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Communism: Ten Planks

A refresher: hit the link and review Marx's ten planks and think about where your country is today, White man. Here on the Judaization of Whites. Brainwashed blue-eyed blondes, very common on today's campuses. Here Darwin and evolution under fire by bluegums for 'racism.'

Capitol Declares Cinco de Mayo Official Holiday

What's the difference between a Mex and an American? Not much anymore. What's American citizenship worth if a Mexican can claim it? Little.

German Honor

Contrast these first-hand reports of German treatment of occupied countries in WWII with the Jewish lying, swindling and whining on the rest of the this page. Jews are hated worldwide. Germans are respected. Both for a reason. All the media propaganda in the world can't make Jews respected and can't make Germans unrespected.

Separation of Church and State? Bush Visits Our National Church

The "Holocaust" is our national religion: Thou shalt have no other gods before it. We need to build a wall of separation between our schools and Jewish lies. Here Kool Mo Dees backtracks on pagans. Why, Kool Mo is tolerant of all beliefs -- except those with which he disagrees. Tolerance is a self-refuting idea, but its advocates are too dim to notice.

The Jew Behind Churchill

Race makes history. Here's a story you damn sure didn't hear about in school. Bankrupt Winnie, bankrolled by the vermicious knids. Here today Tories grovel and lick monkey foot. All that is necessary for Jews and their apen charges to triumph is for White men to do nothing. Here some stats on ethnic MPs.

Zimbabwe: Apes Rampant

It took the Mugabe-led Zimpanzees twenty years to drive out 80% of the Whites and utterly destroy the country. How long will it take the apes to destroy your country, White man? Great action photo of the Alpha Ape in full throat. Here on monkey mischief in Harare.

Britain: Yahoo! Kills Pro-Repatriation Website

Somebody complained, Yahoo decided the site advocating a White Britain and government apology for decades of colored immigration was "inappropriate" and killed it. Here Brit nitwits advocate emulating American multiculturalism. Here's some perfectly asinine, perfectly legal anti-racist nitwittery. Here on tv the drug.

No Whites Need Apply: Who Wants to Be a Negro-naire?

The last forty years in a microcosm. Too many White males were getting onto the gameshow "Who wants to be a millionaire?," so the producers have decided to queer the rules to favor discoloreds and people of womb. When competition is free and fair, White males win. This can't be -- it displeases the hate-filled Jewish ideologues who control the media -- so we end up with affirmative-action gameshows. The Jew is the enemy, White man. Here the little jig that could -- murder his teacher. You can bet this useless little j-bunny will be hopping down the street in two-three years with a basketful of chocolate eggs. Here some background on Dylan Klebold. If anything goes wrong, blame a Nazi, even if the Nazi is Jewish.

Find Out Why We Call Them Niggers

And why you should too... The jungle monkeys hate you, White man. They will not be placated. They will not be appeased. They can only be overcome. Here on scams in Nigeria. Here on the incompetent Oklahoma negress chemist whose mistakes may have cost innocent men lives, and certainly cost them years.

Israel: Chosen Murder Another Kid

Killing kids is as Jewish as swindling; as Jewish as lying. Here internal view on good-cop/bad-cop game played by Peres/Sharon to mulct White America of billions. No cultural diversity (Wagner), please -- we're Jewish. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else. Here Hymie looks West for settlers to flesh out his illegal settlements.

Free Speech? Not in Canada...

The sheeple reign in Canada, tended by Jewish shepherds. Nary a discouraging word about Pets or sodomites allowed. Did you know that Canada has "human rights" tribunals that haul people up and forbid their using the truth to defend themselves? That's Jewish justice for you: Truth Is No Defence. The truth, after all, doesn't mesh with Jewish interests. Here Jews are horrified that somebody's taking the name of the holy God " Holocaust" in vain. Here Jews pressure Mormons to cease dead Jew baptisms-by-proxy. Here on White prosecuted for littering. Here on Randy Weaver, some comments on McVeigh. Note that although everything apparently simmered down after Tim McVeigh and the government blew up the Murrah building, the hatred for the U.S. government is very strong and just under the surface. The U.S. government, like Jews, is hated for what it is and what it does. Here Reese on gun control, which is driven by Jews fearing normal Whites, or elitists fearing common people, as he puts it, codedly. Here on Pulitzer-winning illiteracy in support of queer marriage. Very mildly amusing, if one has a taste for such.

