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Gang-Raping Gooks in California

Diversity is our greatest strength.

American Police State

Hegelian foundations, practical reality...

Vdare, Gottfried and Goldbug

Deep in the Congo, rival bands of pygmies do battle... How it works at Yale.

Media: Dead Grahams Tell No Tales

Another Jewish liar...

Jews, Blacks at Odds on Oregon School Board

School board member says "Jews running everything"... Here UC system increases anti-White discrimination.


Cockburn on the rumors... Here on the socialist pledge. Watch as the Jewish neocons attack the milquetoast libertarians... Here on hypocritical feminists.

Supreme Court Looses Invader-Criminals on White America

One of the big problems with this country is that too many judges sleep well at night.

Israel Prepares to Murder

Good Reese on foreign policy here.

New South Africa: Nigs Rape White Women without Repercussions

While the Jewish media laugh in approval. The Jews destroyed this formerly healthy White country, and now they cover up the racial aspect of the rapes. The niggers are, as ever, merely the tools and the symptom -- Jew is the disease. This sort of thing will happen in America too if you don't fight Hymie, White man -- guaranteed. Oh, wait -- it already is. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. What are you doing to stop Hymie, White man?

Black Panthers Spraying Territory in Vegas

The murderous idiots have issued a list of demands.

Whites = Minority

Already are worldwide, coming soon in the U.S., too...

Zhirinovsky Admits He's a Yid

Father was Jewish...

Cin Riots

Vastly different from the way the media portrayed them. The nigs are vicious, White-hating criminals; always were, always will be. This is about as good as the mainstream gets; very good work by Heather MacDonald. She still needs to make the next step to overt racism. Here on the newly cuffed sprayer-savage. Read about his admission and past here.


On its being completely screwed up... Laughable leftist hypocrisy. Here on reading problems, and how they are created. Here O'Rourke on California stupidity.

Media: Controlling What You Know

"Responsible journalism" -- never letting anybody speak without a government agent there to contradict him...

Latest on Louima Case....

For years, "Whites" have been blamed for sodomizing illegal alien Abner Louima. Take a look at these "Russian" and "German" names. Perhaps, as in the case of the "Russian" mafia, the key players here are also Jews "under cover of Whiteness."

Scouts Get Double Dose of Diversity

From Jewish scout paedophile who faces 36 counts of sodomizing boys.

Amnesty Shmamnesty

What we'd love to hear someone say on talk Carol Ward

Office of Semitic Interrogation

Remember these kindly Jews? They used our tax dollars and governmental authority to frame Ivan Demanjuk as Ivan the Terrible. They knew he wasn't, but failed to deliver the exonerating evidence they had in their possession, even though he was sentenced to die in Yidrael. Right now they are trying to deport him again. In between Ivan and the next nursing home resident victim, they have succeeded in getting the citizenship of 77 year-old Mykola Wasylyk revoked. Notice the word "alleged" in the story? Instead of informing us of the un-kosher nature of this witch-hunting office, they call the elderly man an "alleged Nazi" who served as a guard in a LABOR camp.

Jewish Child-Killer Arrested

The police profiled the killer of the little girl (race of father unknown) as a White male. Justin "Weinberger" doesn't look European...any more than blond haired "White trash" rap promoter Lizzy GRUBman. It's a familiar tactic by now: Like salamanders, when they commit crimes, Chosenites change coloration and become suddenly "Russian" or "White."

The New Deal Unfolds

Some lines sent to us by a Njal

Your Doctor's Office. . .

Just another fedgov listening post, thanks to the whores in D.C.

New Entry for Fedgov Newspeak Glossary: "Privacy"

It's a safe bet: if a piece of proposed legislation has the word "privacy" in its name, it's designed to wrest from us what little the so-called Drivers Privacy Protection Act...

Simply Everything...

That's what this story's got...Orthodox Jewess infusing feminism with Orthodox "values" and vice-versa, while her hubby, Irving "Yitz" Greenberg -- a Holohoax "scholar" -- collects honorary doctorate...keep on hand instead of ipecac in case you need to induce vomiting. . .

Iraq was Set Up by U.N. for U.S. Bombing

The U.S. worked closely with U.N. weapons inspection team to provoke Iraq so that U.S. bombing would appear justified -- according to one of the participants in the deal. And if you follow the thread of manipulation a bit farther, it's clear that Hymie, as usual, was pulling the strings.

