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Brainwashed British Want War

Is all good sense dead on the island? Here on the UK police state. Here Israel adds names to death list. That is, names it would like to see eliminated.

U.K.'s Jew Straw Accused of 'Anti-Semitism' for Using the P-Word

....'Palestine' is a taboo word as far as its Jewish occupiers are concerned, and Britain's Foreign Secretary had the gall to use that word twice in a newspaper article. Ephraim Sneh, the Transport Minister, said the article was "an obscenity" and a "stab in the back", which "turns Israel from the victims of terrorism into the accused". These comments are typical of the over-the-top reaction of 'Israel' to any written or spoken words which are even remotely critical of God's Pets.

The Neverending Story: Jews Whine

Oy! The Pope and the Catholics are mean to us. Oy! Truth is a code-word for anti-Semitism. Oy! Oy! Oy! "The Jews -- eternal insolent children, obstinate, dirty, thieves, liars, ignoramuses, pests and the scourge of those near and far . . . managed to lay their hands on . . . all public wealth . . . and virtually alone they took control not only of all the money . . . but of the law itself in those countries where they have been allowed to hold public offices . . . [yet they complain] at the first shout by anyone who dares raise his voice against this barbarian invasion by an enemy race, hostile to Christianity and to society in general." Who could argue?

Integration and Miscegenation, Two Failed Ideas

Here Boris Becker pays for marrying a no-good nigger rather than a nice German girl. Thought you were symbolizing the New Germany, didn't you, Becker? You were right. The old one worked better. Becker seems to have a thing for negress barflies. Nasty-looking ones, too. All that's left at the end of the match are mulattoes and richer Jew lawyers.

Goebbels Writings against the Jew Circa 1927

And here an attack on Jew Weiß, cop honcho in Berlin. Constant battle between these parties was the rule. Consider his point: the Jew camouflages himself like a chameleon, changing color to blend in with the surroundings. Today the Jew's a patriot; yesterday he was a war protester, tomorrow -- who knows? Whatever pays! No pretense that Jews aren't the problem. He exposes the Jew to the German community -- just the way the ADL "exposes" "evil racists" to their community. There is no middle course. The Taylor-Francis axis has failed -- but even that is a misstatement. The Taylor-Francis axis has never tried to address our Jewish Problem directly. Here a third Goebbels piece, published in the paper he started in Berlin, Der Angriff. 'Angriff' means 'attack.' Berlin was the reddest, meaning most socialist, part of Germany. Goebbels' turning it around was proof of his extraordinary persistence and ability. In this piece he appeals to Germans to leave the Jew-led communists and join the German nationalists. Imagine an American pol saying this: We have it prophesied a hundred times. If the Jews speak, the people must beware. The Jew is rootless, a ferment of decomposition. Whether he lives as a capitalist or a Bolshevist, his nature remains the same: Ahasver, the eternal destroyer. His gospel is chaos, and where he succeeds in fomenting revolution, he rises to the top. He brought the worker's movement to its present deplorable state: a mixture of phrases, cowardice, terror and class hatred. What have the Jews sown in America?

German General Fears Bloodbath

British paper...

ID Card in Britain If Socs, Yids Have Their Way

RIGID security measures, including compulsory identity cards for all Britons, are being drawn up by ministers as part of the global war against terrorism. Wake up!, it's 1984... Here on Big Brother American-style...

A Woman With the Right Attitude

She insured her looks because: "At the moment I receive a lot of attention from men, in particular brickies, and don't want that to stop."

Cui Bono

The attacks on the WTC and Pentagon of 911 have changed the consciousness of the world vis-a-vis the infallibility of US/NWO Horst Mahler.

Bush Handed Power Just Short of Martial Law

That's what the Joint Resolution of Congress of 15 September 2001 amounts to: more power than Roosevelt took, and on a par with what Lincoln exercised.... Yet there was nary a peep out of the modern guardians of the Republic in the Senate as they voted Caesar this dictatorial power. For note carefully that it is Bush alone who decides who is a terrorist; it is Bush alone who decides what constitutes the "aiding" of terrorism. Look for the definition of 'terrorism' to be infinitely plastic, especially when put in juxtaposition to the modifier 'domestic.' Like the War on Drugs -- another crusade hatched to battle something the fedgov itself largely created -- watch 'Noble Eagle' poke its way into every nook and cranny of your life. Won't be long, we're betting, until the first report-your-suspicious-neighbor tip lines are set up. . .

