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Bushy Pro-Poofter

Good brief article by good man, Pete LaBarbera, engaged in one of the most thankless of all tasks: combating the professional sods.

What Gun Bans Mean

Lots more of this when all Whites are disarmed.

Pope Teams Up with Britney Spears

Not making this up...

Carlyle on the Nigger Question

You won't find it anywhere else, but here it is online: Thomas Carlyle's Occasional Discourse on the Nigger Question. Great stuff. If you think today's society is better than yesterday's just read this essay. There is nobody in the world who could write this today, and not merely because the ideas in it are Semitically Incorrect hence unpublishable, but because the wit and style are miles beyond what our television-bedumbed world could dream of producing. But, thank heaven, our interesting black population, equalling almost in number of heads one of the Ridings of Yorkshire, and in worth, in (quantity of intellect, faculty, docility, energy, and available human valor and value) perhaps one of the streets of Seven Dials, are all doing remarkably well. "Sweet blighted lilies," as the American epitaph on the nigger child has it, sweet blighted lilies, they are holding up their heads again! How pleasant, in the universal bankruptcy abroad, and dun, dreary stagnancy at home, as if for England too there remained nothing but to suppress Chartist riots, banish united Irishmen, vote the supplies, and wait with arms crossed till black anarchy and social death devoured us also, as it has the others; how pleasant to have always this fact to fall back upon: our beautiful black darlings are at least happy; with little labor except to the teeth, which, surely, in those excellent horse-jaws of theirs, will not fail!

Fall of Constantinople, End of Middle Ages

A bit of history...

Jews to Exhume, Try Nazi Corpse

The traditional enemies of the truth finally leveraged enough pressure to get Australian court to agree to extradite Kalejs to Latvia. What's Solomon Morel doing these days? When will he be extradited to Germany to face his crimes against humanity? Why do the Jews continue to harbor war criminals? Did you ever notice what remarkable physical specimens these "war criminals" are, and how they contrast favorably with the sniveling yids who harass them like so many mosquitoes? The wrong people won the war, and by wrong people, I mean Jews.

Media: Clear Company

More on radio powerhouse...

American Beauty

The not-ordinary demand political freedom, not sexual license... by Bonnie Hartwig and A. Linder

Inflammatory Chicken Tikka Masala

On the yellow riots in Angry White Female

Absurdity in Austria

A study in media distortion... When you search out the facts behind media brouhaha, they always paint a different picture than the one we're Angry White Female

Jews Lie and Outlaw, But the Truth Endures

Even some Jews are starting to admit that much of what the revisionists say is true. Most good men dislike Jews; nearly all the best writers and satirists do. That's because dislike of Jews tends to indicate openness to evidence and ability to withstand social pressure. The Jews who try to destroy David Irving are powerful small people. History will vindicate Irving; and honest men today know he's right. It's not lies Jews fear; Jews fear the truth.

Cardinal Glemp: Jews Must Admit Guilt for Bolshevism

In the context of an apology for a reprisal massacre of Jews. Which massacre might have happened, or not; hard to say given Jewish media control and Jewish proclivity for interested lying.

Franklin Delano Seinfeld: Mass Murdering Liar, Jew-Tool Extraordinaire

He brought about the attack on Pearl Harbor to involve America in a war that Normal White America wanted no part of. It furthered the interests of the Jews to involve us, so they angled us in, egged on by Jew-tool Winnie-the-Sodden, drunk of the millenium. Not a word of this will seep through the patriotic agitprop of the new Pearl Harbor movie. Jew Bruckheimer, the producer, says the Stinnett book proving FDR knew is "bullshit." Brazen Jewish big-lying. One-third, estimated Steven Ambrose, of the men in the U.S. army were of German descent. When are you bovine German-Americans going to quit being German shepherds for the Jew? Ever? Are any of you even capable of more than dogly snapping-to? Prove it...

