The Jewish Problem: A Patriotic Manifesto

by Center to Preserve Traditional Western Culture (CPTWC)

This manifesto is a political declaration, and is intended to be a voice for many unheard persons in America who belong to what is commonly known as the "conservative, right-wing" political movement in modern America.

The claims made by CPTWC below are both legitimate and verifiable, and skeptics are urged to check the legitimacy of these claims for themselves.



Source numbers will be mentioned in, and will appear in, numerical order (as in [1]), and those sources will, of course, be found at the end of this manifesto.**

**It should also be noted that the sources given at the end of this manifesto are, in many cases, actual members of the ethnic group in question. In other words, we have chosen sources who (theoretically) cannot have a racial animus towards the ethnic group in question. It is true that the case against the Jews can be made using Jewish sources alone.

"The part that Jewish intellectuals and media activists have played in the assault on Christianity may very possibly prove to be a grave mistake," says Christian Coalition founder, Rev. Pat Robertson, in his 1990 book The New Millennium, quoted by author J. J. Goldberg in Goldberg's book Jewish Power, page 44 (softcover; mentioned below).

The following statements are hereby declared to be true and factual by CPTWC (and by various other rightist political organizations as well):

1. Persons of Jewish ethnicity (i.e., Jewish by ethnic group/race, not simply by religion [1]) do indeed control the lion's share of the American film and entertainment industry. [2] This control, much of which could be described as "anti-Christian, anti-conservative and anti-family," has had an extremely negative impact on modern American culture.

2. Persons of Jewish ethnicity do indeed control the lion's share of the American "mainstream" media, and the American literary world as well (newspapers, broadcast news, newsmagazines, book publishing). [3] The same negative values mentioned in topic #1 also apply here.

3. Persons of Jewish ethnicity were largely (but not completely) responsible for carrying out the first holocaust of the 20th century: the systematic mass murder of at least 20 million people in Russia from 1917 forward, carried out by the largely Jewish Bolsheviks, and other largely Jewish Communist organs in the Soviet Union and other Eastern European countries, e.g., Poland. This was indeed a "holocaust," with specific victims and specific execution methods (usually gunshot to head or neck). This also was a key factor in German (Nazi) attitudes toward Jewish persons during both the prewar (WWII) and war era. Further, "Anti-Semitism" later swept the Soviet Union/Eastern Europe as a result of both this Jewish-originated holocaust and of Jewish political/social power in that region. (Strangely [or not-so-strangely], this Russian holocaust is never described as a "holocaust," and is hardly ever mentioned on TV, or in movies, or books, or, more importantly, in schools. This seems rather strange, given the enormous number of victims [far surpassing the "Nazi" holocaust], and the actual length of this holocaust [decades, far surpassing the "Nazi" holocaust]). [4]

4. Persons of Jewish ethnicity have successfully used disproportionate media/literary/Hollywood control (#1 and #2) to drastically reduce "anti-Semitism" in modern America by suggesting, through those mediums, that anyone who criticizes Jewish persons or Jewish history is "a "hater," or is "mentally defective." Jewish persons have also successfully reduced "anti-Semitism" in America by using #1 and #2 (above) to invoke "The (second, Nazi) Holocaust" almost daily, leading to the American public's current hypersensitivity towards that event, and also leading to overly sympathetic feelings by non-Jews towards Jewish persons, which Jewish persons later use to their political advantage. Further, the second (Nazi) holocaust is the only event in human history that has been made illegal to question, in almost any respect (in most of the White West). This legal privileging of Jewish myth was enacted at the request of powerful Jewish political groups in almost all cases. Further, this second, Nazi holocaust is mentioned more often as time goes on, which is unusual (most historical events are mentioned less as time goes on). [5]

5. Persons of Jewish ethnicity have indeed played a very large, disproportionate role in what are commonly known as "left-wing" or adversary political movements in America, even though their population numbers in modern America are actually very small. [6] These "left-wing" political movements have greatly harmed American culture, and they include the feminist movement [7], the egalitarian ("everyone is equal") movement [8], the heavily Marxist "civil-rights" movement [9], and the student protest movement [also 9]. (Further, the morbid and pathological Jewish fear of recurring "anti-Semitism," and their history of being oppressed by governments worldwide due to their historic negative habits, is largely responsible for this negative Jewish activity, which is likely subconscious and inborn, and which is intended to lessen the cultural cohesion of the majority peoples within the host country, to help prevent "anti-Semitism" from spreading. In other words, it is a kind of self-defense mechanism at the expense of the entire society in question. Further, it feeds on itself: negative Jewish actions and habits occur, then "anti-Semitism" occurs in response, then still more negative Jewish actions in response to that, and so on. This cycle is historically ongoing, and will no doubt continue).

