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Step Right Up, Folks -- Real African Savages for Your Viewing Pleasure

We call them niggers for a reason -- you should too... Government by monkey is just as possible here as it is in Africa. It's a Jewish lie that the environment makes the nigger. The truth is that the nigger makes the environment. Are sooty niggers spontaneously generated by wrapper-filled section-8 yards and stinking pools of hallway urine? No. Believe it or not, latter are caused by the former. No kidding. A nice young woman studied the Jamals in their natural habitat for six years, earned their trust, and slowly encroached on the truth. Here some British want statue of Mandela in Trafalgar Square. "The statue will be a salute by the people of Britain to the liberated people of South Africa and will symbolise the special ties between the two countries." This way to the Egress, folks!

Those Crooked, Crooked Jews

London-based Orthodox scum convicted of vote fraud. Like ducks to water, so are yids to swindling, especially the earlocked ratlings...


A White Westerner forced to flee to Iran for intellectual freedom. How does that make you feel, White man? Your countries are so Jew polluted you can't say or write what you think anymore without being clapped in the clink. You can hear Graf speak at the upcoming Beirut revisionist conference that freedom-loving tolerant Jews around the world -- along with their minions at the U.S. State Department -- are trying hard to suppress.

Russia: Anti-Jewish Sentiment Grows

At least according to God's eternally mewling Pets... Read this report on pro-Russian activity in St. Petersburg and see how much freer Russians are than Americans. Here yids "link" -- one of their favorite, all-purpose smear verbs -- Putin to "anti-Semitism" (awareness and opposition to typically criminal Jewish activities) -- just as our own Ian McKinney predicted.

Jewish Report Author Recommends Worldwide Censorship

Keeping with the Jewish rule that anything critical of Jews is illegitimate, the Canadian author of a new report on what he would like us to call "hate" on the Internet recommends that Canada apply its anti-White "human rights" act to anything on the net. And that similar Draconian Jewish censorship be applied to the web around the globe. Jews can't survive where others are free to criticize them openly, so they always -- ALWAYS -- move to censor their critics. Watch for more on this misnamed "international agreement to stop group libel on the Internet." Here North American rabbis teem in Berlin, like maggots in suppurating meat. One nostril snorting free air like fine coke, the other sniffing for swindling Moglichkeiten; one hand gripping tight the briefcase of extorted money, the other with a death-grip on the suitcase full of 50,000 ecstasy pills. Day's work for an All-Star.

American Citizenship Degraded

Once a proud claim, Jewish legal improvements have reduced it to furtive Pepe sneaking down to the courthouse to rubber-stamp his union with blooming Lupe. Americans, these things, just like you and me. What's American citizenship worth if a Mexican can get it?

Alien Undercount

Going on for years. Full apartments. High rents. Three shifts in the packing house. New flight 'burbs. More TV. Fatter consumers. More Democrats. Fewer thinking folk. Hymie secure.

Now It's Kime's Mom Holding Jewish Agitprop

Yesterday, Pa, today, Ma. Anything to avoid the real lesson: Nig-B-gone.

Census 2000: The Bedunging of America

New York, today...

Even Some Jews Hate Israel

Some Jews don't believe the hate state should exist -- for religious reasons. That makes them -- you guessed it -- "self-hating anti-Semites." Jews are biologically incapable of hating anyone except themselves. Part of what makes them Yahweh's preferred stock.

Curtis Rots in Jail, Dogfood Baby's Ma Gets Bail

White pranks -- committed or merely alleged -- net sentence multiples of those imposed for real crimes. That's because White identification is one thing ZOG fears. You can rape, murder, feed babe julienne to poochie all you want, but the state doesn't care: just another "client" requiring "services." But withhold taxes or spread the White word, and you get their attention real quick. That's all the clue you need to the state's true nature. Can you say 'criminal gang'? I knew you could.

Diversity Sukz: The Hell That Is L.A.

Three-day-old yak vomit garnished with nightshade. That's diversity for you: Pepe's brain-burrowing parasite wrapped in Negro navel lint inside a nine-year-old Haitian she-monkey's scarred womb. No picket fences here...

The Niggerization of Pinay

Can America get even more screwed up? The answer is yes. Just add Pinoy... Here on " mix-mix" Filipinos, richening our rich ethnic stew, very rich dish. Gook gang- bangers here. How lucky we are these tiny fellow citizens are enriching our lives with their charming spasticity rather than back home annoying the water-buffaloes. More flip bangers here. Here on Pilipinos in Daly City. Here on history of Pilps in America.

