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Ethiopian Runs in Austria

It's called Jewish progress. Destroying White folk by libeling them through your media until they import coloreds that will break down society, and then lauding that breakdown in the same papers.

Blair Supports International Criminal Court

Here text of British bill supporting International Criminal Court. It would be UN-controlled, of course...

Sowell on Berkeley Chimps

Judeo-government schools see your kid as just another stooge for their campaign of Jewish destruction. Jew and leech, created he them. Here on libertinism.

Harvard: Gilligan's Lie-Land

Rebutted by Hoff-Summers... The school system is set up to screw up males. Masculinity is not poisonous.

Spiderwitz and the Pygmies Who Hate Him

Humans are idiots. Throw them a stupid abstraction like racist, and they spend endless years debating. Whether or not something is 'X' -- something that has no meaning in the first place. Spiderwitz does not deserve to be censored, but that doesn't change the fact that he is seducing trusting Whites from the proper path, which is awakening to their racial interests -- the only way out. There is no way out but through the Jews, White man. Individualism and color-blindness don't work.... Here the sort of foolishness academics do suffer gladly. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing.

Affenkultur Goes Chinese

A classic slit-your-wrister... Even the chinks are going nigger these days... Jew Redstone (Rothstein) must be chortling behind his dentures. The greasy Jew is the human form of that Amazon fish parasite that swims up the penis of the host and kills it.

See Monkey Mugabe's Hand-Picked Successor Here!

Oran G. Zakhar's the man.... Here priest curses Mugabe at funeral of monkey-murdered farmer.

Jewish Double Standards 101: Origins of "Genocide"

It's universalism for the U.S.; particularism for Israel. It's "genocide" when Germans seek revenge on Jewish communists; it's....nothing...when Jews use immigration and civil rights policy to commit genocide against Whites. The Jew is the enemy, White man. Whether in Europe, Africa or America.

Minnesota: HIV-Positive Queer Rapes Four-Year-Old

Another Dirkhising hush sodomy...

On Publishing Industry

Trade view... Good view into the non-Jewish, non-ideological forces at work...

Exec Criticizes Jews?

"Throughout my life I have done business with Jews, and they have always tried to cheat me." He denies the quotation.

A Few Steps At a Time: White Activism

We must be relentlessly aggressive in framing our issues and combating media lies about our race. At the same time, we must be resolute, yet calm and encouraging in helping novice pro-Whites step their way over the bridge to our Angry White Female

Kris Kime and the Love Crime

He was murdered for defending a White woman brutally attacked by savages. Let his death lead us to redouble our efforts to spread awareness of the perniciousness of the media Jews who hush up crimes against Whites in their ongoing quest to intimidate us, destroy our culture and steal our Angry White Female

Pierce on Seattle Riot

Latest National Alliance broadcast...

A Lutheran Who Doesn't Believe in Importing Somalis

Defends Martin Luther... But still he doesn't even bring up, let alone defend, Luther's vicious and accurate criticism of the Chosen. Peirce is more rigorous than 99% of Protestants, but he is still squishy on the important issues.

Lying About Lott

One of the most difficult hurdles for the average White American to jump in his political education is the idea that those on the left are well meaning. They aren't. They are intent on winning by any means. They will lie and cheat most brazenly. This article offers several lies the mainstream media have made up to neutralize an honest academic who has researched and written the truth about gun control and crime. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing.

EU: Criticism Is Blasphemy, for We Are Gods

The Jewish idea that Special People are beyond criticism is embraced by the superstate... Old fascist technique, says Evans-Pritchard, author of the excellent The Secret Life of Bill Clinton -- outlawing criticism under the guise of 'protecting the rights of others.' No matter how you slice it, these elites think they are beyond criticism. This puts us right back where we were with the nobles and King John before the Magna Carta. Such is the cost of allowing Jews to live among us, spread their pernicious lies, fill our lands with discolored invaders. No free speech is the symptom, Jew is the disease. Jew is the disease. Jew is the disease. Jew is the disease.

