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Black Leaders Turn Attention Against American Flag

Quite right: it's not your flag. Not your country either. Back to the jungle, bluegums. Segregation works, as many students recognize. Imagine a future without Negroes. It can be achieved.

Israelis Hate Straight Reporting

Harass foreign press. Here on a recent bombing.

Canada: Abs Donate to "Holocaust"

Nobody has suffered like the Jews. Nobody. Just ask 'em. Here local yids at B'nai B'rith whine about NA. You are a "hate" group if you put out stickers saying "Too White to be hate crime victims." If you promote discrimination against Whites, as the yids do, you're a tolerant, liberal, repairing the world with your tikkun olam. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else.

Malaysians Sacrifice U.S. Woman to Win Lottery

Ninety percent of the earth is covered with this type of scrubhuman. Protecting Whites is the only environmental cause worth a damn, because when we're gone, this kind of idiot-monkey will destroy everything else.


Criticize Neil Diamond and you're a Jew-gasser. Criticize 'the painted word,' and you're anti-art. Another non- or half-political example of political correctness as Semitical Correctness as the inability -- genetic -- of Jews to accept criticism of anything they've ever done, thought, written, painted, sung, or danced as legitimate. If a Jew's behind a trend, you can bet there's a clever hate label to demonize anyone athwart it. The Jew is the enemy, White man. Wherever there are Jews, there is anti-art and its celebration, and usually subsidization: From the repudiation of the traditional idea of value, sprung on us by Duchamp's urinal 84 years ago, we have come to put a value on repudiation. Have you ever seen the performance artwork: Insertion D/Toppling? Here on auteurs Whit Stillman and Hal Hartley. Some decent lines in this old suck piece: While Rainer Werner Fassbinder's stiff directing or John Cassavetes' pointless scripts illustrated the filmmakers' angst-ridden themes, only Hartley thought to use stiff directing to illustrate a pointless script.

Jews Bedung Fairy Tales in Shrek

Shrek is yid dreck. And much of this is disturbingly inappropriate for children. When Farquaad tortures him for information, a legless Gingerbread Man spits in his eye and barks: "Eat me!" A goofy announcer says of Snow White, "Although she lives with seven men, she's not easy!" Later, when Shrek sees the tiny Farquaad's towering castle he asks, "Do you think maybe he's compensating for something?" It's funny, barely, but are phallic jokes necessary in a children's movie? Flatulence jokes abound, too, as though sophisticated animation equipment and $100 million had somehow fallen into the hands of fifth-grade boys. Or Jews. And again: Later, Fiona and Shrek bump into an oversexed Robin Hood, whose merry men break into song about what's really on Robin's mind. One lyric ending with the word "maid" continues: "What he's basically saying is that he likes to get" -- pause, -- "paid!" The Grand Canyon between the sensibility of a joke like this and that of most parents is breathtaking. It is the Grand Canyon gap between Jews and Whites. But of course this Christian writer "can't" say that. So he hints in that cowardly way that Christians have. Jews, as we see from their movies, are anuses, and need to make aliyah and purify our land. World of difference between crafty, quick- and dirty-minded yids and timorous Christian dimwits.

O Brother...

Jews mock genuine American traditions, but people are so starved for White Americana they pay to see and listen anyway. Whatever you want, they're selling, and that goes for racism and anti-Semitism too...

Nigger Standards Equals No Standards

You can have diversity, or you can have quality. You can have freedom, or you can have Jews.

A Dumb, Illiterate Jewess Criticizes Honey

Other cultures eat insects. We only eat honey. We're wrong. We ought to be slurping down 'hoppers and stewed pillbugs by the spoonful says this nescient nudge. There is not one normal White habit Jews won't attack and turn into an "issue," which means a tested practice or belief Jews wish to supplant with their own noxious one.

Greeks and Swedes


Movie Review: The Fast and the Furious

Judenscheiße at its fastest and most furious. The new film, directed by Rob COHEN, has more than one meaning in mind when it tosses around the phrase "race wars." Mark Rivers

Britain: Burnley Burns as Irving Case Continues

Wogs belong in Wogistan, not Britain. The Jews who imported them must be dealt with. Here on Irving appeal, day three. The traditional enemies of free speech: everywhere, but nowhere -- paying, listening, bribing, monitoring, dictating from the wings. More here. More here. Jews are strange creatures. They remind us of assholes that pay a crooked judge to issue them a certificate saying they don't stink, and then run around showing it to humans like they don't have noses. Your papers and paid liars can smear Irving as you wish, Hymie, but that won't change the facts. Y'all are liars, and he's a great man and a great historian.

