Absurdity in Austria

by Angry White Female

By now, all are aware of the reputation that follows Jorg Haider. I recall my first impression of him, and it was partly based on what others said. The reason I couldn't make a clear decision was that Jorg's denials were not reported. Before I even had an opportunity to seek out the facts, Haider had become fair game. His dad served in World War II and he attended a war veterans rally, so of course that made him an SS sympathizer. He called for lower immigration, so naturally he wanted to gas non-natives. Then it came. The EU, at the behest of world Jewry, wanted to place sanctions on Austria because some Austrians voted Haider's Freedom Party into office. The EU couldn't understand that the nation is prohibited from reversing the will of the people, but that didn't stop their demands that the nation revoke its constitution and discount their votes. These "democratic" nations don't believe in democracy, they cringe at the idea that the people don't vote the way they tell them to. If voting made a difference, it would be outlawed.

My curiosity made me do the unthinkable. I did what most reporters don't do when the debate-chilling term 'Neo-Nazi' is used: I tried to verify the facts. A friend sent me a portion of the EU transcript of the session that gave rise to the vicious "Haider is Hitler" rumors. I was infuriated when I read the truth. Jorg, in a session of the EU, mocked a "former" communist by saying Hitler's economic policy was preferable to his. That is the sole basis for the line reporters inevitably use in stories about Haider: "Jorg Haider, who praised Adolph Hitler's economic policies..."

Of course, once a media caricature has been painted on the public mind, anything said about the target becomes true and he loses credibility and the right to be heard when defending himself. This brings me to a recent article written by Kate Connolly in the English Guardian.

In true Orwellian style, in the context of the twelfth separate court case brought by a prominent Jew, she states that HAIDER has a "tendency" to sue. She doesn't mention that Haider usually has very good reason to sue, and that Haider has been more maligned than any other Austrian leader in recent history, perhaps even Waldheim. Reporters like Connolly do not report the news when Haider is vindicated. They want the people to have a false impression of him.

The article I speak of is titled "Vienna Jew wins ban on Haider slur." What slur? What could have been so bad as to bring about this headline? A prominent Jew, Ariel Muzicant, had a gag order placed on Haider because he said, at a Freedom Party gathering: "I don't understand how someone with the name Ariel can have so much dirt on his hands." That is it. Ariel is the name of a household detergent. The court ruled that Haider is banned from making such remarks. But Ariel is not barred from calling Haider a neo-Nazi or making wild claims about his character. Those are perfectly legal in Jew-controlled Europe. Freedom of speech is a one-way road.

What if someone named Scot who had a tendency to be clumsy took another to court for saying, "I don't know how someone with the name Scott could have so many spills." That would be the equivalent to what Haider said. But fear not, people, whether the Ariel comment was "anti-Semitic" or not is still under consideration!

Anti-Jewish Austria...

I truly believe that 24% of Austrians would NOT have said the nation would be better off without Jews had prominent ones like Muzicant refrained from using Holocaust guilt, economic blackmail and character assassination to exact revenge on Ausria for something that happened sixty years ago. Jorg Haider is simply a nationalist who does not wish to see Austria lose its sovereignty as a result of EU membership. Haider does not wish to see Austria turn into a Third-World nation and wants limits on immigration. He fears "former" communist rule. Because of these conservative positions he has been under attack by Austria-haters ever since. They KNOW many Austrians feel the same way, so they resort to character assassination of leaders in place of what their Zionist brethren in Israel do to Palestinian freedom fighters. No debate, just assassination, character or otherwise, because the facts are not on their side. What's the term for Jews who hate Austria?

If this anti-Austrian campaign is aimed at decreasing anti-Semitism, someone needs to fire the handlers because the Jewish harassment of the last few years has only increased anti-Jewish sentiment amongst the Austrian people. And I don't see the Palestinians voluntarily making any room for Austrian Jewish refugees.


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