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Sharon, Jewish Racist

Racism's great for Jews, criminal for Whites. Israel's journalistic "amen corner" here unremittingly defends its harshest treatment of Palestinians and its military strikes against its neighbors. Even if all these acts were morally justifiable, the question would remain: What's in it for America? Why should we be enmeshed in a bitter ethnic struggle on the other side of the globe? The United States has sacrificed its interests and betrayed its principles in its support of the state of Israel. The policy may be bad for the country, but it seems to be lucrative for our politicians. Will we suffer biological, chemical or nuclear attacks for supporting Jewish monsters?

Break in the Right

Watch the "respectable" right shatter over this one. The professional Semite suckpoops on one side, the principled and trying-hard-to-grow-some-testicles libertarians on the other. Title link to English National Review philo-Semitic suckpoop. The good little terriers are siding with America; the bad neoconservatives are siding with the Jews. This English fool is blind not only to the fact that America doesn't exist to keep Tommy Atkins safe, but that Tommy Atkins ain't safe today BECAUSE of the very intervention he imagines protected him. He imagines himself hard-worked by the Gauleiter of Ostmittelengland. Which is laughable. Someone with his talents would have "got on" under any system, as the British have always done. Today, with coloreds making up 5% of the population, Britain is ruled by Jews and there are White "no go" zones in multiple towns. Great wealth and great success generate great envy and great hatred. It's really too funny. We bomb the innocent people for decades on end to further the interests of an alien minority, and then when they audaciously strike back, we attribute it to our "great wealth and great success" and their "great envy." And the guy says he parted with the paleocons because so many of them are "lunatics"! Satire, Smithers-Derbyshire? Or self-interested suckpoopery? The neocons -- read Jews and their toadies -- are trying to frame the debate as surrendering cowards versus square-jawed Supermen. You fall into the former camp unless you are willing to sacrifice your son's life for Israel. Don't do it. Let yids die for yid interests. Israel isn't worth a single American toenail, to flip what an exalted yid once said. The Jew is your enemy, White man. And so is his toady. In coming days, every Semite and his Smithers will be heard averring that America is soft. Laugh at them. They'll try every trick in the book to sacrifice your son's life for Israel, White man. Jewish hypocrisy doesn't come much thicker than this Nordlinger piece.

Best Column Yet at

Lew is apparently growing a pair. We wouldn't have believed it if we hadn't read it with our own eyes. Excellent Gary North column describing the Why that the news media are afraid to broach. Our support for Israel is the direct cause of the astounding attack. Good one here, too. He and Newt Gingrich, who almost gloated about how Americans now know what it is like to live in Israel, have it exactly wrong. One of the reasons why the odor of terrorism hangs over America as it has in Israel, is our one-sided support for Israel for over fifty years. We are not a target for terrorism like Israel; we are a target for terrorism in large part because of Israel and because of our other Middle East interventions. We have chosen to make the enemies of Israel our enemies. Do Smitherses like Will and Gingrich like seeing Americans decapitated, dismembered and disembowled -- so we'll know what Israel "goes through every day"? Why, bless my soul, I believe they do! These intellectualoid Hearst-Smitherses exhibit the classic symptoms of the cult member toward those who haven't seen the light. No thanks, Georgina and Sweet Georgia Newt -- we'll keep our heads, thank you very much. LRC writers coming up medium-sized in the clutch! Lawsy, whodathunkit! Israel is not our friend. Israel is not our ally. Israel is our enemy. END ALL AID TO ISRAEL -- LET THE JEWS DIE FOR THEIR SINS, NOT AMERICANS.

Lemmings Go After Arabs

As also shown on local TV -- hundreds of shouting, whooping, flag-waving young Whites showed admirable spirit, demonstrated on streets of Chicago suburbs against dirts, terrorists. Uh, guys? You've identified a symptom. Interested in the root cause? No way out but through the Jews.

Israel Massacres More Than 100

Jewish murderers, weapons paid for by you, White man. In dollars and blood. Here Jew Krauthammer tries to push America into war to defend Israel, his race's country. Here Smithers-Will seconds. These guys have sucked Jewish poop for so long, they've actually turned into Jews. You are what you eat. "This is what Israel has to go through every day," they cry. Not true, but even if it were -- so what? What does Israel have to do with the U.S.? NOTHING. Anyone who could describe the filth populating Israel as an "embattled salient of virtue" has lost touch with reality.