Macedonia Under Attack

The Jews who would run the NWO are horrified that one nation would protect itself from invasion and depredation by another. Unless that nation is Israel.

Berenson and Yid Hypocrisy

If a Jew aids one of the most vicious terrorist groups in the history of the world, she ought to be released for time served. If a White man speaks freely or passes out literature, he ought to be locked up until the end of time. That's how the Jewish queers at the New York Times think. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else. No Jews. Just Right. Here über-yid Kissinger and half-yid Hitchens do battle.

French Jews Attack Front 14

The pro-White server, based in the U.S., is under attack by the same types that went after Yahoo. Brick by brick, the demonic yids attempt to wall off White freedom. As Töben said at the Internet conference, they gloat in their belief that the day comes soon when the First Amendment is overturned. Jews are the enemy, White man. That's the first lesson of politics. The libertarians, the Republicans, the conservatives won't tell you that. No percentage in it. Note this ominous but predictable portend: The Council of Europe is drafting the world's first treaty against cybercrime, a text due to be approved this month which could become a global standard to fight Internet crime. By crime they mean "defending Whites and their interests," although they will camouflage this with wink-and-nudge gunk about drug wars and money laundering and kiddie porn.

The Neverending Whine

Good title for a history of the Jews. More pointless kvetching from history's crybabies.

Official Britain Celebrates Its Beshitting with Boscoes

Events "celebrate" boscoes, slurping their rancid curries in between setting up "no-go" barriers against their White betters and hurling Molotovs at the cops.

Incompetent Nigs and Mexicans Admitted to Med School, Qualified Whites Left on Sidelines

Millions of dollars -- your dollars -- are wasted training these things, and they end up not being able to pass the final exams. Just as White doctors are displaced by coloreds, the White race is displaced. But the minorities are not to blame for this situation -- although they helped, they could never have brought it about on their own. The JEWS are responsible. The Jews are the number-one enemy, and anybody who says differently does not understand the situation or is trying to deceive you. And of course Jews themselves are never discriminated against at med school or any other -- just Whites. Here a shitskin awaits bill signing that will let it go to college at American rates, just as if it were one. Do you imagine you could invade Mexico and attend college subsidized by Mexicans, White American? Your country is being stolen from you right under your nose. Nothing will change until we deal with the Jews responsible for all this.

Sex with Kids and Animals?

And more cutting-edge social change courtesy of the paper of record for Jewish queers. More culture changes as church darkens. Call-and-response doggerel wins the day. Negroes can hardly be expected to hold still and think, now, can they?

Komodo Dragon: No Professional Courtesy for Jew Bronstein

Oh, this just gets better and better. Now there's debate over just what happened in the yid-lizard altercation at the L.A. Zoo. Knowing the canting yid concocters of "news" as we do, we suspect Bronstein himself bit the dragon and they're covering it up. According to this article, Bronstein screamed like a girl when the dulcet lizard licked his piggy. Maybe Sharon forgot her underwear again and the monitor thought it was feeding time and made a move on the nearest rat... Big matter or small, Jews lie: The "Hollywood spin machine" presented Bronstein as valiantly fighting off the fetid-breathed predator, but the zookeepers' report portrayed things rather differently. Think about this, people: The Jewish media lie about EVERYTHING. And when they aren't lying, they get the facts wrong. Everything is Semitized for their protection, which means massaging the facts so the dim Caucasians don't get disturbed enough to act. VNN fully expects the lizard to be charged with a hate crime and forced to tour Wiesenthal's Little Shop of Horrors, albeit restrained trebly by leashes, with four burly, heavily armed men interposed between it and Simon the Pure, that his gullet go unbit. Expect this terrible incident to become an anti-Semitic staple on the ADL rubber-chicken circuit, included in cop-agitprop seminars, perhaps even merit its own display at the Little Shop, as soon as wax figures and a diorama be constructed and proper lighting arranged. Even animals hate us, Oy Weh! How long, O Yahweh, must Israel suffer? We can only hope that Icktheos will touch the heart of the poor, benighted lizard, that one day it might walk upright among us again, a reconstructed reptile fit for lecturing alongside Tom Leyden.

Concentration Camp Reality

Not like the movies, not like the newspapers. Do Jews lie? Um, yes. Yes, they do. Here on corrupt yid takeover con man.