Miscegenation: No Thank You, I Prefer to Stay HIV Free

Filthy, dirty niggers. HIV-infected niggers. Niggers livin' on the low down, out of the joint, still like to duck out on the wife (ha!) for a little sodomy now and then... Do you want to open your legs to that, White girls? Read the stats MT(Hymie)V hides from you...

MacDonald Responds to 'Separation' Critique

A great man is Kevin MacDonald, a true and valiant scholar amidst Thimbletons. MacDonald's excellent work -- read in whole by very few because of its high price and inaccessibility, appears to be chock full of excellent phrases that cry out for borrowing and repetition. Whom could he be referring to here? "...self-perceptions as a persecuted but morally and intellectually superior group."

Good Out of Berkeley? Israeli Divestment Campaign

This could be interesting... Campaigners are welcome to scan our archives for examples of Israeli and Jewish double standards, which are many...

Francis: Horowitz Is Out to Sea, We Need Countervailing White Power

He nails Pied Piperwitz, or would if he bothered to be a little more direct. Black reparations have nothing to do with logic, reason, fairness, justice, equality or anything but bald Nigger Power. The only force that can heel it is White Power. Just say No to niggers; Just say No to Jewish "civil rights" hucksters.

Jews Fight and Scratch and Whine Like Rabid Hyenas to Keep the Truth Shuttered

Traditional enemies of the truth, says David Irving, organized Jewry. Right he is. Jews have to outlaw because they can't out-argue. Their need to suppress is tacit admission of the weakness of their cause. Jewish arguments can't defend themselves. They require round-the-clock police protection to make sure nobody gets in a stray question. No criticism, please -- we're Jewish. Oy He's so much smarter than anyone else... Why can't his arguments stand without legal privilege? If the Jew had truth on his side, would he need the law?

Double Standard Dave: 'I am not some cracker...'

VNN is horrified and deeply, deeply chagrined, notes with profound regret Jew Horowitz' use of an anti-White slur profoundly offensive to Caucasians everywhere.

Public Schools are Judeo-government Jails

Szasz on what's wrong with Jew-run jails and why you should keep your kid out of them. You wouldn't stand by while a nigger attacked your kid, so why stand by while a Jew perverts his mind? Kill your Televitz and teach your kid yourself. Here on another fed fraud: the Fed. Here are 100 good books your kid will never be assigned in the Jewish jail they call school. Here Jewish TV and "teaching" spurs homosexual behavior. Here's what some of the graduates are up to in Arkansas... More here.

Haitian Slavery Comes to America

No joke, folks. These niggers are savages. That is not a metaphor or a slur: these niggers are not human in the same sense we are. They come here and keep on with the voodoo, slavery and other jungle junk they practice on the island -- now in OUR land. Every heard of "restavek"? You have now. Could be happening next door. We are insane to put up with the Jews who control immigration and the media and make this kind of obscenity not merely possible but common. "Restavek" is the symptom, Jew is the disease.... Here article on taxes, indirectly showing U.S. becoming country of billionaires and service workers. Indeed, the U.S. is looking more and more like Brazil -- economically as well as racially. Globalization and illegal immigration have increased profits at the top and reduced wages at the bottom. Marx was right when he described a "reserve army of the unemployed" driving down wage rates. Our "reserve army" is off-shore manufacturing and wetbacks. We await the day when what's left of the White working and lower middle classes will recognize that they're being screwed. At present, they're pedaling faster (wives working) to stay even. Sooner or later that won't work anymore. Here non-Americans rush to marry to become legalizable. Here on bisexual negroes and the women they infect.

Judge Ronnie White -- A Nigger's Nigger

No passum law testum, no payum 'ninny-supportum. Spittin' image of Nigger Jesse, Bastard Sire of Bastards, Extorter of Billions... Niggers are niggers, folks. It doesn't matter if you pull them out of trees, fake them through law school, drape them in black and perch them on benches, they're monkeys, not White men dipped in chocolate. "[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government." -- Thomas Jefferson. Ignore the Spiderwitzim, folks. They are seducers, liars, pied pipers, misleaders, trap-setters. Diversity is not strength. Diversity is weakness. Racial equality is the Biggest Lie. Conservatives quail before Jews and spout the mandatory Biggest Lie to appease them. Don't be like them. Stick to VNN and the truth. No guarantee it will set you free. But it will set you on the right path. We aren't Jews. We don't lie. We don't need to.

