Notes from the Revisionism Conference

Washington, D.C., June 15-17, 2001

The following are some rough notes taken while listening online to a few of the presentations at the revisionism conference concluded this weekend in the capital. All of the presentations may be heard in their entirety at and a number of other sites, so consider the below just a sampler.

Deirdre Fields on Why South Africa Fell

She's a mother, native of South Africa, and a journalist, understands the situation...

Why South Africa Fell.... The Jewish influence in the new "liberated" South Africa...

From the outside you heard that the back of racism, the most heinous institution in the world, had been broken. What you don't know is that it was broken by communism. Thus, communism is preferable to racism.

SA is a wonderful case study to understand the whole process; a microcosm. You saw how the whole thing went: Mandela comes in and we walk off into sunset with democracy and racial equality. Well, Mandela was indeed a communist. When he came here he was hailed as second coming of Christ. But he was in prison not for being a black nationalist but for plotting violent revolution and refusing to forswear terrorism. He wrote a manifesto, "How to be a good communist." He chose to stay in jail, although offered his freedom. He became a martyr. When elected, he was presented to world as man of peace. Did you know that his whole image was created by a [Stanley] Greenberg, also Clinton's adviser?

Mandela was in jail for 18 years, but Thabo Mbeki always belonged to the South African Communist Party. The ANC was responsible for murder camps in Angola and probably in Mozambique. There were gross violation of human rights, but nothing is ever said about that.

We are supposed to think power was handed over to nice peaceful black regime with everybody having human rights. But there's something funny: We notice that in the black-run South Africa, there are at least at least 11 positions filled by jews:

[Note spelling below is probably wrong in many instances, but note the positions]

VP of SA Reserve Bank, [Jill Marcus] (the real power behind the black figurehead president...)

Minister of Finance, [Trevor Manuel]

Minister of Trade, [Alec Irwin]

Joe Slovo, the theoretician of the ANC, was a Lithuanian Jew and KGB Colonel. His ex-wife wrote the constitution of the new South Africa.

Now his wife is the director of the land bank, which controls agriculture and food -- very strategic.

Minister of Water Affairs -- [ronne cazaros]

Chief Consultant on Taxation -- [michael katz]

head of police -- [Kahn]

On the Constitutional Court, the highest court, 3/11 of judges are Jews, while Jews make up less than one percent of the population. The new government was supposed to be representative of the people.

Other prominent leftist Jews: [Richard Goldstone, Scheckelson?? and Robert Sachs??]

Tony Leon, another Jew, was supported by Harry Oppenheimer, Harry Schwartz and Helen Suzman, Jews all.

Harry Oppenheimer admitted to his own role in helping the blacks: he was the quiet engine powering the ANC takeover.

He owned Anglo-American, the dominant company in South Africa, controlling the gold and diamond mines. He died and his son took over the company Anglo-American, which more or less "owned" SA through DeBeers -- owned 54% of the Johannesburg stock exchange, which controls 84% of economy. Anglo-American was heavily tied up with Rothschild banking.

The different forces who killed apartheid South Africa: International money power helped create the situation; Council on Foreign Relations, CIA, MI6, freemasonry -- just about every traitor was also freemason. The UN, the U.S. State Dept. The Carnegie Institute -- in 1965 published blueprint for destroying SA. Rockefeller, Chester Crocker, George Schultz, Tony Lake. Donald McHenry, Lord Carrington. English and American governments and their intelligence operations. "These are the people who had a vested aim in handing over South Africa to the communist regime."

But of course, traitors are key, and we had many.

You all know about apartheid. Afrikaans for separateness. Two races cannot exist side by side without integrating, losing identity of both. We're White now becuase all our ancestors married white (applause).

Apartheid, petty and grand. Petty was British -- Cecil Rhodes, who provided funding; control diamond and gold mines, with Freemasons and Rothschilds. Left fortune for Anglosaxons to take over world, but Rothschild as executor. Britain was to be center of world government. Switched to U.S., accepted multiracialism as he was dying.

