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AOL Time Warner Contemplating MTV Competitor

AOL's will be just as Jew-controlled and poisonous as MTV parent Viacom's programming. Here on MTV's technical evolution, linking its two channels with website for "multimedia" effect.

Conservatism 2001: Poolside with a Yammering Jew Ignoramus

The co-opted, harmless, toothless, Coffee Mug Right in action. "The premier conservative web site," run by a smooth-faced little Goldberg -- Son of Lucianne -- who makes a big point of letting us know that he's laying by a swimming pool drinking Bloody Marys and writing gibberish. Juvenile Jonah speaks as though race were merely an annoying fad, under the control of a few people sitting at some sort of conference table who could, if they wanted to, simply agree to make it all go away. "If the reparations movement ever took off, it would only be because it was explicitly stated that this was the end of it. 'A check, an apology, and we're done,' is the only way to sell the reparations idea to a country exhausted by race talk...but ultimately, if they were willing to wipe race off the table for all time, then the idea might be something worth paying for." God Almighty, how many checks, how many spineless White apologies have niggers gotten already? We feed them, and clothe them, and house them, and school them, and doctor them, and they're still niggers, and getting worse, more demanding as they become more numerous. Jonah dismisses what's been called The American Millstone -- around our neck, and dragging us down -- as mere "race talk." Yet another illustration of why "conservatism" is Jew-corrupted and hopeless. Poor Buckley, doddering in a corner, syncopating eyebrow lifts and mouth twists to some strange tune played by a fiddler only he can hear -- is this what your standing athwart has come to? Oy. Make it stop.

Another Holocaust Oscar!

Surprise, surprise...Jews get together for drinks, hand each other statues, slap each other on the back as brain-locked Whites watch, enthralled. How many stories on the Holocaust in your paper today, White man? How many words did you read/see/hear that weren't first vetted by Hymie? Are you sure?

Jewish Double Standards 101: Immigration

Jews have worked for a century to cause the current American immigration disaster. America is expected to absorb tens of millions of outsiders, and shake their hand and make them feel at home. But, oh, how Jews howl when the tables are turned on them, when they're asked to share their country with anyone else! "'Return' or the 'Palestinian Law' of return, the idea to re-settle 3.5 million refugees inside Israel or even less is the P.L.O. old-new weapon of destruction, the elimination of the Jewish majority in Israel, and the end of the Zionist idea." One standard for Jews, another standard for everyone else.

Jews Kick Out 16 Asylum Seekers

In Canada and the U.S., Caplan and Meissner whine for the admission of every third-grade- educated dirtskin who can drag his sorry carcass through the Rio Grande. But it's different in Israel. No illegals for them. No asylum for them. None of the human rights bloviation they use to weaken us White people. One standard for Jewish liars and hypocrites, another for Whites. To say Jew is to say hypocrite. America is supposed to absorb millions of illegals; Israel kicks out sixteen. Why is that, Hymie? There is no way out but through the Jews, White man. Here "H. Millard" on American immigration, no mention of Jews as the problem.

Jews in South Africa: Armed to the Teeth

The few Jews who haven't fled the land their people did so much destroy are getting just a taste of the ultraviolence that ensued when humans turned the reins over to savages. Yes, Jews worked their tikkun olam, "re-making" South Africa until it blew up; many are leaving now, but some stay to milk the corpse -- and band together to beat off the schvartzers. "The splattered blood and the 40-odd bronze bullet casings scattered on the pavement in front of the gas station were not unusual for a Johannesburg crime scene. What was unusual was the bearded, kippah-wearing medics on the scene, wearing vests with the Hebrew words Hatzala (rescue) and Ezra(help) inscribed across the back -- and the fact that most of the uniformed men tiptoeing around the evidence were not local policemen but Galil-submachine-gun-toting local Jews belonging to the Community Security Organization (CSO)." Your neighborhood going bad, White man? Just you try organizing a machine-gun-toting Community Security Organization. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else.

Jewish Double Standards 102: Hate Crimes Common, Lightly Punished in Israel

Typical example. Jewish gangs molest/murder Arabs, little/nothing done about it. Imagine what would happen to armed Whites who protected their neighborhood by dragging non-Whites out of vehicles and torching the car, who protested the Seattle and Wichita murders by beating blacks. "Hate crimes" routine in Israel, no arrests either. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else.