6. Persons of Jewish ethnicity also disproportionately control financial activities in America, including Wall Street. [10] This is due to their unique history, which is far different from any other ethnic group (e.g., they have been heavily involved in financial speculation and usury for hundreds of years, unlike most other ethnic groups). Also, the Jewish religion places great emphasis on financial matters, unlike Christianity. This is not simply an archaic stereotype, but is actually a fact.

7. Persons of Jewish ethnicity, as modern leaders of the "adversary, revolutionary culture," actually started, and maintained, the Communist and Socialist parties of both the United States and other Western countries [11].

8. Persons of Jewish ethnicity lead the movement to ban the private ownership of guns [12].

9. Persons of Jewish ethnicity actively try to restrict the speech and writings of people and organizations who attempt to inform others about the negative impact of Jewish persons upon American culture [13]. This includes outright censorship, a violation of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

10. Many Jewish persons, perhaps subconsciously, join (or sometimes even start) what are commonly known as "right-wing" political organizations in an attempt to ensure that "anti-Semitism" (which they have a morbid fear of) does not thrive in "right-wing" political culture. These persons are commonly referred to as "neoconservatives," and are largely Jewish, and usually former leftists. This activity by Jewish persons actually weakens the political organization in question, as Jewish persons are traditionally much more sympathetic to "moderate" political ideas (e.g., "diversity," multicultural membership) than are other, non-Jewish members. They are also referred to as "soft-core conservatives." (Many formerly "very conservative" political organizations which were historically dominated by non-Jewish persons are now dominated by Jewish "neoconservatives," with the result being a lessening of the degree of "hard-core" conservatism found in that particular organization. Again, this activity by Jewish persons seems to be on a subconscious level). [14]

11. Persons of Jewish ethnicity have a very long history of deliberately misleading the non-Jewish (i.e., "Gentile") public about the negative aspects of Jewish history, to the point of blatantly and habitually lying about that history. [15].

. . .

13. "Anti-Semitism," as commonly known and understood, is actually not an action, but is instead a reaction, to negative Jewish features and attitudes, e.g., Judaism (the religion) referring to all non-Jews (i.e., "Gentiles") as merely subhuman animals to be used by Jewish persons; their historic control of certain areas of a country's economy (e.g., banking/finance), and other negative characteristics. Further, "Anti-Semitism" has been found wherever large numbers of Jewish persons are found, regardless of the ethnicity or religion of the dominant/host peoples. [17]

14. That Judaism (as a religion) is, by its very nature, a racist, supremacist religion, because it insists that Jewish persons are "the Chosen people," while all others (non-Jews or "Gentiles") are inferior to Jewish people. (This is the exact opposite of Christianity, which normally maintains that God made all people equal and the same, in His image). Further, non-Jewish persons who mention the above are themselves charged with "racism" or "supremacy." [18]

15. Jewish persons naturally rise to the top of any profession they enter (e.g., the legal profession- a disproportionate number of lawyers are Jewish), because their unique history (far unlike that of any other peoples) has given them quicker intelligence, more cunning, superior "people skills," and a drive to succeed that would shame most non-Jews. Further, they are, as a group, much more cohesive than non-Jews, which is why they have been so successful at dominating the cultures of various countries, even though their population numbers inside those countries are quite small. In other words, they think as a group, as a rule, even when they are not actually within a group. [19]

16. Jewish power in America has GREATLY increased since the 1950s. In fact, modern American popular culture (television, movies, magazines, newspapers, books) could actually be described as "largely Jewish-created." [20]

CONCLUSION: It is the conclusion of CPTWC that since Jewish persons/groups have much more political power and influence than any other ethnic group in America it is their activities that pose the greatest threat to "traditional" or "conservative" or "right-wing" political/social culture in America.