War Without End

Another phrase which resonates with the War on Drugs....whatever Constitutional freedoms the WOD hasn't broached will be mopped up by Dubbya's noble crusade. And 'Noble Eagle' will certainly pay handsome dividends to 'Israel.'

The Ultimate Slavery

....has been attained when the NWO and its multi-national corporate partners own not only your body, but knowledge of the very essence of your being -- your DNA information.

Libs and Cons on War Bandwagon Together

Two complementary pieces on the eagerness of both 'sides' of the aisle -- in actuality two sides of the same debased currency -- to spill someone else's blood as a national sacrifice. (Both pieces are dated 22 Sept and may no longer be on the site's main page, but they're worth looking for.)

Cropduster Manual Discovered in Suspected Terrorist Hideout

Lots of speculation about possible 'terrorist' plans to conduct biological warfare. Who knows?

Mud Gangs Continue Rampage

More robberies, more assaults, more rapes.

Mandela Rewards Black Who Stabbed White Pupil

The punch line to this story is that the R20,000 Mandela handed over to this 'youth' came from the 'Mandala Childrens' Fund,' which has overflowing coffers thanks to the usual bunch of useful liberal idiots. Wherever these funds are winding up, it apparently isn't in the many childrens' homes, which continue to struggle along in their customary (under the ANC) impoverished condition.

Media, Fedgov Focus on Britain's Harboring 'Terrorists'

Certainly it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black. And it's also the direct result of the push toward de-ethnicization of the West -- one of the NWO/ZOG's primary goals. Watch for this finger-pointing to continue; it makes for a smoke-and-mirrors distraction for the Televitz viewers, and moreover, all this highlighting -- this is just one of six stories in the Brit press on the 'terrorists within' -- of the very easy to distinguish Islamic types keeps eyes far away from the truly perfidious aliens in our midst -- God's Pets.

Pro-German Judge Wins Election in Germany

In the Alice-in-Wonderland environment of the NWO, such a victory is a rare occurrence, and the media handles it with just the right tone of restrained sky-is-falling hysteria. They're afraid, of course, that this may be a harbinger of things to come....We can only hope so.

White History: The Volga Germans

They preserved their religious traditions and, in some cases, even the dialects of their ancestors' original districts in Germany. One way in which a people resists assimilation and de-ethnicizing is by the preservation of its native tongue. That's why Hymie encourages Trendiness in all things -- it helps to corrupt and to erode language.

Tyranny Marches a Half Hour Nearer with "Bush Doctrine"

The proposed 'National Homeland Defense Agency' should make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand on The Liberty Crew

Propasphere Campaign Underway to Install BigBro Technology

If we linked to every story like this, it would fill a page -- that's a sure sign that the media, the fedgov, and the usual suspects are on an all-out drive to get this stuff in place while the soccer moms and couch potato lets-kill-all-the-ragheads 'patriots' are still in a state of shock and -- as they have been trained so well to do -- are looking to 'the authorities' and 'experts' for instructions on what to think and how to feel about it all. In a survey released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, seven of 10 Americans favored a requirement that citizens carry a national identity card at all times to show to a police officer upon request. The proposal had particularly strong support from women. There was less support for government monitoring of telephone calls, e-mails and credit card purchases. Citing the results of 'polls' has become a favorite tool, not just in the States, but in Britain, too. Of course, part of the support for ID cards is caused by the belief that they might somehow provide some relief from the massive amount of illegal immigration in the West. But since that illegal -- as well as the genocidal-for-Whites legal -- immigration is occurring with the full conivance of the various NWO governments, expecting that ID cards will be used to halt it is pitifully naive.

Jewish WTC Magnate Has Shady History?