Jewish Women's Hate Group to Get Paid by UN to Harass Whites

How so few control so many: Jews feel constantly for any crack where they may gain purchase, exert leverage. Here, the Jewish women's organization Hadassah gains official recognition to advise the UN as to the direction in which the world should travel. Trouble for Whites is their job. They get paid for doing this while you work at productive enterprises.

Judeo-government Pays Snitches in Wisconsin

Snitch on a classmate, get $50. Say hello to U.S.S.A. Here on Tivo reporting consumer info back to operators. Here Furrow gets two life terms. Here an amusing militia site. Here on speech restrictions in McCain-Feingold. Here on Jews and Mexicans forming alliance. One in eight black males between 20-34 is in jail on any given day. Here on grassy knoll. Here on 'Ride with the Devil,' a foreigner-made film about an aspect of the Civil War. Here latest on Jewish hate group ACLU's war on Christianity. Here Fred on Judeo-governmental insanity. Here on nig multiple murderer Eric Fant, who chopped off White's head with machete.

Jews Are Noisome Pests

The stone in your shoe -- only 600,000 out of 148 million, and yet everyone worries over them, argues over them, concerns themselves with never-ending Jew-business. Who's the top Yid? Who's influencing whom? Who leads whom? Who speaks for Hebes? Who cares? Countries without Jews wouldn't have these problems, could kick off shoes, picnic, frolic in the meadow, not endlessly fret and wring hands with furrowed brow over Jew-cares.

Canada: Fry Incident

"Secretary of State for Multiculturalism" makes up story about cross-burnings...

Racial Differences 101: Different Responses to Medicine

Remember this next time an idiot claims race is a "social construct." The lie that race doesn't exist is the real social construct.

Jessie the Bastard

Where he gets his money... Here questions about his fundraising. How corrupt does a black have to be for even the Washington Post Jews to admit it?

Jew Greenberg Whines That Austrians Don't Like Him

All they do is spread peace, love and enlightenment until your country is unsalvageable. How strange that nobody likes them. Holocaust drip du jour... Imagine how Jew Greenberg would cry were an adviser to Haider to come to New York to advise a pro-White candidate. To say Jew is to say hypocrite.

Government to Study Treatment of Italian-Americans During WWII

Did you know that the U.S. government locked up many Italian- and German-Americans during the "good war"? No? But I'll bet you've heard of the Holocaust, drip, drip, drip....

Child Abuse

A different angle here.

D.C.: Toilet Overflowing with Brown Sewage

Disgusting metaphor for disgusting people. And people with no respect for us or our laws. And people only here because the Jews pushed to have them admitted, lie about the disaster their admission has been, and prevent Normal White Americans who don't want them here from shutting down the borders. Mexican sewage is the symptom, Jews are the disease.

"Partners Against Hate"

ADL press release on this new coalition...

The Ongoing Assault: Jews Mock '50s Educational Films to Smear World They Destroyed

A stable, civilized White America did exist once -- and within living memory. But it disappeared, ostracized where not criminalized by the Jew-led instigators of the sixties. Today, having spread social disease far and wide through MTV, "civil rights," and open immigration, the Jew can sit back and lie not merely that the peaceful, stable society he destroyed was actually a repressive, conformist horror, but that it was all a mirage in the first place. But I and tens of millions of others were there, and it did exist, and it was good -- far better than the Jew-produced America of Chuck Pearson

Far Left Evolves Anti-Resistance Tactics

In response to growing complaints about anti-White hate crimes, the left has thrown few crumbs our way to maintain the pretence of fairness. Focusing on a few paltry acts of "mongolism" allows it to avoid addressing the huge interracial violent crime imbalance while continuing with the same old genocidal anti-White lies. Facts and evidence against it as always, the left will persist in coopting and reframing until the right learns to Angry White Female

American Roundup: Kime Charges Filed

Second-degree murder charges filed against one of his attackers. Here on minorities in Washington state. Here nigs displacing Whites in Chicago. Here more on minority redistricting. Jews do it. Nigs do it. Yellows do it. Mexicans do it. When do you do it, White man? You are allowing the discoloreds to beat you to death with your own machinery. Why? Here students suspended for pro-White shirts. Here the statue hammerer is given space to explain his motivation, a privilege never accorded pro-White demonstrators by the Jewish hate media.

