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B.C. Flap

Criticizing Jews? That's not what the First Amendment was designed to protect, says Hymie.

Israel Retakes Part of Gaza Strip

Hymie's on the march, don your cups, ragtops... More here. Jews left and right agree: special rights for Jews must be preserved. Here Jews expand settlements, thumb nose at world that puts up with them, subsidizes their racism.

American Roundup

Here on Baumhammers case... More on Yahoo placing "tolerance" ads for Kool Mo Dees. Here an Indian just says yes to the White man. Here study says eccentrics are healthier. Libertarian cartoon here. Here on extensive student testing in New York. Jesse Helms, friend of the brown man, enemy of the White. More on Bradford (U.K.'s Cincinnati) here. Here Rep. Goode introduces repeal of Lautenberg (Jew) gun ban of 1996. Here Jewish report on Jewish hate group fined $10 million for smearing Whites. Here on devil-worshipper responsible for many church fires. He never joined the Klan, so you've never heard of him. Here on 60 Minutes uncovering new Bastard Jesse scandal.

Media: Jew Gusinsky's Empire Under Extreme Pressure

Tv station taken from him, now newspaper folded... Here on web censorship in Italy (in Italian only)... Here Jews petition Aussie court to censor Töben. Jewish arrogance knows no limits.

See What the Bushmen Have in Store for You, White Man

Check out the handiwork of African dancing jigs. Photos of White farmers murdered. Ever hear about these murders in the Jewish paper you read, White man? Why does the Jew hide the truth from you, do you suppose? Have you read anything today besides VNN that wasn't first edited by Jews? Are you sure? Jews are nation-killers, White man. They are your enemy. All you want on the Cincinnati riots here.

Hezbollah Criticized for Attacking Hymie

These guys are "hardcore." They're also the only group that's won against the Israelis. They did that when Ehud Barak decided Israel had more to lose than gain by staying in southern Lebanon. The people over there haven't forgotten that Sharon was the guy that invaded the country in the first place. Here Reuters on the new war starting up. First Israeli air attack against Syrians in Lebanon since 1996, Reuters says. More here. See what Jews are really like here. You pay double for these Jewish murders, White man: first for the ammunition, second for the generations of hate the Jews produce. You are hated around the world because your sweat pays for Jewish genocide. No Jews. Just Right.

American Roundup: Four Quarters Stamped with Confed. Flag, Secret Service Called In

Without reference to ZOG control of American GEM (government-education-media), the U.S. would be a hard country to understand. Here somebody stamps a flag into a couple quarters and it's a federal issue. But a truckload of Jewish swindlers is pardoned and everybody yawns. Or a nig-crook is shot and the feeb "justice" coppers come running, while dozens of Whites are assaulted and everybody looks the other way. How long do the Jews get a free ride, White man? More on the upcoming Miss. flag vote. One thing you'll never hear in America is a call for Jews or blacks to respect the rights of White people. "Puffy" arrested. Business expense? Pierce profiled in Pittsburgh paper. Here a compilation of race riots in the U.S. Here an idiotic diversity calendar. Here Connerly proposes new initiative that would ban the California's collecting racial data. America, no free country... Here Jew libertarian head of Cato comes out against Mississippi flag. Jews of a feather pretend not to flock together. Here Salon pigmented columnist blasted by readers for typical distortions re Cin shootings.

How Civilizations Fall

Minogue blames feminism for cutting off the head of the West. But it's just one of a number of pitchfork prongs stuck in the western body by malicious Jews. And he ignores its Jewish roots: Steinem, Abzug, Friedan, Sontag, Dworkin, Firestone, etc. -- Jewesses all. Here compuserb, a site that tracks attacks on the Serbs organized and instigated by the Jews behind the New World Order.

James Burnham

Quick nugget... Here some good data and intelligent thoughts on race from Michael Levin, Jewish author of Why Race Matters, excellent book on the subject. He also wrote Feminism and Freedom, probably the best book ever written on the topic, which you can search for in bookstores from here to Timbuktu without finding. Quotation: Also, contrary to pop sociology, black self-esteem is generally higher than white...and what is obvious in everyday life the black self-presentational style is more confrontational. Blacks also appear to be less cooperative than whites and less inclined to follow Kant's categorical imperative, popularly known as the golden rule.


Pious whiners, these book-burning Brown students... Anyone who raises any arguments that coloreds don't like is "harassing" them. What soft, cherubic creatures, these burning Brownies are...