Seattle: Kime Murder "Not a Hate Crime"

The nigger just got "caught up" in the violence, says prosector. You know how it is. You go out to a street fair and just happen to find yourself kicking someone to death... The useless nig even admitted he "most likely" did it because the victim was White, but that doesn't matter these days. Open season on Whitey, nigger, get your kicks in now! Slightly more here. And here. Why don't Providence Whites send their kids to public schools, district wonders? If you home-school your kid, she can't be raped or shot by a nigger, at least not while she's in school. That might be one reason. Racial disparities aren't "worrisome," they are natural. Here pro-White moves to Kingman, Ariz.

Vermont, New Home of Sudanese Scrubhumans

Who will accept the blame when these 70-IQ goatherds rape White women? Nobody. The "White" men purchased by Jewish money who run this country remind me of kids who can't be trusted to take care of a pet. They brought these monkeys over here, and after they rape and murder some Whites and NA men speak and sticker against it, these guilty race traitors will come out -- against the White loyalists. Cheers and self-patting over the importation of Dinka-speaking subhumans by Vermonters; Bushy bewailing dried up Mexicans dung polluting our deserts, promising he'll find a way to safeguard invaders. More on Sudanese grant-monkeys here. Hilarious the way the Semitically Correct reporters downplay the months of $500 subsidies the scrubs receive, and play up how much the soots want jobs, etc. This is why you only keep half your paycheck, White man. Whoever came up with the idea that the media would function as a check on political power must be spinning in his grave. The media and government are a tag team. And throw in academia too. Here Colin Powell promises millions of your money will be fowarded to scrubtown -- Bongoland, in Chittumese... Here laughable article on theme that native Sudanese medical "researchers" are getting ripped off by White intellectual property thieves. Yes, these same monkeys that can't provide clean water are an on the frontier of medical science. Here on goofball Jeffords.

National Alliance in High River

Everywhere... Here "evil racists" blamed for Oldham riots. Jewish media lies like the ones in this article are one of the reasons NA exists. Here you can learn about Canada's Human Rights Commission, a Jew-lousy body that makes Canada perhaps the least free nation in the White West. Here read FBI FOIA docs on National Alliance, heavily blacked. More here on NA in Moreau (which is in New York, not Massachusetts as we said). Here on forty percent of New Yorkers born abroad.

England: Battle Rages Between Gooks and Skins

England for Whites. Wogs out. It is time for White nations worldwide to vomit the sewer people back to their septic tank. Here the laughable Guardian serves up gook exculpation. Here the Telegraph blames Whites. We try to give you as many different reports on the same incident as we can in order to demonstrate the uniformity of the media slant. Not the Whites who let these slopes into the country are to blame, neither the gooks who gun and gas bomb -- only the Whites who stand up for the Britain that built civilization as we know it. What diverse media we have in our free democracies! Here again, from The Times. Again, it doesn't matter the paper or the country: Whites exercising their rights are the problem. Whites responding to slant-instigated violence are the problem. These lies are the inevitable result of allowing Jews to settle your country, White man. And to buy up its media and politicians. The Jews in the media have us by the throat and they won't let up until we're dead. Here more on Asians in UK...Meggums, the hero of dim cons everywhere, advises Tories to select more gooks and nigs as candidates. The Iron Lady? Ha! Only to the unperceiving. Maggie's a Jew-tool, just like her American conservative counterparts. It's like reverse homeopathy: if a little is bad for you, why 500x more must be good! The Jams and Paks are the direct physical problem -- the wogs are the symptom -- the Jews are the indirect, intellectual problem -- the disease. No Jews. Just Right. Every other approach but focusing on the Jews as the number-one problem will fail. VNN -- unlike conservatives and sail-trimming racialists, never has to tack or reverse course because what we say is correct. Con tells you A today and -A tomorrow. He is interested in conserving his "respectability" in the eyes of his cowardly, pretentious fellows and, just as important, his income. That's why cons need not be taken into account. Flavorous right-White comments from England here. More here, including a couple photos. Here CNN's report. Here a history of race riots in Britain.