Keep Your Kids Out of Judeo-government Jails

Shot full of bullets, maybe; shot full of Jewish lies...certainly. Here Jewish school fires non-Jewish teacher for holding the wrong opinions.

Ukraine: No Resignation

Two hundred rightists arrested...

Bed-Sty Dogfood

Find out why we call them savages. And why you should too.

Judeo-Christian Bestiality

Judaism is, quite simply, a disgusting religion befitting a disgusting people. Christians are cowards to acquiesce in the use of the Jews' lie-term 'Judeo-Christianity,' which is never heard in Israel. Wake up, Christians. You are nothing but fools and tools to Hymie.

Against the Government: ANC Insurgency Model

Inside look at how the Jew-led black communists in South Africa set about winning their war against the White man. Shows the depth and level of commitment required for true resistance. Are you ready, White man?

Goldberg Response

Readers sums up what's wrong with Judeo-conservatism, although of course he doesn't mention Jews.

Klan Wants to Adopt Ohio Highway

Mildly supportive editorial...

Israeli President Tells German Firms to Pay Up

Daily pet extortion. Germany is foolish to pay any Jew a penny... More here on Bush turning to Eizenstat, Clinton's "negotiator" (extortionist).

UCLA Supports Affirmative Racism

Just like Berkeley... Here Wisconsin students bravely march against paid ads. Here latest on Dartmouth murders, debate over what murderers read.

Western Hypocrisy and Taliban Destruction

When Christian churches are destroyed as a result of Jewish warmongering, not a peep out of anybody. When ragtag Muslims blow up ancient Buddhist statues, big hue and cry...

Horowitz to Berkeley Chancellor Berdahl: Control Your Campus

Kids out of high school to campaign for renewed discrimination against Whites -- it could only be Berkeley. Intolerance, smugness, multicult, thy name is Berkeley. There is no type of human being, not Jew, not organized queer protestor, with weaker character than your average college president. Horowitz' appeal will fail. Here a Cuban details leftist abuse.

Raimondo Now Rips National Review

On the money... But the real revolution is racial, and Raimondo would rather poke his eyes out than acknowledge it.

Britain: BNP Stages Protest

In Oldham, where Whites are frequently the victims of Asian attacks....

Flier Horror in Pulaski

Have you read anything today -- except VNN -- that hasn't passed first before Jewish eyes?

Israel, American Lackey Try to Stop Lebanese Revisionist Conference

No freedom of speech, no freedom of association if you discuss Jewish lies. No criticism, please -- we're Jewish. What a hate-filled group of suppressing, oppressive assholes are the Jews. Do you notice a trend, people? America is filling with minorities -- because of the Jews, who pushed through the faciliating legislation. Minorities are preferred-stock citizens -- legally in a superior class to that of George Washington's descendants. Minorities kill, maim and rape Whites on the street and the Jew-controlled, Jew-owned papers hush up the fact. The EU outlaws criticism as "blasphemy." Do you see where this all is headed? Isn't it about time to let the Republican Party die and channel your world-beating energies into the White Party? When does it end, people? The answer is never -- unless we unite AS WHITES.

Canada: Closing Arguments in Zündel Case

Are you allowed to criticize the Pets in Canada? This case will decide. So far, the answer is No. No first amendment in Canada -- but they do have human rights councils filled with the most loathsome and obnoxious Jewish scum you could hope for. By the way, as a standing middle-finger to Jewish suppressionists worldwide, VNN hereby makes it publicly known that any revisionism, or other criticism of Jews that is illegal in Europe, Canada or elsewhere has a home here. If you can't say it there -- send it to us, and we'll print it here. Whether you're German, French, English, Canadian, Arab, whatever. Jews cannot be allowed to determine what the rest of us read.