Controlling the Net by Spying and International Law

Remember what the SPLC said the other day? They want free Americans extradited for saying things that run afoul of foreign countries' "hate" laws or other Semitically Correct legislation. A human rights group in Washington, D.C. receives a letter from its ISP saying that because a court in China has found the site to be defamatory, it must be taken down. The ISP informs the group that it will comply with the order. The scenario sounds far-fetched, but under the terms of a little-known international treaty now under negotiation, it's plausible. Actually, what's more plausible is an international treaty against racism and anti-Semitism under which European anti-speech laws become the world standard and defense of the White race becomes globally illegal. That's certainly what the Jews who control our country intend. Here Feebs claim they identify fifty attackers. Here interview with Netanyahu.

Feds Hate Freedom

They like acronyms and control. Self-importance, sense of entitlement rule the day in our capital. They've stepped up pressure in recent days after the attack on Israel West. More here. And more on Feeb prowling. Spokesmen for both AOL and Earthlink say they are co-operating with the authorities. Hey, feebs -- shouldn't you be out running around the woods not catching Eric Rudolf? Love you guys, keep up the good work. Let me know when there's an opening for rabbit-scream tape operator, I want to apply. Hell, I'll even accept junior-assistant baby-burner. I want one of those cool windbreakers that bad. "This fall the fashionable baby-sniper's stepping out in style in traditional cotton-lined nylon with hand-tooled yellow lettering. Classic good looks, with enough room not to restrict movement when you're going for that two-for-one Mom-n-baby shot." Feebs: third-rate football players, third-rate lawyers, third-rate accountants -- first-rate baby-burners. So ya got that goin' for ya, windbreaker-wearing badge-fags.

911 Commentary

Some good points on bin Laden. The proper policy for the United States and the White West is to disengage from Israel completely. Then go back through and kick out the Muslims who have been allowed to congregate here thanks to immigration policies demanded by the same Jews whose control of our governments led to the bombings. More here. Attack on the U.S.? No. Attack on Tel Aviv West, as Jim Floyd puts it. Chomsky's reaction here. Dieteman here. He actually criticizes the Israelis, mirabile dictu. Reed here. FAEM here.

Mindless Americans

You really do see from the reaction to this predictable incident how mindless the masses of average Americans really are, and how easily manipulated too. If you won't endure the modest intellectual pain required to understand the who and why of what happened, then perhaps you deserve to be led around by the nose, American. Perhaps people were always as stupid as they are today and the only real difference is there are a few more alternative channels to spread the word among thinking folks. We need to cashier the Jews who are destroying our country and reclaim it in the name of the White race that founded it. Almost some hard-core stuff from a LRCer. Blaming open immigration and Can-Do Jew Clark. George Bush is arguably more of a traitor to his country than was Bill Clinton ­ his open borders policy contrasts highly with his pathetically feeble address to the nation tonight. The one where he spoke of Americans as a "great people." A great people?! Hardly. We have been subsumed by the lower classes of the world's third rate countries. He and his appalling predecessor opened the doors to the rabble and kissed goodbye any sense of cultural continuity that might exist here, any chance of us even being a "people" at all. While the doors were open, the Muslims walked in right alongside Bushes' good friends the Mexican scofflaws. How do you like them? Our national characteristics are creating problems for us: uneasiness with thinking; confusion of criticism with treason. Quite literally, most Americans would rather die than think. These traits are noted and taken advantage of by the Jewish enemy, internal and external. The wisdom of John Rocker: "I'm not a very big fan of foreigners" should be reexamined.


The rabble covering the rubble. Note the centralization of our print media in this piece about a bomb threat at Conde Nast. Check out newsie letters here. This is from Jim Romenesko's media news site -- inside stuff on conventional media, gives you a decent view into workings of Semitically Correct media.

Independence Day -- Live

Available for the first time in English -- leading German nationalist Horst Mahler looks at 11 Sept 01....translated by VNN's R. Belser.

Reaping the Whirlwind

What a vast amount of suffering and devastation Jews sow, out of all proportion to their tiny numbers -- and what a low profile they assume after they hear the bang! Chuck Pearson

Who Hates Whom?