Read and Learn

Good Hoffman piece... Here lesson one: how Jews subvert and silence the majority. Not for conservatives.

The Country Everybody Hates, With Good Reason

Israel is a hate state founded by Jews, the most notorious hate group in history. Fred Reed on psychiatrists: If my neighbor told me that little boys had castration complexes, and thought women didn't have penises because their fathers had chopped them off, and that little boys secretly lusted after their mothers, I'd get a dog. The average shrink would be considered unwholesome at midnight in a big-city bus station.

ZOG Renews War Against Demjanjuk

The OSI is a you-funded Jewish hate group that harasses old Whites to satisfy Jewish vengeance. It is a government agency created by the Jewish lobby to persecute anybody some tearjerking Sophie imagines said a rude word to her fifty years ago. The Holocaust is a state religion, a Jewish myth, and the Biggest Lie out there, next to the lie that race doesn't exist. All this is being marked down, Jewish readers, and one day it's just possible the tables will turn. Being Jewish is a bad proposition in the long run, as you will find out. Everybody hates you. All the Arabs, all the intelligent niggers, who understand how you've damaged their community to further your interest; the intelligent browns, who are wary of your doing the same to their community; all of Europe, which has repeatedly vomited you out as that which never should have been swallowed. And increasing numbers of Whites. Peter Brimelow, Sam Francis, Jared Taylor, Joe Sobran -- all these men know what you are and represent and intend, even if all of them but Sobran are afraid to speak their minds openly. But more and more are coming around to the VNN point of view. We are using our freedom to attack you, just the way you have attacked our race and our nation for the last 100 years. There's really no future in being Jewish. Best to disappear now, while you still can. White man: Jews have to lie to make their way. Do not do business with them, publicly identify them as Jews where you can't shun them. They are the ignoble, injurious other, and they always must be identified as such. Did you know that last time the OSI and Justice Department went after Demjanjuk, they withheld evidence and were convicted of that by a court? Part of the price we pay for allowing Jews to buy control of our media and politics. The Jew is the enemy, White man.


Maundering over a dead negress; no mention of cop murdered by darkies. Here Quayle on social disintegration caused by bastardy, which is the rule among niggers, and increasingly common among Whites. This is yet another fruit of Jewish manipulations that led to Brown vs. Board of education and the rest of the tyranny miscast as "civil rights." Prominent among those rights is the right of the ape to infect White girls with mulattos. More here on problems with single parent. Here an enraging article pushing Jewish "experts'" view that any family combo's as good as any other. Jews are the enemy, White man. For every problem there is a Jewish solution that is neat, simple, and incredibly, destructibly wrong. We are flushing Western Society down the toilet so that Jews can have a cheap laugh. We need to send the Semites swirling. A better article for demonstrating the destruction wrought by the media-amplified, government-enforced Jewish ethic couldn't be found. Here on brownskins overrunning Arkansas town. More on murdered Schaad here.

Scouts V. Sodomites

Which are un-American? The paper pretends there's a debate. Here immigration letters to NYT. Whites prefer Whites and that's bad, says Washington Post, a Jew-owned anti-White hate paper. Feel the thick Jewish hate, just below the surface. At every possible junction the implication is that Whites don't work as hard as illegals from down South, that they aren't as deserving, that they don't do enough to reach out to the brownies. And here's the other side of the coin, the perfect example of Jewish double standards, appearing the same day as the high school story: an article about queer blacks convening in D.C., happy that they can finally be among their own. Clannishness is evil for Whites, great for minorities. Here on nigs bein' nigs in Baltimore, big shoot-em-up. Jewish paper, again WP, doesn't see fit to mention race, but they were all niggers, we hear. Few things in this world are as stupid and slovenly as the Baltimore boolie. Guess who pays for it when these perforated niggers show up in the emergency room? Here on Disney and "gay days," which attract 125,000 poofs a year. Unlike Whites, queers stick up for themselves. Unlike Whites, queers have the media pulling for them.