Jewish Double Standards 101: What the All-Stars Can Teach Us About Handling Minorities

No puling about snivel rights in Israel. Herd 'em up, beat 'em up, shoot 'em in the nuts.

Hopping Mad in Seattle

Public up in arms over hush crimes and Jew-owned paper's attempt to censor what really happened. Niggers are the symptom, Jews the disease. Here black columnist actually admits blacks caused the problems.

Seattle: Media in Full Lie Mode

Kime's camera-carrying friend Kane "laughs" at idea his own assault by nig-pack was hate crime; regrets theft of paycheck, camera, which might have had tape of Kime murder. Nobody knows what really happened, but everybody knows it was nothing racial. Story is perfect example of why people don't trust Jewish media. Here, in case you missed it, is the index to the forums where locals discuss the black hush crimes. Some of the comments even make it through the censor.

The United States Is Over. What Comes Next?

White males second-class citizens, thanks to decades of Jewish legal maneuvering and media lies. White country overrun with mestizos. Assimilation laughed at by op-ed shylocks as civil-rights violation. Jew Dershowitz says foreign apes have the "civil right" to invade and keep "cultural" integrity, but denies Whites have right to protect their racial heritage and political boundaries. One standard for Hymie, another for the rest of us. The United States as understood up until 1960 is over. What comes after it is what we're fighting for today. Here proof of what we mean: intolerance on campus. All opposition to Jewish plans is illegitimate in Jewish eyes. This attitude seeps through to the moronic students the Jews and their Televitz have brainwashed.

History of Conservatism

Dead Jew Rothbard offers some insight into the tergiversation of William F. Buckley and lays out the history of the Beanbaggers...

Ad Urges Europeans to Have Kids

A step in the right direction... Here on sex slavery. CNN article says 10,000 women have been sold into it in Israel. The Jew is the enemy, White man. White sex slavery is the symptom, Jew is the disease.

Germany: Latest on Slave Settlement

Hold-up on the holdup... Here invasion of Poland.

Gates Looks to Donate More to AIDS

Great time to be a minority with AIDS...

Mexicans Invaders Up 60% Since 1990

Representative report from Kansas City... Here on the discoloring and overpopulation of New Jersey. Third article here. Here a story to gladden the hearts of White-hating Jews everywhere: multiracial category growing quickly.

The Subversion of the Sierra Club

Letter documenting leftist infiltration of the Sierra Club to cast those in favor of immigration restrictions as racists. A textbook example of the way the Jew-led left schemes behind the scenes to get its way. It has to make its way through darkness by smears because honest men oppose it. Average Americans don't want affirmative racism and alien invasion. We have them both because of Jewish law-twisting and political intrigues like the one described here. Note that although this letter is a couple years old, the issue still roils the Club. Many members make the natural and obvious connection between millions of Mexican invaders and despoiled habitat. Consider that in 1950 there were only about 10 million Californians, while today there are over 34 million. The ten million were White and civilized; the 34 million are Asian and Mexican gangsters. Could anything possibly do more for the environment than preventing the next multi-million-subhuman wave from pushing over the land? Of course not. But the left infiltrates "greening of hate" agitprop artists to sabotage any group attempt to take stands, issue statements to that effect. Only racist haters oppose what the Jew-led left deems good, and that's true outside the Sierra Club as well. Its very terms are anti-democratic, forestalling all opposition as morally and increasingly these days legally illegitimate. Be wise, people. The Jew is your eternal enemy, and White unity is the only way out of the problems we face.

Jews and Latinos: Working Together to Take Whitey

Jew bashes him with media-stick, brownie removes wallet...

Croatian Camp Documents to be Examined

Expect nothing that will interfere with Jewish extortion...

Paris Jews: In Close Heat with American, Israeli Jews for 'Most Corrupt'

As Jewish as Jewish as Jewish as exaggerating... as Jewish as Jewish as suppressing Jewish as double standards...

