Newtered Again

by Carole Ward

I am redeemed.

Leftist bulls swished a wet tail in our face again last week, hijacking the news and advancing the cause of socialists, blacks, illegals and Israelis. Once again, even in victory, Red Zone voters have been sacked in our own end zone, confirming the old adage that you can lead Republicans and mixed metaphors to water, but you can't make em take off like a rocket, 'cause they got their pecker caught in an automatic milker.

While Ariel Sharon prepares to legalize torture for hapless detainees of the "wrong" ethnicity, America conducts focus groups on white suburban high school shootings. We endured another week of propaganda news cycles, which serve only to indoctrinate the population on the risk of guns, and embattled young white boys, even as our people face the larger risk of being kicked to death by feral blacks. There are more clerks killed by black thieves EACH YEAR than in all the school shootings combined. There are more white teens assaulted by blacks each year, than will ever see a gun in school.

Next year, more of us will die from the fists and feet of blacks, than by random acts of desperate white children, but no one in the "news" focuses on that never ending nightmare. Those who control news content share specific characteristics. The men and women, who manipulate and define what is urgent information for Americans, are leftists or work for leftists. And they are leftists of a specific ethnic persuasion. Is it any wonder that we have a virtual black out of information on the Palestinian Holocaust, the routine bludgeoning of hapless whites by murderous blacks, or the truth of the Bush tax refund?

While white Americans are kidnapped from their homes, and marched outside to watch loved ones raped and sodomized, the newly appointed Attorney General has defined his primary mission as ferreting out possible inconsistencies in ballot access for minorities. Oh, and he's going to eliminate racial profiling. The men who roam our streets looking for white victims will not be profiled under THIS administration.

When asked about Jesse Jackson's shenanigans with tax-exempt funds, or pardons for sale, the demon of the right AG blushed and shrugged like a country boy confessing his first kiss. Mr. Ashcroft has dutifully retracted his conservative ambitions in favor of bipartisan indulgence of our enemies and THEIR interests. Ashcroft has been newtered.

More people heard about the divorce of Tom and Nicole than heard the news from the Center for Disease Control that immigration is bringing deadly malaria to Canada and south Texas. Deadly, contagious Malaria has come to America by immigrants, and the 2% majority who own the newspapers and television networks have decided that it isn't news. THAT's the news, boys and girls. THAT- is the news.

Then there was the ongoing spectacle over 350 bucks that may or may not be returned to federal taxpayers. This non-event was hyped as the story of the week, even as people shrug and look at each other when asked if they much care. The tax cut was purposefully hyped as too big, and unpopular. No one is going to fight for, or care less, if they get $350 back next year from the demonic Washington machine. And when a leftist press describes the mini cut as a "huge", 1.6 trillion dollar payback to the rich, part-time news watchers figure perhaps it's true. They know there are no big bucks coming back to them. Who is going to fight for a $350 piece of a 1.6 trillion dollar refund? Plus, week-end guests of Fox News Neil Cavuto agreed that the net effect of deferred tax cuts actually damage a weakening economy, because certain economic activities will now wait for better rates.

What do all these events have in common?

1. Americans are fed a strict diet of controlled information, EVEN by friends at Fox. That diet does not allow for an honest dialogue on the size of government, black on white crime, cultural pollution, the Middle East, and specifically the growing incidence of Israeli influence over Jews in government and media who work to benefit a select gentry on the left, and diminish the power and interests of the rest of us.

2. The Bush administration has been relegated to a defensive role. Their agenda is defined not by their supporters, but by the enemies of the base. GOPers have signed on - AGAIN - to the misguided belief that they can enlarge their base by appealing to the desires and interests of enemies to liberty, private property and conservatism.

Control of information by enemies together with a defensive posture by Republicans, keeps the interests of the white middle class quietly on the back burner, even as Bush is hailed as a success. The tax cut has been successfully defined as "huge", "irresponsible" -- a gift to the "wealthy", when that is patently FALSE. The cut is small, evenhanded and a non-event for ALL taxpayers. But the national dialogue on the subject has been hijacked by the dynamics of numbers 1 and 2.

That same manufactured national dialogue will force John Ashcroft to spend the better part of his term deflecting criticism, and redefining himself as a moderate by taking up the causes of the left. He sweeps the crimes of prominent leftists under the rug, and expends his diminished political capital proving he is a friend to our enemies. In this regard, a properly demonized Republican is a far more useful tool to socialists than even a Janet Reno. John Ashcroft will gut the rights and interests of white middle class taxpayers in a misguided attempt to rehabilitate his reputation with the left. He has no choice. He has been newtered by those who control the information flow in America.

Newtering is what happened to Newt. Demonized by enemies of the Right when he fulfilled the Contract For America, Gingrich then pandered to the complaints of his enemies. When all was said and done, the left still hated him, and supporters felt deceived. When his polls numbers tanked, the information gatekeepers defined poor poll numbers as proof nobody really wanted the Contract for America, and that the Gingrich revolution was a failure. He had been newtered.

I want my leaders Borked, thank you. I want them to go down with their boots on, fighting the fight, for traditional America. A safe America. The America of my youth. THAT's the only way we can survive the cultural jihad being waged against us. We need real leaders, ready to be savaged for their beliefs.

I don't want John Ashcroft to prove to me he feels the pain of a black man driving a Mercedes. I want him to deal with the horrors of the increasing numbers of black men who prey on our kids, our businesses, and our neighborhoods. I don't want to read about why it's okay for Israel to deny voting rights to Palestinians, after we just spent three decades punishing South Africa for a FAR more benign form of apartheid. Why should I pay for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by the friends and family of well-connected American Jews?

How could the media spend the entire weekend before the 2000 presidential elections dissecting every nuance of a 20-year-old DUI, even as 25 black men gang raped a teen-ager, passing her around for 2 days? THAT story never became news outside the Georgia town where it happened. Neither was the mafia style gang rape and execution of 4 whites in Wichita. There are similar stories in a hundred cities across America. How about the increasing number of former Boy Scout leaders who are being investigated, charged, and sentenced for sodomizing young boys? These NON-stories are available only to dedicated web surfers who glean them from local headlines that will never see the light of CBS, CNN, NBC, Fox or ABC.

This is WAR folks. And we ARE losing.

So save the tsk tsks each time I tell you it's over. It IS over for white Christian America unless we do something swift and purposeful to take back our nation. The enemy within has stolen our country, our airwaves, our newspapers, schools and leadership. We can save ourselves ONLY if we act to defend ourselves. We can defend ourselves only if we fully identify our enemies and what they are doing to our culture, our neighborhoods and children.

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