Media Jews Preparing to Protect the "Russian" Oligarchs?
by Ian McKinney

When a big Jewish media house exposes wrongdoing by Jews, my money says it's not to educate the goyim, but is probably part of some Jewish strategy. The October 8 issue of the New York Times magazine included a several-page story, The Autumn of the Oligarchs, that discusses the so-called "Russian Oligarchs," a group of about a dozen of the richest and most powerful men in Russia, nearly all of whom are Jews. These are the Jews who made billions via numerous inside deals, scams, and swindles done in collaboration with their fellow Jew and corrupt goy bureaucrats during the period of privatization after the fall of communism in which the Russian government sold off many of her most valuable government-owned factories and industries. Mostly through bribery, the Oligarchs grabbed these for pennies on the dollar, but instead of operating the industries they laid off the workers, liquidated the buildings and machinery, and stashed the money in Swiss bank accounts.

Most recently, this gang of Jews financed and more or less handled the vodka-addicted Boris Yeltsin, but now Vladimir Putin, the newly elected head of Russia, apparently has some of these Jewish moneymen on edge. The odd thing is the NYT story seems to go out of its way in exposing the Jewishness of these "Oligarchs," and in making clear that Putin has told them in no uncertain terms that the "party is over." Now if there's one thing Jews can be counted on to do, it's to cover their tracks. The best proof of that is demonstrated by the fact that the vast majority of people in the West is totally ignorant of the tremendously disproportionate role the Jews played in the murderous Bolshevik regime that butchered and abused the Russian people for over seventy years. Such knowledge is widespread in Russia, of course, but quiz your average American TV viewer about the Jewish role in communism and probably the best you'll get is a blank stare.

That's no accident. Although Jewish publications bragged about the Jewish role at the time of the Bolshevik revolution, nowadays the Jews would rather the public not know about that, so that while we see the "holocaust" and the infamous "Six Million" revisited in the media virtually daily -- as if World War Two happened last month -- we hear practically nothing about the millions of Russians, Ukrainians, and other Slavic people murdered by the vicious Bolsheviks, a large percentage of whom were Jews. (And they wonder at the continuing strength of anti-Jewish feelings in Russia). Seriously, how would the Jew's holocaust sympathy game hold up against the backdrop of 80 million non-Jewish victims of Jewish secret police bosses and gulag wardens? The answer is obvious, and the Jews know it. So with that in mind, the obvious question remains why would the Jewish-owned and -dominated New York Times, based in the unofficial Jewish capital of the world, New York City, expose the "Russian Oligarchs" as corrupt Jews?

My suspicion is that the NYT story is part of an unconscious or possibly even deliberate effort by the Jews in America to protect their fellow Jews, the Oligarchs. How, you might ask, are they doing that by exposing them as Jews? It's pretty simple, if you think about it. Let's say Vladimir Putin carries through with some plan to break the power of these Jewish Oligarchs, not because they're Jews, but because they're corrupt scoundrels who essentially stole their vast fortunes and are responsible for much of the misery in Russia. Almost immediately we will hear whines about "anti-Semitism" from the usual culprits. If you think I'm wrong, just recall a month or so ago when Putin had the big Jewish media boss and Oligarch, Vladimir Gusinsky, arrested and jailed on a variety of corruption charges. What happened? For one thing, Bill Clinton quickly announced his concern, and said he would be "monitoring" the situation. We also heard accusations of, you guessed it, "anti-Semitism." The result was that Gusinsky was out of jail in a few hours. Now anybody that pays attention to the Jews knows that Clinton wouldn't have cared less had Gusinsky been an ordinary Russian.

Maybe the Jews are exposing the Oligarchs because they thought goyim didn't respond properly to the Gusinsky situation because Gusinsky's Jewishness hadn't been pounded into their heads well enough, and so they didn't react on cue with the usual indignation anytime one of the Self-Chosen People is criticized or made to pay for his crimes. Well, for whatever reason, the Jewish-dominated media in America, which routinely use such vague and inaccurate terms as "Russian Mafia" or "Russian Oligarchs" when referring to the Jewish shysters, thugs, and criminals who are bleeding Russia, have finally seen fit to bring the Oligarchs out of the closet and parade their Jewishness for the world to see. You can be sure it's certainly not to educate Americans about the dangers of having Jews in positions of power. Absolutely not! I think, as much as anything, it's a warning to Putin. Since practically all the "Russian Oligarchs" are Jewish, any move against them will be met with inevitable accusations of anti-Semitism and threats of sanctions, and if he refuses to back down after all that, we'll probably see whatever crook the Jews decide to put in as our president threatening Putin with cruise missle and smart bombs.

Sound far fetched? We'll see.

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