College Courage?

Kaum zu glauben! A Wisconsin female editor shows courage, stands up for the traditional (before the Jews took over academia) ideal of free speech. "Hate speech" is speech that threatens Jewish interests or opposes Jewish political goals, which usually involve some form of anti-White discrimination. Jews are dishonest and clever like that. They always devise it so that your point of view is not merely wrong and "hate"-ful but illegal -- if they can possibly make it so. And, controlling the media and politics as they do, they usually can, given time. VNN would be totally illegal in most European countries. Do you understand that, White man? IT IS ILLEGAL TO PUBLISH VNN ON A GERMAN WEBSITE. IT IS ILLEGAL TO PUBLISH VNN ON A FRENCH WEBSITE. ILLEGAL. THAT MEANS: YOU CAN'T DO IT. THAT MEANS: COPS COME TO YOUR DOOR AND ARREST YOU. JUDGES THROW YOU IN PRISON. And the Jews want to make it that way here in America too. They are the most intolerant, hate-filled, unscrupulous and dishonest people in the world, and they will brook absolutely no criticism if you let them get away with suppressing it. ALL THAT IS NECESSARY FOR JEWS TO TRIUMPH IS FOR WHITE MEN TO DO NOTHING. What are you doing, White man? Here an intelligent black woman defends White nationalists. As bad as most niggers are, they're still not Jews.

National Alliance Tracked in Calgary

Note the smear that NA "may have inspired" the OK bombing -- actually the work of a cell inspired by a government-inserted provocateur, though nobody in the news except Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (now back in Europe -- the guy who wrote the story about illegalization of "blasphemy" of the great I AM, EU.") bothers to tell you this. The truth is this: The NA has never murdered ANYBODY. The U.S. government murdered eighty people at Waco alone. Which group poses the real danger: White who defend the civilization we use to have? Or the Jew-controlled liars and murderers who kill off Whites of integrity and flood the nation with Mexicans? If the Washington gang we have today didn't exist -- would you pay to create it? Of course not. But you work half the year to sustain it, White man. And if you resist, you're a "hater," a "racist" -- someone who can be thrown in jail for years for the most modest of actions against it. Free country? Is any country controlled by Jews free?

Disputes Over UN Racism Conference

Hard to be against racism without being against Israel, but the mother of all hate countries and its colony cry when you say that...

Global Warming Is a Hoax

Still more proof... Whole thing is based upon dubious models even the modeler has rejected. That and an interested press intent on returning civilized folk back to cave-dwelling....

Music: Hip-hop More Popular Than Country

Just passed it "for the first time," BBC report says. Rock, hip-hop, country: A nation of niggers prefers nigger noise, just like alley cats prefer caterwauling...

The Continuing Appeal of Hitler

An explanation...

Ethnic Gangs Mess Up Australia

Whites-only has given way to globalization, with predictable results...

Docs Intrude on Gun Debate

Is it doc's business if you own a gun? No. But this N.Y. doc and his group think it is. Yet another Jew-inspired gambit to prevent the White man from defending himself. They work on all fronts simultaneously. Imagine your rights as a block of cheese. Jewish rats nibble at it from on top, underneath, both sides, left and right and from within if they could. And this intrusion on your rights will soon find its way onto ER, other medical dramas, Lifetime movies for women. People, we simply cannot afford to have Jews live among us any longer. Next they might claim that owning the "wrong" books is a health issue, because anything that points out America's Jewish problem contributes to high blood pressure.

Will Big Three News Networks Consolidate?

Since they're all owned and run by Jews...since they put out identical "news"...since they are tripling expenses for no reason...why not consolidate? So proposes 60 Minutes liar-in-chief Jew Hewitt. We have an "Associated Press," why not an "Associated Television"?

Horowitz to Speak at Berkeley -- Under Guard

Political correctness is a pretty limp term to describe social conditions in which a man can't speak at one of our best universities in defense of a position favored by the vast majority of citizens. Here on Semitical Correctness in academia. Nobody is as stupid and intolerant as your average student or professor. And the Deans who aren't Jews or Marxists are mushpuppies. Did you know William Bennett's PhD dissertation was every bit of 100 pages long? Did you know his Book of Virtues was ghostwritten?