This means that all "conservative, right-wing" political organizations in the U.S., be they Christian or not, should focus largely on Jewish political activity, as a general policy.


Further information about the above claims can be found on many legitimate websites, including:

Dr. Kevin MacDonald's website at California State University (

Jewish-run website JewHoo (, cookies must be "on")

Additional info can be found at or


"To the first group must now be added Marxism, a creed, like the others, of violence, a religion derived ultimately from Judaism. Karl Marx was a Jew, German only in language and education."

"The Jews were essentially the people who refused to stand while the national anthem was being played; which again might have been excusable if their loyalty could have been assumed."

-British historian/author C. Northcote Parkinson, in his book about Eastern and Western civilization, titled East and West, 1963, 1965, pages 241, 105 respectively, softcover edition (CPTWC's copy dated 1965, by Mentor books).



(*These sources below are not the only sources available, just the most accurate, as much of the information concerning the claims in this manifesto comes from Jewish persons themselves, the best "unbiased" source. Other material about any of the above subjects is available from CPTWC).

1 (The reader should understand that Jewish persons are indeed part of an ethnic group/race, even though many Jews deny it, to prevent non-Jews from claiming that Jewish persons "think alike" and/or "act alike.") Book Race, by Dr. John R. Baker (Fellow, Oxford), 1974, Oxford University Press, (reprinted 1981 by Foundation for Human Understanding [U.S.]), chapter 14, beginning on page 232, (hardcover), titled "The Jews." Mentions them as an ethnic group/hybrid race. Also mentioned by F.D.R.'s close friend, Rabbi Stephen Wise, reported in the New York Herald-Tribune, June 13, 1938. Also mentioned in the book Jewish Power, by Jewish author J. J. Goldberg (see below), page 58 [softcover]; mentions them as an "ethnic group," and "even a race." Baker says "ethnic taxon" means "race," and can be used in place of "race."

(Note: the above directly contradicts the leftist-and-Jewish-pushed UNESCO declaration, given in 1951, that called "Jewish" only a religion. This is mentioned in the above book/chapter, page 232).

2 Book Jewish Power: Inside The American Jewish Establishment," 1996, by Jewish author J. J. Goldberg, Addison-Wesley Publishing, Chapter 11, titled "Jews and the Media," page 280 (softcover). Also noted by Jewish film critic Michael Medved, in Moment magazine, Aug. 1996, article titled "Jews Run Hollywood -- So What?"

3 Same source as Note 2, same page. (Actual quote) "Jews are represented in the media business in numbers far out of proportion to their share of the population." (endquote, page 280, softcover). Also mentioned in the book The Culture of Critique, by Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D., Praeger Publishing, 1998. Mentions Jewish domination of U.S. literary world, and their habit of overly praising fellow Jewish persons in that literary world. (page 223, hardcover).

4 Book The Culture of Critique, by Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D., Praeger Publishing, 1998, pages 60, 62, 67, 80, 89, 95, 98, 99 (hardcover). Also mentioned by Jewish, neoconservative author David Horowitz in his book The Politics of Bad Faith, The Free Press, 1998, page 119, hardcover. Horowitz admits that Jews played a (quote) "disproportionate role as leaders of the modern revolutionary movements in Europe and the West." Number of dead mentioned in the book The Black Book of Communism, 1999, Harvard University Press, page 4, hardcover.

5 Book The Culture of Critique, by Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Ph. D., Praeger Publishing, 1998, page 9, 11 (hardcover). Also mentioned in the book Roots of Radicalism, by Jewish authors S. Rothman and S.R. Lichter, Oxford University Press, 1982, page 120.