Jesus Jackson

The spitter-bastard carries no money -- wife/mistress(es) takes care of all that...

Europe Outlaws Freedom of Speech: Millenia of Social Evolution Lost in a Day

Repeat story; it's that important. Court rules that you can't criticize the superstate because, well, because they're nobles, and yours is not to question. You commoners are merely to live your lives in accordance with their edicts. They are masters, you are slaves. Who are you to question your betters? God appointed them to watch over you. Or herd you. Something like that.

Jews and Nigger-Thug Allies Under Fire on Seattle Message Boards

People are waking up to their "special relationship" to destroy America.

One Seattle Cop Apologizes to Kime's Mother

Sorry brass prevented beat cops from breaking up the riot.

McCain Bill Attacks Gun Groups

Would publicize donors...

Jews Worry Whites Will Correctly Interpret Their Behavior

They support swindlers -- as long as they're Jews. They support double standards for White communities and Jewish ones, whether in Israel or in America (Hasidim segregation). They expect their Jewish racism to be subsidized out of White pockets, but whine when called parasites. "The list of Rich's supporters reads like a who's who in Israel's political, cultural and social hierarchy. More and more people are accusing Israel of being an open-door asylum for Jewish criminals. ... Israel heads the list of money-laundering countries that has been compiled by the American authorities. One of the most embarrassing aspects of the Rich affair is the fact that Rabbi Irving "Yitz" Greenberg, who heads the governing council of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, was one of those who sought a presidential pardon for the millionaire. To make such a request on the official letterhead of the Holocaust museum was tantamount to stating, whether deliberately or unconsciously, that the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust stand behind the request." Yep, the "six" million just say yes to Jewish swindling. Swindling is as Jewish as exaggerating about atrocities.

Minnesota: Judeo-government School Bans Straight Pride Shirt

Only sodomy may be advertised.

How Can Jews Brainwash Latinos?

Jewish pressure has filled the U.S. with Mexicans to the extent of more than one in ten Americans. Now Hymie's concern is to "sensitize" these coloreds to Hymie's "special needs" country.

Poisoning McVeigh

Sobran... Here on Richard Weaver. Here on Maryland.

The Revolution Bejewed: Lies, Damned Lies and The History Channel

Character assassination, gossip and jock-sniffing by the traditional enemies of the truth. Sexless yids yapping insipidly. Harebrained monomaniacs, sure that every noble impulse reduces to lust for lucre or ladies. Jews could never have created the American Revolution. Jews did create the "Russian" Revolution.

Canada: Latest on Jews' Attempts to Censor Zündel and the Net

Hymie's stooges have burned Zündel out of his house, and now they're trying to burn him off the net. Jews anywhere threaten White freedom anywhere. The Jew is the enemy, White man.

Click Here!

Chavez: Mexicans In, "Art" Out

Linda Chavez fears importing German display of dead people and animals would be bad for America. She would rather import Third-World scum with TB, hepatitis and a penchant for crime. Workers she can hire illegally and not have to ante up payroll taxes for. But remember, she's a "conservative." What do conservatives conserve, these days? Couple new Bergstrom cartoons. Note his (veiled) response to our letter(s).

Smearing As Only A Jew Can

Goldberg's final response, as the tempest in the chamberpot continues... Note the way the Jew instinctively has recourse to cheap smears. By cheap smears, I mean baseless smears. The last thing in the world Rockwell, etc., are is cranks. They are overly polite, remonstrating academic types, for the most part. Here and there, a couple more interesting types intrude (Fontova and Michael Peirce), but Goldberg's cavalier chickenshittery is why so many people look down on Jews. Anti-semitism is a natural, normal response to Jews, Jewish actions, Jewish behavior.

Horowitz and Harvard

Decent measure of the uniformity his fellow Jews have spread through academia.

New Media, Old Problems

More on collapse of online webzines. Not VNN! (Thanks, everybody.) Sing it with us, now: No Jews. Just Right.