Larry Silverstein, one of the two major principals (both of them Chosenites) involved in WTC real estate holdings, runs true to type -- when you take a closer look at these guys, you're left with the same sensation you get after lifting a rock and finding an ancient and slimy creature slithering instinctively away from the light.

Even Their Kids Get Into the Act. . .

As this photo shows, for God's Pets enforcing Jewish Supremacism in 'Israel,' it's never too early to teach their young that the goyim have the same status as cattle.

Movie Review: Jeepers Creepers

This movie was made by a child Mark Rivers

Movie Review: Rock Star

I recommend this movie, albeit conditionally. What are my conditions? Read Mark Rivers

German Nationalist Writings

VNN is opening a new section, where we'll archive the writings, translated into English, of important German nationalists, such as NPD attorney Horst Mahler.

U.S. Unmanned Plane Shot Down?

The semantic dance of spin-doctoring and credibility gap -bridging over what's really going on in America's newest war zone may have already begun: The United States has lost contact with an unmanned aircraft over Afghanistan but Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Sunday he had "no reason to believe" the plane was brought down by Taliban fighters....But: The Taliban's official Bakhtar news agency said the aircraft was shot down over the Tashgurgan Pass in Samangan province, which borders Uzbekistan. At the time, Pentagon and CIA officials declined to comment on the report....The losses won't be confined to robot planes for long -- the terrain makes the kind of carpet-bombing massacre in Iraq, which the U.S. called a 'war,' impractical.

NA Active in Montana

Here man gets extra punishment for being a skinhead. Details on the new "Department of Homeland Security." We don't need a department, we need to quit warmongering, globocopping, and aiding and abetting Israel. Say hello to American commissars. More here. Jew Lieberman's concerned about Internet-fostered "terrorism." Is criticizing Jew Lieberman terrorism? Dr. Pierce on "Who is Guilty?" here.

The Hate Group Called 'Israel'

A little taste of why so many Arabs hate you, American.

Julius Streicher, Lynched for Criticizing Jews

Jews think you should be hanged if you criticize them. They believe they are beyond criticism. More here. As you read Streicher's history, consider his actions and character in comparison to the warmongering Jews who preach at us from the Televitz. Which of the yids has ever defended America? Which has won an Iron Cross? Which does anything but repeat the party line and eat donuts? The Jew is your enemy, White man. Streicher began an incessant, running battle with the Establishment, extending through the Third Reich era. Editions of his paper were banned or seized thirty times between 1923 and 1933 and in one eleven-day period, he was hit with five lawsuits. He served a total of eight months in prison for defying court orders to cease distribution of banned issues of Der Stürmer.

Britain: Nog Population Growth 15x Greater than Whites'

Yet another country on the way to being destroyed to further Jewish/NWO interests. Here some of the proliferating brownwogs murder a White kid. Until you get rid of the Jews controlling Britain, White man, this will keep happening.

Bush Address

Pay any price, bear any burden. There's something weird and ludicrous about watching the Jews who did so much to destroy us internally during Vietnam become ardent patriots now that their nation is under attack. Here on the "anti-terrorist" plan. More here on Internet controls. The feebs think they should be able to read anybody's e-mail for any reason. On bin Laden here. Here a bomb-survival analysis kit. Resistance to U.S. in Pakistan. Here Afghanis speculate on what U.S. will do and how much their miserable country can bear. "So the only master of the world wants to threaten us," said Mr. Shaheen, speaking in English. "But make no mistake: Afghanistan, as it was in the past -- the Great Britain, he came, the Red Army, he came -- Afghanistan is a swamp. People enter here laughing, are exiting injured." The Judenpresse will be quick to label us a coward for paying attention to those words. The Jews are ready to sacrifice every last White special-ops troop we have chasing down their multifarious enemies. Nig and Mex filler: like the Romans, our NWO army will use barbarians right up until they take over and the new Dark Age closes out the last rays of sun. One thing you can bet on in this coming war: White rangers will bear the brunt; niggers and brownies and other field fodder aren't capable of handling the tough conditions where thought is involved. America doesn't need a second "great" generation, it needs a first thoughtful one. Here an LRC turns Kipling, mocking the yid warmongers.