6 Book The Culture of Critique, by Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D., Praeger Publishing, 1998, page 5 (hardcover). Also noted in the book Roots of Radicalism, by Jewish authors S. Rothman and S.R. Lichter,1982, Oxford University Press. (Actual quote): "The association between Jews and the political left has been widely noticed and commented on beginning in the nineteenth century. "Whatever their almost every country about which we have information, a segment of the Jewish community played a very vital role in movements designed to undermine the existing order." (Rothman and Lichter, 1982, p.110)

7 Jewish-run web site Jewhoo (, must have cookies "on"), mostly under "authors." Lists leading, historical feminists -- Betty Friedan, Andrea Dworkin, Shulamith Firestone, Gloria Steinem (half-Jewish), Susan Faludi, Letty Pogrebin (Ms. magazine) and others as Jewish. includes hundreds of well-known people/celebrities who are Jewish, from actors to writers to sports stars. Includes most of Hollywood as well. Also mentioned in the book Jewish Power: Inside the Jewish Establishment by Jewish author J.J. Goldberg (previously mentioned), page 24, softcover. Bella Abzug featured on Jewish Feminists web site at http:// Ms. (feminist magazine) founder/founding editor Letty Cottin Pogrebin also is mentioned as Jewish at Betty Friedan mentioned as Jewish (i.e., birthname Jewish, i.e., Goldstein) in Family Encyclopedia of American History, 1975, by Reader's Digest, page 435, hardcover.

8 Article titled "Jews, Multiculturalism, and Boasian Anthropology," in The American Anthropologist, by Jewish author Gelya Frank, 1997, Vol. 99., #4, p. 731-745. Mentions heavily-Jewish aspects of modern academia, especially "cultural Anthropology," which has been the key vocation in the advocacy of "egalitarianism," i.e., of the idea that "there is no such thing as "race," in an attempt to weaken the arguments of the "far-Right."

9 Book Jewish Power: Inside the American Jewish Establishment, by Jewish author J.J. Golberg (mentioned above). Chapter 2, page 24 (softcover). Notes that the U.S. civil-rights movement was roughly HALF (50%) Jewish, even though Jews make up a tiny minority in America (just 2.4% of the population).

Student activism being largely Jewish is mentioned in the book Roots of Radicalism, by Jewish authors S. Rothman and S.R. Lichter, 1982, Oxford University Press, page 104. Also mentioned in Dr. Kevin MacDonald's book The Culture of Critique, Praeger Publishing, 1998, Chapter 3, titled "Jews and the Left," page 93, hardcover (quoting Jewish author Liebman,1979).

10 Book Theodore Herzl: From Assimilation to Zionism, by Jewish author Kornberg, Indiana University Press, 1993, pages 161 and 162, hardcover, mentions the historical "frightful financial power" of Jews. Also mentioned in the book The New Crowd: The Changing of the Jewish Guard on Wall Street, Little, Brown and Co. publishers, 1989, by Jewish authors Judith Ehrlich and Barry Rehfeld. The title is almost enough, but gives numerous mentions throughout the book of Jewish financial power in America, and especially Wall Street. (This is due to their unique history, which is far different from any other ethnic group, e.g., they have been involved in financial speculation and usury for hundreds of years, unlike most other ethnic groups. Also, the Jewish religion places great emphasis on financial matters, unlike Christianity).

11 Book The Culture of Critique, by Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D., Praeger Publishing, 1998, Chapter 3, "Jews and the Left," page 72, hardcover. Also mentioned in the Jewish magazine Tikkun, Sept./Oct. 1995, article titled "The Hollywood Blacklist and the Jews," by Paul Buhle. Quote from Buhle mentions early Hollywood progressives as being aligned with Communists, "nearly all of them Jewish."

12 NRA publication titled Fact Sheet, ILA Research and Information Division, Anti-Gun Organizations, obtained by CPTWC on 7/99, listing 44 organizations that aid the policy-making of the organization Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Out of those 44 groups, 10 are Jewish. Given the tiny population numbers of Jews in America (just 2.4 %), this is HUGELY out of proportion by a factor of about 10x. Also: NRA magazine American Rifleman, Aug. 2000, page 74. List of sponsors of the anti-gun "Million Mom March." (A grossly disproportionate number [per capita] is Jewish. Out of 8 groups, 4 are Jewish. This is grossly disproportionate; "true" proportion would be far less than 1). Again, the Jewish population in America is only 2.4%, very tiny indeed. Also, The New American magazine, July 17, 2000, article titled "I Am Alive, No Thanks To Gun Control" by Jewish author Hillel Goldstein, admitting that gun ownership is (quote) "extremely unpopular" (endquote) in the Jewish community. (Page 16) Also, all of the leading persons in Congress who have spearheaded gun-control laws have been Jewish, according to the book Jewish Power, by J.J. Goldberg (previously mentioned above). Howard Metzenbaum, Charles Schumer, Frank Lautenberg, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein (Feinstein is half-Jewish, but Jewish enough) are all Jewish by ethnicity, and have led the anti-gun push in Congress. (pages 253-263 [softcover] mention that they are all Jewish).