NYT on Hitler

Evil, said Oscar Wilde, is a word we use to explain the curious attractiveness of others. The fascination with Hitler continues not just because it serves Jewish political interests, but because there is a sneaking suspicion in the back of the most conformist lemming mind that Hitler was right. Every day that goes by, Hitler looks better and Churchill worse, though rich complacent cons refuse to see it.

Revisionist Conference Now Set for May 15 in Jordan

Time is not on your side, Hymie. Neither is the truth. Here on May Day clashes in Europe. More here.

Sex Ed or Pro-Queer Agitprop?

The latter, of course. Keep your kids away from the ideologues and home school them, White man. Make you own culture; eschew tv and Judeo-government child prisons. Here on rising AIDSrate. Here on San Francisco paying for sex changes. Here a Cin jig "professor" advises nigs to kill Whitey. Here on McVeigh. Here on the nig mob that beat two Whites. Here on the laughable conviction in the Birmingham church bombing. Here on the ape takeover at Penn State. Here Nissan breaks ground on plant in Mississippi. Here pro-'groids and browns whine that tv "family hour" isn't diverse enough. Here pols ignore anti-White hate in Cin. Here an interesting view on AIDS.

Jews Lie, Guns Work

The Jew wants to tape your mouth and take your gun. Why do you think that is, White man? Do you think tubby remonstrators afraid to use the word 'Jew' will stop him?

Nigger Music = Nigger Culture = Nigger Nation

Homies an' hos be freakin'. Here Jew lies that race is a "social construct" in context of discussion over racial differences in reactions to medicine. Is black skin a social construct, Doc? Here a story of decline on the Great Plains. Here 63 rioting jigs might be upgraded to hate criminals.

The Jewish Problem: A Patriotic Manifesto

Almost every single problem facing the White West was created, instigated or exacerbated by Jews. Immigration is only the most obvious example, but so are anti-White "civil rights" law, feminism, gun control, sex- and dreck-ridden culture -- the list goes on and on. No politics that doesn't take the Jewish Problem into account -- no politics that doesn't make solving it the top priority -- can succeed. Anything else is so much Limbaughian buffoonery, Buckleyan sucking up, or Falwellian bought inanity.

Joe Feagin Hates White People (Part I)

The big cheese of academic sociology is out with a new book blasting White people. VNN makes mincemeat of its arguments and the nut behind it...a Nuenke-Linder production

Jewish Double Standards: American Zionism

Apartheid and ethnic cleansing and media coverup? All in a day's work for the Jews of Israel and their American press brethren. "The further peculiarity of American Zionism, which is a system of antithetical thought and Orwellian distortion, is that it is impermissible to speak of Jewish violence, or Jewish actions when it comes to Israel, even though everything done by Israel is done in the name of the Jewish people, for and by a Jewish state." An old but relevant article by Edward Said.

Multicult & "No Go" Zones in Europe

The U.K. is being denatured and destroyed by White traitors subservient to the Jew. Phony Tony and his lessers are injecting third-worlders into the farthest reaches of Scotland, Ireland and Wales, browbeating and imprisoning any Whites who resist -- committing racial and cultural genocide in the name of New Europe, which is more and more, given the crimes we now hear about, coming to resemble the New South Africa. Whites must resist their genocide at the hands of the New World Angry White Female

White Holidays

Under attack as Whites, we need holidays to celebrate being White. Christian or national holidays don't get the job done: We need specific days on which to celebrate White history and achievement, raise White consciousness, and unify the White race the Jew-led discoloreds would destroy. Two such suggest M.X. Rienzi

What's in YOUR wallet, White man?

Anti-White commercials everywhere you turn. Yet another reason to kill your Televitz, White Angry White Female

France: Diversity Gang-Raping White Girls

"Diversity is our greatest strength." It really grows the economy. You need people to produce the cotton swabs, others to scrape for semen, others to do the DNA comparison, others to track down the guilty Arabs, others ward them in their jail cells, others to represent them at parole hearings -- and a whole 'nother batch to do it all over again when they get released. Discolored gang-rapes are the symptom, Jews are the disease.

Remember the U.S.S. Liberty; Your Countrymen Murdered by Lying Jews

They lied about it and covered it up, did the murderous Jews. They are like that, and they are the enemy. Some things never change, and Jewish terrorism is one of them. The fact is that Israel knew it was attacking an American ship, and went right ahead and murdered 34 Americans, and injured over 170. Then it lied about it, and pressured Congress and with the connivance of its brethren yids throughout the America media succeeded in covering it up. Jews are the enemy, White man. There is no way out but through the Jews. More from Taki here. How sharper than a serpents tooth is the eternally ungrateful yid. More here on the pernicious pets. And more.