Savages: Bulletproof Magic Spell Comes Up Short

Crips? Bloods? Are you listening?... Bullet trumps ju-ju, hottentot population experiences modest decline. Here on savage Jesse, the spitter-bastard extraordinaire, corruption itself... Here on Viljoen, one who eased way to savage rule, giving up on White homeland due to ANC opposition and White division. Here on racially unidentifiable man robbing banks in Southern California. Multiracial births growing quickly in L.A.... Diversity working great in Malaysia too.

Britain: Girl Suspended for Not Playing Soccer with Boys

Natural result of equality dogma... Here biased British paper swipes at Germans who bought "Polish" land. Perhaps they should have banded together and tried to extort it, in the morally correct manner of the Jews.

Gusinsky Jailed in Spain

Decision on extradition expected soon.

Germans Resist Holocaust Memorial

Here's one reason Germans resent Jews: perpetual extortion. Here on Catholicism and its changed view of Jews. Cardinal realizes that Jews will never be satisfied, but keeps trying to show them the Church is different today.

Iowa Census: Sewage Spreads

Almost every state in the lower 48 is putting out the same press release: census figures show Mexican shitskins proliferated in the nineties. Today it's Iowa... What is happening, people, is that Jews and big business are swapping out the Germanic stock that fleshes out our country with shitskins from Mexico. They have bigger families (more consumers), they are stupider (no threat to Jewish wirepullers). Mexicans are sewage, but they are only a symptom. Jews are the disease. There is no way out but through the Jews, White man... Here Hisps and Asians teem in N.Y. boroughs.

White Liberal Lutheran Race Traitor

Head of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS), Ralston Deffenbaugh is typical of the White elite who have sold out their race to work hand-in-hand with the Jews to destroy our country. Know your enemy: "Ralie" Deffenbaugh.

Hundreds of Thousands of Chinese Await European Smuggling

They're in Yugoslavia, according to reports, waiting to be taken West. Camp of the Saints.

Canadians Cough Up $60K for Woman First Thought to Have Ebola

Whites pay for Blacks, and that's the way it should be says Jewess Caplan, immigration minister.

Jews Poll to Prove Americans Love Israel

Imagine an asshole running around waving a piece of paper: "But I have a certificate signed by very prestigious men that says I don't stink." Even things that are true can be proved, said Wilde.

White Women and the Race War

What women can do...

White Farm Expropriation Begins in South Africa

Niggers is niggers, folks. No way around it. Doesn't matter what Lew Rockwell, David Spiderwitz or Waterboy Joe Farah or any other Christian liar tells you. The races are not equal, and to pretend they are kills nations. We're on the tracks, we see it coming -- what do we do? Get off the damn tracks!

Click Here!

Holocaust: Gift That Keeps on Giving

Drip, drip, drip. Jewish water torture: story-a-day about the Holocaust is the policy of the major Jewish organizations, in cooperation with the controlled media. NYT and WP published 800 unpaid ads disguised as news articles on the subject during just one year in the nineties. Here the Jewish organs attack the Poles for feeling the same way about the Jews as the Nazis. Remember whenever you read a possibly true story about atrocities against Jews in Eastern Europe that the Jew-organized and -controlled Bolsheviks carried out ethnic decapitation campaigns in virtually every region where they gained power. For example, in Poland they murdered 15,000 of the Polish elite -- top officers, and intellectuals, leaders -- at Katyn and blamed it on the Nazis. Their Jewish brethren in the Western media covered up the truth for decades. The Jewish liars at NYT even won a Pulitzer -- never returned -- by having their reporter cover up Stalin and his terrorist Jewish henchmen's political starvation of millions of Christian Ukrainians long before World War II. These things are never taught in American classrooms. Never discussed on TV. Run screaming from by the Jewish liars at History Channel. Jews are evil people. Lying is second nature to them. They cannot make their way honestly because their interests are opposed to ours. They realize that. Most Whites do not. Jews are not victims, they are persecutors. Eventually their host countries realize this and either kill or expel them. And that's where they're headed in America. How hard do you work to pay your rent each month, White man? How do you feel knowing that this Jewish sow and her brood get $800 for rent free each month from the government? And that they despise you as cattle, fit only for slaughter when you can no longer be milked? That's how they see you -- straight out of their "religious" books. How long will you play the sucker, White man? What could your family do with that $800 a month the Hasidic New Square yids steal from you? The $5,000 a year every yid family in Israel steals from you? What could you do with that money? -- your money? How much longer can we afford to tolerate Jews among us?

