White Holidays

by M.X. Rienzi

Peoples of European descent celebrate many holidays. For example: Christmas and Easter, New Year's, in America -- Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July, and in Europe -- a variety of national and ethnic-specific holidays.

There is certainly nothing wrong with any of these holidays; they are part of our history and our culture. But we should note that Christmas and Easter are celebrated by all Christians, not just Euros; thus, they are not specific to our race. The same goes for New Year's, Thanksgiving and July 4th -- all of these are holidays which are not specifically White. On the other hand, the national/ethnic holidays of Europe, while great and focused on a particular group, do not reach out to all Euros.

What we need are holidays which have the following characteristics: they are for our people only; they can be celebrated by all of our people; they teach important messages to our people -- especially our young people -- about who we are, where we have been, and where we are going.

Other groups have such holidays. The Jews are noted for theirs, events which help forge a spirit of Jewish solidarity, typically by celebrating the Jewish triumph over "oppressors" (i.e., those who caught on). Blacks have Kwanzaa. The more than one billion Chinese (hundreds of millions more Chinese than there are total Euros!) have their own holidays also. But we, as a race, have none.

There are many events worthy of a historical holiday. You may have some ideas yourself. We will add more. But, we need to start somewhere. So, here we propose to, as a start, that all Whites should celebrate Thermopylae and Chalons. Here's a brief summary of these important battles:

Thermopylae was where a small group of Greeks fought a Persian horde containing numberless thousands of Asiatics and Africans in order to save the West. The Spartans fought to the death to allow the other Greeks time to organize a better defense. Ultimately, the West won, and allowed a new civilization -- our civilization -- to be born. If not for the brave defense at Thermopylae, Europe might have been conquered by Asia, and our future would have been nothing but despair and stagnation.

At Chalons, once again Asia, this time in the form of Attila and his Huns, tried to conquer Europe. Here Goths and Romans -- Germans and Latins, North and South -- came together to save the West from the Other. Once again, the spirit of the West prevailed.

Learn from these holidays. Celebrate them! Teach your friends and families, especially the children, about them!

Let your spirits soar with the accomplishments of our forebears, accomplishments that we ourselves need to live up to!

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