Far Left Evolves Anti-Resistance Tactics

by Angry White Female

During the first two years of my racial activist life, I have been writing to prosecutors, police officers, anti-hate groups, newspapers and politicians about the constant cover-ups of hate crimes against Euro-Americans. I recall a few years ago when in San Diego, a yellow (Indian) was charged with a hate crime after he walked into a fast food restaurant and beat up an elderly European-American man while yelling racial slurs. A San Diego news station then proudly proclaimed how "hate crimes laws were made for us all!" They were clearly attempting to placate the concerns of many that hate crimes laws are, as a RULE, used in a way that denies Whites equal protection under the law and gives minorities shorter sentences for the same race crimes. In reporting this crime, the anti-White establishment was responding to a groundswell of White rage over a murder that had recently occurred involving several yellow youths who beat a White man to death for racial reasons. The yellows were not charged with a hate crime. But the news people knew White folks were getting ticked off at the double standards and daily Whitebashing. So in reponse, they immediately found a token White hate-crime victim, then resumed their usual, "get Whitey" crime news.

Before I speak of how the California city of San Jose has taken a cue from San Diego, let me give a little background. San Jose is the now run-down little city that my ancestors built, before they were run out by minorities who didn't like White people. The city of San Jose illegally took down the liberty bell and replaced it with the Aztec God Quetzlcoatyl. Quetz is the guy NON-CAUCASIAN BROWNS used to sacrifice humans to before the intolerant White Spaniards showed up and made them stop.

San Jose is a very Europhobic city. But some European-Americans there are fighting back. For several years, the race haters in San Jose have been under full attack by European-American civil rights groups. The reasons range from excluding them from diversity workshops to hate crimes seminars to racially profiling White men as hate criminals. San Jose newspapers have been sharply criticized for their casual use of racial slurs to describe economically-disadvantaged European-Americans and their refusal to expose anti-White racism when and where it occurs.

Obviously, this city is extremely and institutionally anti-White. So it wasn't surprising when a yellow Indian took a sledgehammer to a statue of Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) and called him a White supremacist while doing the deed. Shockingly, the prosecutor is throwing the book at him. He will be charged with a hate crime. European-American groups who have been relentlessly trying to get some fair play with these laws are elated. But I am not. The city of San Jose is mocking us by profiling a "lesser" hate crime which makes the real ones against our folk pale in comparison.

This is the one hate crime story San Jose's Europhobic residents will debate, as an example of the benevolence of minority hate crime. "Why, if they'd charge this kid with a hate crime, they would surely report hate murders and rapes," the lemmings will think. In fact they do their best to shield the the people from the more serious racial crimes. The story in the notoriously anti-White San Jose Mercury News stated the yellow racists' reasoning, that Columbus was a symbol of injustice. They have "framed" this and now it is a "debate." They made sure to mention this man was also arrested for protesting the war against Kosovo, which is something I myself did. They mentioned his protesting in Seattle against the WTO, something I would have joined in on had I been there. The theme is that he is against injustice, and that this isn't a hate crime. No other hate-crime perpetrator has ever had his side reported in the newspaper. The Mercury News has insured (by framing the debate on their terms) that San Jose residents will talk about how the crime was justified because of Columbus' alleged "racism." They'll report this in future news stories, next to the paragraph about White boys spraying "go home, Hymie" on synagogues. The ADL will report this as a bias crime, couched in between the murders of Matthew Shepard and James Byrd.

The joke is on us. The press knows how to brainwash people. The psychology is pretty easy to understand if you think about it. The prosecutors are responding, in a rather arrogant way, to pressure put on them by European-American activists. What I want to see is prosecution for violent race crimes, not tokenism which serves their purpose of implying that minorities are not race haters while placating naive and trusting White people. They are "reframing" the debate by selecting those stories which fit in with their "White as epitome of evil" theme.

SPLC puts new strategy in action...