Finkelstein on Holocau$t Dogma

His page, documenting the extortion industry... Here on some of the first Jews unfortunately allowed to remain in America.

Reed on Berkeley

Fred at his best on the Niggerwegian shoe-liberating diversitoids up in Berkeley... Here school board bans Confederate flag.

Disgusting Brazilian "Dance"

Western hypocrites denounce African monkeys' female circumcision, ignore Jewish barbarism inflicted on unwilling Whites. Why circumcise? Does the human body come with extra parts? Really, why other than typical middle-class sideways-looking lemmingtude do people keep doing this? Can anybody out there actually think for himself? Thinking is a muscle, people. It only hurts the first time.

Stupid in Seattle

Read top cop Kerlikowske heap praise on himself for his riot strategy. See picture of Father Kime, hugging daughter after rally, holding "Give Peace a Chance" sign. How about giving nigger lynching a chance? That's a proven riot control strategy, nitwits...

Jew Holbrooke Hypes Next Mideast War

Latest Shekelgrubber softening the way for next American war to defend the mother of all hate countries...

Italy: Northern League's Bossi in War of Words with EU Dopes

EU afraid right might win May elections and do something about nigger invasion, etc.

Hispanics Gaining on Whites

Mestizos are inferior to Whites. They are a lower breed. They know it, and so do you, White man, though the Jew you slave for won't allow you to say it. Are you a Lutheran? Do your pastor and church support Lutheran relief services aiding dirty invaders and preach this as God's plan? Are those the kinds of clowns you want to congregate with? Don't give them money. Speak against them in public and in private. Do what is right, and separate from them. You control your family and dollars -- not them. If you think they are wrong, then break with them. What else will get them to change? Same with you Catholics. Does your priest rape altar boys? Are you sure? Does he welcome aliens to mass? Well, withdraw. Refuse to give him your money. Refuse to give him your mind. The church that says it is following God's plan in spreading mestizos among you is lying. God despises Mexicans as much as anyone else. Here on the glories of multiracialism, one of the media's favorite themes. Take three cups white flour, fold in chocolate, stir till light brown: Utopia achieved!


Not such a pretty practice in Sweden...

Whites Rage Against the Media

Angry about the lies and hatred spewed on their race daily? No. Angry that a paper might publish Earnhardt autopsy photos. In Idaho, man faces jail for calling ref 'nigger.' Here Jewish Washington Post chimes in on Seattle nigger rampage. The media blame the media for portraying a skewed picture of the violence, the true nature of which it has covered up by pretending it wasn't racial. Tangled, very tangled... Suffice it to say that those there know what went on, and that while Whites were reveling, nig-paks committed the hate attacks and hate murder. There is no end to Jewish lying. Here local reaction to Hale's Connecticut speech. Here on blacks using technology to track down slave ancestors as basis for reparations. Here on the tipping point.

Sodom and Gomorrah Found?

In Dead Sea...

Media: MTV-New Line Jew to Head Up AOLTV

Expect more dreck...

The Pro-White Right

Background helpfully supplied by the left...

Latest Anne Frank Diary Out

Schools, get your checkbooks out! New editions for everybody! Libraries, too! Book reports due tomorrow, students!

Rich and the "Russian" Jewish Mob...

On suspected ties...

Minorities Nearly One-Third of Population

They come here because they've messed up there. But the mess is in them, not in their environment. Which is why here will be messed up too. Minority invaders are the symptom, Jews are the disease. Without Jewish political pressure, the U.S. would still be 90% White and civilized. Here on new multiracial category on census.

Hispanics Spread, New Dark Age Arrives

Dismantled by Jews, for their interests, though the author never says so. Good history explaining just how British we are, and just how far from that we've fallen. There are now more Mexicans in America than there are Canadians. Here on browns in Chicago area. Here hype for multiracialism.

