Vegas Vacation

by Alex Linder

Whigger The picture is obnoxious and in your face: A papuliferous, stupid-proud White teen with his pinkie stuck through his nose. Not in his nose but through his nose crossways -- the urchin has a perforated septum he proudly models for the "R-Jeneration" ("created for teens by teens") photographer sent by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Many papers have one of these, nowadays -- a section or subsection set aside to track trends among young folks. They all go to these asinine conventions you can see on CNN and sit around middle-agedly trying to figure out why their circulations decline. And the only and always answer is that they aren't relevant enough. They don't reach out to minorities and youngsters enough. They aren't dumbed-down and picture-filled enough. That's been the message for the last twenty years. "R-Jeneration" -- written by illiterates for illiterates. What better place to seek new newspaper readers than among the teeming masses of unlettereds? Why fish in the tiny pond when you've got the huge cornfield right next to it?

It is difficult to convey short of a scanner just how disgusting this kid is. He has an ear disk, a stupid, vaguely-pleased-with-himself look in his dimly sober eyes; multiple lip-piercings, and a forehead zit that looks like Mt. Everest's angry big brother (envision a red-faced Chet in Weird Science). And a scythe-shaped tattoo curving from his sideburn down his jawline under his mouth. If I was hipper, I could probably figure out the what and why of this tat, but I can't. Did I mention that he has a finger jammed through his nose...? Meet Jared Anderson, fellow White American...

Why would Jared so accouter himself? Let's guess:

A) Special Olympics grooming competition
B) Barnum & Bailey sideshow
C) part-time job as scarecrow
D) moving to New Guinea
E) "to be different"

No prizes for the right answer; indeed, 'Just to be Different' is the headline (LVRJ, 3/4/01). Teens get tattoos and piercings because they want to be cool and different. Some of them can almost put this into words:

"I always wanted my tongue pierced. My other ones, I was bored, and the tattoo...I don't know."

"It shows meaning."

"Just to be different."

This is the entire article: interviews with two or three teens who get tats or studs at "Diversity," a local store. For a few bucks, they become cool and different, as certified by MTV. The words take up less room than the huge photo-portrait: part of attracting young-non-readers is making sure there's more not to read. Icky words -- the primitives he scarrified himself after didn't need them, so why does Jared?

Jamal on the rampage...

That's not all that's going on in Vegas, these days. No, sir, Vegas is a 24-hour town. Take North Vegas. Nogs are on a rampage there, shooting up one another and anyone else who gets in the way. The usual stupid nigger bullshit. Gang warfare, just back-and-forth hooting of ape tribes, full of sound and fury and signifying nothing if they weren't equipped with the White man's metal sprayer. But they are, sigh. And their sprayings of course are used as reason for taking those sprayers away from the civilized men who created them and need them to defend themselves, not least from colored abusers. Nigs bring the heat down on everybody. Have you ever noticed that? Nigs show up and all of a sudden, the Jew wants to take your gun, make your thoughts crimes, search your house for drugs and illegal books, and confiscate your property without warrant.

Nigs and Mex and other discoloreds provide a perfect pretext for the Constitution- and nation-killing libs. Bring 'em in and everything disintegrates in a welter of confusion, stupidity and violence. In turn the papers the Jews write are dumbed down and filled with photos of deracinated White idiots until the handful of thoughtful adults remaining can hardly get a hazy description of what's going on. As always, the people who create the problems use the problem they've created (or imported) as the pretext for imposing a Draconian "solution" that exacerbates the problem. They diminish your White rights while strengthening their Jew-laden centralized burrocracy.

Slayings terrify neighborhood, says the headline [LVRJ, 3/8/01]. North Las Vegas cops have begun to stop cars at random, trying to create some sort of order in niggerville. A photo shows a fleshy-lipped Negress in cerise top about to burst into tears. Across the way three baggy 'hoodsters stand onlooking -- drop-ass, eye-gouge-red cargo pants, kerchief on head, oversize "25" jersey; seeing and drawing no conclusions. So many concrete apes, not ready for prime time; useless in civilized society. White law -- innocent until proven guilty -- only makes sense in a White context. It evolved in White society, and it fits only White people. It simply can't cope with populations dominated by violent niggers. You've probably heard the old saw: It is better that one hundred guilty men go free than that one innocent man be convicted. Well, that is dubious wisdom at best, but it has no relevance at all where the vast majority of men aren't peaceably inclined. Nigger society is so violent and criminal that ideals of justice never come into play: the cops play catch-up from day one, and any expedient that looks like it might dim the uproar for a few hours is quickly adopted. You can't turn niggers into civilized beings by pretending or passing laws. Any argument that starts with "culture" is just such a pretension.

All hell has broken loose in the neighborhood around Lake Mead and Martin Luther King Boulevards since a church deacon was shot dead three weeks ago, and police say they're ready to resort to extreme measures to quell the violence.

Floyd Wilson was killed when he drove into a corner gunman's line of fire Feb. 15. That slaying marked the first of six shooting deaths near the neighborhood's Las Vegas-North Las Vegas border -- all within an approximate half-mile radius. ...

Tillmon said the department is a lack of cooperation from witnesses and residents...He warned council members that they could expect complaints soon because his department will begin stopping cars at random in the neighborhood to question motorists.

"We're going to take zero tolerance and start stopping people and find out if they live in the area and why they're there,"
[Tillmon said].... None of the slayings have been solved... [LVRJ, 3/8/01]

David Horowitz and the liberal Republicans (by which I mean all Republicans) enforce Semitical Correctness on anyone who diverges from their dogmatic individualist, utopian dogma by pointing out the truth: these 'problems' of the black community HAVE NO SOLUTIONS. Wherever blacks congregate, they exist. They are not problems, susceptible of "solutions" -- they are conditions. We can acknowledge them or pretend they don't exist, but pretending they are the product of bad culture is a Jewish Big Lie and no longer an option for honest folk. Blacks are violent and stupid and it doesn't matter how often David Horowitz lies about it, or how many Whites fall for it, blacks do not belong in White America. This story about unsolved murders and anti-Constitutional cop crackdowns is living proof that Thomas Jefferson was right when he said that blacks and Whites cannot live in the same government. It is the reason that he and virtually every other founder who ever expressed a view on the subject urged the repatriation of the Negro to Africa. These men were neither Jews nor liars, and they spoke and observed correctly. Horowitz, Limbaugh and the Republican left are liars who speak Correctly. The media really are controlled by Jews, and the fact those advocating the racial views of the fouders are shut out of the debate and branded as "hate criminals" is proof.

It hardly needs saying, folks, but a world of deracinated Whites poking holes in themselves and gang-warring hottentots shooting holes in themselves and genocidal media Jews papering over these holes is a very sick place. How long do you suppose it can last?

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