The Deep End

by Mark Rivers

The Deep End was a selection for the Sundance Film Festival, which means that it was made mostly by White people looking to get involved with Hollywood Jews.

How do independent filmmakers get on the Jews' good side? They make a movie like The Deep End, which revolves around fags. The actors are names you probably wouldn't recognize, though you may have seen one or two of them on TV shows. Here is what the movie is about:

Margaret Hall, a prim and proper Soccer Mom in Lake Tahoe, California, is worried about her son, Beau. Beau, possibly 18 years old, plays the trumpet, always has his shirt tucked in, and is very well-mannered. I wonder why he hasn't found himself a nice girl yet?

Beau is a fag, that's why. Before the movie, he wrecks his car while cruising with his lover, Darby. Darby is a 30-year-old pole-smoker who runs a boys-only Reno nightspot called The Deep End (draw in your own metaphors here). Margaret contacts Darby, and asks him to stop seeing her son. Beau has a future, you see; he's going to go to a fancy music school and everything. The last thing he needs is to be "friends" with a deviate like Darby.

Beau's father, a Navy captain, is at sea most of the time, so Margaret tries to keep the family together. Also in the household are a ballerina/tomboy teen daughter and an eight-year-old son whose only purpose in the film is to make Margaret's life that much more harried. Margaret's father-in-law also lives with them, so he can show up once in awhile and deliver some not-so-funny lines.

Darby shows up one night and has a bitch-slapping contest with Beau in the boathouse. Beau runs off crying like a girl, and Darby trips, impaling himself on an anchor. Margaret discovers the body the next morning. Thinking Beau has killed Darby, she disposes of the evidence. Then she sets out the trash. Wow, what a powerful analogy! The body is found, and the cops are looking for the killer. Bom-ba-bommmm! And now, act II; the wry twist.

A foreigner with dice tattooed on his neck appears at their doorstep soon thereafter. He knows Darby came over to their house on the night of his death, and he threatens to send the police a copy of a sex video starring Darby and Beau unless Margaret gives him $50,000. She can't come up with the cash, but her father-in-law conveniently has a heart attack just as the foreigner comes by to collect. The foreigner saves the old man, and, suddenly growing a conscience, leaves without the money.

The foreigner's evil White partner in Reno demands that he go back and get the cash...or else. The foreigner, having fallen for this plain housewife in record time, gives up his share and tells Margaret that she now owes only $25,000. She can only come up with $12,000, so the evil White guy shows up, smacks her around in the same boathouse (Oh, the irony!), and the foreigner shows up. They scuffle, and the foreigner chokes the evil White guy to death.

The foreigner takes off with the body and crashes the car, to make it look like the evil White guy died in the crash. Beau and Margaret discover the wreck, and the foreigner gives her the sex video and the $12,000. The foreigner dies with flourish, and Margaret weeps as though she has lost the love of her life.

The movie hints that the evil White guy and the foreigner are fags (which could explain their association with Darby and the sex video), but it never comes right out and says it. Oh well, I guess that deep subtext just flew right past me.

The Deep End has some lame acting and 100 pages of dialogue that sound like they came from the pen of a first-year student at the Ed Wood School of Dramatic Prose. It is mostly just an instructional film for Soccer Moms on how to embrace homosexuality (as if they needed any more convincing at this point).

The sex video showed the two fags copulating, which is sort of contrary to the Hollywood Handbook. It tells the shy, awkward, trumpet-playing boys in the audience, "Hey, boys! You're lonely and confused, aren't you? You must be gay! Join our happy family! All you have to do is take it in the poop-chute!"

That last part is usually not included in the Jews' propaganda. Hollywood, whether Jew or Jew-collaborator at the helm, wants kids to think that faggotry is achieved only by listening to showtunes, not by bending over and letting some pervert pound his HIV machine into them. Kids who are suckered into the Jews' "gay is okay" line eventually discover the reality of it...just like Jesse Dirkhising did.

The negro count in The Deep End is two: one pushing buttons in the recording studio where Beau makes his audition tape for the music school, and a negress nurse in the hospital after the old man has the heart attack. There were more negroes in the upcoming film trailers:

1) The One, in which Chinaman Jet Li jumps fifty stories and chops an elephant in half.

2) The Wash, with coons-a-plenty, jiving and shucking, tap-dancing and hyuck-hyucking. They smoke pot, dance, hump, smoke more pot and mumble their jive banter, know whum sayin?

3) Ali, the story of oppressed special darkie Cassius Clay.

4) Two Can Play That Game, an afromantic comedy. This one serves some useful purpose: its title doubles the counting abilities of its demographic.

The Deep End is not an entertaining movie. Why has it had a nationwide release? It could be because it has fags, because it was co-directed by a Jew, or because it was a Sundance pick. In any case, it's not worth your time or money. Skip it.

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