We White Americans have paid dearly today for our support of and manipulation by the Derek Powling

Thanks, Israel

America buys $100 billion-worth of Jewish lottery tickets and finally hits the jackpot. A compilation of web reaction to the astounding, if predictable, events of September 11, A. Linder

Arm Yourself, White Man

You are responsible for defending yourself and your family, not the cops. The cops just show up and scribble notes after the fact, amateur historians. Get your weaponry assembled now before the Jews succeed in criminalizing completely White gun ownership. Firearms are the 'law' once society breaks Derek Powling

Her Bosom to the Sword

Some thoughts on the tragic events of 11 September 2001... by R. Belser

The Axe Is Laid to the Root

Excellent Jim Floyd perspective on the Day. It was not an 'attack on America,' but an attack on the Jew capital of the world, an attack on Tel Aviv West. And all Israel is not worth the blood of a single American.

Bin Laden: We Trained Him

Like Israel, great ROI! CIA investments, solid as paper money. Birdman comments on attack on Israel's sugar daddy. Here Hoffman lays out a brief history of U.S. government-sponsored terrorism. WTC '93, Pearl Harbor, OKC, Lusitania, Maine -- you name it, the feds had a hand in it, knew about it, or were entirely responsible. ...the only one indicted was the investigative journalist David Hoffman (no relation to this writer), author of the seminal book, The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror (Feral House, 1998). Rare book collectors take note: the entire remaining stock of David Hoffman's book was pulped and destroyed under legal threat from lawyers for agents of the FBI. Mini-Rapture for wrong-place Chosenoids? Swindler Central claims 4,000 Pets are unaccounted for. VNN suspects the real number is closer to, uh, just picking one out of thin air -- six million. Here WT says Bush tilting toward Israel. Here on myth of counter-terrorism. "Operations that include diarrhea as a way of life don't happen." Tsun on Sam Francis Forum here. Here a friendly Iraqi paper calls Rumsfeld a "dirty Zionist Jew." Now that's journalism! Hizballah here. Did you like watching diversity bring down those towers, White man? Wouldn't happen if the brothers of those dead White firemen ran this country rather than conniving kikes. Rush Limbaugh, big fan of the Israelis. One thing folks may not realize is that the Israelis spend lots of our money touring journalists, Congressmen -- all sorts of people -- around the Holy Land, giving 'em the Chosen pep talk.

Feebs Increase Web Spying

Start showing up at ISPs, sniffing around.

How the Media Actually Work, Part One: Boston Coverage

A perfect example of NA coverage. Anything the NA puts out is hate. The Jewish hate group ADL determines who the haters are in this country. If you're on their list, then anything that you do is by definition hate. Always the same two or three "experts" on "hate" are quoted. Never are their motives questioned. That's what Jew-controlled media means. Here suit seeks $1 trillion from Japan for WWII abuse. Watch to see the coverage and tone the media give it.

How the Media Work, Part Two: Gottfried and the Yid-Controlled Washington Times

Read and learn. If you don't have the approval of the Podhoretzim, you can't be published. One time VNN's editor walked into with a bar and for some reason remarked "There's PODhoretz." Jew-antennae on full alert, the portly gent quickly corrected, with asperity: "PodHORetz." True. Congratulations to Rockwell for running this piece. Gottfried writes great stuff, although he is a Jew.

The Day in Racism: Cries of Racism Interfere with Gene Study

Uniformity, the sempiternal socialist cry. No one must be different. All must be same. Boo-hoo, he's better than me! Evolve yourself, O green one! You're racist for mocking, Aaliyaaaaaaaaaa, victim of a recent non-political plane crash. We're not one nation under G-d; we're a consortium of disparate groups, barely tolerant of one another. Here's what George Washington said to us real White Americans when he left town: With slight shades of difference, you have the same religion, manners, habits, and political principles. Keep that in mind next time you hear some Jewish liar claiming America was built on diversity. Remember what canting yid Dave Horowitz said to our own Jack Halliday? I think that if America were 90% non-White but kept the political culture of the founders it would still work fine. That's a paraphrase, but it's very close. Culture is everything, say the Jews. So why don't they seek converts like every other religion? Because they're a race. And "culture" is just another lie they're feeding out.

Latest on the Invasion

One way or another, Bushy'll get 'em in here. Some of 'em will be Arabs who go to flight school under affirmative action and end up murdering White Americans.

Grim Prospects. . .