Globalization Leads to Class Polarization

Here BBC on our Mexican invasion, and joint measures to save the invaders. Well, maybe one of the Bushy girls will get attacked or raped by one of these cholos her pop helped invade when she's off getting drunk in some back alley. More on the invasion here. Here White man wants to be on black caucus in Chicago. Here on the woman Yates who killed her five kids. Here teen-pack stomps a bum to death. We're just guessing that it was made up entirely of niggers. Just guessing. Here why New York ought to be nuked.

Media: South Park

Jews produce shit-culture for Whites. In an episode first shown on Wednesday, characters used the dung-related word 162 times with nary a censor's beep. Every Jewish production is a Shower Ranger Special. Jews have a cultural and historical affinity for shit, because they are shit-people, even more so than Mexicans, who are merely shit-colored. You think I'm joking. Here on morning-zoo puerility. You lose your freedom to control your life, White man, but in return you can screw whatever you want and say shit and fuck in public. Here the home site of Sumner Redstone's Viacom, the company that owns Infinity, the company that employs Opie and Anthony, the latest shock-morons the demi-monde is clamoring about. Here on Jew Karmazin who might take over when Redstone retires. Here all the niggers and Jews and college students and stupidity you could ever want in one story. Here a repeat story on how the media fake reactions. Here Freeper nitwits convene, reported on by Salon nitwit. Note the typical gutlessness. The freepers were going to give an award to the Harris woman from Florida, but she was too scared to collect it! How typical of these ninnies and nincompoops. So many White mice running around in an aquarium. But read this: The group has also expressed a level of vitriol toward Democrats, particularly the Clintons (including occasional death threats), that has normally reasonable voices on the left wishing they could shut the group up. Legal scholar Cass Sunstein uses the Free Republic as an example of what his new book,, describes as "group polarization," where people segregate themselves so effectively online with other like-minded thinkers that they create an echo chamber where the group's worst and most malevolent opinions get reinforced and strengthened. "We might want to consider," Sunstein startlingly told the Times recently, "the possibility of ways of requiring or encouraging sites to link to opposing viewpoints." Even this modest attempt at creating something even partly outside the Jew-dominated sphere sets the yids a-canting and calling for pogroms. Jews are so afraid that Whites might wake up to what they are up to that even a feeble group like FreeRepublic makes the goose pimples rise.

13 Fatal Lies...

...that Jews use to murder White Western Founders' America

Jews Killed Freedom of Association

They want to destroy your race by forcing you to mix with niggers and other low things, White man. So their judges perverted the Constitution. We no longer have robust rights that we are prepared to fight for. We merely have a shrinking residue of things we're still permitted to do. Here the latest Paul Craig Robert rant. Everything he says is true, everything he describes exists, but because he and his fellow elite lack the courage to blame the Jews primarily responsible, the evil will keep on spreading. Here on gun control, the true but hidden purpose is to disarm law-abiding Whites that they be deprived of the most effective way of resisting Jewish tyranny. You won't read that in your lowbrow USA Today or your highbrow Wall Street Journal. Because it's true. End the drug war.

Fight Continues Over Anatomically Incorrect Ken-Man

The moronic and dipsomaniacal redmen call him Ancient One in the fleeting moments they escape their cups. But our White ancestor should be turned over to human scientists for study.

On Eco-Terrorism

Starting to get some press attention... While researching my book EcoTerror: The Violent Agenda to Save Nature, I found that a significant number of groups have evolved away from the environmental movement and into a movement of unlawful activity.

Jews Feeling Pressure in Orlando as NA Distributes

Jews are getting that eerie feeling. As always throughout history, their crimes are starting to come back on them. How does it feel, Hymie, knowing that more and more people understand what you are? National Alliance is everywhere. YOU can be part of it too, see our activist page, box at the right. Here visit the redoubtable Jeff's Archive and download audio clip of Dr. Pierce interview on Bob Grant radio show earlier this month. It's in the bottom section, "Misc. Audio/Video." Pierce's latest address, The Scorpion and the Frog here.

Romans and Their Army

Interesting, very detailed look at the legions.

Jews Rewrite History

Lying about their historical guilt is one of their many specialities. Scroll down to the May 25 listing.

Why Home-School Your Kids? Avoid Queer-Sex Indoctrination, For One...

They steal your money at gunpoint to pay some department of education sod to lecture your son and daughter that sticking your fist up somebody's rectum is just a good way to get closer to him/her/it and enter that playful, exploratory mood. You can teach your kids something different at home. Public schooling must be destroyed.