Evans-Pritchard on McVeigh and Oklahoma and the Corrupt Government

Taken from the book we've recommended multiple times: The Secret Life of Bill Clinton. Stupid title, as that's not what the book's about, exactly. Part two on Oklahoma here.

ADL Spying on Jew-Led Pro-Gun Group

The bottom line is that Jews as a group don't think White Americans should be allowed to own guns, no matter if tiny Jewish splinter groups disagree. Jews are the enemy, White man. But we should watch closely their tactics with an eye to turning the tables on them. Here thoughts on Jewish hatred of free speech. Here on Birdman Bryant and the Jewish assault on the White West. Lots of good stuff to read, and he updates his home page daily.

AIDS: Whence?

Bulgarians infected Libyan babies?

Globalization: The Race to the Bottom

Is anything made outside China anymore? Here NYT celebrates Mexican invaders. You'll notice the Jewish papers never give you the up-close and tear-stained pointilism of the man whose property is crossed by these infected, polluting scrubhumans. It was a mistake to import slaves; it is a mistake not to shoot invading Mexicans. It is the greatest mistake to continue to tolerate the Jews who are killing our White nation. Here on coloreds spoiling White neighborhoods, and what a great thing that is.

Zimbabwe: Will Military Dump Monkey?

Ape-in-chief may get heave-ho to forestall food riots. Collapse could drive hundreds of thousands of Zimpanzees into South Africa, which has more than enough problems of its own. Savagery, pointless savagery...and so easily avoided.

Latest Chosenite Racket: Organs

Black market in body parts coordinated by helpful Hymie. If he cuts you, do you not bleed?

Music: Hip-Hop Convention

I'm a 23-year-old White girl. I like Sisqo, have a tattoo atop my ass and pierced nipples. I teach special ed, gobs of money in it. Are you a playa? In the two decades since rap slowly began to emerge from New Yorkıs South Bronx, hip-hop has gradually become a vast and still-growing global cultural force. Its influence spans well beyond music to fashion, language and the arts.

Con Suckers

There is something about cons that is past ludicrous to frightening. They can be duped into a war, but they don't seem to care. They are willing to make any physical sacrifice, as long as you don't ask them to think. Thus, this article at newsmax, good con newssite, celebrating heroic nig mess attendant at Pearl Harbor. Dozens of articles like this, but nobody wants to write about how we were angled into the war by Jews and Anglomaniacs. Those who refuse to learn from the past fall victim to the same old scam.

Catholic Magic

Can turn monkeys into cardinals. The church, if it hasn't already, is close to becoming majority non-White. The fact is that the coloreds it "converts" are simians with a dim grasp of religion. Names don't always change in tandem with the named. A fall leaf is not a spring leaf, but both are called 'leaves.' One of the easiest ways to dupe people is to suck out and replace the substance but keep the form. Average people grant words an almost mystical power. Used precisely, words are valuable. But as least as often as they are used to clarify and communicate, they are used to conceal and cover up. Most people are taken with gaudy titles, and the middle-class staids who are the system prefer the dignified (they think) soft-cooked euphemism to the raw carrot. Here comments on recent African happening (ape rape rate in South Africa) at Sam Francis forum.

Media: Ethnic Press Flourishing in New York

"Blossom[ing]," says NYT, which itself is an ethnic paper. Here find the greatest books online. Here on Echelon, Anglo spy network. Here on Robert Crumb, a genuine freak, if you've ever seen the documentary. Some of his cartoons were racist, all were sexist. He runs afoul of the peculiar morality of our times, where unflattering depictions of women are outlawed by the nonjudgmental. Here on Robert Louis Stevenson.

Click Here!

