The Ongoing Assault: Jews Mock '50s Educational Films to Smear World They Destroyed

by Chuck Pearson

In my recent piece, "White Nigger," I detailed the never-ending Jewish smear of White American culture, especially that of the 1950s.

Last night, I made the mistake of turning on my television. The bastards were after the '50s again. This Jewish assault on White values is ceaseless and all-encompassing; the material that so many brain-locked people watch without even blinking is so disturbing that even a hardened observer such as myself is grabbing for both the note pad and the bottle of antacid tablets moments after the set warms up, compelled to chronicle, to object, to hit back. So much for after-dinner relaxation.

Chicago's WTTW, the PBS "educational" station, was running a Chicago Stories segment on the educational films of the 1950s, called Those Films You Saw In School. I barely caught the names of the show's producers -- Lederman and Shefsky.

As one correspondent to VNN wrote the other day, "Remember, White man -- Jews set up, Jews knock down. Jews set up, Jews knock down." The fact that Jews in the motion picture industry may have profited from the making of many of these films in the 1950s in no way precludes Jews from criticizing them today. The money made from the filming was Good For Jews then, and the money made from attacking, redistributing, satirizing is Good For Jews now.

Jews are experts at self-referral -- at making themselves the standard to which everything else is compared. These programs invariably cast the Jewish "investigators" as normal -- as impartial scientists of some sort. Here they are, peering through their microscopes at White culture as though it were some peculiar, prehistoric slime mold, and describing it in an astonished, pitying tone. "Can you believe this?"

In White Nigger, I listed many pejoratives which Jews and their ilk use to describe the '50s. Let's see what we got this time-






Secret Century -- The Darker Side of the American Dream (title of anthology of these films, distributed by one Rick Prelinger; material so dark and secret that, within living memory, it was shown to tens of millions all over the country. Even Prelinger seems to have gotten his hands on it.)



"amusingly quaint"


Snicker, spit, dismiss. Again and again, the same.

The "expert" WTTW chose to interview this time was a Professor June Sochen of Northeastern Illinois University.

This Jew condemned the films -- on courtesy, manners, dating, dancing, drug use, premarital sex -- even on the proper way to set a table -- as "not dealing with serious problems."

"They don't deal with race problems, gender problems, money problems. In that sense it's unrealistic," declared Sochen.

Racially cohesive nation-states not being torn apart by wave after wave of Jew-induced Third World immigration have few race problems. In a White America without corrosive Jewish "values clarification," people could pretty much look down and determine what sex -- not "gender" -- they were. How is it that something called "clarification" results in people swapping body parts around willy-nilly, as though they were nothing more than Mr. Potatoheads? A breast here, a penis there...

America used to make clothes and cars and tools -- not condos and insurance, lawsuits and legislation. In such a vastly productive economy, with low taxes, rents and prices so that one working man (yes!) could support a family and pay on a house, there weren't too many money problems for the reasonably diligent. I have newspapers from this time, and can prove this. You can prove this to yourself by walking through a residential area; who were all of those bungalows, those single-family houses built for? Painters and printers and carpenters and punch-press operators who could afford to buy them while earning $400 per month in the '50s.

How Jews work to make us laugh at that "white picket fence!"

Can Jews prove what they say? Of course not. Jews like Sochen constantly cut Whites' feet out from under them with their flat, academic-sounding dismissals of White society as "unrealistic." These learned declarations, made against a background of stuffed bookshelves to show how intelligent the speaker is compared to the audience, are actually nothing more than "proof by assertion." Jews run on The Big Lie -- "I say so, and say so, and say so, therefore it's true."

The show described the 1950s as having been "a world in which, once we learned the rules of how to get along, we all got along." How shocking! Thank heavens that multicultural societies aren't like that! A world in which acceptable conduct for teenagers just getting to know each other involved bike trips, weenie roasts, and square dances, not "fisting" and not beating each other over the head with metal chairs, imitating violent Jewish TV shows.

"Adjustment and conformity were big themes in the 1950s." Imagine -- there were actually rules to follow. The show's ostensible "host," White Gentile fellow-traveler John Callaway, described, in the same astonished tone, how these films "revealed the consequences of bad behavior -- peer rejection!" Imagine that! We all know that human societies never had any standards before the 1950s. How terrible of these Whites to hold people accountable for their actions!

Callaway said that the influence and popularity of these films "faded with the turmoil of the late 1960s." He did not say that the turmoil was Jew-induced, nor did he mention the new crop of liberal "educators" who had a different agenda to push, and stopped buying the films.