Question Jewish Authority

America's warmongering kills Whites to further Jewish interests. More on Afghanistan background here. Here on black boxes. Good points about Americans. Here on open immigration.

Preparing the Lemmings for Nukes

Suckpoop Joe's reporter softens up the masses for the use of nuclear weapons on civilians. They'll just be little, tiny, itty-bitty nukes, don't worry your pretty little head..."Nobody likes to see that word [nuke], but you can't carpet-bomb Afghanistan," Klimaj argued. "It didn't do any good in Vietnam. It really didn't work that well in the Gulf. And it's not going to do anything now." If we're going to nuke anybody, think how many tens of billions we could save by nuking Israel. We could even quit paying Egypt to pretend not to hate it.

How Long Before They Nuke Us?

Chittum... Here complaints about the anti-Jewism UN racism conference. Get out there and defend us, says Izzy. More here on the 4,000 Israelis story. WND is quick to refute it. They are less quick to remind you that many, many times in the past Israel has withheld information that might have prevented the death of American citizens. Actually, WND doesn't mention that fact at all.

INS: No System for Tracking Visa Overstays

Millions of illegals run around freer than you or I...

Death in the Khyber

Another Vietnam, quite possibly. Or we can just use nukes and go in for the wipe-up. Here on money connection among the elite, including bin Laden and Bush.

What Are the Implications for Israel?

More claims that our new "war" will bring the U.S. and Israel closer.

Electromagnetic Bomb

Yet another threat...

Click Here!

International Poll Shows Opposition to U.S. Strike

Only in Israel and the United States did a majority favour a military response against states shown to harbour terrorists, the survey found. But don't count on that to influence Bush, who is nothing short of a Zionist wind-up doll. And it won't stop the NWO/ZOG puppet governments of Europe from lending a helpful hand, just as they did in the Gulf War (more like shooting fish in a barrel than a 'war'). Between scrambling to muster troops for the latest Israeli-sponsored incursions, and anteing up the latest Holohoax reparation payments, Europe's governments are more like provincial governments of Greater Israel than anything remotely European.

Former Israeli Owns Retail Lease for WTC

Lowy, who was born in Czechoslovakia in 1930 and grew up in Hungary, survived the Holocaust and immigrated to Palestine at age 15....Today he is the second wealthiest man in Australia and was recently ranked as the 209th wealthiest man in the world by Forbes magazine. Westfield is the fourth-largest shopping mall owner, with operations in Australia, the US, the United Kingdom and New Zealand....Lowry -- there's a misleadingly gentile surname! -- was about to double rents to 'increase profits'; but the good news is that his holdings were fully insured, even against terrorist attack (God forbid!).

Hamburg Opera

Its history, including Allied bombing...

The Spirit of 2001

Let the Jews try to harvest a crop of White cannon fodder from the seeds of irresponsibility and racial self-hatred they have sown. But never forget that these young men are of our blood and we should not forsake them. The time for them will be later Etienne Brule

Britain: No Race Attack on Pensioner, Judge Says

A lie. The woglet should be put to sleep.

Buchanan Voices Warning about the 'Price of Empire'

While every word is true, he makes the fatal error of stopping short of naming the one variable in the equation that would make the whole sorry mess -- and why we're in it -- instantly clear. But 'Israel' and its 5th column are they-who-cannot-be-named. As long as that taboo holds, our slide toward disaster is bound to continue.

Looting under the WTC Rubble -- "America United"

Chances are, you won't hear a whisper of this story from the American media -- it might burst the bubble of illusion created by the Propasphere, which is trying its best to paint a Frank Capra -like picture of America 'coming together in unity' over the 911 attack. The use of such loaded phrases as 'the Pearl Harbor of the 21st Century' indicates the Pavlovian contempt with which the media manipulators view White America. The truth on the ground, there in the Diversity Dystopia, is that the 'authorities' themselves are corrupt body-robbers.

Northwest Airlines Ejects Arabs at Behest of Other Passengers

It's the old close-the-barn-door-after-the-horse-has-escaped routine, and shows that irrationality tends to climb into the driver's seat whenever more than 3 or 4 people are in the same place.