The actual manifestation came from Hendrik Verwoerd in the sixties -- grand apartheid. Blacks are not indigenous to SA, but came in with mines as contract labor. Conquest through immigration. Instead of chasing them out when no longer needed, apartheid was humane. The idea was to suck the blacks out of the White mainland, give them self-determination while we had ours. Verwoerd was assassinated by this NWO because he would not compromise. That was the beginning of the end. Also, the Afrikaners are the descendants of Dutch/German and some Huguenots. Hardy, principled people. Calvinists. They believed apartheid was god's world. Let like beget like. Separation was God's will, natural order of things.

Then began a whole process to destroy this. Definition of communism: they stated openly that a basic tenet is equality between classes and races. A way to control people, first create equality. So people started off understanding (Whites were less than 5m of 30m) the racial situation. Understood need for separateness. Communists were always there undermining racial segregation. Dr. Verwoerd was assassinated by NWO, then John Foster took over, began "enlightened reform" -- this was what later transpired through Botha and DeKlerk, a gradual coup d'etat -- concede one point after another. Assassinated in '67. In '68 Herzog was thrown out of cabinet, formed HNP -- reconstituted nationalist party -- saw the original party had been hijacked; old flag new people, sailing in opposite direction.

First concession was on multinational sport. Integrated teams. Insert a black or non-white. Foster was first to concede on Maori on visiting team. We would have multinational sport, allow non-Whites to be included. Seemed like a small thing, but [X] and Herzog saw this would lead to SA being handed over to blacks. They were laughed to scorn as stupid bigots, but they were proved right.

We then had successive concessions on apartheid. We had the Immorality Act and other things given up. But while this was happening, they still waved the flag of Afrikaner nationalism. HNP told and saw what was happening, but wasn't listened to. The press and the CIA, etc., defeated people, wouldn't let them listen to HNP. One by one SA was isolated, near-state friends cut off. Then 13 cabinet members said, this far, no further. They were presented as the legitimate right by the papers.

Everybody left HNP, which fell from 25% of vote, and went and voted for Conservative Party. HNP warned them they were not the real thing. They present you with straw men to present what you want to hear, but harmless actions is all they lead you to.

False fronts. People were desperate. Then they presented four generals -- ex-heads of military, police, etc. They turned out to be CIA agents. they talked about taking over the country by force. We are not going to give our country over to the blacks. Pounding the tables, everybody ready. They also had a good plan for a coup. But secretly Hartzenberg, head of con party, were negotiating with the ANC and promising that Afrikaners would not take up arms.

Grand apartheid was never fully implemented. Bophuthatswana and seveal others, KwaZulu, of the independent homelands set up under the system did not want to be sucked back into South Africa. Did not want part of ANC-dominated SA. Afrikaners allied with them, we will war to defend them. CNN was right there when six Afrikaners were shot in the head. Terribly disconcerting seeing their own people shot in the head. And Constance Viljoen, who'd been caught off in negotiations with the ANC. He had been found to have registered to vote in the referendums. Whites could not win. They could only accept the new regime. So all real nationalist Afrikaners stayed away and would not vote. The night of murders, he said he would participate in the elections.

It was a con game, same thing that happened in Rhodesia. The con(servative) party announced shortly after handover to Mandela that it would fold. But Viljoen is still brazening it out. Still working for Afrikaners Volksstaat only. The whole thing has been orchestrated, how governments, money powers and communists have overthrown SA.


Töben is the German-Australian behind the Adelaide Institute. He spent seven months in jail in Germany for speaking freely, which is against the law in democratic Germany.

Roving ambassador. That gets him in trouble. Seven months in jail in Germany. New book: Where Truth is No Defence. Dared to ask the questions that all of our speakers are asking. Book is being debuted here for the first time in the entire world. No copies yet. Later from his website. Remarkable man, many ways....

