The New Deal Unfolds

by Njal

They're making a list
They're checking it twice
They want to be sure
Who's been naughty and who's been nice.

They take the task seriously
They make a scholarly investigation
Of who's a friend and who's a foe
And who's past rehabilitation.

So better be careful what books you read
And in whose company you spend a while
Lest you wind up by mistake
In the wrong computer file.

Their intellects are acute
And their moral standards high
So when they draw a conclusion
Is it reasonable to suspect a lie?

They're so polite and benevolent
To hang out with them such fun
There's not an ounce of bigotry in them
They're on the side of everyone.

While others are greedy and vicious
And act on motives selfishly base
Their only care? That universal justice be done
Unto the entire human race!

So open your mind and open your gate
And place all your trust in them
You'll never have reason to be sorry
Unless you're one of the hate-filled men.

It's true they have more than their share
Of the perks and privileges of society
To think this due to anything but merit
Is lowdown scurrilious impiety!

And should you be reduced to the job
Of washing dishes and flipping the burger
While they come fresh from the sauna
To chart yet another corproate merger

Set loose the bulldozer on the last old forests
Or pave over another fertile field
To make a few more fast bucks
And add a percentage point to their yield

They'll never concede you the right
To make the tiniest complaint
Of being subjected to exploitation
And humiliating spirit-breaking constraint.

They'll tell you that they've been there
And that "all's fair in peace and war
If you're just figuring that out now -- loser!
We were born knowing the score!"

They'll say "To every purpose under heaven
There is a place and a time
And every haven of warmth and laughter
Is purchased with innocent blood and crime.

So when Lady Liberty held high her torch
And beckoned us in to your fields of amber
We saw our last best hope and opportunity
To be not the anvil but the hammer.

We've learned the lesson in history's hard school
It's vital to lasso the palace
We discreetly use wealth to build up power
And leave you to languish in malice.

So forget your quaint dreams of freedom
And don't take all day mopping that floor
Yes, that's right -- you're working for us now
that pain you feel is called 'being poor'"

Onward flows the tide of history
Toward a modern global empire
And among its nascent elites --
The grandsons of Bugsy and Meyer!

-- Njal

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