It Can't Be Repeated Often Enough

....what your rights are, how to behave when faced with fedgov agents, etc...As the old saying goes: "Speech is silver, but silence is golden."

U.S. Plans to Put Aghanistan Under U.N. Control

The US government is pressing its European allies to agree to a military campaign to topple the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and replace it with an interim administration under United Nations auspices. The time has become ripe for the NWO/ZOG to make a great leap forward in putting its plans for One World Government into effect. U.N. and NATO troops -- along with U.S. forces -- are the iron fist within the silken glove of 'diplomacy.' No nation -- neither in Europe nor elsewhere in the West or Middle East -- will be allowed to keep its sovereignty/independence....except, of course, for the nation whose bloody hand has been orchestrating all this -- the rogue nation of 'Israel.'

Rabbi Estimates that 30-40 Jews (of total 190 feared dead) Died in the Pentagon

If one assumes that Jews died in numbers proportionate to their numbers in the Pentagon, then 30 dead Jews implies that 17%, and 40 implies that 21% of Pentagon personnel are Jews. This may not accurately represent their true 'presence' in the Pentagon, but it's an indicator, and as in other seats of power, it's much higher than their percentage of the U.S. population, which is under 3%.

9-11 Attacks: Perfect Excuse for Big Brother

Since the attacks, Congress has been acting on proposals to make wiretapping of computers easier, and a flood of measures is expected that will loosen restrictions on what effectively is domestic spying. Legal experts say that the courts are unlikely to imposemany restrictions on Congress's security decisions. As a result, they say, the country can adopt security measures as stringent as its people will tolerate politically or will support financially. The false god of Security -- the only one being worshipped in the West these days -- has provided the NWO/ZOG with exactly the right buttons to push to win public acquiescence for implementing Orwellian surveillance: State Sen. Ken Gordon, D-Denver, chairman of the Senate Judicial Committee, said the mood in the country has changed dramatically in just seven days. "Until last week we were trying to expand people's privacy against incursions from the government," Gordon said. "Now we might have to fight for what we already have."

WTC Landlord (Silverstein) Envisions 4 New Towers

Larry Silverstein, the leader of a consortium that just months ago signed a 99-year lease on the complex worth $3.2 billion, said in an interview Thursday he is determined to rebuild for both emotional and economic reasons....Beyond making a moral statement[!] , replacing the World Trade Center makes sense because lower Manhattan needs the office space, he said. Yessiree, it'll 'grow the economy...'

Internal Fed Memo Warns of More Attacks on U.S.

This 'memo' was circulated by e-mail among fedgov agencies and employees and is just the right touch to ratchet up the level of free-floating anxiety, fear, and susceptibility to fedgov war rhetoric. Meanwhile VNN has been getting distrubing reports: that U.S. banks (insofar as there is any such thing as a genuine 'U.S.,' or other nationally-identified bank) are freezing accounts of even small-time, non-political Arabs; and that Internet pro-White activists opposing war fever are having their computers hacked.

Movie Review: Fahrenheit 451

There are book people and anti-book people. What if the latter were in charge? Alex Linder

White Politics II: Julius Streicher and the Enemy This Time

The rotten face of Weimar was the rotten face of Izzy. By clamping on that truth like a pit bull in his newspaper Der Stuermer, Julius Streicher helped Hitler wrest control from the Jews and recreate Germany. In a time in which philo-Semitic racialists preach "respectability" as the high road to success, Streicher's message and the Nazis' counter-example couldn't possibly be more Alex Linder

Why I Hate Niggers and Especially Nigger-Bitches Even Though, Technically, I Am One

I wasn't even a White girl, yet I was being made to pay for their 'sins' just because I resembled Jane Goodall more than her furry friends! An insider's guide to what integration and multiculturalism really Miss Ann Thrope

'Israel' Makes Grab for Palestinian Land While U.S. Busy with War Plans

Israel has openly defied Western pleas to avoid extending its conflict with the Palestinians in the aftermath of the attacks on the United States by confirming that its army is to turn a large tract of Arab land on the West Bank into a "closed military area"....Anyone not already brain-dead predicted that Hymie would do exactly this.