I was wondering where the sudden reportage of "lesser" hate crimes against White folks was emanating from. Prior visits to the Southern Poverty Law Center's website indicated that the only anti-White crimes they reported were those against Jews or gays. The only non-Whites they targeted were black Muslims, because they critisized Jews. Recently I read through the hate incidents section, which revealed the UNVERIFIED listings of "reported" bias incidents. Just about every single incident was not illegal, for example leafletting. There was some synagogue MONGOLISM (formerly called Vandalism), cross-burnings (i.e. lightings of the cross) and violent acts toward "people of color." Then I noticed one glaring sentence. That two yellows had attacked a White man. I thought...maybe then they reported the racially motivated murder of Kevin Shifflett:
But the Virginia listing didn't show that, even though SPLC damn well knows it happened. It was all over the web sites their people monitor. The story was sent to the SPLC by numerous people, and I was one of those people. It was all over the Washington Times for weeks, but not a peep from Dees. He can't claim to have missed the most serious hate crime in several decades.

What the SPLC and other allegedly anti-hate groups are doing is leading the nation in reporting a "just a few" of the minor hate crimes against Whites in response to pressure put on them by White rights activists. They know White people are beginning to see their double standards, so they've evolved this new strategy of tokenism rather than telling the whole truth about the more gruesome hate crimes committed against us. If this were not true, then they would have put the murder of eight-year-old Kevin on the cover of their "Intelligentsia" Report, complete with the handwritten note that said "kill them racist white kids." What Morris Dees' group wants to do is point to the few anti-White crimes he lists as "proof" he is not on a mission to point the finger at White folks only. Anti-White racism doesn't line the millionaires' pockets, and it doesn't fit in the with the "Whitey as perp" myth.

More on liberales and their hush tactics...

Let's take this theme a little further. I've written two stories on the Black Tuesday riots in Seattle, another hate crimes hotbed. I had stated that Kris Kime's mother marched with leftists in a candlelight vigil to remember her son. I know the marchers were organized by leftists because I keep abreast of their activities calendars. Mrs. Kime stated that she wouldn't "dwell" on the racial aspect of her son's death. Think of it, folks...Kris was kicked to death while trying to help a White woman off the ground after several black males knocked her down and were attempting to remove her clothing, while kicking her too I might add. The large group of black males then turned to attack Kris while screaming racial epithets at him. What is wrong with Mrs. Kime? Is she really so stupid that she would join in with the enemy to cover up the racially motivated attacks that culminated in her own child's death?

Let me ask a few questions regarding the leftists and their vigil for Kris: When was the last time a leftist group mourned the death of a White male who was not either 1) a victim of anti-gay violence or 2) Jewish? When was the last time one had a vigil for a victim of black violence? When was the last time the left marched in protest of police inaction?

Pardon my pessimism, but I am a former "liberale" myself, and I know exactly how these people operate. I can tell you, from experience, that these leftists marched to remember Kime because they were attempting to "reframe" the debate and distract from the racial aspect of Kris Kime's murder. There is no other explanation. They march only when there is an ideological reason to do so.

Their objective was to grab Kris Kime's mother before White civil rights activists did. They took advange of a grieving mother before she had time to absorb the truth of the matter. They didn't want a White mother marching against black racism. They didn't want her in Washington, D.C., demanding a federal hate crimes prosecution against the "niggers" who killed her son. Yes, they were "niggers," and I don't use that word lightly. Had the victims and perps been switched, it would have been a march against racism, and any thinking person understands that. If the mother had been black, she would not have been marching with multi-racial Marxists who were telling her to ignore the racial motivation of the murder. Black women just aren't stupid the way we White folk sometimes are.

All of this points to the strategy the Far Left is pursuing in response to the rise of European-American resistance. They won't deal with the issue of anti-White crime directly because they will lose in a fair fight with us. Their entire ideological underpinning is based on scapegoating White people for minority ills. Anything outside of that theme of White racism would unravel the "hate" myths they have spent so long creating. They know that subterfuges and quarter-truths are a necessary element of their success. They are experts at framing and reframing the issues. Never before have they had to defend, they have always been on the attack. They thrive when the other side is silenced. Now their strategy is evolving in response to our cries for justice. When they are finally forced against the wall, they will say "White supremacists" are using the issue to promote hatred. They know the images of cops beating blacks in the '60s and the fear of White reprisals will silence anyone in power who is thinking of speaking the truth. So, in essence, the 98% black-on-White interracial rape rate and the 89% black-on-White interracial violent crime rate will be "hushed" for some time in the mainstream media.

It is our job to evolve to meet their new strategies.

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