13 Former Congressman (R., Illinois) Paul Findley gives numerous examples of Jewish attempts to censor those who mention negative Jewish activity in his book They Dare To Speak Out, 1985, 1989, Lawrence Hill Books. Chapter 7, titled "Challenges to Academic Freedom," gives many, including attempts by the Jewish Hillel Foundation (with chapters on most university campuses) to censor visiting speakers who have, or may, criticize Jewish interests. (pages 180, 181 [softcover version])). Also: ADL itself. Jewish groups such as the Anti-Defamation League have led the push to censor Internet web sites with their filters: "HateFilter" ( HateFilter is offered proactively to schools, libraries, etc., which usually accept them, lest they be accused of "not wanting to stamp out 'hate.'" Elizabeth Coleman, ADL's nation director of civil rights, says the ADL has "a team of people who are on their computers day and night" to patrol the Web for "hate" (i.e., people talking about negative, historic Jewish activities). When these "hate" web sites are encountered by the ADL, they are added to the HateFilter database. This is actual censorship, technically a violation of the First Amendment.

14 Book The Culture of Critique, by Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D., Praeger Publishing, 1998, Chapter 6, "The Jewish Criticism of Gentile Culture," pages 222, 227, hardcover.

15 Book Jewish History, Jewish Religion, by Jewish author and Prof. Israel Shahak, 1994, Pluto Press, pages 92, 93 (softcover version). (Prof. Shahak lives in Israel.) Shahak gives numerous examples of how Jewish persons lie to the non-Jewish public about Jewish history/religion. As only one example, on page 92 of the book mentioned above, he gives the example of the standard (devout) Jewish morning prayer, in which devout Jews thank God for NOT making them a Gentile (non-Jew). Yet, CPTWC (and many others) has actually asked Rabbis and other Jews about this, which they quickly deny (and dismiss as "typical Christian hatred of Jews"). This book contains many examples of Jews lying to non-Jews. Also mentions how Jews lie about the meaning of Yiddish words that they use among themselves to describe non-Jews.

17 Book Separation And Its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism, by Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D, Praeger Publishing, 1998, hardcover. Book examines the history of "anti-Semitism" from ancient times to the present. MacDonald explains that "anti-Semitism," historically speaking, is a reaction to negative Jewish features and activity, rather than a prejudiced action. Mark Twain also mentions some possible reasons for "anti-Semitism" in his Harper's article, and states that Jews have a reputation for "small forms of cheating" and dishonesty. (Quoting Twain): "He (the Jewish person) has a reputation for various small forms of cheating, and for practising (sic) oppressive usury, and for burning himself out to get the insurance, and for arranging cunning contracts which leave him an exit but lock the other man in, and for smart evasions which find him safe and comfortable just within the strict letter of the law, when court and jury know very well that he has violated the spirit of it."

(Mark Twain, essay titled Concerning The Jews, Harper's Monthly Magazine, Sept. 1899, paragraph 9).

18 Book Jewish History, Jewish Religion, by Jewish author Israel Shahak, Pluto Press, 1994, pages 92, 93, 94, 95 (softcover). Shahak gives numerous examples of how Jewish persons, on a regular basis, exalt themselves in official prayers and customs, while, at the same time, put down and belittle non-Jews. Also mentioned in the book The Controversy of Zion, by British journalist/author (of The London Times) Douglas Reed, 1978, Dolphin Press, page 482, softcover, quoting Jewish author A. Koestler. (Reed, in the book above, details being followed by Jewish activists after he wrote unflattering words about negative Jewish history, a history that he obtained largely from Jewish persons themselves).

