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Here we go again, another mainstream media article on the dire threat of "hate" based upon the infamous civil rights con-man, Morris Dees and his SPLC scare propaganda. Usually, I read these things and laugh. What else can a rational person do with this kind hysterical and stupid anti-white propaganda? Anyway, in case you just woke up, as a public service, I'll translate (and mock my way through) this tedious bit of hack journalism. -- IPM


SPLC says hate crimes prevalent in Q-C

By Tory Brecht, Dispatch/Argus Staff writer

Somewhere in America, every hour someone commits a hate crime, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

What they don't tell you is that blacks are twice as likely as whites to commit so-called "hate crimes." And that's using federal data pre-skewed against Whites.

While hate crimes and hate groups have a low profile in the Quad-Cities, they do exist, say local law enforcement officials and civil rights activists. And there is reason to worry they will continue to grow in the 21st century.

In other words, the area hasn't been invaded to a significant degree byblacks and hasn't experienced a corresponding reaction to their crimeand irresponsibility.

"We live in a society where we should expect those kinds of things," said Alan Joplin, chairman of the Davenport Civil Rights Commission last July after Illinoisan Nathaniel Smith killed two and wounded seven in a Chicago area hate crime spree. "There is so much racism in the world, and people are so consumed with race, anything is possible."

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an anti-hate and bigotry activist group, monitors racist and hate groups throughout the nation. According to SPLC, Illinois is the home to 17 organized hate groups, ranging from the Ku Klux Klan to Aryan Nations to the American Nazi Party.

The SPLC is a sham group that has turned racial turmoil into a lucrative business. The founder and leader of the SPLC is Morris Dees, an accused child molestor and bisexual, who previously made millions of dollars through a mail-order business. The SPLC's team of lawyers goes after relatively weak and working-class pro-White organizations and bankrupts them as publicity stunts. The SPLC then uses such cases as marketing tools to raise money from gullible liberal supporters. While paying out little to the people they claim to be respresenting, Dees and SPLC sock away their seven-figure contributions in secret overseas bank accounts. Read more here:


Rock Island is one of 12 Illinois cities identified by SPLC as home to an organized hate group, Aryan Nations.

What do they have maybe five members? Ooooo, they're gonna get us.

Rock Island County State's Attorney Marshall Douglas, selected by the U.S. Department of Justice to help train other prosecutors and officers in investigating and prosecuting hate crimes, said local law enforcement takes the threat of hate groups seriously.

In other words, while real crimes go unsolved, the police are monitoring and chasing mostly nonexistant "hate groups." Great way to waste the taxpayer's money, while actually doing nothing, huh? So, the next time you see the cops sitting around the donut shop, don't worry because they're actually on the look-out for "hate" activity. Don't you feel safe now? Such a deal!

Because of the dedication, and willingness to investigate hate-related crimes, he believes aggressive law enforcement will limit the growth of hate crimes in the area.

The best way to prevent hate, is to keep the area White!

"We try to take blatant, out-and-out hate crimes the most serious way we can, and use it as a way to get enhanced penalties," Mr. Douglas said.

The unwritten rule of police and media is if a White attacks a Black, sensationalize the story in the media, look in every area of the White perpetrator's life going back twenty years for a disparaging remark about a non-white, and double the punishment. If a black attacks a White, suppress the news and ignore anything but the most blatant and glaring racial motivation. This is why you hear about the Byrd dragging and Shepard murder nonstop, while the Wichita Whites aren't even a blip on the national radar.

"That shows people that Rock Island County is not going to be a haven for hate."

What you mean is you'd rather have it a haven for crack-dealing blacks, welfare queens, and ganster rap whiggers.

But Mr. Douglas concedes that the growth of the Internet is helping hate groups, and like-minded supporters, organize more effectively. There's a possibility these groups can become more focused and communicate better," he said. "But I don't see it becoming any greater a problem in the community than before. We are hoping for a diminishing of hate crimes."