J. Fred MacDonald (no relation, we hope, to Kevin MacDonald who writes so tellingly of the Jewish war against Whites, and whose work can be found here), a Berkeley graduate who is a history professor at Northeastern Illinois University, and who wrote this WTTW segment, echoes the Jewish viewpoint, saying,

"At first glance, the school films made in Chicago in the 1940s and 1950s may seem hopelessly unrealistic. The Pleasantville world they project is predictable and therefore easily repairable. It is a Caucasian fantasy of small towns and suburbs where families are idealized, young people respect their teachers and elders, and towns are communities where friendly people constructively interact. Here, children strive to improve themselves: their studies, their manners, their interpersonal relationships. There is minimal disharmony in this worldview..."

Got that? The stable America which so many of us knew never existed. It was all a "Caucasian fantasy," a "Pleasantville" plastic train-set model.

That's not a "worldview," a mere Weltanschauung there, Mr. MacDonald -- it was reality. Nice try. Do we look stupid? But he insists -- reality was "hopelessly unrealistic."

MacDonald continues, "To be commercially attractive to schools and libraries throughout the nation, school films in the 1940s and 1950s could not challenge social mores. They were not instruments of social transformation."

That's right; schools and libraries used to be run by Whites who damned well listened to White taxpayers and parents. Not until Jews -- who are equal partners with God himself, they tell us -- came along with their tikkun olam, their "remaking the world," did education and information turn into weapons used to dismantle White society. "Social transformation." He puts that nicely, doesn't he? Is that what they call the pool of urine in your hallway, the gang hieroglyphics all over your garage door, the spent bullets in the gutter?

Of course, "commercial attractiveness" was the only criterion used in the making of these films; there could not have been any other legitimate concerns, like the health, welfare, and happiness of young people, or the good of society as a whole. Congratulations, J. Fred -- that remark qualifies you for the position of Honorary Money-Minded Jew.

"These films would change only if and when American society changed -- and that would have to emerge from debate within the society itself," MacDonald lies. The "turmoil of the 1960s" did not result from any debate, from any fundamental change in White society; it was caused by Jewish agitation from the likes of Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. "America wasn't coming apart at all. We just kept saying that until it did," admit the radicals of that time.

Here, in that annoying style meant to confer respectability, MacDonald half-takes-back the smear message, coupling it with the obligatory call for a vague, deracinated "social responsibility." "Still, despite their simplistic contexts, school films communicated socially-responsible messages. And these messages are still being taught in homes and schools many decades later."

Especially in home schools, eh?

"What parent does not want a dating daughter treated with respect by her escort?" he asks. The single parent who doesn't even notice if her daughter is home or not for days on end, doesn't know if the kid's pregnant, or by whom. Actual quote from Negro woman, overheard by author- "Who get marry these day? Just to have a baby? Sheeit." An ignorant animal like this is not about to say, "Be back by 11 or you're grounded."

"Children still require instruction in proper table manners and the fundamentals of good grooming."

...and they're not getting this from the Jewish mass media, are they? Pants down around ankles, nigger-spiked hair, rings in noses, hats worn indoors while spitting food a la The Mook and Drew Carey.

"The drug problem has only worsened since the 1950s requiring even greater adult intervention than the old films proposed." Isn't that a surprise, after Jews pushed "turn-on-tune-in-drop-out" as hard as they could in the 60s -- and then cashed in not only by selling the music and pipes and papers, but by opening drug rehab centers and becoming "counselors."

"'Stop, look, and listen before you cross the street' or 'teenicide' may sound amusingly quaint today, but abuse the rules of the road as a pedestrian or driver and you have a good chance of being struck by an automobile," lectures MacDonald, pretending to be a responsible adult.

Traffic safety in The New America? Tell this to the knob-twisting barbarians who wake up thousands of people each night with their huge car stereos, as well as to the throttle-twisting barbarians who do the same with their Yuppie-trendy Harley-toys. Don't forget the road-ignoring barbarians with their heads twisted around holding a trendy cell phone on their shoulder. Important to talk about who said what to who. Can't wait.

Tell the road-raging soccer-mom-bitches in their huge SUVs. Tell the vanload of 25 illegal aliens, tell the four Mexicans in the scrap-metal-filled pickup truck with no license, no registration, no city sticker, no insurance, no headlights, a dragging rear bumper, and a wadded-up tortilla wrapper for a gas cap. Tell the Negro carjackers.

Tell the modern crop of suicidal skateboarders-in-heavy-traffic, the rollerbladers who screech down steep railings and split their heads open on the cement, then stagger around saying, "Oh, wow. Oh, wow. I'm gonna keep skating no matter what." Tell the moron boys who stand in the middle of the street sullenly challenging, "You gonna run over me?," the gangs of teens who pile onto cars at stoplights and panic the drivers. Better say it loud, Prof- I don't think they can hear you. Those who habla Ingles are all watching Murray Rothstein's MTV again, that vector of don't-give-a-shit societal breakdown.

