Rock Star

by Mark Rivers

In Rock Star, non-Jew Mark Wahlberg plays a character similar to his Dirk Diggler character from Boogie Nights. In fact, the movie is quite similar to Boogie Nights, except the hero becomes a rock star instead of a porno actor.

Wahlberg plays Chris Cole, a nice guy who is the lead singer for a tribute band. His band emulates Steel Dragon, a heavy metal group, and Chris adores everything about them. He does such a good impersonation of the lead singer, in fact, that he is invited to join the band when they boot out their front man.

Chris dives right into the hedonistic lifestyle, hits bottom, then shuns the limelight for his earlier, simple life, in which he and his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, can live happily ever after.

There were some negroes in the movie, but they were far and few between. There were a couple of bouncers, a citizen in the background here and there, and a couple of negresses in the scene in which Chris and his girlfriend begin their downward spiral into booze, drugs and orgies.

I hereby recommend this movie, under the condition that anyone who watches it takes special notice of how, for once, there is not a negro "best friend" coming to the rescue, or a kindly negro janitor offering sage advice at a crucial turning point. There is no redneck sheriff, no persecuted Jews and no references to race, in fact. Every major character is White, and most of them are pretty virtuous.

There is a brief shot of a couple of holy rollers holding up signs that say things like "Rock & Roll is the work of the Devil!" Hey, you wouldn't actually expect them to present Christians in a positive manner, would you? That right is reserved to negroes only.

The lead singer who gets replaced is a fag, but he is shown as a real jerk. He whines about being persecuted because he is a fag, but then he prances off, and we don't see him again until the end credits.

Speaking of the end credits, there are a few funny outtakes and cutting-room floor bits therein. In one of them, Wahlberg has an amusing reminiscence of his "Marky Mark" wigger days.

See Rock Star, then...

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