. . .a reader's view of what the aftermath of the bombings may be (scroll down to bottom of page); in a lighter vein, some new VNN cartoons.

"Hello, I Am A Jew"

They're not what you think they are, White man. Did the recent disturbance come as a surprise to you? Read this article and begin to understand the race that controls our J. R. Colson

The Jews Want YOU to Die for Their Sins

We at VNN will have something to say shortly about the events of 11 September 2001, which the crocodile tear set of the media, with the sanctimonious and hypocritical intonations of undertakers, are already calling 'the Pearl Harbor of this century.' This is how the Propasphere cues the sheeple in to what they should be thinking and feeling. Watch VNN's main page for more on this needless loss of American life -- all in the service of 'Israel.'

Movie Review: The Deep End

An independent film about fags. Whoopee.... by Mark Rivers

Buchanan on the Invasion and Fox Dictating to Bushy

"The Mexican government's been conducting an invasion of the United States for the last 10 years at least," Buchanan told CNN's "Late Edition." "Fifteen million people have been apprehended on the American border and turned back. Three to 6 million have made it." No kidding, Buch. We've been saying that all along. It's an invasion, and the shitskins need to be shot, not deported. Heads on stakes, pay-per-pelt -- the whole gamut of violent and just responses. Or Mexicans will turn our country into the pit toilet theirs is.

Jews Buying and Selling White Women Like Cattle

Jews are truly evil. They are the original Hate Nation. Just read this article and realize that if economic times ever got as bad in America as they are in the former USSR, the yids would do exactly the same thing to your daughter, White man. Judaism is a religion of hate; uniquely so. Its books and famous rabbis foam with their denunciations and hatred of non-Jews. They are a loathsome, parasitic, criminal race that destroys any nation it rests in. America is merely their latest victim. Reduced to a carcass, overrun by shit creatures from the third world, governed by greasy, cynical kikes. No Jews. Just Right. There really is nothing else to say. Except this: Christina had no real hope of escaping. Instead she was taken to a brothel in northern Israel where she was forced to have sex with around 15 men every day, raped, beaten and threatened with death if she ran away. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

Click Here!

Jews Nervous in L.A.

All their hate is coming back to them. All the money they've stolen -- well, its cost is now being exacted. The world does not exist for Jews to prey on, no matter what their 'religion' tells them. Read and listen to the honest sewermen; our favorite brown site, -- ĦQue bueno! -- the Voz de Aztlan: The Intifadah in Palestine is having repercussions all the way to the Century City Shopping Mall where many West Los Angeles Jews do their shopping. The mall located adjacent to the Los Angeles Country Club in Beverly Hills has never had so many uniformed security guards prowling up and down the corridors keeping an "eye" on things. After an absence of approximately three months, this past Saturday I was shocked at the number of guards stationed at the parking garage, standing outside the shops and patrolling the corridors. My boyfriend who is Mexican but looks "Arab" noticed the same thing. He was being followed everywhere he went in the mall, unobtrusively of course. He noticed that after he discarded an empty paper bag in the trash can that a "worker" immediately went into the trash bin to retrieve it. See the horrorshow the Jews are bringing down on us, White man? Israel is a horrible millstone around our neck, you see that, don't you? Jews are becoming even more paranoid than usual, if that is possible, as they suspect karma is coming 'round to bite them in the ass. Hey, Hymie -- how many more seconds before the son of some desperate Arab you've fucked over, lo these many decades, turns you into a pizza topping?

Jews to Hold Giant Rally in New York September 23

They'll teem like spring termites... This is the type of stuff they want to support.

Bushy Has Justice Study Profiling

Good news for nigger criminals and Jewish lawyers, bad news for normal White Americans.

Britain: Griffin Talks with Sikhs

This story is a perfect example of what diversity actually means in the real world: The man who agreed to be identified only as "Mr Singh" for fear of reprisals told the BBC's social affairs reporter Barnie Choudhury that he wanted to highlight how Muslim fundamentalists were targeting young Sikh and Hindus for conversion to Islam. ... "He (Nick Griffin) is one of the few people I know who have actually had the guts to stand up against this rising tide of Islamic fundamentalism," said Mr Singh. When you import turd-worlders, you import turd-world squabbles.


Jew York queers explain land reform. Whites have all the good land because they're evil racists.