Camp of the Saints

Africans aren't stupid enough to let the boat land. Here U.S. takes to sea after Bin Laden threat.

Solzhenitsyn Confronts Hymie

As he has portrayed in his fiction, the Jew is an ignoble, treacherous thing. In an interview in Moskovskie Novosti, he claimed that Russia's Jews had acted as catalysts of the Bolshevik Revolution. "The Jews were installed throughout the revolutionary apparatus," Solzhenitsyn said... See, Jews can kill off tens of millions of gentiles in Bolshevik revolutions, but to mention their murders is "anti-Semitism." The gig is rigged in the yid papers. Only VNN plays it straight, White man. Isn't it interesting that top literary men then and now -- Shakespeare, Tom Wolfe, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn -- depict Jews, uh...unflatteringly? Why do you suppose that is? Do they fail to see accurately? Or do they see all too clearly for Semitic comfort?

Click Here!

Riefenstahl: No Regrets

Which yid filmmaker is her equal? Steven Spielberg? He couldn't make an honest film if he tried.

Nogs-Only Schools in Britain?

Adviser wants 'em...

Bible Is Hate Speech in Saskatchewan

You knew it was coming. Jews hate Christianity, and if they could they'd outlaw it. They are making steps toward that goal, having largely denatured its teachings by pressuring its leaders and outlawed its symbols in the public square. Only bogus Jewish ideas may circulate freely. Jewish freedom for the gentile: You can fuck whomever you want, but you cannot associate with whomever you want. Think about that for a moment.

Arabs Recognize Need for Media Free of Jews

All the world is belatedly realizing that 1) media is politics; that 2) Jews control the media; and that 3) non-Jews must build media to protect that which the Jews and their media would destroy.

Horowitz and the Center That Won't Hold

He is shocked, shocked that BET features anti-White comedians. More here on the racist Washington Post story about nigs in the 'hood. Decent old suck here, interview with boy Purdy. Scoop around to find it; the link changes daily. They are now on hiatus or dead, but reposting classics.

The Jew

An article in a Jewish paper about a South African Jew and his anti-apartheid art. The Jew sees the world entirely differently from the way we do. The Jew goes on about the brutal apartheid regime. The Jew ignores the more-brutal nigger regime that preceded, was held at bay by, and followed apartheid.

Irish Keep Their Wits, Reject EU Tyranny

Game's not over yet. EU needs to be dissolved, and the corrupt Brussels-burrocrats put out to pasture. White nationalists must take power in Europe.

Atlanta: Monkeys on the Council

Negroes are so silly!

Fight Israel Urges Bin Laden Recruit Video

Who could disagree?

Archie Bunker Dead

Carroll O'Connor has gone to join his junkie son. Archie Bunker, the yid's perfect stereotype of the White man, the eternal subject of condescending consciousness raising, lives on. But where is the Jew who needs to be enlightened? Not on tv. Archie Bunker was pure propaganda poison, highly efficacious poison too. Yet another reason we need White media to counter Jewish agitprop. More here and here. Archie Bunker was the Jew saying to the White man, everything you believe is wrong. And no alternative view gets airplay. That is why VNN exists. That is why we need White media. Everything in the world of the normal White becomes an "issue" as long as it takes organized Jewry to break down the social consensus undergirding it. Over time the new view solidifies into a cement commandment, unquestionable under penalty of law. All the mocking ceases -- Jewish mockery only runs one way; they can dish it out, not take it, for they are not confident, tolerant people, they are scared and tyrranical. What Jews believe isn't funny. What Jews believe isn't for you to disdain. Isn't for you to doubt. The Jew is the enemy, White man. How many Whites still live in Queens? Very few. They've all been driven out by the colored scum the Jewish tv producers present as preferable. Not that you'll see the colored refuse mocked and ridiculed. Only White men get nailed to the cross on yid vision. But your day is coming, Hymie.

Ireland: Jewish Cultural Pollution Worldwide

Don't like what the yids serve up to entertain you? You're a prude or a bigot. Make your own culture, White man. Learn to play instruments. Memorize poems. Write poems. Write novels. Write movie scripts. Shoot them. Be the culture you want to live in. There has never been a better time; all the tools you need are there and waiting for you to use them. Don't be a Jewish tv zombie, make your world.

PBS: Deviant Broadcast System

Lots of "documentaries" on queers. None that take us down to the bathhouse, show us the anonymous sex, the thousands of partners, the hate and sickness of these queers, the way they drown in their own lungs at the end of the day. Nope! Theirs is just a cheerfully alternative lifestyle! Your money is used to subsidize Jews making movies promoting sods over Scouts. Think about that, White man.