The SPLC reports that disenfranchisement of the lower middle class, especially in suburban areas, is providing the foot soldiers for hate groups. Coupled with child poverty and the breakdown of families, many young people are looking for groups to identify with, and many choose hate groups, an SPLC study showed.

Here's the typical scenerio: Violent niggers move into an area, start attacking the whites, selling dope, destroying neighborhoods, raping and robbing. The Whites try to protect themselves, and in Dees' mind it's the Whites who are to blame. Lesson: Unless you lay down and don't resist the destruction of your lives, you're a dangerous hater, according to the SPLC.

"Edge cities are where hate crimes happen," said Jack Levin, a hate-crimes expert at Northeastern University in an interview with SPLC.

What hate report would be complete with some Jewish "expert" giving his two cents worth? Where do you go to get qualified as a "hate" crimes "expert?

"There are more hate crimes in the suburbs than in the city and it's much more likely to happen where there's an influx of minorities."

Gee, I wonder why?

The SPLC has compiled a list of 10 actions communities can take to combat hate crimes and hate groups. They are:

Act. In the face of hatred, apathy will be interpreted as acceptance by the haters, the public, and worse, the victim.

No matter what you do, don't resist the destruction. Got that, Whitey?

Unite. Call a friend or co-worker. Organize a group of allies from churches, schools, clubs and other civic sources. Gather ideas from everyone and get everyone involved.

Spy on your neighbors. If you hear someone using the "N-word" call the SPLC.

Support the victims. Hate-crime victims are especially vulnerable, fearful and alone. Let them know you care. If you are a victim, report every incident and ask for help.

Of course, if the victim is white, forget him or her. Pretend it never happened. Don't report it. Keep it off tv. If the offender was brown, classify him as a White (as does the FBI).

Do your homework. Determine if a hate group is involved and research its symbols and agenda. Seek advice from anti-hate organizations.

Even if there's no evidence of a "hate group," suspect one anyway. After all, they're lurking behind every corner ready to takeover the world! Dees will tell you all about it. Of course, send money, send money, send money! His Swiss bank account is periously close to dropping under $100m.

Create an alternative. Do not attend a hate rally. Find another outlet for anger and frustration and people's desire to do something. Hold a unity rally or parade.

Contact the nearest communist party. They can give you all the advice you need for any anti-hate rallies.

Speak up. You, too, have First Amendment rights. Hate must be exposed and denounced.

Attack anyone who stands up for White people.

Lobby leaders. Persuade politicians, business and community leaders to take a stand against hate. Early action creates a positive reputation for the community, while unanswered hate will eventually be bad for business.

This one's really funny. Speaking of what's "bad for business," everybody knows that nothing runs down property values quicker than an influx of non-whites.

Look long range. Create a "bias response" team. Hold annual events to celebrate your community's diversity and harmony.

Hey, if you can get enough "diversity" in your area maybe you can duplicate the riots that occurred at Black Spring Break 2000, the NY Puerto Rican Heritage Festival, or Mardi Gras in Seattle where black gangs beat and sexually attacked Whites.

Teach tolerance. Bias is learned early, usually at home. But children from different cultures can be influenced by school programs and curricula.

Brainwash your kids. Hey, what White parent wouldn't beam with pride as their daughter bounces a mulatto baby? Just watch out for AIDS, since black men are 15 times more likely to be carriers than White men.

Dig deeper. Look into issues that divide us: economic inequality, immigration, homosexuality. Work against discrimination in housing, employment, education. Look inside yourself for prejudices and stereotypes.

Yes folks, get out your wallet and give, give, give! Open the borders! Don't be satisfied until you have black crack dealer next door, your son is carrying a purse, and daughter is sleeping with a truck-driving woman! If you feel any feelings of disapproval towards homosexuality and racemixing, then immediately confess your "sins" to Morris Dees -- you know, just like they did back in the Soviet Union. Don't forget to denounce any and all friends whom you suspect might also have expressed disapproval.

Staff writer Tory Brecht can be reached at 786-6441, Ext. 271, or by e-mail at toryb@qconline.com.

We'll pass any info direct to our friends at the SPLC....

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