Fred Takes on the Ugly Mexican

Free advice for Vinny and the Greasers! I've got in front of me a Gallup Poll that says only six percent of Americans want a blanket amnesty. That may be a majority in Mexico. In America it will pass for a majority, because in our system we do not consult the populace on matters of importance. Majority interests don't matter in a democracy, Jewish interests do.

Jew Flu at WTC?

Did Hymie have inside information? Don't bet against it, real Americans. Check out this casualty list by country -- no Israelis. How do we get from 4,000 missing to none killed? The same way we get the bogus six million... Here's an interesting Freeper thread, if it's still up. Very instructive, watch the way the pro Jews sniff dissent and move in for the kill. END AID TO ISRAEL NOW. NO WHITE AMERICAN BLOOD FOR ISRAEL. LET IZZY DIE FOR ISRAEL. If you dare to speak out against Israel using America to further its interests you're a "disruptor." Crying, smearing, lying -- it's what Jews do best. It's how they make their way. Read through this thread and you can piece together the way there's an official or unofficial set of Jewish agents monitoring posts and team-attacking anybody who goes against the Jewish agenda. This is how Free Republic operates -- Jim Robinson gives the Jews veto authority. He won't tell you that because he's embarrassed, but that's what's going on. It's a microcosm of the country. The Jews control our foreign policy and use America -- and by America I mean your son -- to destroy Israel's enemy. Remember that Jewish "religious" teaching, straight from the Talmud, is that gentiles exist ONLY to serve Jews, and that "even the best of them should be killed." That's all you are to them: something to be used and abused and discarded. You are inferior and to be scorned and done away with. That's how Jews think, and that's how Jews act.

National ID Cards?

There's a huge amount of money to be made here; expect Congress to sell your privacy to a huge firm which will be awarded the contract for the national ID card which authoritarians have wanted for so long. This will be great for tracking every move made by law-abiding, native-born White working people. It's the key to getting all of those databases connected together, so that you won't be able to renew your driver's license until you've paid your library fine. But what of the problem -- Israeli drug smugglers and Arab building-exploders? Oh. "The INS 'only collects arrival and departure data on approximately 10 percent of foreign visitors,'" and that depends on them "truthfully filling out a form called I-94, which asks for minimal information such as an address at which the visitor is staying in the United States." Ha. We'd better be careful even asking them that, assuming that they didn't just swim the Rio Grande or walk across at night, because "cracking down on foreign visitors will have large costs...this is an economy built around outsourcing, a fluid labor force, just-in-time inventories and the tourism industry. Our economic might comes from being an open society." Bullshit. Remember when our economic might came from being a cohesive, mostly White nation which was a great industrial power? A temporary labor agency staffed by wetbacks and dotheads to mop floors, do data entry is no substitute for a steel mill or a locomotive factory -- or for freedom, which you can now kiss goodbye, as you repeat, "All for Israel. All for Israel." Bush wants more and better spying.

Trade Clinton for Bin Laden

Good deal... Raimondo here. ... the huge banner held up by pro-Taliban demonstrators in Pakistan addresses us directly: "Americans, think! why you are hated all over the world." Raimondo makes the point that most Americans don't realize: One of the main reasons the Muslims don't like us is our troop presence in Saudi Arabia, home of their two holiest sites: Medina and, of course, Mecca. They want to topple the Saudi regime that cooperates with America. Gun gossip here. Here U.S. helped boost Taleban. "Muslim first, American second," so says an "American" raghead who wouldn't be here except for the Jews who set immigration policies. Used to be a civilized White country, now it's in the middle of the Semite squabbles. "Diversity is our greatest strength," sing the lemmings as they march off the cliff.