Equality and Freedom -- Mutually Exclusive

We now have an anti-legal system to match our anti-nation...where you can be dead certain that if there isn't a specific law, regulation, statute or license allowing it, it's illegal -- even if it's your own privately held opinion -- as the title link illustrates.

Human Genome Estimate Doubled

New research results suggest 65 - 75,000 rather than the 35,000 genes so confidently announced not long's anyone's guess how long the indisputable truth of racial differences can continue to be papered over by researchers (who use misdirection, half-truths, and subtle distortions rather than outright lies) dependent upon federal grant money. The actual research itself, of course, demonstrates what any normal five year-old can plainly see -- i.e., racial differences are literally marrow-deep.

Military Build-up on West Bank

"Israel," the "light unto the Gentiles," is gearing up for another major land grab. The U.S. and its allies will make the usual regretful between grovel-visits to Holohoax museums and dedicating the next memorial to God's Pets.

Hand Gun Prohibition in Britain...A NWO/ZOG Priority

Straight out of Turner Diaries.

The Invasion

No kidding legalization is a bad idea... Who represents your interests, White man?

Taki on Diana

Notice how quickly she faded, after all the hubbub?

Saliva? Semen?

Brotha sought in serial "spray" attacks against White women in Cincinnati. He's marking the White man's territory. That's a love crime. A hate crime if a White man sprays back. How far will this man go? When will there be a forum to discuss racism in Cincinnati? Is the sprayer one of the Cincinnati at-large mob attackers? The women are fair game in Cincinnati and Seattle. Ladies, make sure you are armed to the greatest extent the law will allow (and these days, that's not much) and prepare to protect yourself. You can be sure the cops (or any male bystanders) won't, just as they didn't when Kris Kime was murdered in Seattle for doing what the cops refused to do. The Seattle and Cincinnati cops deserve our contempt, not understanding. Understanding is for nice whitemice.

"Israel" -- Where Every Day is Waco Day for Palestinians

Look what you get for your tax money, Whitey. Jews launch a Waco-style attack on a home packed with women and children because a Hamas resistor was allegedly there. Four innocent civilians dead and one child gets arm blown off. Yids say "we don't mean to kill babies, really," as they roll the bulldozers in and level another block or two of homes in the remaining 8% of the land they haven't stolen yet. Later, this occupied land will be called a Jewish "settlement." The Yids will say "stop the violence, or we'll take more land." Why is it, White man, that Jews head most Western groups calling to ban our weapons, open our borders to the turd world, "diversify" our communities and miscegenate our children? Meanwhile, in occupied Palestine, they enslave Eastern European women, segregate their society, discriminate against the indigenous, forbid miscegenation, carry machine guns and attack the homeless in refugee camps. One standard for Jews, another for the goyim.

Attack of the Identity Snatchers

Send us money for more weapons, U.S., because we have a "perpetrate a holocaust without consequence" card. Nod in approval each time we bomb a Palestinian "military installation" and bulldoze old olive trees and surrounding houses in the refugee camp down the road. Resisting occupation is a dangerous thing for the indigenous in occupied Palestine...The Arab Semites are not the enemy, White man. The identity snatchers are.

Deja Vu All Over Again. . .

As with the recent black Marine rapist in Japan (a virtual replay of a black-on-yellow rape in Okinawa in 1995, when 3 "brothas" raped a twelve year-old), a "British" soldier from Fuji rapes 80 year old German woman. Other (non) "Western" members of the military rob, rape and murder. The civilized non-Caucasian yellows in Japan don't accept this kind of behavior, and pro-Europeans shouldn't either...

...And Again

We no sooner finished with the story above when another Okinawa rape, this time allegedly by a U.S. airman (race carefully unspecified) was reported...

Daschle Wants All Invaders Legalized

Colored invaders have more rights than White natives. Mostly due to Jews, but partly due to White race-traitors like Daschle. Here Tamils do battle. These nasty little rat-people don't belong anywhere near any White country. Why are they here? Jews. It really is that simple. Read MacDonald's work here, and understand.

Derek Black and the Big Bad Kids Page

How many times are we going see this story written? Let's see, the entire public school system is funded by forced taxation and spreads Jewish lies, but one kid's page on the internet threatens the goliath complex. Who's kidding we have a free press? Every paper writes the same story, from the same angle, using the same terms. Good work Derek and Don....