Diversity 101

Wherever Mexicans and Negroes roam, trouble soon follows. Private citizens have to resort to the measures described in this article. Diversity is a great weakness. Mexes and nigs bring the heat down on everybody. You just can't live with them around. Here queer rights bill makes progress in Maryland. Don't want to rent to queers because of your religious beliefs? Outlawed... Here diversity is good because the government encourages it! And you can apply for more federal grants! Here on INS deporting no more than 1% of illegal immigrants. Here on gooks supping on rats. Sometimes they get tired of fishhead soup.

Rancher on Trial for Shooting Mexican Invader

Shitskin's father has filed a $15m wrongful death suit. Blackwood is not being tried for murder, but for deadly conduct. Get this: "Prosecutors said a common trait among the shooters [of invaders] was that they weren't longtime border residents accustomed to the region's steady influx of immigrants on foot." Also says that immigration groups and both governments are watching the case. Why even pretend we have a country anymore? We owe Mexicans no respect. They don't respect our laws because they are shitskins, interested only in their own welfare. They pollute and degrade our society -- dragging down our way of life while raising theirs. A civilized society would shoot Mexicans attempting to invade. The plague of "Eusebios" creeping into our country could be stopped with a simple $25 pay-per-pelt license issued by fish and game.

New Square Jews: Swindlerville Subsidized by You

Jewish "assimilation" trumpeted by deracinated White apologists? B.S. Most Hadisic children in Swindlerville -- New Square, New York -- speak little English. The men refuse to work "as a matter of principle," knowing that you, the working White sucker, will feed, house, and educate their dozens of children. "They prefer to study sacred texts, pray, and raise the next generation to be exactly like themselves" -- useless. "Tax cuts don't matter to them, because who pays taxes?" Niggers with yarmulkes, living rent-free off your sweat in Section 8 housing. "Outsiders not welcome" in this segregated Jewish town. "They don't even know they're living in America." Is there something you don't understand, White man?

Anti-Immigration Rally Scheduled for March 31 at the Hall County Court House at 11am. in Gainesville, Georgia

Contact for more information. Get out there and protest the destruction of your country, White man. Also, American Friends of the British National Party will hold an April demonstration for free speech in front of the German Embassy in Washington, D.C. Contact Mark Cotterrill for more information Computers are fine for sending email, people, but action and yelling and fighting is what changes things.

Sharon Asks Top American Jews to Move to Israel

For some strange reason they just aren't interested yet. As a reader correctly notes in the Sam Francis forum, once the racial situation here gets bad enough, they will emigrate -- just as they are now emigrating from the South Africa they did so much to destroy. Bet your life on this: Jews will stay on America until the blood runs dry. Then and only then they'll move on. Ticks are like that.

Kansas City: Minorities Continue to Push Whites Out

Jews are making many parts of America off-limits to Whites. That's what their diversity and open immigration amount to. It's never described like that in the papers they own, of course. Have you read anything else besides VNN today that hasn't passed first before Jewish eyes, White man? Probably not, whether you realize it or not.

Jews Attack Jew Sack

Here papers continue to smear Irving.

Britain: Who Are They?

Oy! Private militia! Yours bad, ours good....

Ignorant Negress Flaps Gums

Sister Souljah still around, still stupid.

Cowardly Christians

Christian headliners in the U.S. ignore atrocities against their own while slobbering all over murderous Israelis.



Vdare Refutes Jewish Lie That America Is An Idea

Jews always -- always -- lie that America is an idea. They do this because it is necessary to support their follow-up lie, that anyone from anywhere (African cannibals, Haitian Santeria chicken-cutters, Pinoys afraid their penises will invert and impale them, Mexicans with TB and brain-burrowing parasites) can become just as good Americans as anyone else. No one with a contrary view is even allowed in the debate -- not even when the debate takes place in an online forum with unlimited space.

Jews Attack Christians

You ever see a headline starting "ACLU Sues to Remove/Prevent, etc...?" Of course, only about a million times. Well, our headline here is what those headlines really mean. ACLU is a Jewish hate group, just like ADL. Just as the Jews lie about the racial basis of the founding of the country, they lie about the beliefs and intentions of the Founders. They make extravagant claims about bogus walls of separation, and use these to justify their entire Jewish agenda, a large part of which is criminalizing and ultimately destroying Christianity. Yet the last place in the world you will find criticism of their plots and plans is among the Christian conservatives, who are nothing more than Holy Land Tour Guides these days.

