most familiar?

NBC News Declares "Right Wing Group Possible Source of Anthrax


Israelis Caught Celebrating and Filming 9/11 Still Detained

The New York Times and the city of New York have begun some serious backpedaling on the number of dead Jews and Israelis in the 9/11 attacks, while our abc networks point accusatory fingers at the "right wing" of American politics, for poisoning our postal workers. These two events are connected, but you'll have to dig deep to find out why. This is how some in the disinformation business keep Americans under house arrest and pre-occupied with conspiracies that don't implicate Israelis.

While gumshoes for the major networks try to orchestrate a VRWC for the anthrax poisonings, there is a virtual blackout on two important stories about Israeli "tourists" caught celebrating and taping the WTC tragedy. There has been nary a peep in the press about these guys since these stories first broke.

Seven Israelis were arrested in New Jersey and Pennsylvania after the September attack. In each case, the suspects were driving trucks for moving companies and had expired visas. The five arrested in New Jersey were seen parked in a van, watching and celebrating the destruction of the towers.

According to the initial report, "Sources close to the investigation said they found evidence linking the men to the bombing plot. There are maps of the city in the car with certain places highlighted. It looked like they're hooked in with this. It looked like they knew what was going to happen when they were at Liberty State Park." The men were driving a van marked Urban Moving Systems. Investigators say one of them had a large sum of money and two knives.

The other incident was in Plymouth, Penn., where two "Middle Eastern types" were detained after dumping furniture from a tractor-trailer marked Moving Systems Incorporated at a Pizzeria Uno dumpster. Moshe Elmakias, 30, and Ron Katar, 23, were found with a falsified log for the truck, and detailed video footage of the Sears Tower in Chicago. When the officer was questioning Katar, Elmakias and a white female, Ayelet Reisler, 23, were approaching the vehicle, but the female then began walking in a different direction, acting as if she were not with Elmakias, according to reports. Reisler's passport identity did not match other names in her bag.

The only place you will read about these stories is in Middle Eastern papers, and letters to the editor, wherein the mother of one suspect claims her boy is being used as leverage to pressure Israel into concessions on Palestine.

How absolutely delicious! According to another Jewish mother, their arrest is a conspiracy by the FBI and the CIA, against Israel. If ONLY this were true, I might have more hope for the Republic.

What is more likely is that Bush and company will be pressured by American Jews to either put up or shut up on whether these "boys" are guilty of anything. I'd wager that more than a few Senators are burning the midnight oil trying to appease the "Lobby" while they attempt to pry these fellows from the FBI. Pity the poor FBI Agents in charge of this bunch. You can be sure the Wiesenthal Center is busy mining their family history and professional background for weapons of mass destruction, should they harbor some foolish notion of prosecuting these guys. An effective, adversarial press would have the families of these FBI agents on 24-hour suicide watch. One of their children could fall into a Hawaiian volcano. It's been known to happen.

I am providing links to the relevant stories here, here, and here. News stories about an Israeli connection to 9/11 tend to have a short shelf life, however, so I have saved the pages in my computer. My link to the news story of Attorney Stephen Cohen's instant recognition of 9/11 as a Mossad operation didn't last but a few days. That newspaper archive was purged within 72 hours. Such is the scope and grasp of the enemy within our government and media.

I have included not only the original links, but also the various threads at the website where discussion of the Israeli connection to 9/11 is as interesting as the original story. If these threads remain active, you will see Freepers try to discredit the person who posted the story, and then dismiss the idea that the detainees are Israeli Jews. It is self evident from the story that the men requested kosher food, and the parents are Jews. This is an extremely damaging report, with monumental implications, for the Israelis are on the ropes worldwide, and are known terrorists in this and other countries. And yes, OUR OWN MEDIA cover up the acts of the Israeli Mossad.

Jeepers Freepers

For those who wonder why I refer to so often, let me explain that I was not only one of the original Freepers, I maintained several accounts there over the years, and include many Freepers as friends. I am only one of many Freepers who did research for what is known as Alamo Girl's Clinton Body Count, and spent weeks piecing together the disparate news accounts of the beating and then assassination of Theodore Williams -- [Betty Currie's loose-lipped brother], the murder of Terrance Yeakey, [first police officer at the scene of the OKC bombing], and the sale of contaminated prison blood to the Canadian government by then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton. The Free also became the archive for the hundred or so eyewitness testimonies of those who saw a missile bring down TWA 800.