Cin: Curfew Lifted

For better than thirty years now, White America has done nothing but give in to rampant niggers. It's time that change. Here Murdock refutes some of lies about the fifteen shot in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati: The Noble Fifteen, Shot by Racist Cops

Read and weep, knowing that our country is deprived of these fine men thanks to trigger-happy White racist cops. Dozens (hundreds?) of Whites are attacked, dozens of White businesses are trashed, and we are supposed to worry about Negro criminals instead. That's the price of Jew-controlled media. Here the facts on cop- shootings, if anybody cared. More here. And more. Here the Jews and queers at New York Times blame Cincinnati riots on the White man. These foul Jews are doing exactly what they love to call "blaming the victim" when the colors are reversed. The difference is that the people the Jews blame are innocent. British view here. Here on Asian wogs rioting in Bradford, or 'Bradistan.' What a great idea, importing coloreds into Britain. Who profits from it besides the Jews? Here on Bradford cops signing letter of agreement with Paki counterparts, to combat crime together. Wouldn't be necessary if Britain were Paki-free. Says a British reader, "Local citizens are asking who really runs this town..." Whether it's Cincinnati or Oldham or Bradford, coloreds are the problem, Whites are the victims. And in both places the politicization and corruption of the police and the backing-off from prosecuting colored criminals ensue as soon as wogs establish a presence.

Thirty Questions About Oklahoma City Bombing

McVeigh did not act alone. Here column on new report on Waco. Mentions the ATF goons spitting obscenities and attacking a cameraman taping their ignominious retreat from the "compound" (a compound is Jewspeak for 'hate building') after the idiots were repulsed/ran out of ammo. Idiots. If you've ever seen, Waco: The Rules of Engagement, find out the far more disturbing -- and more accurate -- real story here. Here on the new medical regulations that will give the feds easy access to your health data, opening up a broad new vista for federal blackmail. How much longer do we put up with this government?

On Campus

The Seducer on his intellectually bankrupt opponents... Here on the snootiness and inaccuracy of the NYT. Here fake camp photos used on German tv program. Says Irving, "German television has a long history of using fake 'atrocity' photos." Here on taxes.

Israeli Missiles on Chinese F-8

Thanks, Jews.... Here Canadian Christian numbskulls visit the Holy Land. Here the good folk they support hard at work. The Chosen just being the Chosen. What kind of God would choose Jews?, we ask rhetorically. "Only the God of Bad Taste," shouts the chorus.

Iceland: Scandinavian Men, Gaelic Women

Vikings grabbed women in British Isles, took them back to Iceland and Scandinavia, DNA tests show.

Media: Web Changing Journalism, and Itself Changing Too

"The survey found that respondents are using the Internet more than ever before for corresponding by e-mail and researching articles, as well as for finding story ideas, new sources and news releases. The average respondent spent 15 hours a week reading or sending e-mail, the study said." Here on technical advances that will in time result in a tv network run off a desktop. Good news for White nationalists. Don't react, get on top of the new and turn it to your advantage, White man, just like the shit-spreading shower rangers at MTV do. Here a plaintive letter announcing Salon Premium. You pay $30 a year and get some extra articles. Here Jews at The New Republic rip off Jew-fearing Christian Joe Farah's WND article on China and the Chao connection at Heritage Foundation. How quaint: A Semitic suckpoop site par excellence whining about corrupt leftist Jews stealing stories about Chinese corrupting a "conservative" think tank. America isn't a country anymore, it's a place where people come to have a nice life, as someone said once. How much longer that's the case remains to be seen. Good new Bergstrom cartoons here. Marc Rich, cartoon -- wonderful! Look at the pig-hands and foxy eyes. Bergstrom is a talent, just compare to Herblockheads.

Rule Changes Facilitate Media Consolidation

Rules revised, helping huge get huger; at the same time technology distributes power and control.

Chinese Letter: Whites on the Way Out

Vdare reader thinks White race had chance, blew it. Chinese picking up the torch.

Banned in Boston

Article on racial differences in sports. The "conservative" paper there refused to run it. The first duty of intelligent men these days is to restate the obvious. What's obvious is that blacks are much stupider and higher-jumping and more violent and faster than Whites. Not even the two "good" betters can be mentioned in a right-wing paper these days. How about that? If you're looking for the conservatives to save you, folks, forget it.