Yids Pule for More

Germany offers a few million as compensation for Israelis killed in '72 Olympics, yids hold out for more. There are so many Jew extortions going on at any given time that tracking them is practically impossible.

Seattle: White Murdered by Yellow

A spastic slant-eye murders a White for no reason. Blame the Jews. They let the slopes, zips, gooks and assorted fishhead-soup eaters in here. The White man taught himself to read at three, got a B.S. from Yale in math, spoke fluent German. Now he's dead. Gooks out. America for Whites. Here in England, a Jamaican nigger shoots a pregnant woman, vamooses. Murderous nigs aren't the problem, of course, middle-aged White men who observe their depredations are, according to Jew Jack Straw and the other nation-killers running Britain. Here a photo gallery of the nigs rioting on Black Tuesday. Here they may have caught some of the slants who beat up the war veteran in Oldham. Here Paglia.

Almost Out of the Closet: Fred Reed on Cincinnati

"Crime by the underclass is racial, predatory, and very much targeted against Whites. The motive is hatred more often than economic gain. The media carefully, systematically, by deliberate policy, hide these things." Fred tries to sustain a distinction between the black middle class and the underclass, but by the end of the column he gives up. Do you notice that Fred's singing our tune these days? Now we've got him up to the point where he will admit -- a veteran reporter and columnist -- that the media calculatedly lie about racial reality. Next step is to mention the Jews, Fred. You're almost home, buddy. More and more, the mainstream is heading the racialist way. Not that they can ever agree with us, but more and more mainstream columnists are becoming radicalized, willing to mention little bits of the obvious truths we blast every day on VNN. They are headed our way, folks, because we are right, and because we speak and report the truth. Note that one of the additional-reading links at the bottom of Fred's piece is to Jared Taylor's report, The Color of Crime. But notice that the link is not to the home site for the report,, but to Jeff's Archive, an excellent site put together by a member of the National Alliance. That is significant, folks. We are right, they know it, they are headed our way. We are going to win, White men. Here the increasingly radicalized Paul Craig Roberts. Like Reed, he's still afraid to speak straight about Jews, but he understands race and the tactics and motivations of the left.

Bush May Extend Mexican Deadline

More non-Americans, thanks to wink-and-a-nod Bushy Jr... More on Jefferson- Hemmings. Here feds may cut off any high schools using Indian names. Kill your Televitz, kill your public school. Both of them are anti-White propaganda pushers. Opt out, White man. Nice bit of Civil War history in this response to techno-cuckoo- libertarian Postrel who recently attacked LewRockwell for holding the wrong position on Southern flags. Here on our increasingly pitiful (Yo soy el) Army. Here FBI tracks racist emails.

Drug War Shenanigans

Suggestions from James Bovard... Here on the Jewish hate group's attempt to coopt yellows for its own use. Black and brown aggrieved tools aren't enough, Hymie needs more. Not all yids get rich by extortion, many peddle neat drugs like Ecstasy to your kids. Or they pimp hos to NBA niggers. Here on AIDS in Africa. More here.

South Africa: Cannibals R Us

Just nigs being nigs....

Media: Drudge Beat Scumbag Sid

One of Clinton's campaigns that failed...

Mucking About in the Great Scam

Close but no cigar: Orwell's coming-of-age book about the Spanish Civil War touches on issues still relevant, but the prophet never delved deep enough to affix the blame properly, let alone point the way to a different future. Orwell ignored the Jew-led political famines carried out in the Ukraine, and he's still published and read in classrooms today. Two reasons to temper our enthusiasm for his clear, honest prose with the bitter truth that, at the end of the day, the White racialist needs more than he can offer. That's merely stating the obvious, and stating the obvious, as Orwell observed, is the first duty of intelligent Alaric

Israel, Our Duplicitous Ally

Israel is not our friend, it is our parasite. It is our enemy. It will beg, borrow and steal whatever money or weapons it can from us, and turn around and use those same weapons against us, or sell them to other enemies. Israel doesn't care a fig about American interests. Those claiming otherwise are almost always Jews or paid apologists. Here on Peres coming to U.S. to spread lies as good cop to Sharon's bad cop.

Click Here!