Thanks Cartos. An honor to addresss the Barnes conference. The fact that Australia is represented here is significant; we have a loosely organized Adelaide Institute, and in Aus it's the group at the forefront, the ones not frightened of thinking aloud and practicing what they're preaching. Richard Craig in Canberra, and another associate is Olga Scully in Tasmania. She's before, as I am, the federal court in Aus, faced with the allegation that our website is anti-Jewish, and Scully is Christian fundamentalist. Her material is considered anti-Semitic. We were both before the Human Relations Commission, found guilty, or at least that was the complaint of Jeremy Jones, exec director of the Aus Council of Aus Jewry.

There are five words being used: First you are labeled a hater. But we aren't because we are ready for dialogue. Then "Holocaust" denier. Better 'denier' than Holocaust liar (applause). The third word is anti-Semitic. but we're not against Palestinians and Arab-speaking people, therefore not anti-Semitic. We hold the Torah Jews in highest regard. They attempt to live in principled way, and that is to be recognized and respected. We are also not against Palestinians, but Zionists certainly are, so they are anti-Semitic. The next word is racist. Well, I was brought up in Aus in 50s and 60s, and my background is literature and philosophy. First, I am a human being. Then a neo-nazi.

The problem with all this hate legislation garbage is that it's enuf for the complainant to state in public that whatever you've done in writing or word, you are guilty of hurting somebody's feelings. Normal defamation law rests on truth concept: if true, then you are not liable. But in these hate law mechanisms, truth doesn't matter, only hurt feelings. This is why this book is interesting; and Butz and Faurisson and Carto have written forewords and afterwords. Butz says that the HL mechanisms, as in Canada and Europe, are designed to retain the current group in power. This of course is not a just way of running a society. I wanted this book to be launched in Washington, D.C., because America still has the First Amendment. Free speech is still guaranteed. Last year a Jewish group openly stated that they are working hard to eliminate the First Amendment in the U.S. They gloated laughed and sniggered. I wondered whether the American people are going to be stupid enuf to let this happen. The consumer society in America -- the only freedom you have left is the freedom to go shopping.

Paying for airline headphones on flight over, symptomatic of consumerism America is plagued with. I met Iranians against crass materialism, consumerism. Revisionists were going to meet in Beirut in March. Unfortunately, before the start of conference it was canceled. Due to jewish group pressure, and from American government. Lebanese needed ten million (in aid). They didn't want the revisioninsts spreading their anti-Semitic lies in the Middle East. Even the words are nonsense. The point of the cancelation said this is proof of the Zionists doing this. On our website we said do not blame the Zionists but the cowards who bend to this pressure. Because, if you blame the Zionists for pressuring the Lebanese, then we could also be charged for putting pressure on certain people. But we all pressure people.

We are getting into the nonsense mentality. This is where we get sucked into this semantic confusion that the "Holocaust" lobby thru control of media is propagating. The Lebanese conference was canceled, but I still received an invite to go to [Machad?] in Iran and attend and give three lectures at three universities there. 800 km east of Iran, close to Afghanistan border. Taliban in Iran. It's amazing, the Iran students asked, why aren't the Americans taking out the Taliban? Why not the Palestinians? I was surprised how sensitive, how highly intelligent the Iranian students are. Also, we think that because the ladies are covered up, in some ways it is, in some ways it's positive. Because women have to work much much harder. Here women only open blouse and men think in different ways. In Iran, you realize women have a mind. I was pleased there were two women here with something to say. Delight to come across critical women who dare confront issues with consequences.

