Media Grip Weakening

ABC segment on Dirkhising and media bias shows networks pressured by Net news...

by A. Linder

We turn on our TVs and catch the nightly sermon. The priests seem invincible, like there's no way to fight their smug lies. But that's not the case. We can dump them for the Internet, find a better church, one that preaches what we believe. And they know it. They give signs they are starting to feel it. One sign is that many of their stories these days are responses to issues first raised on the Net. This makes the sacerdotal gatekeepers tremble because no matter how sonorously the acolyte-anchor-actors intone their lines, the producing priests at 30 Rock sense -- and know that we sense -- that the age of the pandit in the pulpit is over.

Why would anybody want to listen to some sub-high-school-educated, pompous haircut like Pete Jennings omnisciently intone slanted "news" you could have read on the internet days ago? And sit through endless Jewish agitprop and Maalox commercials before you get to it? The Jewish scriptwriters, the Peter-feeders, have no answer. Even the lemmings are starting to realize they have better options. Network ratings are in decline.

Dimly sensing a disturbance in the Force, ABC this evening (4/10/01) ran a segment on Jesse Dirkhising and media bias. Dirkhising, you will recall, was the kid buggered to death by two Arkansas hairshop queers. Yeah, they really worked the poor guy over, gave him the John Wayne Gacy special: tied up, beaten, underwear shoved down throat, openings taped, stuffed with foreign infected body parts. Bottom line? Kid expires suffocating in his own misery while Pet Shop Boys relax in the kitchen with a nice sandwich. Story ripples over national wires like pebble in Niagara.

The same media that filed over 3,000 stories in the month after the murder of Matthew Shepard wanted nothing to do with Dirkhising. Indeed, if it hadn't been for William Pierce of the National Alliance, not even the conservatives who hyped it would have heard of it. After Pierce raised it, the case was promptly seized on by Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily, followed by the rest of the cons over the next several months. A steady drumbeat from the Internet-based alternative media coupled with a "breakthrough" story by queer "conservative" British writer Andrew Sullivan finally brought the story to national liberal prominence. Sullivan at least did a little reporting: his Nexis search showed over 3,000 Shepard stories versus under 50 on Dirkhising in the month after each murder. ABC in its setup mentioned conservatives whining about media bias, hinting that these are the same old complaints that intelligent people are long used to, but now that a genuine, bona-fide, HIV-positive queer like Sullivan has raised the issue, why, maybe there's something worth looking into.

But of course there isn't. The difference between the cases is that Dirkhising's doesn't point to any larger lesson, can't be attached to any national issue like "hate crimes." Doesn't fit the lib agenda is what ABC meant, of course. The Jewish scriptwriters can't twist it to suit their purpose: browbeating normal Whites into accepting additional legal discrimination against their race. So they ignored it. No more complex than that.

Controlled media pick stories that push their agenda. No big secret. Anybody with functioning antennae who watches a week's worth of TV or reads a few big-city dailies can figure that out. The only thing remarkable here was that an issue first pushed by the White nationalists didn't simply disappear the way so many similar issues have in the past. Instead, it grew, steadily and surely, picking up advocates and gaining profile until even ABC -- but there's the problem: that's the wrong way to look at it. We tend to look at coverage by big networks as validating our claims. Wrong way to go. That way leads to purse-lipped bitching by old-maids like Reed Irvine. The right way is to believe in our cause and accept that we are right, and move forward. The media are biased and Jew-controlled. They will never stop pursuing their Jewish, anti-White agenda, no matter how much we beg and plead and earnestly point out their slants and bias. The right way is to build our own media -- Vanguard News Network -- and forget them. The right way is to go our own way and let the Jewish liars try to catch up. The right way is to laugh and fight. Life's not fair and neither are media: conservatives never learn this, and, not coincidentally, they never win either.

I think we overestimate the power and intelligence of ZOG media. Yes, they are run by manipulative liars bent on White genocide, but there's also a quality of almost naive arrogance in their assumption that everybody sees the world the way they do. Many of them give no evidence of being aware that other people see the world differently. Nobody on the right goes through life without meeting strong leftist headwinds. Millions of people on the left go through life not even suspecting there are counter-arguments. Do I overdraw the case? Barely. Just barely.

ABC's liberal queering of story selection and reportage could no more be avoided by the Jewish producers in a discussion of that queering than in anything else. Two segment teases: In the first, Pete asked: "Did the media calculatedly ignore a murder involving two gay men?" Love that 'involving.' And again: When we come back, we'll take a closer look at a murder involving two gay men and accusations of media bias. You've got to love these liberals. The queers just happened to be in the same room when Dirkhising was sodomized to death. They were involved. Then the cops showed up. They were involved too. The people next door heard a ruckus and walked outside to see what was up. They were involved. Always bloodless with libs when one of the Preferred Stock commits a crime. Always up close and personal and lugubrious when Common Stock do so much as pass out a flyer.

But the winds, they are a-changin', Mr. Dylan. Mr. Jones 'bout to swing 'round on Mr. Jew.

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