Canada: Under Izzy Asper, Jews Control Practically All Media

Where Izzy encamps, freedom departs. Good article by Doug Collins, one of the Canadians Izzy wants to prevent you from hearing. "Izzy" Asper, already a TV mogul, had bought Hollinger/Southam's 13 daily newspapers, 126 community newspapers, Canadian Internet operations, and fifty per cent of the National Post itself. In British Columbia, it meant that the Aspers and their CanWest empire controlled every media outlet that really counted, including The Vancouver Sun, The Province, and the Victoria Times-Colonist. Subsequently, they were also to own BCTV, the biggest TV station, and were already owners of CKVU-TV (now to be sold). Fast forward to April 12, when a column appeared in The Outlook, a small newspaper on Vancouver's North Shore under the headline "Welcome to Izzy's World". The piece showed that the Aspers had fired the publisher of the North Shore News, Mr. Peter Speck, plus Executive Editor Timothy Renshaw. It was also stated that when those firings took place, three weeks previously, a notice had been posted in the newsroom to the effect that my name =97 known to everyone as a former columnist of the News =97 should never appear in the paper's pages again. Not even in a letter to the editor."... The Jew is the enemy, White man. Media IS politics. Support alternative media, or watch the Jew acquire them all, and laugh in your face.

Public Intellectuals

Jewish dilettantes who can say, "The white race is the cancer of human history" and get invited back. Here a good old Buchanan article on the delegitimzation of dissent by the Jews controlling the news. They can't win by laying out their arguments and positions honestly, they can only win by lying about what they really want and smearing their honest opponents with labels: gun nuts, racists, homophobes, sexists, anti-Semites, and a hundred other variations of "extemists." The Jew-led left is not democrats, it is Machiavellian, intent on winning at all costs. The question is not how to oppose the Jews who lead the left, the question is how to destroy them. They have chosent the terms of battle, and we either respond or go under.

Britain: National ID Card After the Election

It will curb fraud and abuse. Sure it will. Multiply opportunities is more like it. Always the excuse used in tightening controls over citizens.

Gun Control: Bad Safety, Bad "Public Health"

Rebuts some of the lies put out the last twenty years by the Jew-led gun banners. More here, on supposed drop in hand-gun sales. Note that: "The crash does not extend to shotgun and rifle production, which rose by about 8 percent between 1993 and 1999 to 2.8 million annually, ATF figures show."

Who Burned the Reichstag?

It is usually presented as proved that Nazis set the fire and blamed the communists. "Now, however, the four historians argue that Der Spiegel's coverage was part of a cover-up by Nazi sympathisers to protect the culprits from prosecution. Their findings put them at odds with other leading academics." Here's an old article against Woodstock revisionism. If it's a public issue, and there's a percentage in falsifying history, Jews will. For everything old White America had that was good, Jews have something bad to replace it with, plus a new cover-history explaining why the old civilized ways were evil.

AmRen's Jew Schiller

Ex-resident of New Square, now speaking to/for White nationalists. Talk about a recipe for failure... Rabbi Schiller, who keynoted one of Jared Taylor's conferences, has defended the New Square swindlers pardoned by Hillary Clinton. By allowing yids like this into the movement, Taylor is ensuring its cooption, just the way conservatism was coopted.

"Holocaust": The Gift that Keeps on Giving

"It's the gift that keeps giving all year long, Clark." Here a WSJ editorial on the new Jew suit against America for not bombing as the Chosen think optimal sixty years after the fact. Operating on the to-them-self-evident idea that America exists to further Jewish interests, Jews sue America for $40 billion for not bombing tracks to Auschwitz. This would have prevented or meliorated the "Holocaust," whatever that is. "History's worst crime" affirms the Jewish reviewer in attacking the suit. Not hardly, Hymie. The greatest crime in history is Jewish Bolshevism, the proud baby of Jewish racketeers. Read through this editorial and you come to realize, taking a step back for the big picture, that Jewry itself is essentially a racket. Like insects swarming in a decomposing fish, are Jews. Read this article and ask yourself if maybe, just maybe, whatever Hitler did the Jews was in reaction to the sort of Jewish chicanery detailed here. They poke, prod, pull down, threaten, steal, extort -- and then wail to the heavens when anyone calls 'em on it. Here Hitler-fixated Slate Jews worry about Hitler's bunker.