Court: No Freedom to Criticize EU

Dissent can be restricted to "protect the rights of others." They know what's best, you just need to shut up. Decision here.

'Know Your Customer' Banking Regs Recommended by Switzerland-Based Commission

The government thinks it should know your spending patterns. And be notified when you deviate from them. One wonders if one day the world will be filled with a worker class of 90-IQ, latte-colored, microchip-embedded, GPS-tracked clones.

Raimondo Gloats Over Lib Net Decline

Right readership continues to grow, while lib sites tank... Wonder why that is? Maybe it's because newspapers like USA Toady print nothing but "diversity is our greatest stench" bilge while we on the web can speak our piece.

America: More Mexicans Than Blacks

Mexicans have pulled equal to Negroes demographically, and as soon as those two crawl out of the Rio Grande, they're in the lead. Thanks, Jews. May they rape your daughters and murder your sons and sue your firms for "civil rights" violations. Mexicans are the symptom, Jews are the disease. Don't blame the dog, blame the dog owner. Don't attack the cape, attack the matador. Don't bark at the puppets, kick the puppeteer. Don't ignore the man behind that screen!

Rockwell's Revolution

Good points, no mention of Jewish influences, standard waterbug press criticism. Did ever a revolution succeed in which the revolutionaries were afraid to name their enemy? Hitler created a revolution through sustained criticism of and fights with the communists and Jews who were destroying Germany and Eastern Europe. Rockwell writes mild columns attacking vague "government" forces nobody could recognize on the street. He's an academic, not a revolutionary. Cashier the Jews, and some of his ideas have a chance. Without that, no.

National Alliance in Ohio

Contact the NA and start or join a group in your area. Here NA active in Montana. World history begins with you, White man. Be a real "army of one."

White History: Confederate Sub

Raising the Hunley; a good data page...

South Africa: Six Years for TerreBlanche

Reported around the world by the Jews at AP. When niggers murder AP ignores it. The Jew is the enemy, White man. Doesn't matter where you live.

Maryland: Jew Leads Quest to Destroy White Heritage

It's time to register Jews. They destroy our future by ridiculing and removing our past.

Idaho: Prodigy Founder Receives Stolen Goods

Aryan Nations property will be used as an anti-White indoctrination center, where schoolkids can come to be indoctrinated by Jewish haters.

National Pets Radio Employs Hermaphroditic Space Mutant

On your dime, White man...

Revolutionary Right Is Evil, Says Fleming

Like the left, it aims at transformation of society. But getting rid of blacks, Jews and other minorities is neither radical nor utopian, merely necessary. Radical by the standards of the White West of which he considers himself protector is the quietism his magazine fosters. Like most cons, especially paleos, Fleming favors word-constructs over reality. The Jew (he won't name) fills the land of the free with Third-World fill. But the real danger is the radical right might get out of hand if it held power. Did Hitler go too far, Fleming? Or, looking at Europe today, did he not go far enough? It wasn't his radicalism that endangered us, it was his mercy at Dunkirk. Pick that bit of fried egg out of your beard and ruminate on it.

Seattle: Pols Front for Savages

S.C. cop brass, pocket pols do everything they can to lie away the obvious.

San Francisco: Government Schools Urge Kids to Skip... support White discrimination protest at censorship-friendly Berkeley. Judeo-Government schools spread hatred of Whites. One more good reason to keep your kids out of them. You had the kids. You teach them.

Britain: Teacher Fired for Calling Savage 'Nig-Nog'

Why are there nig-nogs in Britain? Read our law page and find out.

Sudan Ships Savages to Tennessee

Yet another language cops will have to learn?... "Sudanese in America": Here we see that American blacks can't get along with them. Do American blacks get along with anyone? No, not even one another. But Whites are expected to open their arms to these herdboys and stick-wavers.

