American Beauty

Bonnie Hartwig and A. Linder

If I cared enough to look it up I could tell you exactly how many awards or nominations American Beauty got. But I don't. All I got in exchange for two hours of my life was curled lips and inspiration for the following comments.

There is nothing worse than being ordinary.

This witless theme runs through the movie as a sort of dolt-dropping leitmotiv.

So how do we counter this excruciating ordinariness?


I went down to my local tattoo shop to ask James the Scrivener to make me Bacardi by night. He limbered up his color pen and I departed with two cross-eyed ladybugs with intertwined tongues. And if you pick me up next Friday, you just might get a glimmer of this extraordinary artwork just above where my leg backs conjoin.

Tony the Scrog hooked me up with a little metal hoop through my lip; surefire pleasure enhancer said he. Come back next week! he smiled as I exited, feeling extraordinary. "We're having a special on brow barbels!"

Coolness on sale is right up my alley. I'll be there. Maybe you will too.

None of us is ordinary; we are all extraordinary. Everybody is special. No, not in that way, although there's nothing wrong with being special in that way. In an extra special special way. A good way. Not that there are bad ways to be special. Everybody's special in his own way. Aggghhh!... Look in magazines, they explain it all.

Every character in this movie is special. The lead old guy likes the high-school girl. No boring middle-aged suburban father he. No, sir. He likes young girls, and isn't afraid to sex-dream about them. The son next door sells pot and makes deep weird videos, part amateur porn, part dancing plastic bags.

The next door neighbors are queer joggers. Mom's uptight, but she gets over it. The younger daughter likes the weird guy, so that qualifies her as not ordinary. The only ordinary in the picture is the shallow girl-friend, object of dad's affections. But after undressing and redressing her, he allays her fear most like Jesus would've; she too is anything but normal, anything but ordinary.

All these people sort of live together and intersect. The next door guy's father is named Fitz, last name not first. He's one of those German-authoritarian types we learned about in psychology. He thinks his son is gay, but he's the one. He gets wet and sort of kisses the old dad, but he says no, no, you misunderstood, and then he shoots him. But we think mom did it.

It's all about being cool and being who you are, which is the only cool thing you can do. Being cool is no recipe, but if you do certain things, your likelihood shoots up high so that it's almost guaranteed. Having odd sex or sex with odd things or odd people is very, very likely to make you not-ordinary. What you have to do is find people like Fitz, repressedhomoauthoritarians. They can be recognized by their tightly clenched fists, straining faces, utter dimness and willingness to dish out punches and fifties advice. These are the establishment. If you're in doubt about achieving not-ordinariness, you have to ask yourself WWFD? What would Fitz do? Act opposite. There are no guarantees in this life, but that is close.

Fitzes are to be condemned and pitied. The measure of our coolness and not-ordinariness, they need to salute the freak within. Otherwise their twisted rage-eaten entrails will drive them to murder people which is not-ordinary, but not in the right way, like throwing a plate of food against the wall or screwing your not-husband, or getting a movie about plastic bags, or jogging with your male wife. Urges exist. Holding them in is not-ordinary, but I don't think it's in a good way either. It's kind of confusing, I know, but that's why we stick to essentials: tattooings and piercings and couplings. These are our trinity, and they lead to the godhead.

Excuse me, Bonnie...

Last time we let a high-school girl write a review. Aldous Huxley, or maybe it was Thomas or one of the other Huxleys, foresaw a society in which political freedom would be taken away from average men. In return they would be granted sexual license. That is exactly what has happened. They -- the Jewish establishmentarians -- control your real freedom; all you get is sexual freedom. Which looks like VD and broken hearts from where I'm standing. The perpetual thralldom of perpetual adolescence seems to be the policy of our controllers. Get the goyim through their gonads, think the Jews. Thus the endless innuendo, the sex-drenched, tireless flogging of the libido as the answer to any problem, the cause and cure of every woe. And yid gynos and psychos to "cure" you when you infect. Income, it's! To not like, what's?!

Tired variation on the old, old theme: the problem is not restraining our nature, restraining our nature is the problem. Indulge your urge. If you want to fuck the mailman, do it. If you want to fuck the dog biting the mailman, do it. If you want to have a four-way with the mailman, the dog, and the UPS guy, do that too. And put it on video; New Line needs new product. Nothing you can do with your reproductive tract is wrong. Thou shalt have no other gods before the Great God Genitalia. I AM the great GONAD.

Chomsky wrote about democracies manufacturing consent, but more pertinent is the way they manufacture dissent. You are dissenting by: screwing goats, same-sexing, miscegenating, hating people who "diss" queers, etc. Every year the sexual boundary gets pushed a little farther. We aren't far from full-photo homosexual sex in prime time. And each year the boundaries of political freedom shrink by the same amount. Each year more words are off limits; more arguments are beyond the pale; the racist cloud blots out more and more sunlight. Fuck all you want, White man, nobody will come down on you. But don't you dare talk or think or act like you mean to control your children and country. That's our sphere. We have the right to control the conditions of your life. You can buy whatever you want, and fuck whatever you want, and that's your scope, and stay within it or get beaten back. The brainwork will be done by your betters. You are a caged animal, thrown a bit of meat to keep the consumer shekels flowing.

Sexual license is just another border Jews break down as a way to decrease resistance to their interests. Let Mexicans in and your emotions out. Be loose and free and wild, and no payments til January! Howeversomuch freer are we than those constipated Victorians! Why, we can cut up our body and screw! screw! screw! They could only talk and think and write and...

Look at our society this way. What are the things that aren't said? What are the things we dasn't laugh at! Who are the folks presented to us as saints for veneration? It's oh-so-cool for Trisha Yearwood to make a video of herself being groped by nigger hands; it's all but illegal to write the word 'nigger.' It is not cool to fight the Establishment these days. Now that the Jews and their crazed ideologies are the Establishment. So they evade the counter-establishment sentiment they stirred up back in the sixties by pretending the old establishment still exists, still needs to be taken down. Everywhere a vestige of internal (moral) or social (manners) control exists that doesn't serve their interests they encourage looseness and scornful laughter. But everywhere we run up against new control, taboo, taboo, taboo. Was there ever an age that knew more taboos than ours? The Man says Diversity is our Greatest Strength! We will pay you based on how well you promote this lie... We freemen laugh and laugh. The Man says race doesn't exist, and we are to be jailed if we say it does. We raise our middle fingers and keep on gunnin'. Jews are a fat, stodgy, tired, intellectually decrepit minority. It is truly amazing that ideological schlock like American Beauty captures any audience at all, much less awards. Kill the media Jew, White man. Deny him your dollars. Free your mind of Jewish lies. Return to the freedom and self-control your forefathers knew. The Jew has nothing to offer you but mental slavery and sludge sex. Reject it. Reject him. A sharper cheddar's just around the corner, and the Jew's just wild that you not smell it...

Throw your plate against the wall, White man. Kill the Jew on your tube. Kill the Jew in your head. Mock your Jewish boss, whether on screen, in your paper, at work, at school, at government office -- wherever. Attack the hateful Jewish establishment. Because it is rotten, and we are going to destroy it, and it's great fun taking it down. Take your dick out of the goat or girl next door and join the real revolution, the White revolution. Do the one thing that really will make you extraordinary: THINK.

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