Blacks Mob, Whites Sob

by Angry White Female

Excuse me for being a "racist," but it seems like there have recently been a large number of racially motivated gang attacks against innocent White folks driving by or walking in the vicinity of black gatherings. Is it just my imagination? Am I tainted by the racist propaganda I read on the internet? The reason I ask this is because when a black mob attack occurs, other blacks join in or cheer the attackers on (Yeah -- get Whitey!). They attack the police when they try to protect the innocent citizen. What am I supposed to think, as a White woman, when I hear of or witness these things? Am I supposed to beat myself and demand more "diversity?" Am I supposed to look at the victim as a sacrificial lamb and justify it because the blacks feel they have been wronged by society?

The most recent mob attack was in Cinncinati, following a "peaceful" protest against the shooting of an allegedly unarmed black man wanted on 14 warrants who ran from police and was fatally shot. The police were probably in the wrong. But the violence started right before the politicians began discussing the issue at a forum. The blacks didn't want this discussed, they wanted to loot and burn stores and attack innocent White people who happened to be in the area. What was strange was that the White-skinned leftists who usually incite such acts were nowhere to be seen. Perhaps they knew White people were going to be pulled from their cars and beaten by groups of black men. Maybe they knew White women were going to be beaten until blood ran down their faces? Rest assurred, these White-skinned leftists are all over the internet trying to defend such acts. One day, the tables may be turned, and if I have any say, the White-skinned leftists will be the first to answer to the Angry White Female.

Here is a rundown, from memory, of recent similar events:

Central Park -- A black/Puerto Rican mob attacked several White women, and a few non-Whites as well. A French tourist was attacked and had her clothing ripped off while other blacks held her new husband (they were on their honeymoon) down and made him watch. Yes, Frenchies: Come again!

Outside of Berkeley High -- Gangs of black racists attacked several lone White youths (13-14 years old) by placing a bag over their heads and beating them within an inch of their lives while using racial slurs. No hate crime. One news story.

Near Berkeley College: Affirmative Action rally turns violent when a White man and an Asian shopkeeper were attacked while standing on a street corner. Oh no! Their snivel rights were not violated because only the pigmentally-challenged people can be racists! One black woman cried "Whites and Asians get to go to college, but I don't." Yeah, they use violence, and the news responds positively by giving them a forum for their views.

Seattle: Black Tuesday: While the city stays in denial, witnesses confirm that most of the blacks who ran through the crowd were singling out lone Whites (Hey, get that Whitey!) and attacking them in gangs. Kris Kime lies six feet under for the crime of trying to pull a White women (who was being kicked while on the ground) out from under the "oppressed" black mob. They kicked him to death. Police did nothing. No hate crime. Little publicity. Leftists trot out Kime's mother and have a vigil not because they regret his death, but because they wanted to head off adverse publicity.

Black Spring break: I haven't this year's report, but last year it was more of the same. White people, mostly girls, were dragged from their cars and attacked by black men who used racial slurs during the beatings and attempted rapes. No hate crime. No publicity.

Why no publicity? Because White people fear having to act, and others fear our reaction. Funny though, they relish the idea of broadcasting little incidents of MONGOLISM perpetrated by confused White youth clear across the damn ocean! They know the interracial crime rate is 90% black on White, but they still make a huge issue of "White" racism. They say they fear inherently evil White men will lynch someone if they are informed as to what the reality of race relations is in America, but start frothing at the mouth to incite blacks to violate our women and attack our male children and young men over things like racist fliers or low black test scores.

Did you hear about the Ethiopian who stabbed four people at a postal office yesterday? What about the Ethiopian racist who shot and killed a couple of White men at a large airport? Probably not. His writings indicated he hated White folks. And that is the problem. We don't even have the right to know when a violent racial war is being waged against us, even if we are in imminemt danger. The nation's police chiefs and prosecutors are indoctrinated in "sensitivity" and "hate crimes" by Jewish hate groups and told by politicians that the only racism is White racism, and if black racism occurs, to ignore it -- until someone like Kris Kime gets murdered for trying to do what the butt-head police should have done in the first place. Yeah, free fucking Mumia.

P.S. I apologize to my one black acquaintance, and would like to clarify that what I write refers to NIGGERS, not you.


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