Then The Washington Post and L.A. Times launched a lawsuit against Jim Robinson, owner and founder of the popular conservative web forum. The suit claimed that news stories were posted illegally, rather than linked. It was the quintessential nuisance lawsuit, employed to bring the Free Republic under some control. Donations were sought, and lawyers had to be hired, if the important work of Freepers was to continue. New moderators employed natural selection to purge the membership of any who questioned, or revealed, the nature of the New-Improved [but less Free] Buchananites were banished to the margins, and neocons were installed as keepers of truth. Rush Limbaugh began to give the website nationwide exposure and appeal. His continued endorsement meant we had to redefine ourselves by EIB Network specifications. Freepers had now sold their souls. Then news stories and sources were commonly blacklisted as "unrepresentative" of conservatives at America's premiere web address, the Free

Threads are now manned 24/7 by full time operatives for the "Lobby." Members who post stories that question American support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine, are profiled, catalogued and monitored. If the poster reveals a narrow interest in anything anti-Israel, or questions Jewish overrepresentation in the media or on the boards, their accounts are cancelled. The Free Republic is now fully "on board" -- as Norm Podhoretz likes to say of contributors to the National Review. [Will Phil V or Socks the Cat be the next casualty of the thought police? Nobody thought they would boot Michael Rivero.]

So the was corrupted and its mission statement was modified. The same thing happens at every other popular news site that publishes unauthorized versions of events. The Internet is almost completely "on board" for Israel, with the exception of a few lonely web addresses that either self-censor or risk punishment through future legislation. The girlie-boys at libertarian sites don't practice 'censorship' per se, but nevertheless stifle any unscripted use of the "J" word. (They read my stuff only in the safety of the little boys' room.)

I received MY threatening letter from some local agency just about a month ago. The nature of the threat was this -- they stated the name, address and phone number of the person who registered the domain name "Carolontheweb," telling us that they wanted "to be sure" of this information before "proceeding with any further action against this hate site." Lions and tigers and bears -- Oh My!!

These smarmy bastards must have an arrested learning curve, for they keep making the same mistakes in their choice of enemies. You gotta remember, it ain't easy creating new and improved blood enemies throughout each succeeding generation. It takes RESOLVE. It takes a special brand of tribal degeneracy that feeds on conflict, and insures the loyalty of its members through fear and demonization of proscribed demographics. It requires false-flag operations against its own people, just to keep em focused on clearly defined external enemies.

Yet the most consequential casualty of Zionism -- the real damage done by the 2500-year pandemic that grinds away at a diminishing humanity and coarsens the lives of all who've been exposed to it -- is the force fed, direct knowledge of the meaning of the verb 'to Jew.' (Or here if link is broken.)

TWA 800 & That Illusive Nobel Prize

So here is my take on where we REALLY are, and how we got here -- thanks to the Original Freepers, and their love of truth and country. You will not be reading this version at the Free, for these conclusions are inconvenient for Jim Robinson's kosher keepers. [Hey, give the old fellow a break. He's a Reaganesque figurehead. {There are negative connotation to this description that should not be lost on readers.} Robinson is confined to a wheelchair, was overwhelmed by the burden of the lawsuit and saving the website. He got the message, and acquiesced to the agenda of his "benefactors." Just like so many other dupes marked for takeover by "the Lobby."]

The coverup of TWA 800 was, at least in the twisted mind of Bill Clinton, a singularly noble act in his otherwise ignoble presidency. I think the man actually believed he could cover up a false-flag operation by the Israeli Mossad, and intimidate them with proof of their involvement, in an effort to leverage an agreement between the parties. He would bring peace to the Middle East, win the Nobel Prize for his efforts, and be an honest broker with the Palestinians. No American president has been able to achieve that last part about honest brokering -- as B.C. was about to learn.

His inner circle included those whose loyalties are split between Israel and America, and he miscalculated their loyalty to himself AND America. And so the stage was set for his immolation at the hands of an unlikely agent named Monica. No, No, No, I don't think the little heifer had any idea how many doors were opened for her, or who her enablers were. But it is important to note that Monica, and Lucianne Goldberg, and Linda Tripp share the same ethnicity, if only in spirit.

And Mrs. Tripp, like Forrest Gump, was everywhere and everybody, in every machination. Tripp navigated the Clinton White House transition minefield faaaar to easily to be just a dumb shit goy Italian from Jersey. And a Republican to boot. She had handlers. Remember BC cleaned out an entire fleet of U.S. Attorneys AND the travel office when he took over.

Nope. This was vintage Mossad. Bill Clinton -- hoisted on his own petard.