Bushy and Fox Work Overtime to Protect Brown Infection

God forbid more brown bipeds dry up in the desert. They must be able to break the law in comfort, says Bushy, with the full protection and backing of the U.S. government. Who protects your interests, White man?

Oldham Riots: BNP Calls for Racial Segregation

"White people in Oldham are being made to feel like second class citizens while the Asians are given a free hand." BBC report here on disturbance in Aylesbury. Here yet another Jew-controlled organ, the New York Times, blames Whites for yellow rioting. If Whites moved to India and imposed their ways on the native dingies, that's colonialism, a moral evil. If Indians move to Oldham and throw petrol bombs at police, that's fair striving after social justice. Gooks only rape, murder and firebomb because Whites are racists. That's the Jewish lie you see in "reporting" on any colored riot, whether in Cincinnati, Oldham or your town. More here. More back-and-forth claims here. How odd that Whites are never given leeway to lynch niggers because of their "justifiable rage" against affirmative action, etc., but nigs are allowed every excuse in the book when they riot for fun and profit. This cannot be understood without reference to Jew-controlled media.

British Right Interested in McVeigh

Writing him many letters... McVeigh has said that many of his correspondents complained of being unable to buy books like the Turner Diaries, a novel relating a fictional bombing which McVeigh used as a blueprint for his own atrocity, and his own biography, An American Terrorist, in UK bookshops.

NA Distribution -- Moreau, Massachusetts

Everywhere... More shriek-and-whine fodder for the 2% majority.

200,000 Illegals in Canada

"Hunting down and deporting illegal immigrants are insurmountable tasks." Ever notice that the people who believe government can do anything -- reform health care, solve poverty, educate Negroes -- suddenly claims it can't do the one thing it exists to do: protect citizens? Make a general rule of it: the left always reverses what government can do and what it can't. A simple, physical task such as guarding the border is always impossible, while changing human nature is just a little more funding away...

Made-Up "Hate" Crime Was Basis of Texas "Hate" Law

We rescind Euro proclamations when Duke's behind them. We pass laws and don't rescind them when some bluegum desecrates a church and blames it on Whitey.

National Alliance Lied About in New York Times

Are the yids horripilating? Why? What do they have to fear? They control the media, they have carte blanche to lie without repercussion. Except in VNN, where free men go for the news... The Old Gray Liar launches an attack on NA and its "Earth's Most Endangered Species" stickers, which it knowingly and helpfully interprets for the readers as White supremacism. Would YOU like to spread the good news and enrage your local beanie baby? Click the blue box on the right! Or visit the National Alliance here. Now that you've read the NYT lies, why not read Pierce's most recent radio commentary. It concerns the Negro riots in York, Penn., thirty-two years ago, and the nig-murdered White cop that the lib papers somehow never see fit to mention. Why are Jews afraid of the truth, do you suppose? When you have read the NYT and Pierce both, I want you to spend a minute reflecting on the difference between the reports. Which source is honest, and which gives you only half the picture? What does that tell you about the leadership of our country? Remember that the NYT is considered the single most "respectable" news source in the United States, and quite possibly on earth. Yet it hides relevant information from you -- lies to you -- where Pierce tells you the truth. Can you handle the truth, White man? Or do you need to be "managed" by Jewish liar-elites who do your thinking for you? What would George Washington do in our situation? What would Thomas Jefferson do?

South Africa: Rape Is Niggers' National Sport

The black government has quit keeping stats, the problem is so bad... It is estimated a woman has a one-in-two chance of being raped. And about forty percent of the men in the age range of most rapists are HIV positive. This what you get when you give in to Jewish media lies and agree to pretend that blacks are human in the way Whites are.