Plenty of support for bin Laden. More here. Here Paks are paid to like us. Do we have any unpaid friends? Here on some of the, uh, challenges we'll face in Afghanistan. END AID TO ISRAEL NOW! NO AMERICAN BLOOD FOR ISRAEL. Pregnant women and babydaddys to the fore -- we're going in! No draft yet. The very idea is laughable. How many Americans are stupid enough to throw away their lives for Israel? Let Shlomo go -- it's his interests at stake, not ours. NO BLOOD FOR ISRAEL! More blowback here. Here a history lesson on "the great game," which is the term Kipling used for the British-Russian struggle for Afghanistan back in the 1800s. Mountain people are usually tough fighters, but even if they weren't they'd be hard to extricate due to the terrain.

How the Mossadists Tricked the U.S.

"By way of deception thou shalt do war." That's Mossad's motto. Here the claim that China knew. Beware of everything you read. You don't know who's behind it, or what interest the information or disinformation may be serving.

All-American Ick

Here pointless, content-free emotional overflow, paid for, published as though it were coherent writing. Erskine "sees America" in "the Norman Rockwell paintings on the wall of the local doughnut shop run by Chinese." No harm in such homage being paid to White culture, White achievements. As noted firearms writer and advocate of civilization Jeff Cooper says, "In view of this queasy multi-culturalism with which we are continually affronted, it occurs to us that Western Europeans gave the world to the human race and there is nothing harder to forgive than a favor."

Star-Spangled Men

The masses, those whom George Orwell called "the proles," proletarians, workers, are so uninformed about politics, Israel, Jews that you can cover them with burning jet fuel as they sit at their desks and they still don't get it. As Orwell said, all that is required of the "proles" is a crude patriotism which can be appealed to upon command. Americans -- the White ones, anyway -- are now performing like trained dogs, wearing themselves out painting flags on the sides of their houses, tying yellow ribbons around everything. Too "nice," we are, to paint "NO BLOOD FOR JEWS," "END AID TO ISRAEL" signs. This harmless red-white-and-blue "venting" is encouraged as Good For Jews; when the flags tatter and the ribbons fade, the Jewish power structure will be in place, intact, and operating, to push us into the Yids' war. "Gave proof through the night that the Jews were still there!" But even the flag-waving must be studied carefully, must come under the magnifying glass of earnest Jew-scrutiny! "What are these peculiar White people doing in their country?" asks a dark, twisted, obnoxious alien tribe, an unwelcome 2% of the population. Here, Nackenoff, Glass, Lowenstein, Hoffman, Katz weigh in Jewish-style, on all sides of the issue at once -- conveniently ignoring the salient fact that a cohesive White society would have neither this ridiculous Jew-discussion or the smoking crater in New York which caused it in the first place.

Media: Radio Stations Yank Songs

Here Jews promote Jew-written "God Bless America" over national anthem. That's how they operate in every arena. Here Fedex yanks ads after Maher calls U.S. 'cowardly' for lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away.

Saddam Hussein and April Glaspie

Transcript of miscommunication that may have led to Gulf War. Here on bin Laden's perspective. The guy plans things with care. Here's how it looks to him, in a nutshell: Your CIA trained me, I used your weapons and know-how to beat the USSR in Afghanistan, and now I'm going to beat you. I'm going to kick your troops out of our holiest land, Saudi Arabia, and then drive you out of Iraq, and finally, destroy Israel and end the Jewish presence. Then you'll be laughing out of the other side of your mouth, American. You call me a terrorist -- I haven't bombed Iraq for a decade and killed 500,000 babies by starvation; I didn't bomb the innocent citiziens in Japan; or withhold arms from Bosnian Muslims. Look in the mirror you hypocritical bastard. I'm the new Barn Boss -- now get out of here! Here's what he has actually said: "The Russian soldier is more courageous and patient than the U.S. soldier," he told the London-based Arab newspaper, al-Quds al-Arabi, in 1996. "Our battle with the United States is easy compared with the battles in which we engaged in Afghanistan."

Media: Small-Site WTC Coverage

Why get your news from the Texas Maniac when there are so many other options? Here on defamation case with Internet implications. Here certain groups fight back against enhanced government spying. And here the always-statist EU chips in with government-enhancement measures aimed at "terrorism." Are we moving into an era of "your papers, please" government? The government would like it.

Starvation in Malawi

Desperate savages struggle for livestock grain. And you thought we had problems!

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