Tonight on Crossfire- Hollywood takes on Bush: Whoppi Goldberg vs. Robert Conrad.

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Published: 03-23-2001
Posted on 03/23/2001 11:50:09 PST by Pokey78
From the CROSSFIRE Staff

Tonight on CROSSFIRE. many in Hollywood have taken aim at President Bush criticizing his politics and his intelligence.

Will Tinseltown warm to the new administration or bide it's time until someone calls it a wrap?

On the eve of Academy Award weekend, Actor and Producer Whoopi Goldberg, a vocal critic of Bush's policies and Actor Robert Conrad, a supporter of the new administration, debate how the president is perceived in the Hollywood Hills.

During the presidential campaign some celebrities took shots at George W. Bush calling him a moron and threatening to leave the U.S. if he won the election. What about Bush unnerves them so much? Does Hollywood speak with one voice? Are they just missing Los Angeles favorite Bill Clinton?

Hollywood has faced attacks in recent months over violent content and marketing practices. Will the Bush administration implement any new policies to curb studio practices? Could Bush's pro-business approach actually end up benefiting Hollywood execs?

To: Husker8877
To me, "Sanford & Son" was cutting-edge, risky humor. No holds-barred satire, just like "In Living Color," with the Wayan Brothers. I love that kind of stuff. Smart white people making fun of inbred hillbillies; persons who are Jewish making fun of the whining, stereotypical domineering JAP mother. That's America (to me--the freedom to go that far, and make it work & be funny).

I heard an up'n'coming black comedian on the radio mebbe four years ago, on NPR, surprisingly, who was doing a counter-spin on political correctness. Anyway, this guy was lightning-quick, like a black George Carlin--he had the sense of timing that was undeniable (wish I could have written his name down).

He got the crowd laughing so hard, so into what he was doing, and then he got real quiet and made (what I assumed to be) a motion toward a white man in one of the front seats, and he said:

"Yeah, I can see you. I know what you're thinkin'. You're sayin' `Hmmmmmmmm, this nigger's kind of bright. Clev-ver. Smarter than your average runaway..."

I thought I was going to have an accident either in my pants or in the car. & then he goes: "You see, that word's never bothered me. Don't think nuthin' of it. I get up and say it every morning: NIGGA NIGGANIGGANIGGANIGGA....make my TEETH white."

Whew! Redd Foxx would have appreciated that. Jackie Mason, too.

59 Posted on 03/23/2001 12:52:14 PST by greatspectacular

To: greatspectacular
re: 59 " ..persons who are Jewish..."

What the PC hell are you talking about? This "inbred hillbilly" is sick and tired of the "PWAJ"-dominated airwaves sponsoring genetic freaks like Whoopi, and attempting to convince our young people that these freaks represent the finest our nation can produce.

Give up your euphemism-driven thought patterns and recognize the truth. The media is a "PWAJ" juggernaut being launched against the last remains of Western ideals left in American society. Anyone denying it- and sniggering at the oh-so-naughty PC crap spewed by Hollywood- is a cultural- suicide supporter waiting in their ignorance to be turned into the next Seattle-style grease spot.

72 Posted on 03/23/2001 13:25:38 PST by VAHighlander

To: VAHighlander
eeks! That's enough to earn you an "abuse" button. (I'll save someone else the trouble).

73 Posted on 03/23/2001 13:27:00 PST by greatspectacular

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