Details on the killer. One sign on the fence featured a picture of a Doberman pinscher and read: "I can make it to the fence in 2.8 seconds. Can you?" Note how they work in that he was home-schooled. Gee, if only he'd been properly socialized, this never would have happened. Here nigs attack Mex who runs over, kills niglet.

Greg Withrow

Who knows what to make of this...


On student and professor percentages... Here on teen trends. Here the feds promote faggotry.

Media: Censorship by Jews, Good: Censorship by Non-Jews, Bad

Could it be? Yes, it could: One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us. Here repugnant yid Waxman complains about Welch on tv. Here radio leftists bitch and moan.

Real Americans Oppose the Invasion

But since the Republicans are chasing the brown vote, they don't care about White interests. Who represents your race, White man? Not the Republicans. Here on the social clubs these invaders form in L.A. Thoughts about the New World Order here. Here's the UN's document on racism put out by its "Commission on Human Rights." HR is the euphemism Jews use as a cover to pass laws that screw their racial enemy, Whites. Here women seek guns to defend against serial rapist in Fort Collins. Note the process they have to go through to get one -- completely unconstitutional. Paper doesn't mean a thing when the sheriff can charge you a $130 fee or just decide not to grant you a permit. Sewermen overwhelm North Carolina. "Adopt a youth gang" will solve Cincinnati's problems.

Blacks Are Monkeys: Photographic Proof

Look at the photo of these jabbering boolies and realize the Biggest Lie is racial equality. Racism conference ends, but the thieving, lying patter of the discolored and discombobulated will go on until every pfennig disappears from your pocket and every page of dissent from the 'Net. Did you see any photos of the Ape Jamboree? Of kitten-stompers, muti-mongers, and santeria priestesses all compact, and all suitable for the trash compactor. Each one with a Very Important Soul, according to Pat Buchanan. Here the infamous Jewish hate group provides a nice collection of stories about Arab resistance to Jewish racism. Here a Jew goes native, becomes one with the cannibals. Here British monkeys complain that Griffin is interviewed.

Cops Censor White Speech in Massachusetts

Whites are third-class citizens in our Jew-controlled country. If you defend White people in Massachusetts, Johnny Law will be right there to pick up your brochure and throw it in the trash. This is what it means to live in a country where Jews control the media and the government. The Jew is your enemy, White man. More here, as all the town puppets and the yids pulling the strings sign some bilge about a "climate of fear." Created by the ape who raped the White human? No -- created by the Whites who distributed fliers. You know how pieces of paper like to put their cigarettes out on young ladies and molest them. Niggers by contrast are perfect gentlemonkeys. Again, here, and don't miss it. Here's a second example of judicial "fairness" to Whites. One of the big problems with this country is that too many judges sleep through the night unmolested. Who says the Judge has the right to rewrite the rules? Nobody. Here's Judge Manning talking: The more horrific matter related to Richard Baumhammers' conduct here, must be attributed to the enormous information vehicle called the Internet. Under the rubric of freedom of speech, our most cherished and fundamental right, the purveyors of racism and hate have gained access to our children, the socially and economically deprived and the mentally disturbed, the weakest among us. And let's give a big VNN welcome to the Lutheran dopes at their email address here: Check out St. Paul's home page here. Feel free to let them know what you think about unlicensed ape dealers. More on the Herndon Horror here. Read the editor's slyly dishonest explanation of why he didn't print the facts on the leaflet so readers could judge for themselves.

Almost Praising Vidal

Here's a curious subspecies of conservative: doesn't agree with the Jew. He won't confront him directly, of course, pretends he doesn't understand the big fuss, but, still, cautiously, extends an argument that makes Hymie uncomfortable. Well, crawl before walk. Note that Sly and the Smutty Smurf have gone big time. Not satisfied with Houston, they've taken on Texas now, with their weekly review. Well, we all have dreams. There's worse out there, to be sure, and anyone who quotes Mencken can't be all bad.

Orwell and Israel

Nice piece by Doug Collins, the guy the Jews have tried to destroy in Canada. Jews: enemies of the truth -- friends of Pollard. Doesn't it sound nice when you put it like that? Here on what Israel costs us, and rest assured -- it's a bundle! Interest is building, yids. You know what that means, dontcha! Here on the impetus behind hate-crimes law which, although the author -- at least part Jewish -- doesn't say, is the name given the Jewish demand that Jewish hate be granted special status, while White hate gets the full measure of the law plus add-ons. Whites have become third-class citizens in their own countries: Jews are first, niggers and discoloreds second, Whites last. No way out but through the Jew, White man. More here. Jews destroyed Germany and Russia -- and now America. Here on typical Jewish crookedness that you pay for, White man. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Here a nice chart showing the aid we give to Israel. Some of it, anyway.