Conservatism: The Jewish Infection

Let the Jews in, there goes your movement. Are you listening, Jared Taylor?... Here an insightful article on the eternal nature of the Jew -- against all people but his own. There is "humanity" -- something for Jews to shape with their compassion and wisdom -- and there are the masters, the Jews. Lately there has been a battle between National Review Online (run by Jonah Golberg, son of Lucianne), and LewRockwell. The latter is in the right, and the whole imbroglio is a tempest in a crockpot, but the heat does produce light by which VNN readers may find their way. In this instance, defending LR, the writer mentions a speech made by Goldberg to young cons in which he blasts the Old Right, the European Right, for doubting modern Jewish nostrums and opposing the modern Jewish quest to spread "democracy" and "human rights" to the rest of the world (except Israel, which is a Special Country for Special People named Goldberg). Infected by Jews, as we say... It all comes from failing to heed rule number one: No Jews. Just Right. White unity can only proceed on that basis. Any other basis cracks. Here a decent non-serious response to Goldberg. Non-serious because it fails to point out the Jewish motives actuating his arguments. There is nothing illogical about ad hominem arguments; the bias against them comes from people unthinkingly repeating something they've learned. Most often ad hominem is crowfly to the truth. Golberg is dealing a Jewish conception of conservatism called neoconservatism that is in fact open-borders socialism. He is advancing Jewish interests and destroying America in the name of "tradition" and "in defense" of the Founders. In other words, he is a Semitically Correct Jewish liar, to be redundantly redundant. The American right needs to read some Rabelais, take the pole out of its ass, sharpen it, and stick the punji spike into the nearest Hebe. Let the air fill with the sound and stink of freedom...

Media Hush Byrd Slur

Contrast to 'Barney Fag' brouhaha... When the left farts, eyes avert, mouths chatter new subjects. When the right, swoons and salts. Here Fred Reed on being male.

"Hate" Crimes

Southern newspaper report... Newsmax double-standards article here, note yet again the misspelling of Shepard. Christ, these cons are day-late, dollar-short Dull Hansels.

Diversity: Skulls, Dead Cats and Hexes in Washington, D.C.

Santeria savage spells judge...

Germany: Skinheads Jailed

Attack on 'misfit.' Here right and left take to street. Police impose dress code: no bombers or boots for pro-Germans.

Italy: Latest on Immigration

Immigration-asylum policy reviewed as numbers rise 11%. Year 2000 immigrants came from Bangladesh, Romania, China, Albania, India and Macedonia.

Möbus Rally Set for April

(Announcement, no link.) Here for details standartebremen@hotmail.

Immigration and the Ideologues

Funhouse Gottfried column: Jew offers fake criticism of fake immigration debate. We have open immigration because of Jewish political pressure. No other reason. Everybody -- down to the paleocon Jew article author, ignores fact. Jews control the immigration debate from every angle, they even, pace Gottfried here, control the "criticism" of the debate. They team to denounce anyone mentioning the all-important fact mentioned above. Most perversely, they spread the lie that America's problems are the result of Bad Thoughts by Nietzsche and Hegel and other Horrible Teutons. Yes, it's not Jews who're our problem, it's Germans. Always. And the Christian saps lap it up (Diane Alden).

Immigration II

Title link, McConnell touches on the true and effective argument: we have open immigration because of Jews. All the horrors of diversity can be laid at Hymie's feet. And he ought to hang for it. McConnell puts it in typical con fashion -- can-you-believe-what-some-people are-actually-saying. And it is couched in concern for Jews. Here Francis on immigration mounting toward uncontrollable. And here some well chosen words on the Bush-Fox summit, and the two's agreement to lie about the invasion. Latest lie-term is "migration." They aren't invading aliens, they are migrants (like birds) sans documents. Here refutation of some of the immigration lies put out by the Jews at WSJ.