The problem with Libertarianism

Freeper thread, after Reese opinion. Here's an interesting observation about Jews, taken from MacDonald's Culture of Critique: "It is of some historical interest to note that an important feature of the rhetoric of German anti-Semites (e.g. Paul Lagarde) throughout the nineteenth century into the Weimar period was that Jews advocated political forms such as liberalism, which opposed structuring society as a highly cohesive group, at the same time they themselves retained an extraordinary group cohesiveness that enabled them to dominate Germans. During the Weimar period the Nazi propagandist Alfred Rosenberg complained that the Jews advocated a completely atomized society while at the same time exempting themselves from the process."

South Africa: Bribing ANC Savages to Win Contract

Negro rule equals corruption...

Media: Newspapers Dying?

Profits still decent, but circulations dwindling. Here JimBoob being driven out of business by Jews behind rags he steals from. Same Jews he won't allow you to criticize. Here on McVeigh book and average White men, good comments from Unabomber.


Being whipped up into the next great enemy. Contractors, neocons rubbing hands with tax-spending glee...

$1.2 Million for "Hate" Crime

Another joke judgment against a "neo-Nazi" "hate" criminal... Here Jews astir over "Yitz" Greenberg; specifically, whether he should resign from U.S. Holocaust Council after pushing for Rich pardon using its letterhead.

Sobran on Jews and Israel

"I have never heard a Jew say: 'I wish gentiles in other countries would treat us Jews the way we treat Arabs in Israel.'" Israel "can't afford justice. Its 'right to exist' is founded on the exclusion of most natives of the land it claims, and on discrimination against the rest."


Small nasty things undercut Israeli tyranny.

K.C. Cannibal?

Murder suspect was hungry. "Meat's meat, and a man's gotta eat."

If the Chinese Next Door Invite You for Dinner, You Might Want to Ask What's on the Menu

Egg foo young? Moo goo guy in a pan? Here Pierce's latest address, which touches on yellow people-eaters. How many fetal feasters now live in California? How many restaurants in your local Chinatown serve this fare behind closed doors? Don't you feel good knowing that gook numbers grew by the millions in the nineties? But don't judge these slant-eyed baby-soup slurpers -- all cultures are equally valid.

Click Here!

La Paglia

Not one of her better ones, but her bravery and respect for honest scholarship are exemplary. Great people respect legitimate authority. Great people respect erudition. Stupid people mock them. Paglia has rebelliousness and respect and erudition in all the right places.

Cinn Photos Here!

VNN's eloquent gallery of riot photos...

Blacks Mob, Whites Sob

Whether it's Seattle, Cincinnati or your town, niggers are on the move, vicious and stupid and violent as ever -- and given a free ride by media Jews -- the same folks who make sure penguins in Antarctica hear about spraypainted swastikas.... by Angry White Female

Sobran on Jews

One of a number of articles he's written that lay out our Jewish Problem. "History is replete with the lesson that a country in which the Jews get the upper hand is in danger." Bingo.

Gook Gang Attacks White Kid in Oldham

Cops too busy listening for "racist" remarks in curry shops to respond. Here classic Jewish hypocrisy: no multiculturalism for Israel -- just for your White host country, in this case Australia.

Vegas: See Jared the Wigger!

Title link to the unfortunate young man referred to in our story Vegas Vacation. More teen-jabber in " R-Jeneration" within Las Vegas Review-Journal. Despite repeated e-mails to RJ, we were not able to determine at press time whether the 'R' stood for 'retarded' or 'ridiculous.' Here, one Cam-Tu Dang illustrates that, despite decades of frenzied Jewish effort, the "social constructs" of race and sex (not "gender") prove durable. "What's up nigga?" "That party last night was so gay!" "Man, he is such a faggot." "Don't ask her nothing, she's a Chink!" "Damn beaners!" Here some teen hate spewed on Ark., Tenn. and the usual Semitically Correct targets. What Jewish adult's writing this stuff? Here a site tracking discrimination against Whites:

Cincinnati: Whites Vow Revenge.

Hal Turner site photos at title link. Here for talk of revenge. That's a good idea, since the cops manifestly won't protect anybody except themselves. They're on the public tit, but they won't do a damn thing while niggers run riot, looting and destroying White property. Niggers would have dispersed about two seconds after the first sooty looter was shot, but all we get is Jewish-indoctrinated Semitically Correct White pols appeasement. Then the national Jewish tv producers come in (Nightline last night, for example) and lie that it's all the White man's fault. Read this report and notice how starkly different it is from the bloodless Jewish reports put out by CNN, Reuters, and AP. Nothing makes the Jews cagey and evasive like black-on-White crime. This report gives you the bloody picture. What you can do here.

