What's in YOUR wallet, White man?

by Angry White Female

How many have seen the barrage of commercials by Capital One trying to peddle their Visa card? I really was going to let this go, until today when I saw the fourth commercial that was specifically defamatory of Whites in general and White males in particular. Here's a rundown of the commercials that I have seen in the last few months:

1) Modern families are running from their homes to escape marauding Vikings on horseback. The head Viking threatens: "What's in YOUR wallet?"

2) At the "Hudson Riverdance," fat White Keltic men in kilts attempt to step dance to off-key Irish music. Then the speaker comes on and says, "Not everything can be as good as the original."

3) Commercial opens in "family feud" game show format. The game is called "crime feud." The game show host, with Italian men on both sides of him, reads a card asking what the favorite family crime is. I believe the answer was "racketeering." Again: "Not everything is as good as the original."

4) Today, I saw the tail end of the latest "what's in your wallet" spot, featuring some sort of European "Barbarian" tribe.

The admakers are hitting every negative stereotype they can, and deliberately targeting one race. Not one non-White tribe or non-White face to be found. No women "Barbarians" or mobsters either. No Jewish mob, no Mexican mafia, no raping and pilliaging Asians or Africans. Only White males, the ludicrious inheritors of ludicrous traditions. I wonder why, in the era of overrepresentation of minorities, not one can be found on the "perpetrators" side, nor can our clever admakers come up with a single minority tradition worth poking fun at? Minorities are only criminals in the street and in the stats, never on the screen. And minority tribal traditions -- human sacrifice, foot-binding, cutting the clitoris off girls -- slip out the door when it comes to commercial mockery. Minority behavior and traditions are either celebrated or discreetly ignored, never ridiculed or criticized.

Here are a few ideas for the bankster crooks at Capital One -- commercials you might see if the admakers weren't timid and Semitically Correct anti-White racists:

1) Commercial opens with Machete-wielding Watutsi tribesmen in full native dress attacking a carvan loaded with U.N. food supplies for starving children. Wild-eyed raid commander says "What's in YOUR armored car?"

2) Commercial shows fat brown Aztec dancers wearing smeared makeup jumping around in circles, tripping over one another. Capital One speaker says, "Not everything is as good as the original."

3) Commercial opens with "Russians" wearing the Star of David migrating to the U.S as downtrodden refugees. Then they emerge from the plane with Rolex watches and thousand- dollar Gucci suits. "The Russian mob" then moves into banking houses and Wall Street, where they begin insider-trading and embezzling money from New York banks. "What's in YOUR wallet?"

My conclusion is that Capital One is selling much more than credit cards. They are selling defamation of ethnic Europeans. If they were not targeting the people and cultures of Europe, there would have been at least one non-White ethnic portrayal in their commercials. It used to be that American White males were the only target of corporate hatred. Now that White Americans are beginning to seek their roots, Capital One is making sure they find ways to defame our ancestral cultures and attach negative sterotypes to those easily recognizeable White ethnics that remain in America. They want us to believe 1) That our tribes accomplished nothing, but stole from others. 2) That Italians are mobsters. 3) That Keltic men are fat slobs.

It is crystal clear to me that this credit card company is gloating because they are killing two birds with one stone. They are defaming us and we are funding it. Sound familiar? Reminds me of how the Israelis use the profits they reap from Palestinian labor to fund the destruction of the Palestinian people and take their remaining land. We are funding our own destruction too. In my book, it really takes Chutzpah to pull something like this off. How dare these money-changing bastards use interest on White people's money to make commercials that mock our heritage and people for a couple more shekels, so they can buy up more of our real estate and banking institutions!

Why should we have Capital One Visa cards in our wallets? Folks, I beg you to NOT be one of the "1 in 5" Americans who has a Capital One Visa card in your wallet. The money they obtain from your interest pays for these commercials. If you have one of their cards already, please, I beg you, transfer the money to another card and write a letter of explanation to the company, and forward it with the cut-up card.


In closing, I would also request that European-Americans boycott Yahoo as well. One of their commercials portrayed a "Yahoo" (a rural White male with rotting front teeth and tattered clothing) in the Austrailian outback who heard on the radio a meteor was going to hit. So he bought thousands of pillows using this search engine. He survived, and then bluegrass music played while the singer went "Yahhooooo!" This commercial specifically targeted working-class men of Keltic descent.

Had any of these commercials featured non-Whites in a negative, hateful light, snivel rights activists would have had them pulled after the first airing. Yahoo has maintained a steady campaign of defamation against White folks, and because no counter-action was taken, it has escalated. They have decided to pull all pro-White web sites from their search engine, but similar requests asking that sites that actually promote the murder of White people be pulled have gone unanswered.

Ask yourself, White man: What's in YOUR wallet and what is bookmarked on YOUR computer?



Author's note:


In my
What's in your wallet, White man piece, I made a mistake. I listed 5 commercials I attributed to Capital One credit cards. It was Dr. Pepper which put out two of the commercials, those with the "it can't always be as good as the original" theme. One was the game show "crime fued" theme, defaming Italian-Americans. The other was the Riversance theme, defaming Scottish/Irish men. I apologize for the mistake. But the good news is that now we can add Dr. Pepper to the boycott list.


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