The Scumming of America

Barone on the spread of Mexican pollution. Did you catch CBS (3/12) on air pollution in Phoenix? Went out of its way to avoid the obvious conclusion that overpopulation thanks to spreading Mexican sewage is the main contributor. Here violent savage refuses deportation, INS backs off. How insane that we allow Jews to import things like this to live next to us, disrupt our lives, while we work hard to pay for it all. Do you ever get tired of being played for a sucker, White man?... Here some links to home pages run by the foul people who import savages. First, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Note the ironic epigraph: There is no greater sorrow on earth than the loss of one's native land -- Euripides. Here on the Catholic Bishops, more than willing to fill their pews at the expense of the civilization your people built. These are evil folks, and like many such, you can tell by their persistent mewling that we are to give in to the beshitting of America. Christianity has been Judaized, and even the non-queers in the seminaries are liberals these days. Here Lutheran professional shortbussers rhapsodize about toilet-unfamilar goatherds and chirp their smarmy gibberish about "welcoming the stranger," which is the hot euphemism among the cross sodomites for white racial suicide these days. Foul Christians, you are the worst. The Jews at least know what they're doing. Many of you can't even claim that much.

Praise Be to Allah, Pig's Head No Hate Crime

Houston Jews can sleep easy...

Brouhaha Over History Channel Show About Civil War Reenactors

There are lies, damned lies, and The History Channel.

Between The Lines: SPLC and Morris Dees

In the Jew-controlled press, he's a noble civil-rights hero bravely facing down the racists. The truth is he's a shoddy pervert who has banked over $100 million scaring liberals through the Ian P. McKinney

Newtered Again

Latest from Carole Ward...

The Most Important Thing You Will Read Today

Warning White America: a White South African shows you the future... We are going to have to physically resist -- not prayer meetings, not letters to Congressmen -- or the Jew-controlled coloreds will simply overwhelm us. There is no third option. It happened in Zimbabwe, it happened in South Africa, it's starting to happen here. The shitskins are not our equals, not our friends, not our partners -- they are our enemies, intent on taking our property and killing us.

Pig's Head Greets Yawning Jew

Littering could be a hate crime, say cops...

Seattle: Media Lies Continue

Classic cloud-the-issue piece. If fifteen hundred niggers attack Whites and one White punches back, what do you have? A multiracial brawl...

Human Cloning? Old News

Embryo lasted 32 days, then was "terminated." All you do is, take the nucleus of a human cell, pop it in a pig egg, and presto you have: something.

Fed Reserve: Legal Counterfeiting

Farah explains how the government creates money, i.e., steals from the citizen by inflation, effectively enslaving him.

Dirkhising Trial Begins

Two queers sodomized, tortured, murdered White boy. Jewish media hushed it up.

Statue of Columbus Attacked with Sledgehammer

Moron proves need for sledgehammer control...

New South Africa: Utterly Anti-White and Corrupt

Run by savages, what do you expect? Even Mandela says so... Here on Bush foreign policy.

Hale Speaks in Conn., Crickets Yammer Outside

Second report here. MSNBC with photos here. And here. Emboldened by Jewish media urging them on, filled with intolerance, the peace-and-love crowd resorts to profanity, stupidity and violence, i.e., the only tools at its disposal. Little brainwashed girls crying while their anarcho-bepierced boyfriends hurl curses and punches because one man speaks the rather pedestrian truth that racial inequality is a Jewish Big Lie. What kind of truth can't take a punch? Jewish "truth."

Hasidic Swine Live Off Whites to Tune of $800/Month

Fronted by swindlers, these earlocked vermin continue to suck, suck, suck the White man dry. Leeches and parasites are these ultra-orthodox Jews, and their swindling continues unabated, exposure and pardoned leaders be damned. Yes, even after their leaders swindled tens of millions from the cattle (you), New Square Hymies continue to be subsidized at the rate of $4.1 million for under 5,000 residents. But oh, how the spittle flies when you call Hymie a parasite. Separation of synagogue and state? Ha! There's only one commandment Jews obey: Is it good for the Jews? All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. What are you doing, White man?

White Creativity: New Handel Discovered

Composed in Rome in 1707, not played since...

Sharon Urges Torture Approval

War criminal pushes parliament to approve his favorite tactics...

Whites Fight for Dogs, Not Themselves

The other races don't give a fig for animal rights -- only the White. When Whites disappear and littering nigs and mestizos coat the planet, where will Fido be then, morons? Here bushmen imported by Jew-nation-killers at State, helped by White liberals.

