The Spirit of 2001

by Etienne Brule

Over the past week, America has witnessed a new birth of patriotism -- Wal-Marts can't keep enough flags in stock to supply the teeming hordes who want them, ribbon manufacturers are working overtime to ensure that every American who is feeling the new spirit can wrap himself in red, white, and blue as proudly as he would wear the Purple Heart. At the same time, Americans are canceling the plane trip to Grandma's house and calling ahead to make sure the candlelight vigil they plan on attending won't have too many strangers there -- you can't be too careful these days. "Summer soldier" and "sunshine patriot" used to be terms of contempt; now acting like one is considered to be the true test of citizenship. The Spirit of 2001 has arrived.

This week, I saw a very interesting segment on the local TV news -- a reporter interviewing three recruiters from the armed forces. They seemed embarrassed to be there. When asked whether last week's terrorist attacks had spurred an increase in volunteering, the replies were upbeat. "Well, we're getting a lot more phone calls," said one. But then he admitted that most of these calls were from ex-servicemen in their 40's and 50's. He advised these men to talk to their sons and nephews, to encourage them to enlist.

Forlorn hope! Many of these men don't have son or nephews, since our birthrate has been plummeting while that of our parasites has soared. Even those veterans who do have young kinsmen must be shaking their heads at the task before them: overcoming the lifetime of indoctrination these young men have received in hating everything this country once was -- decent, honest, law-abiding, and White. My advice is: Don't try. The country is no longer ours, and we should not let our blood be spilled unless the fight is to reclaim that which is being stolen from us. This is shaping up to be the Jews' war and the White man's fight, once again. Don't delude yourself -- our participation in this war won't be any more in our interest than these other wars were, namely, not at all.

So at your next family gathering, take a good look at your young male relatives -- look at what has been done to them by those intent on our destruction. How many of them have green hair, pierced tongues, and bad attitudes? How many of them call you a "homophobe" if you criticize the safety pin through their earlobe? How many of them are completely ignorant of American history except, of course, for outrageous lies about the Marxist holy trinity of race, gender, and class conflict? Far too many, I suspect. Leave them alone, for now. Let the Jews try to harvest a crop of White cannon fodder from the seeds of irresponsibility and racial self-hatred they have sown. But never forget that these young men are of our blood and we should not forsake them. The time for them will be later.

Our most important task, at present, is to reach those young White men whose indoctrination is less complete, those who still exhibit the masculine virtues of discipline, self-sacrifice, and courage. These young men are the best hope for our race, and it is vital that we not lose them. Don't try to dissuade them with tales of the dangers and hardships they might face -- this will impel the best of them to enlist. Try to persuade them, instead, that this is no longer our nation, but a faction-ridden empire, and that fighting for the interest of a group other than our own is the true act of disloyalty.

Over the past week, the media Jews have been working 24 hours a day to convince us that the primary target of the terrorist attack was White Gentiles, that New York City is full of Irish and Italians -- that it is, in fact, a White city, and that the only role that either Israel or the Jews had in this disaster is to weep publicly over the loss of their beloved goy countrymen. Lies, damned lies, all!

The reason they are waving the bloody shirt over the corpses of our race is because they know that without Whites, they cannot even wage a war, let alone win it. Imagine an army with Jewish officers, Mexican sergeants, and black privates. Even if infighting didn't destroy it, an army like this would soon collapse out of sheer incompetence and thievery.

On Nightline recently, Ted Koppel started putting the Jews' cards on the table, outlining a strategy where the only ground forces involved would be U.S. elite units and Afghan "rebels." What a Dream Team -- the only Afghanis that our guys could trust in this scenario would be the Taliban -- at least they would always be trying to kill us, while the "rebels" would smile back at us until the time came to turn on us and start back-stabbing.

Of course, the major emphasis has been on the elite forces: the Army Rangers, Navy SEALS, and Marine Corps Recon units, to name a few. Besides tremendous physical conditioning, the men in these units are required to demonstrate intelligence, resourcefulness, and teamwork. The high requirements ensure that these units are overwhelmingly White. These men are among the best of our race, and I dread what is in store for them.

I believe there is a widespread, but as yet unspoken, fear of what will happen if rank and file Army units are called upon to fight. The Army is a far cry from the one which fought the Gulf War ten years ago. Even then, many of the female warriors got emergency reassignments stateside due to "unexpected" pregnancies. Apparently, the stress of being in a potential combat area caused many of them to lose their concentration and slip up on their oral contraceptive schedules. Today, I wonder how many of the amazons in the Janet Reno Regiment of the Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell Brigade have decided that a brief excursion into heterosexuality is in order, and are trolling for a mercy fuck before shipping out.

Once again, our enemies are reaping what they have sown. Even before the 1990s, the armed forces were used as a sandbox for social experiments by nitwit government psychologists, but there were always enough sensible people around who put the reason for their existence -- fighting wars -- first. But the Clinton Administration turned this on its head. They believed that all future wars would be waged by bombing defenseless people from 20,000 feet, so the Army could feel free to build its New Jerusalem for parasites and queers.

That is why we are seeing this binge of flag-waving and "God Bless America," the scrolls on the TV reading "America Under Attack," "America Unites," and "America Fights Back." The Jews are trying to temporarily reverse, in a short period of time, the indoctrination they've been feeding us for decades. That is why our TV screens have been filled with the grieving families of White victims, stoic White policemen, brave White firemen, and dedicated White rescue workers for the past week. After so many years of working to destroy him, they once again desperately need the White Man they so thoroughly detest. They are force-feeding us what they hope will be a quick antidote to the poison they have been swilling out for decades.

If the war proves to be a long one, White volunteers will be required if the Jews are to succeed. Large numbers of Whites will be needed to rebuild the corrupted military they have made, and if we don't volunteer, a draft is the only alternative.

Conscription would be a very risky enterprise. It would inevitably sweep in huge numbers of diversity parasites who believe the only reason the government exists is to fork over the White man's money. Drafting them would both ruin the quality of the service and stoke inter-racial hostility at home. Forcing the Jews to take this measure should be our goal, which is another good reason we need to keep our men from enlisting.

Despite all the lies we've been fed, many hundreds of good White people did lose their lives in the terrorist attacks. Many of them were extremely brave White firemen who lost their lives saving Jews who consider them, and us, cattle. We should take full revenge against those who killed our people, but only on our terms, and in a way that serves our interests. "Revenge is a dish which is best served cold." We should take care of the terrorists in due course, but the real peril to our race is here at home.

Today, we should remind our youth that all of the armies which fought in our past wars were overwhelmingly White. We have been told for so long that "Diversity is good for us," well, here is their chance to show it. Let this be our battle-cry -- "White Men, stand aside, let Diversity prove its Worth!"


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