'Evolution' and 'Swordfish'

by Mark Rivers

I really should stop going to movies. Every time I give Hollywood the benefit of the doubt, approaching a new film with an open mind and a non-suspicious attitude, the brothers Juden treat me to yet another feast of "black is good, white is bad."

Never was this more true than in the films "Evolution" and "Swordfish." First, let's take a look at the credits:

"Evolution," directed by Ivan REITMAN, produced by Daniel GOLDBERG and Sheldon KAHN, written by David WEISSMAN, David DIAMOND and Don JAKOBY.

Wow! Happy Hannukah, everyone. Who stars in the film? Why none other than Jewish David Duchovny (his father is a Jew, so the Jews don't claim him) and the negro Orlando Jones.

The film's plot: a meteorite falls to Earth, landing right next to a community college, where biology professor Dr. IRA KANE (Duchovny) and geology professor Dr. Harry Block (Jones) teach.

Kane dotes on his racially diverse students; he even looks out for the interests of the dumb, fat white guys in his class (one of whom is Ethan Supplee, who played the dumb, fat white racist in "American History X"). Meanwhile, Block, the sexy negro, is propositioned by a slutty blonde student before he runs off to coach the white girls' volleyball team.

Once they make their way past the dumb white cops, the Jew-negro superfriends investigate the meteorite landing, which was discovered by dumb white poolboy Wayne Green (Seann william Scott, who was last seen playing a dumb white guy in "Dude, Where's my car?").

Attached to the meteorite is a slab of organic material that evolves at lightning speed. From single-celled organisms spring forth oddball fish, reptiles and other creepy-crawlies.

The U.S. Army steps in and takes over. They are led by evil white General Woodman (Ted LEVINE, "It puts the lotion in the basket..."), and accompanied by Dr. Allison Reed, deputy director of the CDC (!), (Julianne Moore), who is as sexy as she is feminist. Naturally, she will fall for the Jew by the end of the movie.

The Jew and negro team up with the dumb white poolboy, and they shoot up a shopping mall, rescuing a white teenaged girl shoplifter from a pterydactyl-like creature.

Finally, the Jew-negro-dumbwhiteguys-womynslibber team figure out a way to defeat the alien evolution, no thanks to the bumbling of the white general, the white cops or the white governor.

This movie has only praise for blacks and jews, and only contempt for whites. It was made by jews. Do the math.

Likewise, "Swordfish" has a non-white base. Its director, Dominic SENA, got his start directing Janet Jackson videos. Sena also directed the ultra-crappy "Gone in 60 seconds," which also has the racially diverse good guys fighting the evil whites. Finally, Sena directed "Kalifornia," which said to the world, "All White Southerners are hillbilly trash."

"Swordfish" was produced by Joel SILVER and Bruce BERMAN, and stars John Travolta as an evil white guy. Hugh JACKMAN ("X-men") is a hacker whose services are required by Travolta for a nine billion-dollar bank heist. He is recruited by "sexy" mulatto negress Halle Berry (who is paraded out on cue by the brothers Juden whenever white vs. negro beauty is brought into question.

Jackman agrees to the plan, mainly because he needs the money to get his little daughter away from his drunk, evil white ex-wife, who is now married to an evil, white porno producer.

The ex-wife threatens to send him back to jail, and pay a couple of "skinheads" to beat him up. Yeah, I'm sure once he's back in prison, those throngs of white racists will be his biggest threat, just like in "American History X."

Meanwhile, negro supercop Don Cheadle pursues the criminals, just like he did as the negro supercop in "Traffic."

The movie has lots of action, explosions and gunshots, but like "Gone in 60 Seconds," it has no purpose; unless you count the purpose of making negroes look like high-falutin', contributing members of society, and making whites look like evil scumbags.

But then, the jews have become quite good at that.

Some movies, like "Dr. Dolittle 2," which every kid in the world loves, are blatant attempts by Hollywood to glorify the negro. These two are less obvious, but just as effective. Save your money, and do something more productive with the four hours you might otherwise waste on this jew trash.


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