Seattle and Kansas City: Ignore the Rampaging Niggers, Focus on White "Hate"

Feminist whines about why crowds tolerated sexual assault. Neatly blames all races for crimes committed by nigs. Feel free to email her about that... Meanwhile, in K.C., churches demonstrate -- no, not against nigger rapist-murderers, but about "hate" letters they've received. Note that the "hate" letters sent to savage churches are being investigated by the FBI -- you know, the same people who aren't interested in investigating any hate crimes charges or civil-rights violations against the raping/sodomizing/torturing/murdering Wichita Carr brothers.

America: Destroyed by Jew-Promulgated Diversity and Immigration

Who destroyed America? The answer, once you funnel through the superficial bilge, is: Jews. They promoted the "civil rights" totalitarianism that destroyed civilized segregation. And they imposed the immigration insanity in the 1965 Immigration Act, discoloring the country. Who destroyed America? Jews.

No Criticism, Please -- We're Jewish

Haider back in news for remark about head of Austrian Jewish community.

Monkey Mugabe Attacked as 'Thug' and 'Murderer' by Supine Tories

Too late, too late, too late... Whites should band together and retake control of Africa, get rid of darkies, build functioning colonies and fill them with their own kind...

Minority Half-wits Run Anti-Horowitz Ad

Look at the list of sponsors at the bottom... Here Leo comments.

11 Million Illegals in U.S.

Government statistics are usually wrong, and then always in the direction that bolsters Jewish casuistry. They underestimate the number of shitskin invaders, just as they overestimate the number of "White" hate crimes -- many of which, thanks to the misclassification engaged in by the FBI -- are committed by those selfsame undercounted dirts.

Census 2000: Submerged in Sewage

Welcome to New Mexico, a.k.a. Septic Tank America... Brown cancer metastasizes in rural America.

Mexican Sewage Seeps through Intermountain West

Mexicans pollute every acre of the country, the census shows. Here brown vermin teem in Wisconsin.

Federal Reserve: The Ultimate Jewish Swindle

Private citizens, Jews mostly, have government's imprimatur to create debt and print bogus money -- that is, to steal from you by inflation. Very few understand how this works. Read this interview and be one of them. Money and media are the twin pillars on which Jewish control of White America rests. Note that the woman interviewed here praises Eustace Mullins, who you may remember from a recent story was to speak at a trade show in Canada until Jews approached the sponsors and persuaded them to pull out unless he was dropped. That sort of pressure is standard Jewish m.o. Jews can't succeed without cheating and suppressing others. They are a race of swindlers, and the Fed Reserve is their "ultimate scam." In a nutshell: Gold is money. Paper is only money because the government says so. The government decides to accept only its "money" for tax payments. The government monopolizes creation of that "money." Jews print this "money." Government and Jews get rich, get control; you get shafted politically and economically through the silent theft of inflation. Do you enjoy being a slave, White man?

CIA Ran Dirty War in Eastern Europe

Backed Albanian "extremists"....

Anti-White by Law in Jew Straw's England

Once again, it's time for an edict ending the Jewish presence in Britain. Anti-White hate laws promulgated by Jews in high places are only one reason.

Niggers Skate as Cops Fear Profiling "Racism"

The insanity continues... Touch a nigger, you're a racist. Cops back off, niggies run wild. "[The] two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government," said T. Jefferson. Niggers can't meet standards -- standards are dropped. The dropping is called progress.

Idiot Lutherans Import Trouble

No one creates as much destruction as those doing the "Lord's work" by filling formerly peaceful town like Sioux Falls with turd-worlders.

Savages Run Wild at Anti-White Rally in Berkeley

Find out why we call them niggers. And why you should too... The Jews who loosed these saltating sambos on White America deserve anything we do to them in return.

Daily Mirror Says Nazis are Back

British tabloid exaggerates; is there any basis to its claims? Britain has a long tradition of lying about Germany, exaggerating or fabricating atrocities, and working together with the Jews to destroy it. That is unfortunate, and today -- with guns banned and niggers proliferating -- Britain is getting a taste of its perfidy spooned down its own gullet. Extremely unpleasant, as British are learning. But old habits die hard. Just imagine a tabloid report like this about nigs/paks/bangs/chinks/yids in Britain. Wouldn't happen. "Nationalist" hate carefully channeled in Jew-approved directions. "Never, never, never shall be slaves," ran the song. But what's a better word for those who put up with colored takeover, 50% taxes, no guns, no speech? Here on problems in Britain (no mention of Jew Straw).

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