Pearl Harbor: Screening the Truth

Lying about the lied-about past. Notice that all the Jew-con/neocon sites are quick as Jews always are to pit White against White, paralleling what they did in WWII, the War to Enthrone the Jew and End the White Man. Thus the neo-Jews goad the average White's patriotic streak by claiming the Jew-produced Pearl Harbor movie was cut to satisfy Germany and Japan. But these same Jews never tell you that the whole movie industry shades every picture it produces to advance Jewish political goals. Yet another cost of allowing Jews to control our media. The acclaim for Saving Private Ryan and Pearl Harbor, and the yawn that greeted Robert Stinnett's revelation that FDR knew about -- brought about -- the attack, are proof that Americans would literally rather die than think. Moral or intellectual courage, or whatever you want to call it, truly is rarer than physical courage. World War II did nothing to advance American interests, and most Americans wanted no part of it. But because of Jewish pressure, we got involved. And now, a half century later when it is blindingly obvious that the war was a disaster, we still pony up ten bucks a head to see slop celebrating an obvious lie. World War II? White men laying down their lives for Jews. Romance it any way you want, flag-wavers, but that's the lasting truth that every day makes clearer. And believe me, Jews are more than willing to sacrifice every last one of you that their position be secured or enhanced. Take the road less traveled, White man: THINK.

Killing Real America: Gun Show Ban

Many Whites enjoy buying guns and shooting them and going to gun shows. All of that is going the way of the dodo. And not one in one hundred columns on the subject (and they are con and libt perennials) ever explains why. I will. Our rights and way of life are disappearing because White freedom makes Jews uncomfortable, and since their money and media control our political system, what makes Jews uncomfortable in time comes to be outlawed. One way we can fight that is always to identify the Jew. Anytime you correspond with a Jewish writer, or Jewish politician, or write an LTE discussing a Jewish activist or Jew-proposed policy, you should always identify the Jew as a Jew. He hates that. Hate isn't even a strong enough word for how much Jews despise and fear those who point out that they are members of an odd, weird minority that is bent on murdering White freedom. We are much less free and civilized today solely because of Jewish political activity. Every time a Mexican rapes a White, a guilty Jew laughs, because without his push for open-borders immigration, that Mexican wouldn't be here. Every time -- say, a million times a year -- a Negro commits a crime against a White, a Jew laughs. Because without the "civil rights" he inflicted on the White community, Negroes would be segregated, and fear of the lynch rope would raise the barrier for the 'groids' giving in to their jungle impulses.

Ford CEO: I Do Not Like the Sea of White Faces...

America should be run in the interests of responsible White people. Title link to an all-too-typical story about firing Whites to make room for discoloreds. When you buy a Ford, this is what you support, White man: hatred and discrimination against your race. For all you know the clown running the company will hire as chief engineer some Zambian whose resume's top accomplishment is upending a rock in pursuit of the proteinous millipede, or perhaps extricating a zesty termite from its mound via carefully positioned straw. Henry Ford was a great American, and he fought this kind of thing until the Jews shower-rangered him. We must retake up the fight in his name. Colorblindness is an ideology and an abstraction spread by Jewish neo-cons to mislead well-meaning White conservatives. People prefer their own, and history speaks with one voice: one race is on top or the other. The quarter does not land on its edge.

Bilderbergers Meeting in Sweden

Planning the world slave state, where everybody receives a unique global ID at birth, perhaps implanted on a subcutaneous microchip, trackable via GPS, never is allowed to own a weapon or hold wrong opinions. It's coming, you can smell it from here. The specifics don't matter much; the way to understand is the way Monet understood water lillies: kick back in your hammock with a hayseed in your mouth, fuzz up your eyes, and let your imagination run wild about what you would do, if you wanted to maintain global control.