Professional Jewish Hate Group Promotes Hatred of Whites Among Cops

The global smearmongers poison the police on your dime, White man. Fighting the Jews is real politics; everything else is beanbag.

Jews Must Organize, the Better to Steal

They must make Israel's case: for special favors, free money, the right to shoot anyone who displeases them in the genitals. Here Jewess Graham, owner of Washington Post, dies.


This is one of the Jew-controlled paper's favorite topics these days... Here White teacher sues for discrimination. Here a Nip boils hamster-fondling pikers. Swastika as fashion theme? Here Earhart's plane discovered, they say.

Pals Create New Smithersteins

Jeez, ya steal some people's country, and they just never forget about it! What's wrong with those Palestinians, anyway? That was fifty years ago, come on...

Eight Hundred Witches Killed in Congo!

Your equals, White readers...Your equals at your peril! Here an American negro commits hate crime against White woman and her child. Ship 'em back where they belong, with their witchhunting boolie brothers in deepest Congo. Here you can buy your very own niglet in Sudan. Ain't they cute? But only for a while! Then they grow up. Kind of like Burmese pythons, except louder and stupider.

Click Here!

Britain: Prison Staff Busted for Illegal Books

Yep, it's come down to this. Jew-controlled Britain bans books. Remember that next time you hear the yids crying about the Nazis burning books. Jews are the original haters and book-burners. Here cops refuse to detail rapist of 92-year-old. VNN has every faith it's not a dark shark did it.

Israel the Terrible

Cut it loose, set it free, let it go... Here on Iranian turmoil. More on sentenced journalist here. Is Western Europe freer than Iran? Here Western-style kid violence in Hong Kong. Wherever Jewish satellite tv spreads, social pathology follows as the night the day. See an old headline about Jews declaring war on Germany. Never kid yourself that these folks don't work together and hate us.

New Caesar on the Way?

Is the Bible "hate" literature? Browns, blacks discuss team-mulcting of Whitey. Here blacks can't graduate from college. And of course, those are colleges in name only. Here latest roundup of Semitical Correctness. Here on paying blacks to be black. Here Molyneaux of World Church and his writings.

Evolution, Religion, Natural Selection

A site with essays relating Christian religion to MacDonaldian evolutionary strategy.... Here on Jewish genes.

Paris Plagued by Congoids

The caption says "policies" have failed. Not the policy of filling France, Europe, the White West with niggers and other human offal, but policies that some wizard says can reclaim inborn fuliginous ineptness and animalism. Coloreds out. Europe for Whites.

Zimbabwe: White Farmer Seized for Running Over Occupier

One fewer chimps. That's the good news...

Bushy Weighs Alchemy

Ponders doing what God himself couldn't: turn Mexicans into American citizens. In these late stages, WASPs like Bush assume everybody is as buyable as they are. More here. This is how nations die: the treason of the elite; a cross-eyed, gladhanding frat boy where once Washington stood. If you don't want to live under Brazil-style tyranny, you must unite and fight, Whites. More here. Here on filthy browns in Oregon.

She-gress Demanded Black Waiters

Discrimination against Whites, who cares? Niggers can do whatever they want because Jews control the media.

AIDS: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Lots of bad news... Here stats on kids with no dads.

How Long Till Arrest and Prison Quotas?

Logical end of profiling nonsense...

Canada: Supporting Same-Sex

Check out the lead on this story... Here Fox bloviates about NAFTA. Mexico is at war with the U.S.

Media: Getting Around the Jewish Embolism

The major media are completely controlled by Jews or fear of them. But not the Internet. Not completely. Not yet. But the Jews are trying to kill freedom here too. Dig the cheap slap at Drudge, as though that lone Jew isn't more reliable than the disgusting assemblage of stickmen queers at the NYT. You can well believe if Drudge says it, it's much likelier to be true than the fags at the Times. Here Resistance Records mentioned in Salon. Here the Jewish toads who write the news harp on the Birmingham bombing. Remember Wichita? How come we never see pictures of the Whites murdered by the Carr brothers? Forty-year-old crimes against coloreds are more important than recent mass-murders of Whites. That's what Jewish media control means.

White Culture: Michelangelo Statue Restored


Movie Review: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

The Japs made this one. There are plenty of noble negroes and evil Whites inside. Take a Mark Rivers

Jewish Highchair Warmongers

They're more than ready to slobber your sons and their blood all over their face, White man.