Why We Call Them Savages, And Why You Should Too

Nearly three million are estimated to have died in Congo war that began in 1998. Did you know there was a war in Congo? There are about fifty million Congolese, and roughly 1/3 are in danger of starving... There's always an excuse for the appalling conditions found among blacks everywhere. The bottom line is that they are savages that revert to savagery when left to their own devices. The same conditions apply to black nations without wars. They die faster in the Congo because food can't be brought in. Even if there were no war, food distribtion is untenable because there are no roads in the Congo. The roads disappeared right after the White man (Belgians) left. The Africans believe that infrastructure appears by magic and is maintained by magic. It's easier to drink beer and screw rather than maintain roads. Ditto for farms and water. They get sick, starve, and blame us.

Ygg Review (and Reader Response): Children of Heaven

A nationalist message seeps out of this good Persian film. No sex. No violence. In Farsi, with English subtitles. Farsi is what they speak in Iran, and possibly next door.

NYT Jews Blame Whites for Riot

That's what you call a classic tabloid headline. Nowhere in this piece does one of the skinny queers who decide what appears in the "paper of record" actually come out and express his delight at seeing dozens (hundreds?) of Whites dispossessed and assaulted by the rampaging niggers in Cincinnati. But it's there just under the surface, in every extenuating whine about Blacks not getting their fair share of contracts, etc. Always an excuse for blacks, never an excuse for Whites. Jews are the enemy, White man. There is No Way Out But Through the Jews. You should know that by now. If it's bad for the Jew, it's good for Whites. Here the same Jews turn "profiling" against the INS. Apparently the INS should assume that blue-eyed blonds are just as likely to be illegal as swarthy Spanish speakers. But VNN will never fall into the conservative trap of taking the libs' arguments at face value. The NYT, like all lib-Jew held publications, wants to destroy America through illegal immigration, and has no interest at all in an INS properly run. The NYT wants to destroy you, White man. You need to band and destroy it. Here terror attacks against the U.S. on the rise. As you would expect, given our proclivity for terror anywhere more than three people meet unapproved by the Jewish roaches in our State Department.

On Stalin's Plans to Conquer Europe

Forestalled by Nazi invasion... A review of Suvarov's Icebreaker.

FBI Settles With Nigs

Good news for Whites. The more incompetent and corrupt the feebs become, the less effective in suppressing dissenting Whites. Niggers erode quality, no matter how many movies Hollywood makes to the contrary.

Britney Spears: Milquetoast Lolita

A pop cutie leered at by a flagging old man, all in the noble cause of vending toothrot. Stinks like America to me. Kill Hymie Televitz, White man.

Media Control: FM in Ghana

Control of FM radio was loosened in Ghana, effecting politics. What if the same were to happen here? What if we had genuine White radio to reach people with? What if we could provide uncensored coverage of Cincinnati riots, for example? What if we had White tv? What if we could show, round the clock, uncensored video feeds of niggers beating and murdering Whites? Would that change things? These things are coming, and we will highlight possibilities in upcoming days. Here more ways in which the net is allowing collaboration. Why not White collaboration? Here a profile of NPR's All Things Considered and the Jews behind it. NPR has everything to do with Jews, and nothing to do with America.

ZOG Tries to Buy Off Pro-Germans

Incentive package worth up to $45k...

Oldham Update

Asians set up "no go" zones for Whites, soccer fans arrive to dispute... Here on IRA infiltrators. Here Phony Tony turns out to praise Mandela, gets booed. Here a carload of diversity tries to nab a White girl. It didn't happen in Britain, but hey, what's the difference where it happened? Here on Jewish political corruption. No matter where Jews go, swindling and corruption follow. Here an interpretation of the foot-and-mouth disease slaughter.

South Africa: Whites Assaulted

Media blackout "doesn't help." Note that publishing of crime stats has been banned since July 2000. Essentially what's happening is that groups of niggers, armed with AK-47s, attack White farmers and torture them to death, rape the women and infect them with AIDS, and by women I mean women and children. Niggers are niggers, and the lies of paunchy cons like David Horowitz that they are individuals and our equals won't change that. Niggers are savages, and must be kept away from Whites at all costs. As always, nigger murders are symptoms, Jews are the disease. The minute the nigger acceded to power in the New South Africa, the Judenpresse in America quit talking about the place. Jews are nation-killers, White man, and what's now happening to White folks just like you in South Africa will one day happen to you and your wife and children. Here on book censorship. Much brouhaha about Nadine Gordimer being kicked off the approved list. Ironic because this Jewess wrote works denouncing apartheid. Today, the sooty simpletons in charge of the savages find her Jewish-leftist works 'racist.' Jewish squalling has at least temporarily reversed the decision. Funny how what the Jews want read gets into classrooms worldwide. We were assigned Gordimer in high school, Salinger and Anne Frank too. Probably you were too.