Whites Exit Chicago to Avoid Dangerous, Stupid, Dirty Minorities

City's population increases as Whites flee. Chicago's Mexican population has increased from .5% to 25% in only thirty years. Same thing happening all over the country. This invasion, result of the gutting of immigration laws in 1965, is called a "turnaround." Thanks, Jews.

White History: Barbarossa

A pre-emptive strike, says Suvorov...


On Hanson and One Nation's prospects...

Republicans Prepare to Give in on Speech Control Known as "Finance Reform"

Campaign finance reform is not about money, it's about tightening government -- Jewish -- control over speech. Republicans, some, have resisted, but as usual it appears they now are getting close to giving in. Let me be clear: this "campaign finance reform" -- a total misnomer, calculated, as always, by professional Jewish Ehrenburgs -- is really the issue of free speech. If this passes, free speech disappears. You can say certain things only if you meet conditions imposed by the Jews. Your speech is subject to Jewish regulation. That's not free speech. That's government-controlled speech. We are so brainwashed from fifty years of propaganda that nobody even pretends to see what the real issue's about anymore. The price of allowing Jews to swarm in our countries is White genocide. The Jews soften us up with years of media blather about "negative ads," and soon enough sucker Whites are ready to throw away their most basic freedom. Which Jew will determine what's a "negative" ad? Which Jew will determine what's a "dirty political campaign"? Which Jew will determine what's "fair." There's no way out, people. We are going to have to expel the Jews, or they will destroy us.

Jewish Hypocrisy

These guys are against nationalism -- for every nation but their own. These guys are for diversity -- for every nation but their own. These guys are for miscegenation -- for every people but their own. If a Gentile politician had a Jewish wife, and a paper wrote a story about it, the Jews would go nuts.

Socialists Cheer Stock Crash

Interesting stats, analysis.

Click Here!

Swindler Rich Funded Jewish Hate Group ADL to Tune of Quarter Million

But that had nothing to do with Foxman's encouraging Clinton to pardon him... More here on these swindlers-in-arms.

Chicago Sun-Times Mentions Wichita

Not a hate crime, says Ebert's buddy... Here on Hale literature distribution. Here on Dirkhising.

Austria: Jews Spar Over Extortion

Daily Holocaust story... Did you hear? New Anne Frank mini-series in the works! Gather your family around the Televitz -- and throw rocks at it. Here on Jews disliked in Vienna. Here Haider calls Muzicant " unpatriotic." There are 250,000 in Vienna, 18% of the population. Here on filthy Chicago Jews. Here Slovak Jews press extortion against Germany. Here "neo-nazis" are " reeducated."

Texas Going Way of California

Whites slipped from 60% to 53% of population over last decade. Texas has over 20m people, second largest state. About 1/3 are Hispanic, and they made up 2/3 of the nearly four million increase in the nineties. Here an interview with a Chicano "thinker." The fact is that the pro-Brown movement in the U.S. was created out of whole cloth by the Ford Foundation. Browns don't think, they merely do what they are allowed to do by others. What a coincidence that both Canada and the U.S. are being destroyed by colored immigration while both countries' immigration departments are/were headed up by Jewesses -- Elinor Caplan and Doris Meissner.

Where "Hate Crimes" Leads: Psychiatry in China

The history of Jew-led Bolsheviks shows that no form of torture is beyond them. One of their specialties -- on view in Russia and throughout Eastern Europe -- was claiming opponents were mentally ill and institutionalizing them and adopting Clockwork Orange measures to "fix" them. In Jewish minds, anyone who disagrees with Jewess Sontag's "the white race is the cancer of human history" is on the face of it mentally ill. If you scoff that Jews aren't so doctrinaire, you ought to read up on their history in Eastern Europe. The stuff they don't run on the History Channel.

Black Cops: Gang-bangers with Badges

Where blacks hold executive positions, corruption soon follows. Iron law. (This requires NYT registration. Go ahead and do it, doesn't take long.) More on the price we pay for allowing Negroes among us here. Same for Hispanics here.