MacDonald winds up for his conclusion with this meaningless statement; "Style changes, but social dilemmas endure." Isn't it interesting how Jews, experts at positioning themselves for maximum advantage, profit from both the changes of style and from making the dilemmas worse?

MacDonald ends by blaming the victim, trying to make Whites feel guilty -- as though Whites were neglecting something, doing something wrong. Here, he wags a professorial finger at us, admonishes us! In that classic work-is-never-done style meant to keep Whites endlessly busy and distracted as the Jew-machine grinds on, he's piling on the homework!

"And so we are left with the realization that those school films did not -- perhaps could not -- solve the problems of their era; and that we must fashion our own style in addressing most of those same problems because we have seen the past and it is us."

We have our own style. You just made a TV program putting it down!

"We have seen the past and it is us?" Sounds ominous -- but what does it mean? Nothing. Bullshit Emeritus.

No, Prof- the past was us. Conformist, repressive, boring, uncreative, impractical, awkward, superficial us -- Whites -- that the whole world imitates in one way or another. Us in our "whitebread Plasticville" -- the one with the electricity and gas and clean water and airports and highways and hospitals. Repressive, boring, and uncreative is where all of those symphonies and soaring cathedrals and space vehicles came from.

We're the people with hobbies like grinding optical flats accurate to 1/10 wavelength of light down in the basement, just for amusement, while a large part of the non-White world has had 10,000 years to discern one end of a stick from the other, and still isn't quite sure.

The present is niggers and spics and more Mexicans than anyone can count. It's officious clerks from India and Somali goatherds stuffed into FUBU jackets by Lutheran do-gooders. It's Bangladeshi cab drivers who don't know how to get anywhere, and just-off-the-plane Iraqi teens, the loud, pushy, thieving garbage of Baghdad, hanging on the corner outside the 7-11, dressed like blacks and calling you "Honky." It's Vietnamese punks with purple-streaked hair trying to run a restaurant and taking an hour to cook a hamburger for the only customer. It's impassive Korean store owners picking their gold teeth and shrugging at their lack of English when you ask about something. It's Filipinos arguing over dishes in the Goodwill as Yemenis boost their kids into the collection box outside to hand up the old clothes.

It's people whose origin you can't identify at all, hacking and spitting blood out the window of a city bus as you get as far away as you can to avoid catching whatever awful disease they've imported. TB? Plague? Ebola? Who knows anymore? No one checks; that wouldn't be fair. It's hell, and it's going to get lots worse; there will be 400 million people here by 2050, all to give Jews a bigger crowd to hide in. Do things still seem superficially normal? VNN's Alex Linder sees ours as a society "running on fumes." Just you wait.

The present is Jews -- due partly to the inherent goodness, patience, and wishful thinking of so many Whites, not to mention the fact that we've always been very busy making the world, not "re-making" everything we come across as Jews do. We build up, they tear down. Full-time, salaried, professional tearers-down. They make their living tearing down; we have to work, and try to stop them in the little free time we have left over from being productive.

Here went my free time again. It's past midnight and I'm very tired and there's no milk in the house and it's freezing out there and I don't want to go out. I have better things to do than this. I'm not making a penny. Maybe I could be, but there isn't a newspaper in the whole country that'd print a column like this, not a radio station that'd put this on the air. That's because Jewish control of the media is a myth.

How I wish that Jews were simply people who wore funny little hats and prayed in a different language than I -- but they are not, and have never been so, and wishful thinking makes no difference. The present, again, is vicious, destructive, hate-filled, lying, deceitful, treacherous Jews, taking our carefully-constructed world back apart -- often, I think, simply for their own sick amusement, vandals smashing something they know they could never build.

Again and again, openly and for all to see and hear, Jews prove by these attacks on White culture that they are to civilized society as a tapeworm is to a man; if the worm is not expelled, it will enervate, exhaust, and finally kill its host.

Jews are doomed to continue this course of action. They know no other. They will not ever stop, will not ever change, will not ever vary. It matters not what has happened to them in the past, nor will they consider what might happen to them in the future. They are megalomaniacs, single-minded and utterly intractable. We know exactly what they are going to do -- exactly what they've always done, everywhere that they were allowed to do it, for as long as they were allowed to do it.

There are a lot more of us than there are of them. What say you, White man? Have I stayed up half the night and neglected my household in vain...or can I get you to commit an extremely dangerous revolutionary act?

Will you shut off your TV and think?

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