Nigger Outrage! Ear-Demanding Yahweh-Cult Head Getting Out of Prison

Yahweh Ben Yahweh, who got Robert Rozier and other dupes to murder Whites, is about to be released from prison, believe it or not. Meanwhile White racist Curtis rots in jail for putting a snakeskin on a bush. Typical dark-shark attack here. Here Kenyan tells countrymen to quit screwing for two years. Typical nigger crime here. Ship 'em back, ship 'em back -- waaaaay back. More TNB here -- typical nigger behavior. Got niggers?

Anti-Australians Fire at Pro-Australians Protecting Shore

Boat "people"? -- give 'em blankets and food and welfare. Coast protectors? -- call 'em pirates and shoot at 'em.

Good News: Increasing Numbers of Blacks Spitting on Flag

Last night, I was sitting two rows behind what appeared to be a black family. Most of the family stood during the playing of the anthem. But two 20-something young men in the group stayed seated. Worse, they kept their baseball caps on and made quite a show out of shoving nachos and hot dogs in their mouths as the rest of us stood with our hands over our hearts and sang along. I sat there steaming mad for about half the game. Finally, I couldnąt stand it anymore. I decided to approach these young men. I respectfully and politely asked one of them, "May I ask why you didn't stand during the anthem?" The man, his face twisted with anger, said: "Because of what your people did to my people. Now go away, whitey." No, you go away, niggy.

Arab Fights "Holocaust" Propaganda in York Schools

Promotes Finkelstein book, now out in paperback. Yids are traumatized by the thought facts might intrude on the lies they brainwash into our kids. Here the Exalted Sand Flea trips to Zimbabwe to confer with Boss Chimp. Here on the nationwide nig-White education gap. Gee, how do we close it? We've been trying for years. There's only one way: drag Whites down to nigger level. Here ADL celebrates end of Spotlight. Funny photos here. Arafat words here, collected by Zionists. It's possible he even said them. Here on dead Shahak, a shabbes yid, as they say...

Genes Don't Lie, Jews Do: Racial Differences are Huge

"Enormous amount of variation"...

British Scientists Create Nog Vanishing Cream

Rub a little nigger-b-gone on the next homie you see, and all our social ills will disappear since race differences are only skin deep. The truth, in the words of the old negro spiritual, It ain't the skin, it's what's within. Here on new discolored British imports. Here typical anti-racist "building bridges" bilge. More here. More nescient nitwits full of nugatory nostrums here.

Niglet Rappers

Welcome to Diversity World. You have a good chance of being molested or murdered by dark sharks and 100% chance of going down with nigger crappers in your ear. Lil' Bow Wow. Here on MTV's twentieth anniversary. Here Seattle top cops in action; have you ever seen a cat that scared itself by a noise that it made?

Jewish Press Control

From Ford's book... Learn how Jews operate and why media power is political power. A story-a-day is their strategy both for promoting their racial cult of the "Holocaust" and for destroying an opponent. The story of the late New York Herald... After reading this chapter, you should have a good idea why everything you see on tv or in the papers sounds the same. Here on Jewish money power. Here Israelis build a fence around Palestinians. Here Farrakhan kept out of England by Jew Straw. If you promote anti-White jobs discrimination like Jew Straw does, no problem. If you criticize Jews, you're banned. One standard for Hymie, another for the rest of us. Jews are the enemy, White man. There is no way out but through the Jews. Here Israeli military prepares attack. More here. Anti-Israel here. Here Farah in full suck. Here turmoil.

Commentary's Seligman on NYT and Race

Crappy and predictable series won Pulitzer. Of course race can't be written about accurately in the NYT because the queers who edit the liepaper insist on the Biggest Lie that race doesn't exist, and yet diversity is our greatest strength. VNN, not being edited by mealy-mouthed Jewish queers, can tell you the truth: Race DOES exist. It is hugely important. And diversity is a weakness that fractures any society that tries it. Quit buying Jewish news, people. Get your news off the 'Net. Quit funding the Jews who are destroying your race. Support White media -- turn the Jews' beloved boycotting against them. Here pro-White actually helped by court that hasn't heard the Jews canceled the First Amendment.

Wogs Riot in Stoke

Send these Asian monkeys home. Britain for Whites. Wogs out. Here cop speaks on Bradford.