"Stunned" by Third World's Reaction at Brown

Free speech isn't a turd-world "value." So why be surprised when they lie, cry and steal like the monkeys back home? Latest here. Colored agitator gets nasty picture in mail, leaves campus. Odds are about one to one the "incident" is made up. Negroes then and now... Here Darwin on miscegenation. Here long critique of sociobiology.

Britain Becoming Segregated

Big surprise. Next come demands for busing. Here a site for White victims of immigrants.

Vandals Charged with "Hate" Crime in Maryland

Here on hate crimes legislation in Alaska.

The Jewish Tax -- We All Pay It

Kosher tax... One of the more ingenious Jewish scams. Rabbis declare food or non-food "kosher." Manufacturers pay them to do it. They don't want to, but they are wary of the pressure Jews can levy. Essentially, kosher symbols on packaging represent a hidden tax that helps Hymie and his family and hurts you and yours.

Censored on Free Republic, 3/24/01

No talk about Jews in media, that's a JimBoob no-no. Didn't you read the sign on the door?

White Archaeology: Oldest Boat in Europe

Found in 1963, it is over 4,000 years old, dates back to early Bronze Age... Here latest on Bell County, Texas, digs, which may shed light on who was first in America. More and better here on the Gault site. Here on new type of human recently found.

Pierce: Countering the Poison

Latest address. Letter from a man disgusted by response of conditioned Whites to White man who physically defended himself from nigger would-be robber. Whites have been deliberately brainwashed and conditioned by the Jews controlling the media NOT to identify as Whites, and in fact to despise their own race, its history and achievements.

Britain: Retiring Judge Attacks Political Correctness

Free speech vanishing... PC is not merely ridiculous, the ideas behind it are sinister, he says. Quite right: the Jews who created and spread it are intent on White genocide. Here magistrate head of "race equality council" busted for immigration scam. Is it unreasonable to expect that advocates of turd-world invasion will stoop to third-world politics? Here pedophile's time cut in half, to five months. How much time do you think those one hundred booked for thoughtcrimes the other day will serve?

UN Racism Conference Will Discuss Slave Reparations

The carcass is starting to topple, and the ants are fighting for bite-room. Here Namibian head savage calls his countrymen stupid and lazy. Same guy who just ordered police to deport all queers.

Four-Hour Anne Frank Miniseries in Works

Priming the extortion pump. Jewish agitprop never ceases. Oy! New pages! Oy! New movie! Give! Give! Jews must live!

Enviros Attack 'Frankentrees'

Destroy about 900 genetically engineered trees at Oregon State. Contrast the coverage given any one of the multiple crimes like this with the coverage given a single racist "hate" crime/prank.

Israelis Continue to Trade in White Women

Australian report...

War Upon the Right in Canada

One standard for Jew-led anti-racist punks, another for pro-Whites.

Sam Francis Forum: On Feeb Republic Censorship

There's a new forum hosted by Sam Francis and his website. Interesting comments on immigration, gun control, etc. Harder right than Feebmaster JimBoob allows. We welcome our readers to join up with this new forum and make the kind of arguments you and we make here at VNN. We wouldn't even mind if you posted a couple links to VNN. Let's see if Sam Francis can tolerate genuine argument. Don't be an asshole, but don't hide your candle under a bush either. We brag that our own Chuck Pearson's White Nigger is the best article written on race this year. What a shame more people haven't had a chance to read it. Here's the main index for the forum.

Minorities Clamor for Redistricting Off Census Data

The absurdities multiply. We are supposed to not merely stand aside but welcome turds from Mexico, grant them superior rights in the voting booth, at work, in the street, gerrymander our districts so they can more easily vote themselves shares of our money. We are to commit suicide, in short, and buy them the rope, and let them use the tree limb on our property. Turds are the symptom, Jews are the disease. The Jew is responsible for this, White man, and the Jew is your enemy. He knows it. Do you?

Black Dumb: Pro-Whites Point to Evolution

Evolution left blacks unfit for civilized society. The Jews screw up everybody by chirping about tests and culture and cultural bias and White bias, but the Jews are lying. Nature is to blame. Racial differences are marrow deep. We often hear the lie that Whites hate blacks for their skin color. That isn't true.

Media: On Salon Going Paid

Plastic discussion... Here our old boss Rowland Evans dies. A nice man, very polite and friendly.

Censored at Free Republic 3/22/01

Two more threads on race and Seattle, etc....