Britain: Cons Abase Themselves

Threaten to dump Townend for making accurate remarks about the source of British racial troubles. The Beanbag Right must die and be replaced by White nationalists. White people, unite. Otherwise you are going to be murdered by your own traitors and the niggers and Jews they suckpoop. More here. And here. And here. Here the fuliginous hero the cons kowtow to. We mean it about being inclusive, says one of the top cons. Here another evil-license-plate story. Cop promises to change "NSDAP" to "Ace Boon Coon." More on Oldham attack on war vet here.

American Roundup

First, on new book on the NSA. Here on nig drive-bys in St. Louis. Here on Diallo. The cops who shot him "escape[d]" punishment, says unbiased BBC. Here the history of the Crips and Bloods, nigger street gangs that started in L.A., and have now spread throughout the U.S. Here pitiful Seattle, which ignored the black hate behind Black Tuesday, is all in a dither about precious niglets being punished for acting up more often than Whites. What a world hides the noxious euphemism "disparities." Here a nappy and no doubt nasty-smelling negress is awarded $1.2 million because she was denied a free delousing, I mean cologne sample. Here brownies swarm migra so they can become American citizens, just like you, White man. Here on strange fruit in Texas, no doubt another racist murder, like that other one down south that racists called a suicide. Here on jury selection for the napster who shot his teacher. The poor 13-year-old niglet is being tried as an adult. Let my people go. Here FBI sites. Here an Oklahoma forensic chemist we are informed is a she-nigger may have sent innocent men to the chair by screwing up evidence. Affirmative action strikes again. Nigs anywhere threaten Whites everywhere. Here forum discussion of a Methodist actually standing up to Jews and the tears and lamentations that followed. Here a U.S. race map using 1990 census data. Here Mex sue for back pay. More whining about the loss of our valuable Cincinnati niggers here. Oh, that we could bring them back. More on Cin here. Here Delaware school holds cross-dressing day. Kennewick man coverup here.

Aborted Savages, Less Crime

Abortion is bad for Whites, good for coloreds...

'Minority' Falls Into Disfavor

By almost every statistical reckoning, Whites are the true minority. Whites are an endangered species, as most of the stories on this page demonstrate. Here census data shows that about half of the 100 largest American cities are dominated by coloreds. More here. Here on an attempt to revitalize nigger Philly. Here an example of savage behavior that shows why it won't work. No White man possessed of his wits wants to live among Negroes. Here spooks and feebs settle.

War Prep in Middle East

Hackworth... Here mortars plague the land of milk and honey. Here D'Amato continues to suckpoop for Israel, even in retirement. Here "tolerant" Hymie whines about political cartoon. Here Sharon aims to import at least half a million Jews from South America. Here on the ho-ho-" holocaust." Here a bit on the debate in new American Spectator, now published by George Gilder.

Michigan Militia Disbands

Dimwit Norman Olson steps down. Militias are for people too dense to realize that the Constitution they imagine they are heroically protecting was null-and-voided decades ago. "Patriots" are satisfied with the way things are going," says Olson. Can't conceive the problem, can't provide the solution. Here a confederate sues to be declared 'diversity.'

Yggdrasil: Harvard and Its Admissions Policy

Ygg's daughter receives a curious brochure...

Media I: Music Publishing -- Competition for Rolling Stone

Maxim publisher out with Blender. New "reality" tv show. Jews spin gold from the air. Here on torturing young children with reggae. Here on Brazilian shit culture (third world slum culture plus rap) headed this way. "Like black vernacular spreading in the United States through hip-hop and rap, slang from Rio slums has infiltrated everyday vocabulary across Brazil and become part of the music. Women are now universally referred to as "popuzudas," or big-butted, and party-girls are "cachorras," or bitches." Shit people make shit music, and Jewish "shower rangers" spray it on your kid. Here a ridiculous communal reading experience in Rochester. Here lots of good Martin Amis stuff.

Media II: TV Technical Trends

We now have the tools to produce propaganda just as good as the other side's. Online TV channels are not far away.

Arrogant Yids Seek to Rewrite Scripture to Their Purpose

"His blood" is not the only blood on Hymie and his leech brood.