McGuckin Kids Handed Over to State

Now they can be mentally refurbished by psychotic Jewish burrocrats. "She has some trust issues" say the feds of Mrs. McGuckin. An "issue" is a private belief that at odds with Jewish agenda. Now it's lesbians and girl scouts.

Revolution in Klamath Falls?

Farmers say they, not ugly fish, deserve water. They pry open gates. Special rights for drag queens in California, if bill goes through. No Irish license plates need apply. Have a feeling there's no problem with "la raza.'...

British Pol Honored for Pushing "Holocaust" Cult

We need separation of synagogue and state, even in Britain. More "Holocaust" tripe. Scottish synagogue decorated, even money by Jewish hand. Here a disgusting Jew in North Carolina. Here on plans to make Aryan Nations property stolen by courts into Anne Frank park. Here Jews threaten Scottish church. Here cops to use animal stun guns, good for neutralizing Pakis and other wild beasts. Here details on "gas chambers." They say six million were killed. Where's the list? This notoriously literate folk, this people of the book can't even produce a simple list of the murdered in whose name it collects hundreds of billions in extortions? Of course it can't. It's lying, as it always does about any substantial issue where it has something to gain. You can bet your ass, your soul, your first-born child that there weren't six million Jews fumigated by the Germans. Their best scholar himself only claimed 5.1 million. And that was before the revisions that cut the claimed number at Auschwitz from 4 million to 1.5 million. So how come the papers repeat the Jewish myth of the six million until we all want to puke? For just that reason -- it's a Myth. Repeating it cements their victimhood and the rest of us in their slavery, moral and taxational. Jews lie. If you learn nothing else from VNN, learn that Jews are your enemy, White man. They lie repeatedly, intentionally and with malice aforethought. They mean to destroy us, and they are doing a good job of it. The "Holocaust" myth is nothing but a paralytic agent aimed at White brains, to turn them to mush for profitable yid consumption. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. What are you doing, White man? How many things you know just ain't so, White man?

Bushy Prepares to Give in on Legalizing Mexicans

Mexicans now dictate U.S. immigration policy, and as long as what they want's in line with the Jewish agenda, they'll get their way. No loyalty is the rule these days. If Mexicans count as Americans, then what does citizenship mean? Here INS numbers where you can report illegals. Maybe they'll do something, maybe they won't. For sure they'll write your name down.


Plot synopsis of the new Jewish anti-White movie created by Tim Blake Nelson, who despite the camonym is a Jew, as Pierce discusses in this week's address.

State Department Report Criticizes White Slavery in Israel

More here. Jews have always taught their young that gentiles are lower than animals and exist only to serve Jewish needs. Jews are a racial crime syndicate -- gypsies with brains. When do we bomb Israel? Here Nuenke review of book The Phenomenon of the Jews. Here a Jewish judge who destroyed White freedom of association in the name of "civil rights" is hyped. Here on Russian sex slaves in China. Here yids improve the world one ecstasy pill at a time. Here on repulsive Jew Einhorn, possibly to be extradited by French. More here.

White Whistleblower at Ford

Feel free to email the reporter at the bottom of the article, which focuses on the "perception" of the White guy that he's being discriminated against and the deep legal power Ford can bring to bear. Articles about anti-White discrimination -- graven in law -- always take the slant that Whites are hallucinating. Here diversity fair in Tennessee. Remember the victims of Jewish hate and lies. Here judge tries to say that "deadbeat" dad loses right to procreate. What about dead-booty welfare queens? When do they lose their right to fill our planet with niglets, fast-food wrappers and other refuse?

Portrait of Two Monsters: Churchill and Stalin

A foolish drunk and Ted Bundy to the eighteenth power... Here the zhids at NYT hype Stalin's persecution of Jews. The NYT averages more than one "Holocaust (TM, C, R, Ltd, g.m.b.h.)" story per day. How many do they publish about the fine work of their Jewish brothers in the Ukraine? Between less than one and negative twenty. Here they whine about a French hotel. Jews and Bolsheviks, peas in a pod. Learn what haters these Jews are, White man -- learn how they destroy country after country -- learn how they are responsible for the worst viciousness and mass-murdering the White world has ever seen. Here on Katyn, one of their best pieces of wet work. Read article number three here. Know your killers: Beria. How many Americans have heard of him, do you suppose?

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