Progressive Legislation from Namibia

Vanguard niggers...

Court Upholds Jersey Gun Ban

What does the Constitution mean? Nothing, and nothing for a long time...

California Stickers: Fuck You -- This Is Still Mexico

Say goodbye to your country, White man. The turds are taking over. They just need your help paying for it, White man.

Duke Runs Ad, Nigs Run Wild

Nigs prepare list of demands as president, mirabile dictu, holds firm. As yesterday's article noted, nigs can't take pain. The same niggers who will be out raping and playing the monkey on Friday night whine about insensitivity on Thursday. Maybe niggers should try being more "sensitive" to White folks. Except, by their nature, they can't do it. That's another reason they don't belong here. This sort of junk is a function of Jews controlling the media: where else would niggers get the idea that we ought to bend over backwards to spare their feelings -- at the same time as they are committing over 90% of violent interrracial crime? They don't respect our bodies, our lives, our property -- and we are to be hypersensitive to their "feelings"? Yes, that's how it is. Niggers are the symptom, Jews the disease. Here on Marxist Horowitz speaking at Texas A&M. Here on the peripatetic wizard at Texas. As always, Horowitz is careful to couch his arguments in terms of black interests -- while simultaneously denying that Whites have White interests. That's par for the course among Republicans. They let Jews into their party, and those Jews remade it intellectually, so that Reps are at once "colorblind" and very solicitous about nigger interests. It's all spelled out in Jack Halliday's Blackout, which you can find elsewhere on this site. The truth is that the two races, eqully free, cannot live in the same government. Just as Thomas Jefferson said -- no Horowitz he. More here. More here. Can't get enough of Semitically Correct mainstream slop about a Semitically Correct neocon? Try this. Now go away. Wait! One last one here, Lewis and Halberstam (who had a run-in with our very own editor) defend free speech at Harvard. Do we get the message, people? Big brouhaha over free speech. Free speech not for a White advocate, but for a Semitically Correct Jew bending over backwards to speak in the name of black interests. Here queer Sullivan on what he aptly calls the cult of sensitivity.

How to Home-School

Good article with links to various sites for finding materials and advice. Kill your Televitz, home-school your kids: best things you can do for them.

Government: Just Another Gang

Demystification... The state is worshipped because it gets kids young, teaches them lies.

White History: Patrick Henry and the American Revolution

Nice piece by LewRockwell's Dieteman... Read and compare old times with our times...

Jews Train Jewish-American Military Fifth Column

In time of need, these Jews' racial loyalty will out, you can bet on it. And more of your money and sons' blood will flow to and for Israel. Jews are only loyal to Jews. Note that Jewish groups are in the forefront of drumming racists -- defined as anyone with the "wrong" book in his hands or tattoo on his arm -- out of the U.S. military. Here we have a dangerous (600+ nukes) foreign power with a history of attacking and murdering American forces indoctrinating American servicemen in where their real loyalty lies. The same people who sponsored Pollard, whined when he was caught, and continually press for his release, are allowed access to brainwash coreligionist U.S. military brethren. Is there any doubt that under pressure, these Jews will turn over documents and supplies to the mother country? We are taking vipers to our breast, White man.

Sullivan on Dirkhising

Good column by queer con on the utter lies and misrepresentations of the Jewish media. More here.

Canada: Multicultural Minister Lies About Cross-Burnings

Calls for her firing...

Maryland House Backs Nigger-Criminal Voting

Fresh Dems, that easy... As with reparations, the idea of letting nigger criminals vote -- whether in prison or back in society (as is the case here) has slowly gained grown as the country has liberalized and discolored. Millions of Negro criminals are natural Democrats, and since the latter have actively imported coloreds including tens of thousands of felons from Mexico and allowed them to vote, why not home-grown criminals? Here's the type of criminal who could be voting soon. Update on Shifflett trial here. Here typical Jew-lawyer-led nig whine that taxi no pickee upee young thugs. Here Jew Lieberman supports D.C. voting.

Good News for Teeth: Fewer Minority Dentists

Remember our acquaintance, who received 14 unneeded fillings from a Howard-trained nigger dentist.

Lebanon Conference

More on the cancellation of revisionist meeting...

Media: Salon for Sale?

May be on the way out, stock dropping through the floor...