Just Say No to Slavery: Let the Jews Fight Their Own Wars

Noxious Kopold (German for 'smurf') comes up with a good one against the draft. Neocons (Jews) imagine White kids are here to expend their lives for Izzreeuuul. Wrong, yids. Jews won't fight for White countries, but they're more than willing to steal their secrets and their money and transfer them to the motherland. By the way, as Kopold notes, the Army's forced integration creates more racists than just about any other institution except forced busing and prison.

Detroit Coda: Shirley Apartments Built to Last

The rise and subsequent degradation of a once-proud building. Take pride in what you do: do it "White," and it will last Etienne Brule

Boston: "White Order of Thule" Members Arrested

Note the way these grouplets or individuals are played up into huge potential threats by the Jewish media. The daily depredations of the niggers planted in White neighborhoods by Jewish judges go unremarked. More here. And here, on racial paganism.

PBS Whips Up Pro-Queer Anti-Scout "Documentary"

Always the pervert or minority is just trying to make his honest way in a racist, homophobic world. It's enough to make you puke, let alone considering that you have to pay for this junk. PBS is nothing but makework for Jews, just like National Public Radio.

Blair Hashes English Liberties

The Home Office is also considering reviving controversial plans to limit the right to jury trial and extending indefinitely the right of police to seize the passports of suspected football hooligans - even if they have not been convicted. In certain serious criminal cases, juries could be told of defendants' previous convictions. The authorities would also be given stronger powers to seize the assets of suspected - not convicted - drug dealers and other criminals.

Jesse Shaking Down Toyota

It never ends. Your credibility would have been destroyed. My credibility would have been destroyed. But the Energizer junglebunny keeps plowing along. Nigger shakedowns are the symptom, Jew is the disease. Without the matrix of Jewish media support, Jesse's roots would long ago have withered.

Movie Reviews: Evolution and Swordfish

There's the real world where negroes make hash of Detroit and every other metropolis they're allowed into, and there's the celluloid world where they save humanity and get all the White girls. Behind both worlds -- the root of the lie and the destruction -- is the ubiquitous Jewish Mark Rivers

New World Order

Timeline... Here Aussie pol backtracks, no anti- Semite he. Here Whites sue Ford.

Guts Personified: David Irving and the Battle Against Jewish Hate

How small all the Farahs and Rockwells appear against the backdrop of Irving's courage. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. More here.

National Alliance Recruitment Blitz Underway in Alberta

Coming soon to your area too, join the parade! What is it about this group that upsets all the right people? Is is that they openly speak what we all know but are too afraid to say? That they don't couch their rhetoric like the cagey, cowardly, check-collecting conservatives? What do you think? See our pro-White activism page for contacts in your area.


Sobran on those who had it worse than American blacks. Here on the Post Office spying on us for the FBI. Here see McVeigh's death certificate. Here why jigs and gooks need to be penned. Here on cops fired for political beliefs. Nigs can belong to Nation of Islam or any racist group they choose.

Top 'Groids at Odds

Sharpton, the odiferous nigger behind the Brawley hoax, is aghast that Jesse would coat himself with Kingblood to claim the mantle of surgent negritude.

Mexican Crime Invasion

They're not just here to soak up public services -- i.e., the White man's free money -- they're here to steal and rape and murder. Crime and social rancor are just good business for the social services sector and good politics for the Jew. Hard to see Hymie through the haze of Mexican murders, nigger pathology and the begooking of the whole damn country. The Asian invasion is perhaps the biggest un-talked-about story of our time. These nasty chinks are coming in here by the hundreds of thousands -- and I'm talking the interior of the country, not just the West Coast, and they are coming here illegally, and since they aren't dumb like the niggers and Mexicans, they stand a good chance of being the last race left standing once Whites are out of the way and Jew-ticks jump off our picked bones onto the next carcass. The Chinese know this, and they regard us as fools.

Middle East

Letter from a Catholic telling the Pope to quit apologizing and act like a Pope.

Kennewick Update


Dead at 300: The Sad, Sad Story of the City of Detroit

Built by Whites, destroyed by blacks helped by Jews...Racial and familial reflections from a long-time resident on the city's three-hundredth anniversary... by Etienne Brule

Special Graduations for Simian and Sodomite Alike at UCLA

Not for Whites, of course...