Sobran Defends IHR and Its Freedom of Speech

Sobran is one of very few public conservatives with guts. He has criticized Israel and suffered professionally because of it. Here he points out that the Zionists and Jews are oppressive thugs, while the IHR appeals to reason. Here Sullivan on Jewish hate group ADL. Here the New Yorker on Irving and Lipstadt trial.

UN Set to Go After Small Arms Trade

Stock up now...

Jews Seek to Censor Czech "Neo-Nazi" Concerts

They break no law, but the Jews say that allowing a band named "Juden Mord" to play is obviously all the evidence of a crime you need. It's the Beanie Rules: anything that offends us is illegal. Time's coming to pack your bags, Beanie Babies. Here American Jews whine about comic strip.

Jefferson No Miscegenator

Newspaper reports and movies and other Jewish lies to the contrary, Jefferson did not sire mulattos on Sally Hemmings. "No evidence," says panel. Just another Jewish Big Lie. Jews are a very sneaky and dishonest race. For years they have been pushing the lie that America is an "idea," not a specific place founded by specific people. They like to pretend that this is what the Founders believed themselves, even though they are well aware it isn't true. Lying about Founders as individualists who were pro-miscegenation helps them push these bad ideas on today's public. Spread the word: if you hear it from a Jew, it's probably a lie. More here.

Erasing the Border: Bi-national Lab?

Sandia scientists want to waste hundreds of millions on a Southwest border lab jointly funded by U.S. and Mexico to deal with problems on both sides. Semitically correct pork. Here spring-breakers in Acapulco come down with histoplasmosis, yet another charming Mexican export.

Britain: Queer Kops

Semitical Correctness rife in the U.K. Here on hypocrite Rosie O'Donnell. Here on a new dumb way to teach math. Do we really need to use numbers in teaching math? Aren't numbers just Eurocentric codes for racism? "Constructivist math seems to be less about teaching math than it is about making students feel good about not knowing math."

New York: Homeless with AIDS Housed in Four-Star Hotels

Cheaper than paying court-fines (read: some Jew ideologue's fines) ...

Jews: Finance Bill Won't Hurt Our Interests

Will actually make it harder for non-Jews to get a word in edgewise...

Africa: Savages at Work

Ship full of slave children... As nigs yelp for reparations, black slavery continues unabated in the Dark Continent.

No Warrent Needed in North Carolina?

Car searches at cop's whim...

Some Jews Souring on Israel

All it ever does is take our money and shoot kids in the forehead or genitals. That's why they call it the "Holy Land." Here American vs. Israeli reading tastes. Here a review of a book by Jew Sunstein on the Jewish fear that Internet will give people access to uncensored material. Here on immigration, and why greens haven't been quick to oppose it. No mention of Jews, but points made are worth considering.

Cincinnati: Rioting Spreads, Cop Shot, Curfew Imposed, Guard May be Called

"Several black neighborhoods" went into hoot-and-loot mode Wednesday. National Guard may be called in. Here city declares curfew. Typical piece that throws every extenuating circumstance onto the colored side of the scale, yanks facts out of context, dismisses dozens of nigger gang attacks on Whites as "harassment." CBS report here. Local tv station report here. Here, again, the main news forums listings where you can find locals' comments on the rioting. Here a call for Whites to unite.

Zimb Savages Kill Goose, Wonder Where Golden Eggs Went

Lots of promises made by Mugabe's war veterans to farmhands. None of them kept. Farms go under, blacks starve. Not all blacks are violent and stupid. Many are just stupid. These same, having believed the lies of Mugabe's war veterans about higher pay once the White boss was out of the picture are now sitting around dumbly, starving, waiting for the new boss in the Big House to give them work and money and food. Sad, pitiful, stupid -- this is part of what happens when we pretend that Blacks are equal to Whites. Zimbabwe is reverting to the negroid savagery it enjoyed before the civilized White man showed up and created Rhodesia. Racial equality is a Big Lie put out by the Jews.