On the New Jewish Memorial in Berlin

It's the six millionth memorial to Jews. Oy! No block without one be should. Is there one monument in the world to victims of Jews? That's what I thought. One day there will be. Here Fisk attests to Jewish hatred of anyone speaking the truth, and Jews' attempts to silence their critics. "Anti-Semitism," screams the Jew. It is a reflex.

Jews Spew Hate on Establishment Allowing Pro-White Music

Fight the real haters. Fight the Jews. The Jews are your enemy, White man. Note the super-clever graphic in this So Cal piece. These boys are creative! Also note that the September GQ has a story on White power music, including a "scary" black-and-white photo of Resistance honcho Erich Gliebe and a profile of the band Definite Hate. A woman with Tragic Kingdom-- era Gwen Stefani blond hair, a white tank-top and blue jeans rolled up at the cuffs pulls up in a Saturn, unloads a guitar case, glares at a protestor and says, "If I wasn't pregnant, I'd kick your ass." Actually a less hateful review than these things generally are.

More Good E-Mail

The HISP invaders have done nothing but "suck us dry," says legislator. Mexicans don't pollute. Mexicans are pollution. Davis, who declined to speak to The News & Observer, told the Associated Press, "I apologize for nothing." We wouldn't believe it if we hadn't seen it. A White man not apologizing? How can that be? A great first step and a model for us all. Sewage belongs in the septic tank. Go back to your outhouse, Mexican.

Reps. Want Gramm to Retire, So Shitskin (R.) Can Be Appointed

Both parties agree: America's problem is a deficit of shitskins! Let 'em all in! Labor wants more sewage, too. More dues -- screw the American worker. Here a vomit-inducing profile of one of the yids propping up Bushy. "Sexy," says Bushy. "The fact of the matter is that Josh has tremendous influence, but his fingerprints aren't always obvious," says a senior aide. Adds Calio, "Josh is a fairly quiet person in a lot of ways. He's got his hands in virtually everything at the White House, though. All policy matters report to him eventually." Accountable judges? Free Americans?

White Racialist Classics: George Lincoln Rockwell

Title link to page listing a good archive at FAEM. Why not try his essay on propaganda? He makes the good point that it must be multi-level, whereas most conservative agitprop is aimed exclusively at the upper-middle-class businessman. His Playboy interview here. Here recollections of the man. More here, by Frenz.

Media: Legal Impediments to Consolidation Removed

Soon every last word that is voiced, broadcast -- spoken? -- will be owned by a Jew. Not VNN, though. Here on MTV's recent shitfest. Here Berezovsky threatens minority stakeholder.

65% of All Norway Rapes Are by Muds: the Solution Is. . .

. . .Rachel Paul, from the Centre for Gender Equality, told daily newspaper Dagbladet that immigrants needed to be informed about sexual behaviour in Norway. She said: "A good idea would be to offer sexual education to male immigrants when they arrive in Norway."....a GOOD idea would be a rope and a lamp post -- and for the suspiciously-surnamed Ms. Paul as well.

Ten Things to do Besides Watching Television

You can become healthier, more learned and more useful in just minutes a day. Turn off the Televitz and raise your family Derek Powling

New VNN Cartoons

Enjoy. . .