No Racists Here, Just Us Conservatives, Boss...

Too many ironies for words... Conservatives are "smeared" by the left, because they truly aren't racists. The irony is that those who left the legacy they imagine they are conserving were. Here Farah on the unanswered McVeigh questions. Here Fred Reed questions integration. The sly dog knows it's a Jewish crock, but wants to keep his paycheck while seeing how far he can push it.

France: Crime Rate Higher Than U.S.

True also in Britain, although it should be noted that the U.S. leads hugely in rape and murder. So we got that going for us. A direct result of importing coloreds. Here the nasty yid Soros tries to break down Europe by subsidizing gypsies.

Japanese Economy Deteriorating

Heads up... Is Japan going to crash? Argentina looking bad too.

Pakis Breed Nastiness

Once we had an empire, now we've got a slum. Skrewdriver said it, it's true. Here freak spiders are found under Windsor castle.

Hard-wired Attitudes

Preset by genes... Here the ugly and stupid Malveaux negress debates, wrong word for it, Horowitz. Why can't those Negroes learn, gosh darnit. We spend billions and they're as ineducable as ever? Why is that? How can we change the culture so these Negroes will perform, hell, average? Right after we learn how to make Whites able to run as fast and jump as high as simians. Just a guess... Read this article and weep. Not at the racial disparity it lays out, which even a child could tell you is natural, inherent and ineradicable, but at the media control and indoctrination that have made honest discussion not merely impossible but in most cases literally unthinkable. The emperor is naked. But it's Semitically Incorrect to notice.

War Crimes Suit Filed Against Butcher Sharon

Oy! We're yids! We murder with impunity! More here. And here. Is the hate state using U.S. arms illegally for offensive purposes? Of course. Will there be repercussions? Of course not.

Solzhenitsyn's New Book Deals with Jews and Russians

He has written negatively about Jews in the past, and now he takes on the subject directly.

Mexico, America -- What's the Difference?

It lives in America, but runs for mayor in Mexico. Mexicans aren't interested in assimilating, they are interested in taking over?

Media: First Queer Mainstream Comic Strip Syndicated

"Jane" puts the funny in funnypapers... It's a "Take On Me," Ellen, comprende? Here on nudity in Abercrombie & Fitch catalog.

From Sea to Shining Sea, Nothing But Dumb Niggers

It's the future, yo! As truly said by rap honcho Russell Simmons, As much as we like Shakespeare, the future's going to like DMX. Dumb niggers can't read Shakespeare, let alone understand him. All niggers can do is drag us down, which is exactly what they are doing. The Jew-led queers who produce our fashion and culture have seen to it that our own kids have been deracinated, brought down to nigger level for the Jews' benefit. Until we drive out the Jews, nothing will change, White man. Your wigger offspring are the symptom, Jew is the disease. Rap is the symptom, Jew the disease.

Notes from the Revisionism Conference

Very interesting presentations covering a wide range of topics. Here we include some notes from speeches on South Africa, the OKC bombing, and Holocaust revisionism.

Jews Are Committing Genocide Against the White Race

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;... Even by their own globalist legal mumbo-jumbo Jews are guilty. They were solely responsible for the immigration invasion and legally enforced integration that have unmade the White race in the U.S. (and now in Europe), and they must be regarded as a lethal threat to ourselves, our children and our future.

Eco-Terrorists Get Away with It

They burn and break in by night, melt into the mainstream by day. They work alone or in tiny cells motivated not by profit but by passion. The Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front -- the groups most associated with eco-terrorism -- seem to exist only in cyberspace. ... "We don't have an organizational structure to attack -- no finances, no membership list, no meetings," said Special Agent in Charge Charlie Mandigo of the FBI's Seattle Office. .... If President Bush sparks a renaissance in the nuclear-power industry, "they will be targeted," Harper predicted. If the nuclear plants are too heavily fortified, he said, the cross hairs will shift to the plant executives' homes -- or the executives themselves. See the ELF homepage here. What these animal-rights extremists are doing is more effective than what McVeigh did. Note that they call for an international day of action on April 19th.

Unions to Call for BNP Ban

Welcome to the New Europe. You are not free to disagree with the Jews. It's all cant and hypocrisy and bloviation about "democracy." The real political reality that you may rely on is that yids control the media, and through them politics -- your life. They import coloreds you and your neighbors don't want to cement their grip. They destroy your nation, White man, that they may advance their own, and they outlaw anyone who speaks against them. There is no way out but through the Jew, White man.

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