None of us here are really delighted in the pressure that we get, we could have it easier like David Cole and Joel Hayward, who wrote master's thesis on revisionism, and concluded no evidence of gas chamber. I submitted the thesis before the HRC in Australia. At the end of four years, on the 10 November the result came out that in the finding the commiisioner said that altho I submitted the thesis she didn't know whether I'd submitted it or not. Asked if truth was a defence, she pussyfooted on that. Hayward recanted. He said to me, well, he'd been visited by Israeli embassy in New Zealand, said they wouldn't let him in; should you happen to get in, we'd never let you out. So he apologized publicly, and the university conducted working party report on this concluding that procedural errors were committed during the developing and granting of the MA degree to Hayward, but could not revoke his degree, because he was not dishonest. So the University, altho it wrote a groveling letter, had the courage to say there is no deceit, no dishonesty, and therefore they could not withdraw the degree.

I have Ph.d from Stuttgart. It'll make interesting reading, my book. Let me just, while I'm here, send greetings to [Iranian] university students and also greetings to [X] who hosted me and others there in Tehran. The institute for scientific and political research which puts out quarterly on Palestine. After michad, was invited to attend intifada conference in Tehran. Very interesting to meet the Ayathollah Homeini and speaker of parliament but also Hamas and Hezbollah reps. Interesting because once you realize there are those willing to sacrifice for a cause, you cannot really use rational argument. The contrast between West and Middle East is striking.

In the West, you have youths who terminate themselves thru drugs. Here you can't criticize government structures, but you are allowed to self-destruct through drug business. That seems to me a terrible waste of life. I wish they'd get off the drugs and onto some kind of cause. There are so many issues that enable us to give our young some kind of cause. Let me respond to what Fields said about SA. one thing I didn't like was that the homelands you had Sun City and Bophuthatswana. Sin city it was called. You saw all the cars. And the White men the Afrikaans would then consort with the black women. Not permitted in South Africa. This kind of hypocrisy is obvious to the younger generation. This was one reason why it broke down. You also saw that with the Clinton business.

Zündel said, if you get into prison, make sure you're not addicted to anything, and then if you've done boarding schook, or military service, prison is bearable. I always said, my seven months I do not regard as that I deserved this by offending some free speech principle, I must have committed some sins and absolve them thru it. That's the lighter side. Once you're in, the trouble is the revisioninsts are not safe in jails. Graf is not a coward for being on the run. Initially they said he's frightened, but that's not the point. One or two revisionsists were killed in Austria, because 70% of inmates are actually drug addicts or on drug-related matters. My view has developed: we aren't solving the drug problem by imprisoning that group of people. The Iranians have the same problem. Most people in the world just want to lead a good life. It takes all their energy to keep going. Few can do my work full time. Few have that luxury. Rudolf and Graf have taken over for Faurisson. So I thank Carto for the opp to express our concerns in this manner.

Germar Rudolf, dissecting the Holocaust. His freedom has been threatened. A chemist, U. of Bonn. Was working on Ph.D. at Max Planck Institute. Wouldnt let him take the final exam because they didn't like what he was saying. Was sentenced to 14 months, chose to take off for freedom. Has two kids. Thank you for all that is Fred Luechter. [Gives Fred a copy of his book.]

I prepared my report. Many cases against Holocaust researchers. In 92-3 i was asked by lawyers to appear as witness, give my report. In Germany it is denied to "H" defendants to present evidence to show they are right. No evidence to the contrary. Only excpetion: if evidence is presented in the courtroom then better evidence or later evidence must be accepted. There was never a forensic report testified. So I was there in the courtroom to be present as expert on chemistry. They had to accept me. What did the courts do? They broke the law and didn't accept me. They panicked. They interrupted the court session, ran to call Bonn for instructions. So I was causing quite a panic in these years. With just a bit of research and not that sophisticated, I could make an entire system panic -- and it was fun! I just speak out and they panic! With all the persecuting I've been thru, never stopped my research.

About lies I want to talk now. Fun to expose. They have no arguments. Have to lie and forge. The first case to talk about DPA only press agency. They say the chemical compound, the Prussian blue, is so short term it decays after a couple weeks, no sense to check for it. Max Planck experts, where I had been employed, were called. I checked arond: did they really make such a statement? Because it's one of the stabler compounds that exists. They denied they said it. I got to the guy, after much huffing and puffing, well, I invented it. Press agencies invent news and forge and lie because they have no arguments.

