Reaping the Whirlwind

by Chuck Pearson

September 12, 2001--

A whirlwind of trouble, Jews are. Darting, probing, remonstrating, provoking, on every side of an issue at once. What a vast amount of suffering and devastation Jews sow, out of all proportion to their tiny numbers -- and what a low profile they assume after they hear the bang!

I've just pried my eyes open and made a cup of coffee; I will be having ash, debris, and body parts along with it for breakfast -- the horrible residue of yesterday's near-unbelievable terrorist attacks.

As I write, I hear that the FBI has discovered an Arabic-language flight training manual in a car at Boston's Logan Airport, and that they've found where some Arab men were staying while attending a flight school in Florida, possibly to practice for the hijackings.

Why so many Arabs rushing around America on furtive missions? You might ask Jews; they're the ones who worked so hard to dismantle our bulwark against non-White filth.

Since the Jewish assault on our immigration laws-- detailed at--

-- the flood of non-Whites has served to insure that terrorists are already in place, and have a secure home here, with a large, dark population to hide in, to seek assistance from and plot with in their own language. At the beginning of the Gulf War, I remember seeing large, violently colored posters depicting Saddam Hussein and Soviet-made tanks, with legends in Arabic -- obviously imported directly from Iraq -- which were, overnight, plastered all over mailboxes, walls, etc. in my once-quiet "changing" neighborhood. Only blocks from where I lived, a major commercial street had been invaded by hordes of Iraqis, supposedly "fleeing" Hussein's regime.

These people are the worst sort of idle, obnoxious, MTV-niggerized, White-hating dirt; the loud, vulgar, pushy rubbish of the souk, the market square. "We come to America for a better life," which, in their case, involves lounging on street corners in baggy Hilfiger and FUBU clothes, hats on backwards, gold rings in noses and huge radios blaring, shouting "Hey, honky!" at passing Whites -- at me. One area restaurant had to be closed as a public nuisance after worthless Iraqi men took it over as a headquarters for their endless lazing, gossiping, coffee-sipping, cigarette-and-hashish-smoking, and for making sexual comments and grabbing at White women.

"Taxi!" You're very likely to get some smelly, red-bereted maniac of a Palestinian, Iranian, Pakistani driver with alien music wailing from the radio in his camel-cart-decorated cab, a just-bought used police car that you can't get into because the back doors don't open. Prisoners, you see. Bells, bangles, brass samovars, and -- I am not making this up -- a picture of the Ayatollah Khomeini, or some other AK-47-waving lunatic, wired to the grille. Suicide cab! Tell them "go straight," they turn left. Trying urgently to get to a hospital where a family member is about to have surgery? They'll suddenly pull over at a gas station their "cousin" owns, and begin a long, hand-waving wrangle in Arabic.

Jews insist that we need dirty little people like this, to run dirty little restaurants, dirty little shops, and liquor stores to sell cheap Mogen David wine -- "Mad Dog"-- to niggers, along with the plastic cups blacks seem to need, and one-cigarette-for-a-quarter. This is called "growth."

Guerrilla doctrine is to be "a fish in the sea"; now, our attackers have brought their own sea with them to hide in. Here, for example --

-- you can read about Dearborn, Michigan, or "Taliban, U.S.A.," with the highest concentration of Moslems anywhere outside the Middle East. Many other American cities have similar populations.

Jews and Moslems are ancient enemies. Jews don't want these people in their 'homeland'; they work to introduce them into White countries merely to dilute, weaken, enervate a vigorous White population that could turn on them. Jews and Whites are also ancient enemies. Jews have nothing but enemies, do they? Ask them -- "Israel against the nations!"

The Jew-controlled media apparatus blares now on all channels, endlessly telling us WHAT happened in New York and Washington and Pennsylvania, but resolutely silent on WHY. Of course, aracial drone Jorge (pronounced "hor-hay") Bush, one of the "Presidents of the United Mexican States," as he was announced during Vicente Fox's recent visit, put on his best solemn face and unashamedly lied to a shocked nation yesterday.

"America was targeted for attack because we're the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world."


We've been here before. Arabs already tried to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993. This time they succeeded. I told you months ago that this was going to happen; it was as predictable as rain. On

February 18, I wrote --

We support parasites who are tearing our society apart. This has the added benefit of making a large part of the world hate us. If one of our cities gets anthraxed by Muslim fanatics, if you get your legs blown off by a car bomb, it'll be because Jews are more important than anything in the whole wide world...Bin Laden says he'll kill Americans whenever, however, wherever he can. No problem -- the Jew who openly admits he's trying to destroy White America is certainly worth dying for. Right?

We'll be here again; we are the only thing standing between Israel and the void, and the world knows that. Why? Why do we protect, support Jews? After all, look at everything they've done for us! "Civil rights" and the destruction of White urban civilization which followed --

-- "diversity" for Whites --

-- but racial separatism for Jews, who are, after all, God's Chosen People --

-- "multiculturalism," "globalism" --

-- "open immigration," sick Freudian psychiatry, MTV, pornography, drugs, fraud, theft, manipulation, swindling, the attack on the Liberty, Jonathan Pollard...

Years ago, I saw a PBS special on America's relationship with Israel. A high-ranking Israeli military officer said, and I quote, "America is a colony of Israel." Paraphrasing from clear memory, I recall him snickering, drooling, "Five billion dollars per year! This is a very desirable situation."

Perhaps not in the burn wards. Try to imagine the scene, the smells, the shrieks as the victims of that shower of flaming jet fuel are "debrided" -- as their burnt flesh is scrubbed off with stiff brushes. A 767 --

-- carries nearly 24,000 gallons of JP-4 -- an Olympic swimming pool of high-grade kerosene. There you sit at your desk, thinking of what you need to pick up at the store -- milk, a lemon -- when...

All for Israel. Look, White man. LOOK at the destruction until you begin to grasp its enormity, and keep repeating, "ALL FOR ISRAEL."

As you discuss this horror on the bus, at work, with friends, keep repeating what the Jew-media will not, cannot mention. "All this for Israel. Is it worth it?"

This will happen again -- and again. We will be at risk until we rid ourselves of both our destructive Jewish parasite and the garbage it has dragged in to hide itself under.

Should White Nationalists risk playing the game of shifting, expedient alliances, Jew-style? Should we court Arab assistance? I think not. We should not rid ourselves of one plague, only to be faced with another. Remember the Crusades? Islam has always offered only "Allah, or the sword." Like Judaism, it is not compatible with the White West. Jews? Moslems? We don't need either to be White. A pox on both their houses.

An old proverb says that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." As the exhausted workers in their dust masks pick through the rubble of the World Trade Center, trying not to look too closely at what they are putting into plastic bags, it is obvious that "the enemy of our enemy" is just another enemy.


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