Inflammatory Chicken Tikka Masala

by Angry White Female

Did y'all hear about "race riots" in Oldham? It seems a Mongol army brought into England by socialists is now attempting to overthrow the police force dispatched to protect the English residents. As I write, the Mongols are using petrol bombs, bricks and even guns in an ongoing ethnic cleansing pogrom designed to establish a "greater Asia" on English soil.

Let it be noted for the record that it is well documented that yellows including Pakistanis, Indians and other Asian volunteers in the Northern England town of Oldham have established "no go" zones for White Englanders in recent months. But that fact, and the fact that many Whites have been beaten up by yellow immigrants and told to stay out of "their" town, has been sent down the memory hole, allowing indigenous Whites to be blamed for the recent terrorism.

The general election is ten days off and the socialists, who are trying to force Englanders to accept millions of non-White immigrants, are getting dizzy from all this spinning.

The British National Party and the National Front have lent their voices in defense of native Oldham residents, and based on that fact it is being said that their "inflammatory" language has sparked the yellow offensive. It is being claimed by Marxist anarchists that a handful of racist English youths threw a brick or two at a Pakistani's house. In "response," a horde of 300-500 Asians who live in Oldham have formed roving mobs and have taken to tossing petrol bombs at pubs and Mongolizing (was Vandalizing) small businesses owned by Oldham natives. They even firebombed a newspaper office. To date, I believe about fifteen riot police and several innocent civilians have been injured by the terrorists.

What sounds a bit off to me is that the English press is justifying the use of "inflammatory" petrol bombs in response to the so-called "provocations." But readers are not being reminded that the English rebels who allegedly threw bricks at the house may have been "provoked" by the string of violent gang attacks against White Oldham residents, one an elderly WWII-veteran pensioner, in recent months. The press is also claiming "both sides" are involved, trying to minimize the fact that this is a raid perpetrated by the Yellow Mongol army. In truth, Whites are not rioting. Perhaps a few have attempted to defend themselves, but Whites barricading themselves against the depredations of the sons of Ghengis Khan is not the same as "rioting."

Nope, the yellow terrorist army has no responsibility in this, according to the socialists, who want to divert attention from the real problem by amplifying the bogus claims of the terrorists. Those who are chanting "rights for Whites" are not "chanting racist slogans," because the yellows do that on a regular basis and if we are to be good humanists, we should apply the same standards to all.

Chicken Tikka Masala is an "inflammatory" dish, Mr. Robin Cook. Someone has got "Mad Kook" disease, and if Englanders are smart, they will not vote for a man who believes Asians and Whites go together like Asian sauce on a piece of English chicken. In reality, the English are the chickens and the Asians are pouring not sauce on them, but gasoline.

That combination will burn you and your nation if you elect a "Mad Kook."


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