Fleming Sampler: The Paleocon's Paleocon

Fleming isn't just a crabby old man. He's intelligent and intermittently realistic, worth reading. What he says should be considered by those of us on the Real Right. The State, even in our hands, is capable of immense destruction, and we should never forget this. That said, it would be preferable to have White nationalists doing what he calls "evil" than the Jews we have today. White nationalist evil might include driving off Hottentots, Bushmen, Pygmies, Santerians, practitioners of hoo-doo, Jews and Mexicans and sterilizing retarded Whites. In other words, the sort of evil we can live with! But Jewish evil today means spreading hatred of Whites through the controlled media and taking White earners' money to subsidize White-hating colonies of niggers and mestizos. While "hard right" cons like Fleming won't use the word 'Jew' to save their lives, and consistently and pusillanimously write as though the three paleocon Jews they know are representative of the race, the real reason much of the evil around us exists is just that -- men such as Fleming don't have the guts to criticize Hymie head-on... First up is Fleming on eugenics, (title link). The same rules that apply to animal breeding shouldn't be used by the state with people. See, men aren't animals, even though they are. The conservative argument is that man is what he is, and the state shouldn't meddle by physical engineering, such as the sterilization of so-called defectives. But the state does many bad things. Surely it is worse for the state to steal money from earning competents to subsidize pickaninny proliferation. And it's done that for decades. But "realistic" cons like Pirate Fleming can always imagine worse evils than ones that actually beset us. Hence their quietism. Here excellent on conservative hypocrisy. He is right that conservatives are not "fundamentally serious," but neither is he. Fundamental seriousness in reversing the course of history on this continent and in the White West begins with J'accuse and a finger pointed straight at the Jew. Read Chronicles, Fleming's mag, til your brain turns blue, and you won't find a word mocking the Jew. Cowards and hypocrites, created he them.

Fleming Sampler, Cont'd

First, a major conceptual breakthrough: Fleming realizes that the left has no good intentions. More than ninety percent of conservatives never realize this. Unfortunately, he fails to draw the necessary conclusion: only those who sink to the left's all's-fair tactics can defeat it. Either we lose, or we get super-nasty and fight. Those are the options; they have presented us the dilemma. It is up to each of us to decide what to do. VNN believes fighting is the better option. Keep to regular private morality, but do anything to undercut the left you possibly can, fair or foul. Here the perverse bearded one blames the commercialization of Christmas, its de-Christing, and Christophobia in general on elite WASP wives. No kidding: The Jews picked it up from them! Why blame the elephant? If you look hard enough you can find the mouse making the house shake! To prove his convenient point (no need to make awkward reference to Hymie), he points to three Jew paleocon writer-friends. Generalization by anecdote. Yet again we see a gutless con afraid to say what's obvious: Jews were the ones with the incentive and position to drive Christ out of Christmas and Christianity out of the public square. Let's be charitable and say that for every public Jew who doesn't mind Christianity there are fifty who hate it. Not to mention all the stuff in the Talmud about Jesus boiling in vats of dung or semen. The sort of thing a scholar like Fleming is well aware of but won't mention. The whole thing would be hilarious if it weren't funny.

National Pets Radio on Homeschooling

NPR, where your dollars subsidize Jewish lies... Oy, why that someone their kids from government schools out should want?... Three viewpoints, all presented in that liberal "Morse Code" writing so typical of controlled media. Some parents are still so confused that they pull their kids out of school only to continue Holocaust propaganda themselves; others, with obvious Christian values, manage to get across that they don't want their kids in school with gang niggers.

Horror on Staten Island: National Alliance Fliers

Stories tend to start the same way: super-in-the-face shot of hapless victim waylaid by evil racist propaganda. Is there really nothing else going on in SI, that every time somebody discovers an NA printing it's front-page news? Maybe the news isn't really about news. Maybe it's a way to push a bogus consensus reality...

'Young Man': Seattle Journalese for 'Nigger'

Kris Kime's mom is angry Koombaya Kops stood around while her son was murdered. Seattle used to be highly rated in those 'best places to live' surveys. Not anymore. Diversity happened.