[bulk harder to hear because of audio quality, but a couple good points emerged...]

Seven years 1994-2000 almost 74,000 cases prosecuted for thought crimes. Only 99 were revisionsists. This is what we deal with and have to live with.

I have applied for political asylum in U.S.

"We have already won the intellectual and scientific war."

Jürgen Graf, Switzerland, ex-teacher of languages at U. of Basel Contrary to the myth that "deniers" are bigoted and ignorant, he spent time as German instructor in Taiwan. No free speech in his part of world. He has had trouble. Giant with Feet of Clay. His book about Raul Hilberg.

In the last decades tens of thousands of books on Holocaust. One book is regarded as standard: Raul Hilberg's The Destruction of the European Jews. Even revisionists readily agree that he is head and shoulders above the others. An Austrian Jew b. 1926, emigrated to U.S. shortly before war, in U.S. Army, law and international political science, taught international politics at U. Vermont. In 1961, he published his big book. In 1985, revised and definitive edition. Translated into numerous languages.

How the idea of refutation of this book occurred to me: August 1998 after trial where my editor and I were fined/sentenced for our books. 3-vol. work by Hilberg given my friend, asked my friend to refute it. He asked me. I soon understood that no article would do, but only something bigger to refute the work. True that in 1964, Rassinier, founder of revisionism made attack on Hilberg's population figures. Said he manipulated them and his 5.1m Jewish deaths had no basis. Since then, tremendous progress, so I wanted complete refutation not confined to population statistics. As I had lost job after trial, had time for the task. Had I kept my job, wouldn't have written it. Your repression is a double-edged sword, self-chosen friends!

Ironically we can say that 95% of data Hilberg uses is solid, but conclusion is erroneous, not to say fraudulent. The persecution of Jews before and during, the concentration camps are questioned by nobody, and Hilberg has done fine job documenting this persecuting. Had he limited himself to this task, his fame would have lasted, but he wanted beyond that, to doc the extermination in death camps by gassing. Out of 1,351 pages in German edition, only 30 pages to gas camps and extermination camps are devoted. His strategy is clever: much documentation, but not related to main charge.

Much irrelevant info, well documented, but when you come to extermination camps read that 4m at Auschwitz, etc., 200,000 at Sobibor, 50,000 at Maidanek. When you look for the source, there is none. The figures are "taken out of thin air." Taken from other unnamed authors, corrected by his personal whim. No evidence, so he had to invert the traditional methods of historiography and law: forensic or material evidence first, documentary evidence second; testimony and eyewitness last. Eyewitness especially unreliable. In order to corroborate he inverts the order: eyewitness and engaged parties first, documentary evidence second, and as for material evidence, it does not exist.

Example to demonstrate his methods: He claims between 11/42 and 3/43, 500,000 Jews gassed in small Poland camp were cremated in open air cremation and ashes were scattered and no traces remain. But before cremation they were in huge mass graves. Now, if they'd existed, these graves, air photos would show it due to vegetation and soil changes. And how much wood had to be used to burn corpses? Every corpse leaves equal to five percent of body weight. Teeth, bone fragments, etc. Nothing of this found after the war. To quote Faurisson: He is a paper historian who lives far away from the reality of life.

Aushwitz; claims all Zyklon B used to gas inmates, not pesticides. Typhus killed the people. Dread disease. How does Hilberg corroborate that almost all ZB was used to kill Jews? By witness statement from one Romanian Jew. But look and you see it was made at trial in '46 in trial of two innocent men, director of pest control and his assistant, sentenced and hanged on [the Jew -- Bendel?'s] evidence. He claimed 4m jews were gassed. That [X thousand] were gassed in one chamber. When the accused lawyer asked how to put 1,000 peope into that small a room, he said, that could only be done by German methods. That's what our giant with feet of clay relies upon.