Bushy's Brown Buddies Gang-Raping White Women in Minnesota

The maggots are feasting on the corpse. It's open season on Whites, White women in particular. Who defends your racial interests, White man? Is your wife next in Minnesota? Is your daughter next in Massachusetts? Could be.... "Every once in a while, you get a gang that will say you have to do something like this to get in," he said. "It's sick behavior, but it can be part of the gang ritual." Hogquist said police are searching for the three remaining men in the August assault. The two men charged are illegal immigrants and members of a small gang, but they may have links to a Los Angeles gang, Hogquist said. Both have retained lawyers and refused to talk to police.... These shitskins, here illegally, are raping our White women because they know we won't do anything about it. And George Bush, like his father before him, and like Rush Limbaugh, and like Ronald Reagan, fully approves. America exists to provide sewage from Mexico with jobs and welfare and rape opportunities. If you don't like that, join us in National Alliance and change it. It's too late for anything else. These shitskins should be tortured and executed. What will happen is that most of them will get off, and the others will serve very little time. Mexicans are subhuman sewage that belongs in the septic tank south of the border. Any Mexican entering our country should be shot on sight. But remember: Mexican rapist-invaders are merely the symptom: Jew is the disease. Jews are the reason we have open borders. Jews enjoy seeing White women raped. They enjoy seeing White communities destroyed. Jews are the original Hate Nation, and they are the first problem White revolutionaries must deal with.

More Whites Murdered in South Africa

The noose tightens. The drive is on to push all Whites out of Africa. Then to push them out of Europe and America. Mexico produces millions of barrels of human sewage each year. You think you can't be pushed off your land by it? Ever read history?

Zimbabwe to Stop Occupying White Farms?

The Harare Harangutan says he will, and Britain agrees to pay off the dispossessed farmers. Don't bet on this lasting. Double-H won't stop till every last White has been driven off.

FBI Raids Pro-Palestinian Websites

The FBI exists to protect Jewish interests. Jews don't like criticism. So Jew-critical sites must be shut down. A federal grand jury has subpoenaed business records from two Richardson-based Palestinian organizations whose Web sites are hosted by a company raided Wednesday by a terrorism task force, representatives for the organizations said Thursday. How come the Jewish hate group ADL, convicted of paying off cops and maintaining an illegal spy network, is never busted by the cops? Because the FBI is indoctrinated and pretty much controlled by Jews. In fact, the ADL is a shadow FBI, maintaining literally tens of thousands of files on White Americans and anybody else it thinks poses a potential threat to Israel. The ADL is made up of the same crooked hooks who murdered literally millions of White Christians in Eastern Europe last century. When the time comes, they intend to do the same here. The Jew is your enemy, White man. I mean every Jew. They all pay in their money to hate groups like ADL, that are allowed to indoctrinate the cops that pro-White folks like those at VNN are the real haters. Don't listen to Hymie's sempiternal yapping and puling, watch what it does.

Parting Shots on UN White-Hate Conference

SC Roberts says that it was proper that the U.S. walked out in protest against insensitivity to Jews. But it should never have attended in the first place because of the same hatred against Whites. Of course, one of the main reasons Whites are hated from Zimbabwe to Seattle is because of what those same innocent, persecuted Jews have done in the media. Do you think Semitically Correct Roberts mentions that? Of course not -- he's a eunucon. "Racism" has been fashioned into a weapon against whites. It has brought about massive fabrications of history, hate crimes that only Whites can commit and race-based legal privileges for "preferred minorities." And who did that, Paul? The folks you and your buddy conservatives are too cowardly to name. Your cowardice is the reason VNN continues to grow and expand, and the reason that conservatism continues to shrink into irrelevance. Conservatism doesn't mean anything and doesn't stand for anything. VNN does. The days of Jewish media control are over. We know what they are up to, and White media are our response. There's a new game these days, and it openly resists the Jews and openly defends Whites. Either you're with us, or you're against us. No more half way. Here read comments from a Boston monkey who hates Whites. More here, as the chattering chimpanzee troupe called a "conference" breaks up to gather fruits and berries, sleep in trees, etc. Read what the Jewish Forward says here. Note that this story appeared September 6, and will probably be moved at some point, if you can't find it. Mark Steyn, who may or may not be Jewish, here.

Blacks Flee San Francisco

Of course there's nothing wrong with it -- they just want to live among their own. It's only bad and cowardly when Whites do it. The old anti-White, Jewish-media double standard.

Bushy Hates Whites

His Jewish advisers and he support discrimination against your sons and daughters, White American. Who represents your racial interests? Not the Republican Party. Only National Alliance. When you get tired of the beachballs, come on home. Here Bushy urges legalization of sewermen, reaffirming his vision of America as an employment service for Mexicans. That's why your forefathers came here, right? Here Latino excrement continues to flood Miami. Not surprisingly, cops are coming to reflect the corruption that is endemic to all Latin culture. Here Latinos and Jew Berman at odds in California redistricting struggle. Here NAACP sticks up for KKK-carving liar.

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