Sea-Tac Nigger Attacks Last Fall -- Remember?

Nigger crime is constant, wherever niggers teem. "Two on one is nigger fun," as the old saying goes. Five on one is more like it these days. How many were arrested for the nig-pack crimes and murders last fall in the Tacoma and Seattle areas? So far six have been arrested for assault in the Mardi Gras attacks. That covers one picture's worth.

Seattle: White Men and Women Erwacht!

Two options: Either we Whites can all hang together, or we can hang separately -- picked off as atomized, Semitically Correct Freeper/Horowitzim individuals, just like the murdered whitemice in Wichita, Seattle, Tacoma, Zimbabwe, South Africa. Commentary on the Seattle Mardi Gras nig-pack attacks and media Glen Shipman

Political Prosecution for Whites Who Attacked Black

Nigs can do anything to Whites, suffer few consequences. Whites burn crosses, go to jail for longer than the average convicted murderer serves. Black murder is ignored and tacitly approved by the media, because it aids the Jews in intimidating Whites. White pranks are feared and hugely punished because they might lead Whites to fight back.

Raimondo Chips in on Taki/Black Affair

He makes many of the points Pierce did in latest address, probably where he got them. Not that he'd admit it. Either way, good points about Blacks and the Semitic mafia. Imagine if an Italian-American foundation tried to get Gotti freed. It'd be acting like Jews do daily. "Rich isn't a crook -- he's a Jew." How Jews think. Nice skewering, too, of Weekly Standard's Caldwell, suckpooping for Semitic bosses.

ELF Burns Transgenic Seed Warehouse

Spate of planned attacks? ELF said responsible for $40 million of destruction since 1997.

Teacher Under Fire for Article Critical of Black Hysteria Month

She should have "used better judgment" than to run critical student article. That's one danger of feminized culture. An averge woman thinks like this: I don't know whether the writer's facts are in order or not, but I do know that Blacks will be angered by the article. It's only using good judgment not to run it, why stir up trouble?" Freedom is soothed out of existence. Woman's natural meliorative, placative touch is misapplied in politics, which is stylized fighting when it's not outright war. Daily we see our freedoms gently swept under the rug by well-meaning (sometimes) but almost always myopic and overreactive women who have been Jewish-soaked in the false doctrine that politics is female sphere.

Jewish Civil Rights Crusade: Pet Sex

Civil rights barriers are hard to find these days. Jews manage. Fido-lovers of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose but your dog chains. Note: This article is especially appropriate for people with weak stomachs and kids under eight.

Belgian Waffle Yaps About Giving Italian Right the Haider Treatment

Democracy is whatever libs, Jews and commies approve. Segregation is anti-democratic in the South; fully democratic in Israel.

Jewish Double Standards 101: Israel Cuts Non-Jewish Immigration

If White countries legislate to stay White they are racist. If Jews do it, they are protecting the Jewish state. Segregation in the South? Pure moral evil. Segregation in Israel? Just Jews exercising right of self-determination. One standard for Jews, another standard for us.

Get Married, Be Happier

TV is the anti-World. Single life is portrayed as a non-stop smorgasbord of sexual delights, instead of the alcohol-fueled exchange of STDs it actually is. Licit sex is virtually never shown. If you want to be more or less happy and healthy, get married. It's time tested. Don't worry overly about whom you pick, as long as the basics are in place. Quoth HLM: Love is the illusion that one woman differs from another. Paraphrase Brigham Young: Unmarried males over 27 are a social menace. Studies show that traditional religious folk have best sex lives. Reality's the opposite of what the Jews pitch on televitz.

Zimbabwe: More on Assassination of Mother of Farmer Activist

Monkey's henchmen murdering White opposition... Here British queer attempts citizen's arrest of Mugabe, gets roughed up by bodyguards.

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