Media Change: Napster

Middlemen sniff the wind, don't like it. Comment from illiterate Prince: "What record companies don't really understand is that Napster is just one illustration of the growing frustration over how much the record companies control what music people get 2 hear < over how the air waves, record labels and record stores, which r now all part of this 'system' that recording companies have pretty much succeeded in establishing, r becoming increasingly dominated by musical "products" 2 the detriment of real music. Y should the record company have such control over how he, the music lover, wants 2 xperience the music?... >From the point of view of the real music lover, what's currently going on can only b viewed as an xciting new development in the history of music. And, 4tunately 4 him, there does not seem 2 b anything the old record companies can do about preventing this evolution from happening." Interesting: a comment from a multimillionaire to the effect that there IS a system and it IS very tightly controlled, so that even someone rich enough to do something about it faces barriers in getting his message out. Always interesting to see backhanded confirmation that the media -- whether music or news distribution -- is politically controlled. And that the Internet offers a way out. Here on Jew composer Schoenberg and musical socialism.


McVeigh is arrogant and cold-blooded; the government is loving and compassionate. Here the Boston Globe on White fireman-applicants. Let's hope Mr. Walker's house burns down and the incompetent minorities he'd prefer the department hire show up to save his kids. Here is Strom's ex-wife's site. Here Jews or their friends have compiled an extensive list of sites you might want to visit. Here an equally extensive list of Marxist sites. Here on L.A. mayor's race, looking browner all the time. More free promotion "tolerance" hate sites here.

Occupied Territories: Israel Can't Win

Israel eventually will give up. Here on the Jews' mass murder in Hebron. By their fruits ye shall know them: White slavery, swindling, mass murder...

Afro-Carib Thwarts Education in Britain

Whites pay to be displaced by sooty, disbehaving island monkeys. Stupid and irresponsible to allow Blacks to disrupt White kids' education.

The Coming Fall of America

German Nationalist theorist Dr. Reinhold Oberlercher, in a 1992 essay (translated here for the first time into English) describes the stark reality of America today -- and holds out the one hope we may have.

Vegas Vacation

White men poking holes in themselves, Negroes shooting holes in themselves, Jewish media liars papering over these holes -- Vegas is a happening place these Alex Linder

Media Grip Weakening

Tonight's ABC segment on Jessie Dirkhising and media bias showed the mainstream media feel the pressure of the Net. As long as we on the nationalist right eschew the conservative false path of bitching about bias and concentrate on building our own media, we'll be A. Linder

Monkey Mayhem in Cincinnati

Again the issue is, what aren't they saying? Interesting to see whether we get the same surge of anti-monkey sentiment on public forums we got after Black Tuesday. Must be a few angry White business owners who had their storefronts bashed in; a few angry drivers yanked out of their cars and beaten for Driving While White. Possibly some of them are even in shape to talk. This is what happens when niggers lose their fear of humans. Keep in mind, folks, no matter how nice and appealing tv makes em look, these are wild animals. A game park with high fences is where they belong. Here local discussion blames racist Cincinnati -- not niggers. Here's the good stuff on Cincinnati scrubhumans. Did you know the dead nigger had 14 warrants out for his arrest? That's fourteen, as in two more than a dozen. What a loss his death his, how we at VNN grieve for him. Naturally the paper chose to run not his mug shot, but him in his prom tux, smiling like an upright citizen. Jewish papers are funny like that. Botton line: niggers are savage: they must be kept out of human areas, or they will destroy them. Nigs belong in Africa, not Cincinnati. Rioting Cincy-jigs are the symptom, Jews are the disease. Interesting, isn't it, that the minute the public is allowed comment right-wing views dominate? The fact is, 90% of us know that niggers do these things because of what they are, not because of how they've been raised. We've simply been beaten down and brainwashed by Jewish liars telling us what we are supposed to believe and lying that everybody else already believes it. They don't. No Jews. Just Right. Jews are the enemy, White man. Have you noticed that inevitably the public forums provide better news than the Jewish papers' reports? How about that -- the average, unlettered White-in-the-street is more accurate and honest than Jew-trained specialists. Perfect example that learning without morals breeds danger. Jewish liars endanger us all, White man. What are we going to do about our Jewish Problem? What's the right answer to our Jewish Question? Can we all agree that, as a starting position, they need to remove from White countries? I think we can... Very long forum here, (goes on several pages). Contrast these remarks from average Whites with the lying Jews slanting the "news" and remember what that Jewish-Russian media billionaire said: Media Is Politics. Exactly. He who runs the presses writes the rules. Here guest commentary from the forum: "Our biggest problem as a society is that we don't have the balls -- the societal will -- to do what's necessary to stop this kind of rampaging gang of hoodlums. The solution is very simple. Shoot to kill. The riot will stop in about five minutes. Instead, we have endless crybaby apologists making excuses for what are, at bottom, disreputable, worthless trash. Malcolm Muggeridge, in his brilliant autobiography "Chronicles of Wasted Time," effectively summed up this kind of thinking and labeled it "the liberal death wish." In effect, those that excuse this sort of behavior actually want to see our society destroyed ("Our society" being what was once quaintly known as "Western civilization") and they take pleasure -- indeed, they actively encourage -- this kind of turmoil. Welcome to the third world, folks. America is well on its way." None of this would be happening if blacks were still segregated, as they were back when America was civilized. But not one poster recognizes this and places the blame where it belongs -- on the Jew-disease that undermined the laws.