Hoess (Auschwitz commandant) statments he relies on. Hoess was grilled by torturers led by Jewish sergeant. After three days, he admitted gassing 2.5m jews at Auschwitz -- more than two times the total number of prisoners transported there during its existence. That's the key witness Hilberg quotes to prove Auschwitz.

Second witness, '79 bestseller, says that he ate cake in cyanide chamber. Hilberg Treblinka has one Jew who says: the corpses were soaked in gas. the male corpses wouldnt burn. Airplane overhead stopped work. The corpses were covered with leaves. Terrifying sight. Most gruesome ever seen by human eyes. Bodies of women used for kindling the fires. Key witness for extermination of 750,000 Jews at Treblinka. Upon such declarations the whole official Holocaust story is based.

Hilberg claims 3m Polish jews were killed by Nazis. Too high. Plays down flight into USSR after the attack. Or emigration to Palestine and U.S. and Western Europe. And many stayed behind after '45 by changing names. By blatantly fraudulent methods, while real figure was probably 500k Jews, still a big tragedy. Conclusion: Raul Hilberg answered his critics in '82 in interview with French paper Nouvelle Observateur: The critics cannot explain one very simple fact: What became of the people who were deported? Where are these people? Indeed, he is right they aren't in China, where they ended up is from this article, State Times, Baton Rouge, La. The Steinbergs once flourished in Poland, now more than 200 are here to for four-day celebration. Relatives from Canada, France, Israel, U.S. 13 cities. Concrete examples of Hilberg's gassing victims.

In a society which has chosen lying as a leitmotiv, Hilberg's collapse is a matter of time. He is a giant wtih feet of clay.

Ben Partin, ex-USAF, bomb expert, on OKC Bombs Should have seen no [Broussant's -- probably misspelled, but refers to a term for the predictable pattern of the destructive wave following an explosion; ie, "Broussant's" wave] anywhere in the building. 4800 lbs down to 300 by the time it hits the beam. Not enough to powerderize it. Truck was about 15 feet from the column. Why are columns closer than others still standing while farther ones were knocked down?

Crater is very significant: always a crater with a lip around that hole. Filled hole with sand, covered with plywood. Didn't have the signature of truck bomb -- no rim on crater.

Crater 28ft, says FBI. New book on McVeigh. I talked to author Herbeck. He asked me some questions. But the book was already at the printer. Still stick to charges placed inside? Yes.

Herbeck said he never interviewed McVeigh. Basis of book is supposed to be 75 hours with McVeigh. The book says one 4800 ANFO bomb -- now they say 7000 pounds ANFO dry-ground mixed with nitro-methane, you get the equivalent of about 26k pounds of ANFO. Well, where's the crater? But it's not there. It's all one-man, one-bomb FBI thesis.

[he goes into the communist menace...]

Wars of national liberation. Strategy for taking all different parts of the world. U.S. category of colonial country. Determine the schism, long prep phase, nonviolent, exacerbating. Escalating violence period, we're about to move into.

Same as SA. Period of escalating violence. Commies took over. Period of exploitation. Pushing other movements in canada. French separatism in Canada. In Ireland. Rwanda more killed with machetes in three weeks than with nukes in WWII.

[Here comment from Toeben in panel discussion...]

Iranian leader has become a Holocaust denier. Tremendous thing because although the Middle East doesn't understand the Holocaust, they do understand the Islamic renewal and Palestine. The idea of the two camps linking up, this is what the [X] is doing. We are saying that the Zionist racist state of Israel must go. It has to be demolished. Because even the religious argument using the Old and New Testament to say there's a correspondence betw place names in the Bible and Israel proper. There were two archaeologists who had fifty years to prove it, and they couldn't. Holocaust dogma boosts it. Iran and Syria and most Arab-speaking people have seen this. But the Arabic-speaking people are in the clutches of the US. But we can't condemn people wholesale, not the U.S. is evil or the USSR. You can't blanket condemn people.

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