Why Jews Are Hated, Part 1004c

A taste of what they did in Ukraine... Here a Jewish article on the Weyrich flap. As always, statements of fact are 'libels' or 'canards' if the Jews don't like them. Quoth Weyrich: I defy anyone to hear [the Christian] Gospels read and to conclude anything other than that Jesus Christ was handed over to the Roman soldiers to be hung on the cross at the insistence of [his emphasis] the local Jewish authorities.... The people, egged on by their leaders, Jewish leaders, the chief priests and scribes, rallied the crowd. This is historical fact. Are we now to be forbidden to mention historical fact? Yes, Herr Weyrich, we are. Weyrich is a con who knows the game is rigged, unwinnable. Recently he gave up the game, admitting that cons had lost the culture war, and needed to concentrate their efforts at home, rather than in politics. He well knows that those who buy his products have been alienated by the same sort of Jews that killed Christ. In his heart Weyrich agrees with us: No Jews. Just Right.

White Art: Blaschka Glass Flowers

White people do things like this. Nigs sit around eating Food-Stamp Doritos and farting. More here: a national treasure, a triumph of high art and vast skill from White craftsmen of the 19th Century. Imagine such work being attempted today, in a shop filled, by Jewish-promulgated law, with radio-blaring niggers and shrill, excitable, foot-stamping spics demanding "respect" in their high-pitched, effeminate whine. "We from Puerrrto R-r-r-r-reeeco!" Hell, name anything being made anywhere right now that will be desired by collectors in 100 years. Here on the layout of Egypt, now underwater.

Canada: Jews Seek to Quash Criticism

"The case arose in 1997, when we quoted someone in a story observing critically that Jewish people dominate commercial real estate development and are sometimes rough on outsiders. Seven months later a complaint was brought to the Alberta Human Rights Commission (AHRC) by the vigilant Harvey Kane, Calgary spokesman for the Jewish Defence League." Jews are beyond criticism in Canada, apparently, or very close to it. Hymie yaps about tolerance, but this story shows what actually motivates him: removing Jews from the ranks of the criticizable. Placing Jewry a cut above, legally. Jews see themselves as the Chosen, the rest of us are second-class citizens. It's time to turn the tables on them. Here New York Post Jews go after White power music. Here somebody plays a nasty trick on B'nai B'rith, taking its holy name in vain. Jews are always shocked when their lying and special-pleading and extortion produce a negative response.

Whites Waste Billions Fighting AIDS Among Coloreds

Valuable African nigs will be lost by the bushel if we don't spend billions to subsidize their preservation and proliferation. Guess who will have to pay the money? Our ghettos have horrendous AIDS rates because our ghetto people have a horrendous behavior problem. If we can't solve the problem in our ghettos, how are we going to solve the problem in "ghetto countries"? They don't need money, they need to change behavior. Or evolve for a few hundred thousand more years.

No Freedom Left

Net offers one of few forums left where people can -- anonymously -- give voice to their true thoughts. As most people don't think the way their controllers prefer, these boards must be controlled too. Here more bloviating over police-shootings. Nigs commit crimes at much higher rates, cops arrest and shoot them at much higher rates. That simple. Just more mess in the paper to keep alive the idea that injustice against blacks is commonplace and a Big Problem We Need to Do Something About. A fake problem to keep people occupied while the pretend-problem propagandists expand existing problems. The Times starts a push for "accurate statistics." This means that eventually we will have quotas for upholding the law. If a department has met its quota for shooting black felons, what happens when they are confronted with one that will "put them over the top?"

Shahak on Falsification of the Holocaust

Letter to an editor...

Immigration: Whose Interests?

The truth comes out after the "crepe has been layed" about the poor immigrants. Bottom line, American employers care about nothing but the dollar. If their fellow citizens are screwed, so be it. These are the same assholes who like cheap nannies and yard men. If the White neighborhood is destroyed by the people they hire, they don't care. They don't live in that neighborhood. These are the guys that Dr. Pierce describes as staying one step ahead of the mess with the devil taking the hindmost.

Zimpanzees Threaten White Embassies

Farm-invaders say embassies their next target. Says war-veterans leader Hunzvi: "Our next target will be to deal once and for all with foreign embassies and non-governmental organisations who are funding the Movement for Democratic Change [MDC]"

McVeigh Considered Assassinations

Interesting comments... Here on the American police state. Even Scalia and Thomas support cops' right to arrest and jail people for not wearing seatbelts and other grave crimes. Here an interesting explanation of politics behind California power shortages.

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