Jewish "Democracy" in Action

Yids raze homes... Here a good article for understanding Jews. Just take the opposite perspective from the writer and the Jews he interviews. For example, if the Jews blame "anti-Semitism" for getting them kicked out of virtually every country they've lived in, you may want to consider that there were reasons for their expulsion. Are the Jews the persecuted innocents they present themselves, or are they criminals blaming the cops? It's never they who are at fault, in their eyes. Note that even the richest and best placed are deeply nervous that they will be kicked out again, which is only natural since their lying, swindling and extorting -- their way of life -- hasn't changed one iota. Here Rockwell's Fable of the Ducks and Hens, which offers a shorter, more poetic explanation of yids. Here Anne Frank, the Goldberg variations...

How Many of the Mexicans Next Door Carry This Parasite?

Mexicans are scum. Diseased scum. Disease-spreading scum.

Churchill Then and Now

Read his warning about Europe under Hitler and contrast his ominous words with the reality on the rest of this page. Ever ask youself who really won the Second World War, White man? How 'bout you, Anglomaniacs? Looks like Jews and niggers from where we sit. Here, for example, British boy, ten years old, will face "racial assault charge" for calling a Paki who was harassing him a Paki bastard. Was there less freedom in German-occupied Europe in 1944 than there is today? One thing we know for sure: there were no Paki bastards.

U.S. Headed for a Fall, Says S.C. Roberts

Some good points, but as always with PCR, he flits over the surface. Why do we have open immigration, Roberts? Are you afraid to tell us? Why is that? Isn't that fear of the elite to speak the truth the source of the problem and the key to the solution? Why not write a column about what you are afraid to say in your columns? That goes for any of you at V-don't-dare. We won't even ask the good folks at LewRockwell, because we just received a "pass" response to our suggestion that they hold an online syposium where each feathery libertarian doughty chip in a few words on Zimbabwe, the Libertarian Explanation. We won't hold our breath, because it prevents us from laughing. Why the fear, people? Come on in, water's fine! Here probably Jewish Seattle judge insures that White schoolkids will have a chance to learn about Mardi Gras riots in living color from the niggers they will be forcibly mixed with.

When Animals Attack: Boolies Go Ape in Cincy

Sambo's back on the warpath, this time in the Queen City, "because" Timmy O'Toole fell down a well or was forwarded to Gehenna by cops for scratching himself at gunpoint or something. Blahblahblah, Xhosa running here and there, punching things, kicking things, smashing things, taking things out of things, helping themselves to things, urinating on things, utilizing things in an inappropriate manner, eructating curses and bits of fried chicken in that genteel Negro way... Special guest commentary by Devo: Beautiful world we live in....Beautiful every day....Beautiful people everywhere....the way they show they care! It's a beautiful world. For you....For you....Not for me! Here nigs dropkick guilty newspaper boxes in their kindergart'ny pre-verbal way of expressing their composed maturity and hatred of injustice. They're so cute when they're that color. They also dragged Whites out of cars and beat them and kicked in glass storefronts, looted, hooted -- the same-old feral signifiers of ease and contentment. Rioting for fun and profit. Have you ever destroyed something? Felt good, didn't it? Of course it did... Well, think of White men and then remove intelligence and impulse control and you have the Cincinnati Dancing Jigs. Liberia's calling, apes, get on the boat, and bring your hos with you! Cops write "There be dragons" across city map -- right over your worksite, home, etc., but hey, the price of living in the Big City. You didn't think you were getting all that mahvelous diversity for free now, did you, White man? More here. And here.

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