19 Article by researcher M.E. Backman, titled "Patterns of Mental Abilities: Ethnic, Socio-Economic, and Sex Differences," in the American Educational Research Journal, 1972, vol.9, pages 1-12. Backman found that Jewish persons have superior verbal and general IQs, but inferior visio-spatial reasoning (compared to non-Jews). This explains why most well-known comics, both modern and in the 1950s/1960s, are/were Jewish (Rodney Dangerfield, George Burns, Joan Rivers, Billy Crystal, Jerry Seinfeld, Don Rickles, Roseanne Barr, Andrew Dice Clay, etc). (See the Jewish-run web site under "comedians"). Also mentioned in The Journal of Genetic Psychology, 1958 (vol. 93, page 277), 1960 (vol. 97, page 93), 1962 (vol. 100, page 55).

20 Article by Jewish film critic Michael Medved, in Moment magazine, Aug. 1996, article titled "Jews Run Hollywood-So What?" Also mentioned in the Jewish magazine Tikkun, Sept./Oct. 1995, article titled "The Hollywood Blacklist and the Jews," by Paul Buhle. Mentions (quote) "the Jewish creators of 1930s-1950s popular culture." Further, the quote on the Statue of Liberty (by Emma Lazarus), Bugs Bunny's voice (Mel Blanc), Fonzi (Winkler), Barbara Walters, Ted Koppel, Irving Berlin, Benny Goodman, Ira Gershwin, and The Three Stooges were all Jewish by ethnicity. Many of the "all-American" icons that you know and love were actually created by conservative-hating, America-hating (i.e., hating traditional, White, American, gentile, Christian culture), pro-Communist Jewish persons. In previous years, they hid their ethnicity; now, since they now know that America is a "safe haven" for them, they actually brag about it (e.g., the Jewish-run web site Jews were seen as "a threat" in the 1950s/1960s American conservative movement; this attitude is no longer "legitimate" in our popular culture, hence the reason Jewish persons now move around within our culture with no fear of "anti-Semitism."



While this list may never be entirely complete, it will cover most Jewish names one is likely to encounter in everyday life. (Unlike Christian names, there is such a thing as a "Jewish name." Also called "Semitic-sounding name.")

Most Jewish persons can be recognized by their surname (last name), although not always -- some are adopted; some simply do not sound Jewish or Semitic.

Here are the usual and most common names likely to be encountered:

-Names ending in "-berg" (Goldberg, Weinberg, etc.)

-Names ending in "-man" (Goldman, Lightman, etc.)

-Names ending in "-stein" (Einstein, Perlstein, etc., and also "-stien")

-Names that sound "precious" (Gold, Silver, Diamond, etc.)

-Names ending in "-ler" (Adler, Midler, etc.)

-Names ending in "-ner" (Asner, Lardner, etc.)

-Names ending in "-lin" (Gitlin, Sheindlin, etc.)

-Names ending in "-witz" (Horowitz, Rabinowitz, etc.) or "-itz" (Kravitz, etc.)

-Names ending in "-baum" (Teitelbaum, Metzenbaum, etc.)

-Names ending in "-off" (Chartoff, Berkhoff, etc.)

-Names ending in "-nik" (Resnik, Mitnik, etc.)

-Names ending in "-thal" (Blumenthal, Rosenthal, etc.)

-Names ending in "-ling" (Spelling, Sperling, etc.)

-Names ending in "-sky" (Barshefsky, Linsky, etc.)

-Names ending in "-farb" (Himmelfarb, Goldfarb, etc.)

-Names ending in "-feld" (Seinfeld, Rosenfeld, etc.)

-Names ending in "-stone" (Wellstone, Firestone, etc.)

-Some (but not all) names ending in "-son" (Abelson, Josephson, etc.)

-Names (surnames) that sound "Biblical," e.g., David (as in "Larry David"), Abram or Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Benjamin, etc.

Also, some very common Jewish names (note that these are not always Jewish):




About Center To Preserve Traditional Western Culture (CPTWC):

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CPTWC is, by design, an anti-Marxist, rightist, nationalistic political entity focusing on certain social/political activity within, or relating to, the United States.

CPTWC exists to help preserve classically Western social/political/ethnic values within the United States, and to oppose non-Western, non-traditional social/political/ethnic movements within the United States.

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