Immigration: America Repeats Its Slavery Mistake

We are committing today exactly the mistake the Southerners made in importing slaves: forsaking long-term interests for short-term gains. Mexicans may seem perfect to the "conservative" capitalists: low wage rates, low IQs, high consumption. But once they congregate in numbers to where they can stamp an area Mexican, it's nowhere a civilized White man can reside anymore. The proper immigration policy is to shoot Mexican invaders, and hang those who employ them. The policy we have is determined by nod-and-wink Bushy who expresses "deep" sadness over the dessicated invaders dead in the Arizona desert. We don't realize it yet, but we aren't a country anymore. Bushy doesn't care: he has the money to escape the consequences of his wink-and-nod politics. Do you and your family, White man?

Pro-Lincoln Nitwits Thumped

The South was right, but it lost. The fight is on again, this time with the White race in the position of the South. And this time, we cannot afford to lose, because there will be no third chance... Here Mexicans are dangerous to White kids and other living things.

Jews Complain About Storm Named "Israel"

Yesterday they whined about the Jewfish; today it's the name given a hurricane.

"Lion" of Judah in Full Throat

Not an inch will Israel give, says the "lion." I say unto you, "lion": What happened in that shabbily constructed building the other day is a metaphor for what will one day happen to the House of Israel. All Judaism can be reduced to: One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else... They say the shortest book in the world is Jewish Business Ethics. Here's a column on ethics by a Jew named Cohen; read his ludicrous response to a man asking about the wisdom of revealing to a colored he was hired for pigment.

Fourth Grader Eternal, Jew Prager

This Jew has some valid points to make about the degradation of our society. But the big point is not that we are secularized, it's that we are Judaized. Jew Prager for some reason doesn't mention this.

National Alliance All Over North Carolina

We are here. We are not queer. And we are not going away. White people standing up for themselves, denounced as harassers and haters by the Jews and their tools at the Charlotte Observer. Why does North Carolina have an annual Holocaust "commemoration"? Why doesn't it have an annual day of remembrance for the victims of Jewish crimes, namely, the biggest crime in human history, the Bolshevik Revolution? Notice that only Jews are allowed to comment on the nature of the mailings the highschoolers received and only Jews are allowed to characterize the students' response. Here O'Reilly asks why we don't put troops on the Mexican border. The answer is not, as he says, that we lack the will, the answer is that our government is controlled by Jews. Mr. No-Spin, angling to be the Rush Limbaugh of the Jew Tube, won't tell you that.

Queer Kiss-In By Boulder High School Students

This is what happens when you let Jews buy up your media and the government, White man. Here just one of the many fun prizes headed your way when you sign up for free love. Note the black-White differential. Boy, the Jewboy Shower Rangers on MTV don't seem to be telling you the truth, do they, White teen? But go on with your queer kiss-in. You're cool and you know it.

Spain: Basque Newspaper Exec Assassinated

Very interesting.... How awful it would be if something like this were to happen to, say, Sumner Redstone (Murray Rothstein), boss of the Shower Rangers.

Watch for Nigger Riots in New York if Blackouts This Summer

Like roaches, nigs run wild when the lights go out. Here the site of a Jap-American group. Note that it is sponsored by Lowe's hardware. Here latest on monkey-man-mania. Monkey man! Does whatever a Negro can... Millions of potential 7-11 clerks atwitter. Oogadoogadoogadoogadoogadooga! Bad monkey! No slurpee!

...And Racists

Ehud Barak says Israel must take "steps to ensure the long-term viability of its Jewish majority": i.e., build a wall to keep out Palestinians. If Whites say that, it's hate speech. It's time for diversity in Israel! Let the Pakis and Bangladeshis and Iranians in, noble Jews! Let the teeming refuse of South Asia inside your guarded walls. You will be better for it, your proud Jewish heritage enriched and ennobled by these people of color. What are you afraid of? Why do hate and exclude so? Are you racists? Why the hate, people of Israel? You take (American) federal money, shouldn't you be forced to comply with federal non-discrimination law, like we Americans are? Or is it one standard for Jews, another for White people?