I know this is a short-hand version of events, and for those who haven't been paying attention to the details of the last fifteen years, this sounds preposterous. So, I'll try to lay it out, although I don't pretend to have whole cloth yet.

Hundreds of witnesses saw the missile rise from Long Island Sound and strike TWA 800. But an extraordinary effort was launched to debunk the truth, including a disinformation campaign to discredit the Navy. Those inside the loop of information must have been assured that a disinformation campaign was for a "higher purpose." There has been a whole lotta lyin' by a whole lotta career government employees. So the reasons for the coverup of this attack had to be persuasive. And they had to serve the overall purpose of protecting America, even by default.

One possible scenario is that since "two Middle Eastern types" rented the boat that launched the missile, there may have been some evidence that they were Mossad agents. One could argue that national security required that we determine if the men were Israeli defectors, before we compromised the reputation of one of our most important allies. Or it could have been argued that these men were double agents, and a weakened Israel could not withstand the scrutiny of anti-Semites bent on destroying that tiny embattled nation. [I know, I know. I can hear the gag reflex, but hey, there are duffers out there that still buy this stuff].

There are a hundred variations on how they nailed this scheme. I don't pretend to know all the answers. I'm just trying to come up with the HOW and WHY of federal investigators deliberately falsifying reports in the face of overwhelming evidence of a missile attack on TWA 800. There are probably ties to OKC and the first WTC bombing as well, but for the purposes of this essay, I'm narrowing my focus to the TWA coverup as a turning point and an opportunity for Clintonian mischief.

The stage was set for what was ALMOST the centerpiece of the Clinton legacy. Perhaps he had the goods on Israel, if not some messy evidence of culpability. He and he alone would broker the end of the Israeli/Palestine Conflict. It is important to remember the other events surrounding All Monica, All The Time. James Carville was sent to Israel to personally manage the election campaign and victory of Mr. Barak over Prime Minister Netanyahu. It was Barak, installed by the American chapter of the "Lobby" who came closest to a settlement with Arafat. I don't pretend to know why Arafat didn't bite, but it occurs to me that ours were not the only intelligence agencies with the goods on Israel for their nefarious attempts to mobilize Americans for a war on Islam.

I don't pretend to know if Tim McVeigh knew of Andreas Strassmeir's Mossad connection when Strassmeir infiltrated neo-nazi groups in East Germany before being reassigned to ferret out White supremacist cells in Oklahoma. I DO believe that each of these incidents has more to do with Americans as the grand prize in the propaganda wars than the expansionist dreams of Osama and the cave dwellers of Afghanistan.

Pray for your President if he and our intelligence agencies have the goods on those five detained Israelis. I may not have woven all the threads into this intrigue, but I'm on the radar screen; close enough to make this prediction: Neither President Bush nor Colin Powell will survive if they stumble on this highwire. Their quest for an honest brokerage in the Middle East has put them clearly in the crosshairs of the Israeli propaganda machine known as the American media. If they don't widen the scope of the war soon, they will be targeted for some form of assassination. It may be their careers, their reputations, or their lives. OR the lives of their loved ones.

Americans are desperately ill prepared to judge events that threaten us here and in the Middle East. The war-that-never-ends is enormously complex and affects the security and economies of everyone on the planet -- not just the occupants of that miserable piece of geography. The stakes are large, with prospects for Israel's long-term survival growing dimmer and dimmer as I type. Israelis have friends and relatives on every continent, in every nation, and in every government, yet they have only been able to corrupt the popular wisdom of their hellish police state, in America. Here, they control the content of that discussion, and destroy the careers and reputations of any who look too closely at Israeli practices. Yet even American Jews were enlisted in Clinton's failed attempt to co-opt Israeli hardliners. They failed miserably.

There are millions of threads to this fabric, and I just don't have the time and energy to follow all the leads. Hell, just tracking the Swiss as they beat off the Reparations crowd has filled my files and distracted me from any other news. Remember, keeping the Israeli boat afloat is an expensive, full time job. The shakedown of the Swiss for Holocaust Reparations is just one of the latest scams used to shake the money trees. When the Swiss told the Israelis to pack fudge, their N.Y.- Geneva diplomatic shuttle promptly fell out of the sky. Now Swissair is bankrupt and in a most recent mishap, a major freeway tunnel has collapsed, killing ten, and destroying the trade route between Zurich and Italy. I fear the Swiss are in for a series of "mishaps" until they pay up.

THAT's what I think. When I'm thinking.


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