With American Lackey's Help, Jewish Censors Prevail: Lebanon Disallows Conference

No free speech, please -- we're Jewish. No free assembly, please -- we're Jewish. No free practice of religion, please -- we're Jewish. "Civil rights" to a Jew is nothing more than your right to talk and go to school with and hire and associate with whomever he says you can. It's your right to say whatever you want, with Jewish pre-approval. The Bill of Rights came out of the White race; it is wholly foreign to the spirit of the Jew, which is totalitarian. There is only one commandment for Jews: Is it good for our people? That is all they care about. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Complacent, stogie-puffing Rush Limbaugh won't tell you that. Fawning-before-the-Podhoretzim Bill Buckley won't tell you that. Cultural Marxist neocon David Horowitz won't tell you that. Only VNN will: No Jews. Just Right.

Jew Foxman Admits Blunder

A Jew sorta kinda admitting he was wrong. How about that. Read up, folks, you won't see such again. Jew Foxman now says maybe he shouldn'ta asked Sleazy Bill to pardon jet-set criminal Rich. What he means is, he wishes Rich were released and no one knew he petitioned for it.

Germany's Interests "Identical" to EU's, Says Schroeder

Schroeder and the corrupt Jew-installed crowd must go. Germany for Germans.

Cleveland Schools to Import Teachers from India

Just like British schools are now importing teachers from Africa. Here on INS squabbles in Southern California. Mexicans say it is racist to ask Mexicans if they are illegals. Minorities have been trained by Jews to cry racism when asked to observe the law. Here Republican scraps Confederate History Month. First the symbols, then the people.

Myths About Pro-Whites

By one of leading females in pro-White movement, Elena Haskins... Here Freeper nitwits quibble over Sam Francis' article on Black Tuesday. JimBoob actually dares to make his own comment without censoring. (Of course, this thread may well be yanked by the time you try to access it. In that case it will be here on VNN, dancing merrily for all eternity...We smell you JimRob, every last skunky drop of fear and hypocrisy...TOO LATE, CENSORED BEFORE WE COULD POST...) Note that many Feeb Republic readers are made of sterner stuff than JimRob and his tea-party set. Welcome to read VNN, people. Come on in, the water's fine! We never mince, we never censor. We laugh and insult and stick to facts. Facts and truth are never in bad taste. Euphemism is for waterbugs.

Whites Have Higher Endurance Than Blacks

Racial biology 101: Race is not a "social construct" as the canting yids lie. There are literally thousands of physical differences between the races. All honest scientists know this. This article reveals that blacks can't even tolerate pain half as long as Whites. Whites are not merely smarter than blacks, they are tougher, too.

Dirkhising Verdict: Guilty

Not a hate crime. Keep that in mind. More here. Without Pierce mentioning it, this case probably would have been ignored by the cons now hyping it. Do they credit him? No. They lie that they were the first to talk about it. Cons are like that. Interesting stat provided by queer Andrew Sullivan: over 3,000 stories about Shepard after his murder versus under fifty on Dirkhising. That's because Dirkhising doesn't fit the anti-World the Jews promote through their propaganda. The Jews do control the media. It's a "local crime story that does not raise the kind of issues that would warrant our coverage," says one of the major networks. Is VNN is the only thing you've read today that hasn't passed first before Jewish eyes, White man? Probably it is -- whether you realize it or not.

Jews Attack Christians

Girl can't pass out valentines with religious message. Call it 'Jewish freedom.' Here they murmur that maybe a bought and paid for billboard ad urging people to 'Read the Bible,' might be a violation of Jewish religious law. Here Jewish hate group tries to remove Ten Commandments plaque from courthouse. Here Hymie tries to prevent Cub Scouts from meeting in school. See, the men writing the Constitution used code. What they were really saying was anything that offends Jews shall be outlawed, its proponents criminalized as haters and ostracized. All that which furthers Jewish destruction of civilized White America shall be legally privileged. When you read the con columnists who denounce these actions, you will note that they always criticize "atheists" and "secular humanists" or that perennial favorite "godless liberals." All those are terms used by cowards to avoid saying Jews. The Jew is the enemy, White man. If it's enjoyable and useful and your tradition, well, it's the Jew's tradition to try to destroy it. He succeeds because you won't name him as the agent of destruction. That's why we call Jews the two percent majority.

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