Plutonium for Sale

Hmmm.... More on the crappy engineering that led to the death of God's heroes -- and partners! Now this, this is tikkun olam: improving the world one building collapse at a time. Here a funny story about a 'groid growing up in Nazi Germany. The poor lad was gassed to death by the callous, unfeeling, racist Krauts. His ghost wrote this book. Actually, he was viciously and brutally denied admission to Hitler Youth, much though he wanted to join. "[E]ven though he was routinely spotted by German soldiers, neither he nor his mother were approached by authorities." Get a load of the helpful vocabulary lesson at the bottom of the page. Laughable, truly -- and indoctrination is improperly defined, no less. Such a world Hitler sought to avoid, but it's here, it's here... Here on Mexicans now food for buzzards. How come we never see a foot-long article on the damage these people of the sewer do to Americans and their property on the border? Here Jews just being Jews.

Philly Test Horror! Nigs Are Dumb!

Is there anything, ANYTHING, as inane as a school-board idiot maundering on about raising nigs' test scores? No. There isn't.


Still harassed... The United States and its media are lousy with Jews. The Jewish media are as dirty as a tossed-out mattress.

Stern on Multicult Britain: Not Impressed

Note the nationalistic tone of the Brit headline: British nationalism is fully acceptable when it can be used to pit White country against White country (kind of like WWI, II). Other than that, it is illegal. Another way of looking at it: Tony Blair and his Jewish/multicultural bandits are given free reign to change Britian in dangerously stupid ways, but woe to him who points out what they've wrought. Stern, which sells more than one million copies a week, painted a picture of a land with areas of poverty comparable to the Third World, failing public services, inherent racism and incompetent government. The piece covers 12 pages with a mix of savage text and black and white photographs under the headline "The English Patient". Here's one small example of the horrors Britain now enjoys thanks to colored immigration. Do the nig-nogs murder Whites with aplomb? Never mind, it's good for Jews. All that matters, these days.

Does Insecticide Cause Mad Cow Disease?


How the Fed Reserve Steals White Money, Gives to Mexican and Other Scum

Farah details the scam. Wouldn't it be nice to live in a country run for White people by White people? But note that except for Greenspan the crooks are echt White traitors.

Noxious Yids Rename Innocent Fish

The large, ugly fish was heretofore the 'Jewfish,' but the Beanie babies got it changed to Goliath grouper. When Whites control America again, we are going to see to it that the cowbird -- which lays its eggs in other species' nests -- is renamed the Jewbird. Count on it.

Jews Are Pushy Liars

Perhaps you imagine we are trying to be outrageous when we mock the "Holocaust," whatever that is, and call it a Jewish myth. I want you to read this article, on a totally unrelated subject. It is about film critic Roger Ebert's run in with a particularly loathsome vermin, the producer of a film on the subject. When you are done reading it, ask yourself just how likely we are to get the truth about ANYTHING out of such a creature, let alone something that brings him and his brethren yids tens of billions of free dollars a year.

...And Whiny Hypocrites

A reader responds to this Sam Francis column re the Gilmore-rescinded Euro proclamation. Francis is quite right: there is no place for the Euro-American, whatever that is, in the multicultural future the Jew-led minorities have planned for us. It's us or them, and Duke's careful insistence on avoiding 'nigger' and downplaying Jews won't change that. Here Brimelow responds to a reader who didn't believe the Seattle nigger rampage really happened because his local media didn't cover it. Here's a great example of Jewish hypocrisy, so deep as to be genetically encoded. "Racists" are guilty of labeling. Jews aren't invaders, why they're merely returning to their own land of 2,000 years ago! Whites coming to America weren't settlers, they were racist invaders. But Jews pushing aside Palestinians -- bulldozing their homes to make room for earlocked ratlets aren't invaders, they're heroic settlers, reclaiming lands with profound emotional valence. Oh, that we all might worship the heroic yid's feelings; his valence is what matters in this vale of tears. Ah, it's so easy being Jewish. You're God's buddy -- partner, excuse me -- so everything you do is right.

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